Two Missed Scotty Miller Pass Interference Calls

October 9th, 2022

Photos don’t lie, and this one is especially telling with general manager Jason Licht seen on the left with his mouth agape, probably wondering when the flag will come out on this bomb to Scotty Miller.

This photo represents the second of two non-calls that went against Miller and the Bucs today.

Falcons cornerback Dee Alford is out of control and on Miller’s body before the ball arrives. It was clear pass interference and the zebras didn’t call it. Miller actually caught the ball out of bounds.

This non-call (after another pass interference flag that didn’t come when Miller was hit on a similar deep shot to the right corner) was about a minute before the bad roughing the passer call that Falcons fans are crying about.

Regarding the photo above, Joe has a frame taken a split second later that shows Alford getting more into Miller’s body before the ball arrives.

Maybe it’s something about Miller’s size that has referees hesitant to call a flag. There have been other games this season in which Miller didn’t get the benefit of the doubt — or the benefit of a zebra that didn’t need glasses.

The Bucs offense was more dangerous than it appeared in the box score.

62 Responses to “Two Missed Scotty Miller Pass Interference Calls”

  1. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Couldn’t agree more

  2. Howard Cosell Says:

    OH Lawdy.
    I better get that pot roast in the oven.
    Theyre’s folks comin for dinner.
    They be here any minute

  3. Howard Cosell Says:

    Technically the 1st pass was borderline PI but the 2nd was flagrant PI and a bad missed call that would give the Bucs a 1st and 10 at the birds 5 yard line

  4. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Joe is really trying to prop up this ugly win.

  5. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Joe, let’s also talk the Marshonne Lattimore DPI on Miller in the Saints game…that atrocious officiating is also what caused the fight to break out with Evans getting suspended….

    Bottom line, the officiating on DPI in Millers routes has been downright embarrassing….

    Sick & tired of seeing this EVERY WEEK when he runs a deep route….

  6. Zzbuc Says:

    Now we are talking!!

    Couldn’t agree more with you Joe!!!

  7. Redeemer Says:

    Miller isn’t getting that call. It’s PI by the book, but Joe knows that ain’t how it works. The NFL is the hardest pro sport to officiate, and still these cheap ass owners won’t make them full time.

  8. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Very simple fix to this GARBAGE officiating on DPI…

    Allow the HC to challenge these situations…

    Bingo, then crap gets fixed!!

  9. CrackWise Says:

    Two thoughts on the Deep passes to Miller.

    1. I don’t mind giving it a shot. I think it’s worth it and the PIs will come.

    2. When Mike gets those opportunities vs Miller he always gets mugged as well. Except Mike gets the PI calls now a days. Wasn’t always like that for him.

    I am not a huge fan of Miller. BUT he had a good game today and the PI calls will come IF we continue to FORCE the ball to him down field vs Mike.

  10. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Makeup calls set a bad precedent…yes the Scott Miller penalty probably should’ve been called even thought the ball was floating out of bounds, but the roughing call on Brady was way more egregious and should’ve been a no call.

  11. Winny Testaverde Says:

    This article feels like a makeup call for Irv & Co.

  12. Old School Bucs Says:

    Yeah, all the haters want to point that roughing play, but conveniently ignore the big PI no calls on miller. For me this is a problem because in the packers giants game they called the exact same PI and said because it interfered with the offensive players ability to catch the ball!! Just no consistency, especially in PI!!

  13. mark2001 Says:

    TBbuc3… On the second pass, Miller was mugged and pushed out of bounds. The pass was near the sidelines, but it is one that NFL receivers haul in all the time and drag the feet. And there should have been multiple roughing calls on hits against Brady in that game. Maybe your lack of eyesight and football acumen would be better appreciated in Atlanta. Or maybe you are already there.

  14. gotbbucs Says:

    Miller needs to give himself some room to work along the sideline. Quit letting the defender ride him out of bounds before the ball is even in the air. Brady has nowhere to try and fit the ball in between him and the white line.

