What’s Wrong With The Bucs?

October 23rd, 2022

Grasping for answers.

The Bucs are talented yet just once have they scored more than 21 points in a game.

That is simply shameful.

So what the hell is going on? Follicly-challenged Billy Barnwell of BSPN decided to take a deep statistical dive to find out.

Three areas where the offense is hurting, per Barnwell. That would be the offensive line — not pass blocking, but run blocking — virtually no production from the tight end position and the running game.

Oh, and Barnwell thinks the Bucs need to upgrade their No. 3 receiver spot.

The critical element, Barnwell found, is moving the chains.

They have gone from being the league’s third-least likely team to produce a three-and-out between 2020 and 2021 to its eighth-most likely team.

The Bucs, Barnwell noted, are not seeing a lot of defensive men in the box against the run because teams aren’t scared of the Bucs running attack. And still the Bucs cannot move the ball on the ground.

This is nothing new. They are averaging just 3.1 yards per carry, the worst mark in the league by three-tenths of a yard. Unsurprisingly, the NFL Next Gen Stats rushing model pins most of this on the line; we would expect Bucs backs to generate only 3.8 yards per carry given their blocking, which is the third-fewest expected rushing yards per play. Tampa’s backs are still generating minus-0.5 rush yards over expectation per play, which is the fifth-worst mark in the league.

Yeah, Ryan Jensen coming back would help a lot. An upgrade from Gage would be great, too. Barnwell said. However, Barnwell believes he has the critical answer to the question, ‘how can the Bucs improve their third down offense, red zone offense and run blocking?’

Do whatever is necessary to get foot-rubbing Rob Gronkowski back.

58 Responses to “What’s Wrong With The Bucs?”

  1. sasquatch Says:

    Gage is a fine #3. He was hurt and may not be back to full speed, but he’s a good player. The passing game just isn’t clicking the same and that’s probably on Lefty.

  2. Buczilla Says:

    I think the biggest problem was losing our hall of fame coach. Injuries and overvaluing players like Carlton Davis and Russell Gage are concerns too.

  3. ClwJB Says:

    That picture is exactly what’s wrong with the Bucs. PERIOD!

    Just one other thing, will someone please explain to the coverage teams you must break down and make a tackle after sprinting downfield, do not run haphazardly right by the returner without slowing down

  4. BucsfanFred Says:

    Gage is slightly less valuable than
    Tyler Johnson. We cut the wrong guy

  5. Dreambig Says:

    As I sit here awake for some stupid reason thinking of our beloved Bucs, it occurs to me that our expectations might be a little off for the amount of changes we have had this year. The loss of Marpet,Jensen, Capa on the Oline all by itself is a huge change, then add Gronk and even AP. The on defense we aged out Suh and JPP, two elite generational players. Now add the most important element, the loss of BA and its no wonder we are struggling. We have expectations for probowl type performances from rookies on the Oline and expectations for players like JTS to magically step up and fill JPPs shoes. JPP was a tremendous player that most will have careers that never come close to his level. Super Bowls are extremely rare and seem to require a crazy synergy of all pieces of a team peaking together at the right time. The season is still young but a lot of leadership and elite level coaching will be required to pull this together. Do we have that?

  6. B4l Says:

    So don’t be so predictable running the ball and run less. Simple duh.

  7. Captain Dan Lawrence Says:

    Two years ago, it looked like we had no chance,… We got good at the right time, keep your fingers crossed for something like that to happen again!

  8. adam from ny Says:

    this game should be nothing more than a tune up for the big thursday night game

  9. adam from ny Says:


    let’s trade trask for jacob eason, while we trade for other panthers this week

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    Dreambig … You nailed it. We don’t have the horses right now, especially on the offensive side. And doing ‘whatever is necessary to get foot-rubbing Rob Gronkowski back’ like the article states MIGHT make a little difference, but not even close to being enough.

  11. Bob in valrico Says:

    Relying on either the short passing game or what has been a pedestrian running game won’t get us out of the scoring doldrums. Our offense needs to run through our stud wide receivers. Backs need to spend more time protecting Brady so he has more time to get them open.

