Vita Vea Talks Tom Brady Saturday Hiatus

October 19th, 2022

Yes, Tom Brady skipped Saturday’s walk-through practice and the Bucs proceeded to be dealt a stunning upset a day later while the offense sputtered.

Some media types and fans think that’s no coincidence, and they also think the Bucs’ locker room has or will hold it against Tom Brady.

Pro Bowl defensive tackle Vita Vea isn’t buying it. He hopped on The Richard Sherman Podcast this week and said it’s not a thing in the locker room.

“A guy of that caliber, you know, you trust him to be able to handle his Ps and Qs on and off the field. So I think that was the reason why no one really, you know, took any fault to that,” Vea said of Brady’s Saturday offense.

Joe doesn’t think Brady’s absence, tied to him attending creepy Bob Kraft’s wedding on Friday night, was why the Bucs lost to Pittsburgh, or that it even was a problem.

However, Joe will acknowledge that the “where’s-Tom?” questions have to end or they will become the issue some think they are now.

30 Responses to “Vita Vea Talks Tom Brady Saturday Hiatus”

  1. beano Says:

    So Tom Lady takes time off from training camp, screams at his fellow players in piublic, and skips Saturday walk-through practice. What a prima donna.

  2. Cobraboy Says:

    Does anyone think any Buc player would say anything in public otherwise?

  3. Cobraboy Says:

    I’m far less concerned where Brady’s body is, than where his heart and head are.

  4. Architek Says:

    This team looks and smells like a fish rotting from within.

    Something doesn’t look or smell right!

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    Tom Brady gets to do what he wants. Period. End of discussion. Anyone on the team that has a problem with that, well they’re a loser and should be shown the door.

  6. Mike pizzoli Says:

    Agree rod munch

  7. Jack Sparrow Says:

    It was not BRady who allowed a three 3rd and long to complete. It was not Brady who committed a roughing the passer against Pickens and it was not Brady who allowed 89 punt return. IN the offense, it was not Brady who cimmitted multiple penalties in the red zone….

  8. Frank Pillow Says:

    Vita should address his own season-long hiatus.

  9. Leighroy Says:

    I wouldn’t trust Brady “to handle a Pint or a Quart” of anything off the field. I’ve seen what avocado tequila does to the man!

  10. Todd Says:

    That was funny Frank!!! 👏👏👏

  11. Arnold Says:

    We only need to worry about our division. 👍🏼

  12. Lamarcus Says:

    Only a Brady apologist will see nothing wrong with this

  13. HD Buc Fan Says:

    Bill Belichick relayed a story about a time when L.T. was late for a Giants team meeting during Belichick’s tenure as a linebackers coach and defensive coordinator in the 1980s. Belichick said that he told Bill Parcells, the Giants’ head coach at the time, that L.T. had been late to the meeting, and Parcells responded, “Well, why’d you start the meeting before he got there?”

    With status comes privilege! Period! Tom has status! Football royalty status!

  14. D-Rok Says:

    The bottom line is, all the game prep, planning, and practice had already occurred prior to the walk-through. Just what is a walk-through before the game? A chance to go over, one last time, the plan.

    For someone of Brady’s stature and experience, does anyone really believe he needed to sharpen his skills one last time? The man has been doing this football thing for 22.25 years. One could easily imagine someone like Brady already had the entire plan completely memorized, if the legendary stories told by former players on the Pats the last 2 decades are any indication.

    Missing a walk-through is the least of this fan’s concerns, but only for someone like Brady. I just don’t think it’s a big deal.

  15. Captain Oblivious Says:

    I blame Brady for not attending the walk-through last week, crumpling up the BL game plan, and replacing it with his own. I’m confident that a Brady offensive game plan, or one from almost anybody posting on this site, would have been much better than what we all saw on Sunday.

  16. Mike Johnson Says:

    Brady is not 100% occupies with ball. He can’t be. Would you if you were in the process of giving up a few million of your hard earned millions? By the time his wife is finished with him, he’s gonna be singing that ole R&B song, Its keep her.

  17. beano Says:

    All you apologists for Brady missing team training camp and walk-through are missing that football is a TEAM sport. None of you obviously have ever played a team sport. Players practice, play, travel, etc. together, the stars with the bench warmers. Brady is a prima donna who belongs in Miami drinking avocado tequila on South Beach.

  18. Captain Oblivious Says:

    @Mike Johnson,

    Since Gisele earned more than Tom during their marriage he will likely end up with more than he contributed to the marital assets.

  19. Your Mom Says:

    it’s not like he came out and threw 4 interceptions or something either

  20. tampabuscsbro Says:

    Yes guys I’m sure that if Tom Brady would have been there for a walk through Byron Leftwich wouldn’t have committed coaching malpractice like he had never called plays before.

  21. Anthony Says:

    I do believe with everything that’s been going on attending sat would have been better. His commitment and focus seems alot less this year

  22. Beeej Says:

    There are a bunch of new anti-Brady trolls on this site, it’s like reading the NBC site

  23. alton d green Says:

    Captain Oblivious is actually Captain Obvious hahahaha

  24. Bucschamp Says:

    I’m pretty sure Tom knows this already. we need to move on . Let the man go to work and hope we win next

  25. BuxfaninTX Says:

    I fit it interesting that TB went to the Kraft wedding, and yet Bill Belichick did not..BB game prepped

  26. T REX Says:

    @mikejohnson – She’s worth $400 million


  27. CleanHouse Says:

    What was so stunning about the “upset” Joe?

  28. Steve M. Says:

    Bring back Gronk. They only lost by 2 points. Look at Kansas City and
    Greenbays record.

  29. David Says:

    I give the goat the benefit of the doubt but when you miss a week and a half of training camp, are going through a highly public divorce, miss a walk-through because you took off to your ex teams owners wedding… It all starts adding up. The question of whether Brady is “all in“ is not an unreasonable one, especially when the offense can’t score TDs and he looks to throw it at or near the line of scrimmage one second after getting the snap about 50% of the time

  30. garro Says:

    Joe …Vea is the most guarded with his words of anyone in the NFL. did you really think he might throw Brady under the bus? LOL