    That’s a Falcons team with trash at QB, trash at reciever, and trash at running back. Allowing that game to be a one score affair that brings referee calls into question pertaining to the outcome is sad.

    You need to be a top 5 scoring offense I you want to be a Super Bowl contender, and this team is a long way from contending. This should have been about a 35-14 score if this team was for real.

  15. SB Says:

    Joe… The Non-call on Miller, the second one, was the Play before the bad roughing call.

  16. Tbbucs3 Says:


    Apparently you can’t read. Here’s my quotes…..“yes the Scott Miller penalty probably should’ve been called”

    But you’re also a Trask loving gator fan so I’m not surprised….

  17. Tbbucs3 Says:

    To think that refs should start the precedent of “makeup calls” is a ridiculous concept.

  18. Old School Bucs Says:

    Mark, thank you for your post. Some people just have to hate because they got nothing else. It is just so redundant to have to keep correcting ignorance! That call on brady was not any different than the one called on Tua orbin the game this morning in London. The fact of the matter is, as Bowls said, they are going to call that whip it play this year whether we like it or not. Flag football not far behind!

  19. Jack Sparrow Says:

    An ugly win is still a win. But it should not be an ugly win against the Falconettes. Right now, the bucs are just pretenders instead of contenders.

  20. SPARKY Says:

    Dear Atlanta Falcons fans= you should of, you could of, you would of, you didn’t. We won you didn’t.

  21. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Can someone tell me what the time was during the game on that PI on Scotty Miller?

  22. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    Scotty Miller stopped running his routes because both passes were under thrown. Sad that this Joe does not know basic football knowledge.

  23. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Da Bucs Guy the defender can’t touch the receiver before the ball gets there. Who cares.

  24. mark2001 Says:

    penalty probably should’ve been called even thought the ball was floating out of bounds

    BS… The ball wasn’t “floating out of bounds.” So are you saying every pass near the sideline may float out of bounds, including that pass and every out pattern? And almost every pass into the endzone may “float out of bounds” so PI shouldn’t be called? It definitely should have been called. So don’t act like you are saying it was PI. You said it Probably should have been called. Not probably…It should have been called.

    BTW… just because I think Jameis acted like a clown most of the time he was here doesn’t make me a gator fan.

  25. Jerry Says:

    FYI… Remember that Chicago game in 2020 that was an absolute train wreck?

    How many thought after that game we would go on to win the Super Bowl? You guys are all acting like if you don’t beat the Falcons by more than 2 scores in week 5 that the season is over.

  26. SB Says:

    The first pass to Scotty was woefully underthrown and it wasn’t a PI.
    The second one was Perfect and DEFINITELY a P.I,!

  27. Will Says:

    Definitely was PI on both of Miller’s deep plays today BUT I think of Brady throws both of them sooner they’re complete. Scotty had to slow down. The timing will come. I just hope coach or someone is contacting the league office with videos of all the non calls on Miller so far this year

  28. Buc50 Says:

    I’m not a fan of Scooter but in his defense, many PI calls are on under-thrown passes. Scooters problem is he don’t have the strength to play through contact of any kind.

  29. Buc_Da_World Says:

    Yes that was a BS personal foul penalty called against the Falcons, guess what I don’t care. I have watched Brady receive all kinds of personal fouls and none get called so forgive me if I don’t give a….fecal matter. Second we are not even talking about this if they call PI the play before this. Everybody feeling sorry for the Falcons but they actually caught a break. They got a 15 yard penalty when it should have been Bucs 1 & goal. Third are we just going to ignore the the fact that we got robbed of a first down by the goal line and the refs botched a possible scoring drive by calling a play dead with our offense on the field. A win is a win so what it was a bad call it’s not why the Falcons lost

  30. Goatfarmer Says:

    If only Dardun was out there instead….maybe he would have……..well, naw, he wouldn’t have caught anything, he might have fallen down down five yards into the route, but Tom loves him according to insider info….except he got zero targets, again.