  12. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Coaches can only work with the personnel that the GM provides , and the Bucs have not made the correct choices-thanks Jason Licht. When your lynchpin Center goes down you simply cannot trust your season to two unproven inexperienced linemen. Tretter was available to replace Jensen. Tretter was rated the 6th best in the NFL in 2021. Tretter gave up one sack in 1083 snaps-Licht failed the Bucs by not signing him immediately.
    Ndamakong Suh was,is, and always will be a much better DT than the oft injured Akiem Hicks. Suh was a force that created splash plays , not just for himself , but by extension making others around him better(See Vita Vea). Suh could have been signed for the exact same money as Hicks – Licht failed the Bucs again there. 2022 Draft class is nothing to write to Mom about either.Maybe Licht can start doing his job?????

  13. Todd Says:

    Today the Bucs will demonstrate there is NOTHING wrong with ‘the Bucs offense’. During the press conference, Brady will come out and say, “Who’s your Daddy now?!” … and then walk off taking no further questions.

    Bowles will say, “I self-identify as a Super Bowl winning coach and my pronouns are up/yours.”

    After the string of the next 7 wins, the Bucs fans will be demanding Jason Licht be considered GM of the year.

    Manifesting the future, folks. Manifesting the future!


  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Our primary problem is we don’t score enough points….

  15. Listnfrmafar Says:

    The coaches are average at best, I would even go as far as saying BL is way below average. I don’t buy the we don’t have the horses excuse, every team is experiencing injuries. Gage is an above average 3rd receiver, look at KC, Rams, Dallas, Philly, SF, Indy etc, who has 3 better receivers than Evan’s, Godwin and Gage? Jones not being able to get on the field is a joke, Hicks and him,wwasted picks. If the oline is broken, it should have been fixed. The D not being able to get off the field on 3rd down can’t be a coincidence, it’s been the same for 3 seasons, (coaching!), ST’s stink and have stunk (coaching!), predictable play calling (coaching), all these players cannot be this bad so the common denominator is POOR COACHING!

  16. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    The talent on both lines have taken a major step back. But we all knew that before the season started. The surprise is that Brady is not coaching up the young unproven O-line like he has in the past.

  17. Tim Says:

    An upgrade at OC would help too.

  18. LVMYBUCS Says:

    You are whats wrong with the Bucs Leftwitcvh you are!

  19. HC Grover Says:

    Panters will double cover Evans and let the rest drop the balls or play short of the 1st down marker.

  20. Kgh4life Says:

    The problem with the offense is Leftwich. It’s clear he’s running the offense as status quo. There’s no Marpet, Jensen, Gronkowski and AB, he needs to realize that the personal is different and adjust schematically to maximize the talents of the players they have. The issue is I doubt he can do it. If the Bucs don’t put a beat down on the Panthers this Sunday, changes have to be made.

  21. Deeez NATZ Says:

    Boron sandwich, MEEEE THROWWWW ,or now,MEEE RUNNNN ,is the problem.

  22. Bobby M. Says:

    If the current state of our offense is the best Leftwich can muster with Tom Brady….imagine how god awful we’ll be with Trask or Gabbert or really anyone else. Enjoy the ride this year because San Fran will be Brady’s next stop. Deebo, kittles, mccaffrey, Shanahan, a top 5 defense…..he’s out of here after this season.

  23. BucsFanInAtl Says:

    As great as our free agent pickups were in 2020, the ‘22 class is a clecion of the walking wounded who never play. Wasted money.

  24. alton green Says:

    whats wrong with the Bucs??????????????? Here’s a good place to start. Bring Bruce back PLEASE. never mind, can’t do that. think about this; we’ve played 6 games and we’re already depending on other teams to lose (Falcons) and pray somebody can stagger across the goal line.

  25. Bojim Says:


  26. alton green Says:

    let me tell y’all something i heard on the John Boy and Billy radio show (They’re in Charlotte). They found some white powder in the locker room. They called the FBI and the DEA. They determined it was powder from the goal line so they dropped everything because they said “it was unlikely to happen again. Think about this when their receivers burn our secondary”

  27. CotneyLynch33 Says:

    Please Papa Glazer ! send it down from above to fire Leftmunch!!

  28. ChiBuc Says:

    In 2020 Brady came in and was sneaking around breaking covid protocols to get every opportunity he could to gel and work on timing with receivers. Fast fwd to 2022, Brady is sneaking around, bringing mega distractions to the locker room, and breaking every team rule to avoid gelling and working with new teammates. Bryon has never been a good OC and if you’re just noticing, welcome, we’ve been waiting for you to wake up. So, hmmmm, what has changed?

  29. PassingThru Says:

    Licht has been on notice to replace Ali Marpet since February 27, and notice to replace Ryan Jensen since July 28. He’s had feedback from the coaching staff on Goedeke and Hainsey. So where’s the eff-up? Is the coaching staff that blind at assessing talent, or is the GM that lost that he cannot conjure up suitable replacements?

    And don’t give me that excrement about Licht avoiding a “panic trade”. Look at the effing dates. There was plenty of time to find a vet.

    The dysfunction starts at the O-Line. The interior is poor at run blocking, and porous at pass protection.

  30. Your Mom Says:

    If you had to spend your capital on offensive linemen who can pass protect or run block but not both, with Brady as QB you take the pass protection. So it’s maybe not a surprise they can’t run block. So stop trying to prove you can, you can’t.

  31. Cobraboy Says:

    Low-scoring, one-point game against a team TRYING to tank.

  32. George Says:

    Have been saying since Jensen and Stinnie got hurt that Licht needed to pick up two experienced vets to fill those spots .

    Licht has made no moves and we see the result .

    This is not rocket science .

  33. BuckyDent Says:

    Teddy Bruski said it best Thor morning- who is going to call out Brady and get this team connected? Brady is in his own world and needs to realize he is not the reason we will win, but is the reason we will lose.

  34. Tye Says:

    What’s Wrong?
    Bowles is HC; Leftwich is OC!

    Did they learn from past mistakes?… This Bucs team looking more and more each week like the Jets and Cardinals they ran instead of the powerful offense of recent year! These two are dragging the Bucs down…

  35. HC Grover Says:

    Bat Signal up for Payton. Throw the bums out.

  36. The South African Says:

    Bucs ARE struggling with pass blocking. TB12 has the fastest release in the NFL making it SEEM like they are coping. Moment you take that fast release away by handing it to a running back… crushed.

  37. beano Says:

    “Bobby M. Says: If the current state of our offense is the best Leftwich can muster with Tom Brady….imagine how god awful we’ll be with Trask”

    Trask looked good in preseason and has never taken a regular season NFL snap. So what facts do you base that on? That he’s white or that he went to UF?

  38. Goatfarmer Says:

    Bowelswich is what’s wrong with the Bucs.

  39. geno711 Says:

    We miss the greatest coach in Buc’s history, Bruce Arians.

  40. Buc1987 Says:

    beano…you have to stop with the preseason Trask thingy.

    You look silly.

    Preseason means squat and you know it.

    Bunch of future truck drivers and bag boys playing football in a game most don’t take seriously. Preseason.

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    And BTW…..most UF QB’s blow chunks in the NFL and that’s a fact!

  42. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Would be easier to ask what is NOT wrong with the BUCS. Answer is their uniforms. Uniforms still look good but not the players wearing them.

  43. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I agree that Brady is gone after this year. No way he comes back to Tampa.
    The question I want answered is, did he cost us Arians ?
    If so, then he did this to us, sticking us with second rate coaches instead of Arians.
    If he had nothing to do with Arians stepping down, fine.
    As far as where he will be going, I think either Miami or San Francisco.
    People have to remember that even though Brady played at Michigan, he is from the California Bay Area.
    But he built a house in Miami, so he might decide to go there.
    One thing is certain, his time in Tampa is done after this season.

  44. beano Says:

    “Buc1987 Says: Preseason means squat and you know it.”

    Preseason means squat to you because Trask looked good in it (even having a higher quarterback rating than both Gabbert and Brady in the last preseason game). And you know it.