    Obviously he is being wasted by a North Texas hating plot!

  31. Listnfrmafar Says:

    How about the ref holding the ball waiting for Atl D to get on the field when Brady was trying to catch them not set. Bucs had to settle for a FG?

  32. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    First one the db got turned to look for the ball then made contact so I agree with no pass interference. On the second one I agree on pass interference but I think the call wasn’t made because it was completed out of bounds and perhaps declared uncatchable. Of not the following play the zebras called an absolutely terrible make up roughing the passer penalty to try and make right. I am a die hard Bucs fan but I was screaming at the tv that the roughing the passer call was terrible.

  33. Goatfarmer Says:

    The second long ball to Miller was completely catchable. However, at least he was mugged and it wasn’t called.

    Seriously, this ref crew was about as inept on both sides as any I’ve ever seen.

  34. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Conte there is something called illegal contact after 5 yds, put in this year. That was illegal contact back turned or not. Oh the hit Brady took below the knees IS roughing (NO FLAG) get over it, these refs were horrid and should be fined either way.

  35. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    The refs were all over the map today with calls by not calling blatant things then calling things that were doubtful at best. I feel refs realized they messed up on the last Miller play not being a penalty then put their finger on the scale to “balance things out.” I hate those even if it goes our way.

  36. Redeemer Says:

    They already made a “Brady rule” about going low on the money makers. What’s next, “The Tua got spun around rule” this is clear CYA by the league. Next, d lineman will be expected to give the QB a handkerchief after a sack. Strictly as a fan of football l, I can live with a missed PI, on either side. Even diehard bucs fanboys know that roughing was bougus.

  37. Goatfarmer Says:

    The roughing call was bogus, but I will take it because of bogus spots, bogus roughing on Vita and especially non call for DPI on Scotty that ends the game. The zebras are ruining the game. Defund the zebras.

  38. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Who gives a crap. Shotty calls both ways. Winfield held on the touchdown. DPi on several plays. There’s an old saying where I’m from. If you ain’t with us your agin us.

  39. adam from ny Says:

    so the refs evened it out with the jarrett sack roughing call on the goat…

    regardless we’ve gotta start playing better football across the board…

    we are really missing suh……..and hicks

  40. adam from ny Says:

    all throws to scotty deep along the sidelines, where he gets mugged in a physical type battle, never get PI calls…

    it’s like the nfl told the ref teams “the heck with scooter”

  41. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Redeemer. The going low rule was actually because of the Carson Palmer hit. It’s been misinformation that it was some Brady rule. And, yes, that PI call today was BS. People will harp on that call all season, which is annoying.

  42. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    Amen Jerry! We are 3-2, and the last time I checked, no team has ever won a Super Bowl in October. Remember last year’s Cardinals? What happened to them? Keep winning games and start peaking in late November early December, just like we did in 2020 after a 7-5 start.

  43. JimmyJack Says:

    That picture looks like the 2nd one. Miller actually made an incredible catch on that one but was out of bounds. I thought for sure there was a flag coming.

    On the first one it was a tough call. I liked the no call to be honest.

    But Scotty today had me thiniking about all the little haters out here you say Bryon is predictable. If you predicted Scotty catching 4-5 balls over the middle today your a liar…….That said, Im sure yall are railing on the playcalls up 21. I cant defend Byron this time. 3 or 4 posessions all 3&outs and didnt burn any clock. We ran the ball well today when we chose to. Terrible idea to not call more runs and ice the game.

  44. DoooshLaRue Says:

    At any rate, today’s officiating crew needs to be disciplined financially.
    That sh** needs to stop.

  45. Bucschamp Says:

    The guy wasn’t even looking at the ball when he threw his body and arms to Miller. Maybe somebody yelled at him the ball was going his way.

    Miller need to act and let the refs know there’s contact.

  46. Goatfarmer Says:

    This was horrible officiating, all can agree.

    Defund them. Let the cameras, chips and computers do the job.

  47. Goatfarmer Says:

    But at least DardOn lived up to his hype. He fumbled a punt at his own 10 that baby jesus bailed him out of, but at least Brady targeted him zero times. Brady obviously sucks and is in on the conspiracy to send the little feller to the CFL.

  48. bob Says:

    miller gets no respect and the hc has to get mad and let the refs know it

  49. Captain Dan Lawrence Says:

    The refs (if you can call them that) seem to consistently “miss calls” where defensive backs molest Scotty! I wonder why that is!

  50. LakelandSteve Says:

    The refs definitely had a bad game. Not sure if the last one was a makeup call but Brady absolutely got hit in the knees earlier in the game on a pass and it looked like the guys actually dove for his legs. That should have been called.

  51. David Says:

    Sparky, no such thing as would OF, should OF, could OF. The word’s HAVE.

  52. Buc'n Iowa Says:

    Bottom line is that if the balls we thrown on target we would be raving about Scotty’s 2 awesome TD’s!!!! Brady should not be above critism!!!! Everyone should be accountable!!!

  53. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    He had the corner beat on multiple plays and if Brady would have thrown it more in front of him there would have been no pass interference because miller wouldn’t have had to slow down … Brady short armed it multiple times

  54. adam from ny Says:

    when a referee makes a bad call, the thing to do is:

    walk up to him on the field while adjusting your sack and start beefing to him, a la billy martin style – manager of the ny yankees back in the 70s and 80s…

    then because you can’t kick dirty on their shoes – a la billy martin style…

    what you do is:

    you grab their hat off their head – without touching the referee – and you proceed to wing it as far as you can, frisbee style…like chucking a frisbee on the beach…

    then turn and walk away, once again adjusting your sack, while he fishes and fumbles around retrieving his hat like a fool…

    yeah you’ll catch a penalty, but it could be worth it

  55. Crickett Baker Says:

    David I am glad you said something. I would’ve and could have but I have ripped them (mostly Listnfrom) before and thought I should’ve kept quiet about it this time. If people can’t write in proper English then, to me, they shouldn’t write at all.

  56. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    It was my impression that contact could be made IF the defender looks back for the ball.

    And he did.

    Am I wrong?

  57. Nicky666 Says:

    Agreed Joe.

  58. SPARKY Says:

    David andCrikett Baker, your sentences should start out there is no such thing as etc. Anyway that is an old saying my Grandma used to say years ago, evidently before we had good teachers. Sorry if it bothered you.

  59. Brandon Says:

    gotbbucs Says:
    October 9th, 2022 at 8:35 pm
    Miller needs to give himself some room to work along the sideline. Quit letting the defender ride him out of bounds before the ball is even in the air. Brady has nowhere to try and fit the ball in between him and the white line


    The path of the ball took him out of bounds. It was a fantastic attempt at a catch but the great one’s throw was off the mark. Terrible tale. Quit making excuses for Brady.

  60. Brandon Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    October 10th, 2022 at 1:07 am
    It was my impression that contact could be made IF the defender looks back for the ball.

    And he did.

    Am I wrong?


    You are 100% wrong. Looking back at the ball helps but does not give DB right to steamroll receiver.

  61. Eric b Says:

    Bad calls all around. That was PI he ran miller out of bounds. Refs need to be better they are pros. We won the game though, ATl needs to quit crying. They have never beat brady. On to PITTSBURGH!!! #unfinished buissness!!! LFGO!!!!

  62. Brady fan Says:

    They keep talking about the play after the one of the missed call where Brady was sacked and the flag thrown for unnecessary roughness but not the big interference call for the play before. I’m saying I think they knew they missed the pass interfence call on the previous play and that’s why it was call!!!