    Had Trask looked bad in preseason you would be saying the preseason is important and shows that Trask sucks. And you know it.

    Had we drafted Justin Fields instead of Trask and Fields performed exactly as Trask did in preseason you’d be screaming that Fields deserves playing time and not playing him is rayciss. And you know it.

    You Trask haters have nothing to go on but personal bias.

  45. Joe Says:

    So where’s the eff-up? Is the coaching staff that blind at assessing talent,

    Licht had penciled in Hainsey as a starter last February. Team thought Jensen was gone.

    Coaching staff was vocally behind Hainsey for months. Strongly. Plus — and only Bucs saw this — Bucs were impressed with Hainsey blocking Vita Vea in (closed) practices all last season.

  46. D Says:

    That’s right Buc87 and every quarterback from Wyoming was detritus until one stepped in and now he’s the best player in the league. Dan Mullen, a quarterback guru, coached up Trask and he’s yet to make a regular season appearance. So all we have is preseason. No one with a half of a brain understands your point.

  47. Destinjohnny Says:

    Everyone talks about our talent
    But we have holes thanks to questionable draft pics

  48. beano Says:

    “Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says: The question I want answered is, did he cost us Arians?”

    Absolutely. Brady returned from retirement only after Arians was dismissed. Connect the dots. Great players never make great coaches, and should stay out of coaching decisions. Brady screwed up.

  49. beano Says:

    “Buc1987 Says: And BTW…..most UF QB’s blow chunks in the NFL and that’s a fact!”

    Same with Wyoming quarterbacks! How’s Josh Allen working out at Buffalo?


    PS. You ever wonder why morons like you aren’t asked for advice on draft day?

  50. Buc1987 Says:

    beano …but they do consult you on draft day I suppose…but then I never wondered about such foolish things.

  51. beano Says:

    “Buc1987 Says: And BTW…..most UF QB’s blow chunks in the NFL”

    Same with Wyoming quarterbacks! How’s Josh Allen working out at Buffalo?

    Same with Michigan quarterbacks! How did Tom Brady turn out?

    Same with Miami of Ohio! How did Ben Roethlisberger turn out?

    Same with Southern Miss quarterbacks! How did Brett Favre work out?

    Same with Morehead State! How did Phil Simms turn out?


  52. Buc1987 Says:

    Are you sure you’re not Kyle Trask’s mom?

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    UF QB’s continually suck.

  54. geno711 Says:

    I am strongly with the group that does not think that Brady came back only after Arians said he would retire. Hate that gossip connect the dots.

    How about the connect the dots that Arians always said that he wanted to coach in Tampa for a short time and then turn over a good team to his good friend, Todd Bowles?

    It certainly seems more likely than Brady saying that Arians had to be off the team. Brady understands better than any posters here that good coaching makes a difference, so why would he want to take one of the better offensive minds off of this team.

  55. beano Says:

    “Buc1987 Says: UF QB’s continually suck.”

    Quarterbacks Playing in Super Bowl

    U Florida 1 (Grossman)
    U Michigan 1 (Brady)


  56. beano Says:

    “Buc1987 Says: Preseason means squat and you know it.”

    Why, of course it does! Trask looked good in preseason – posting a quarterback rating higher than both Gabbert AND Brady in the last preseason game – so preseason “means squat”!!! Had Trask looked terrible in his 3 preseason games then preseason would mean everything!!! You haters have nothing to go on but your bias. By the way, Buc, is 1987 the year you graduated from FSU?

  57. PassingThru Says:


    Yeah Joe, I remember that too throughout the preseason to time present. Either the Buc coaching staff sux at assessing talent or they aren’t leveling with the press.

  58. Anonymous Says:

    Wondering….what harm to sign Adam Humphries to practice squad. Lives in Tampa, best shape ever, good chemistry with 13&14, not looking for major $$ and that trio was part of league leading offense when TB12 wasn’t even QB. Seems like a know brainer to me. Gonna need something better to beat quality teams. Sitting here watching game against lowly Panthers and its a sad sight at half.