Tom Brady: Bucs Aren’t “Earning It”

October 16th, 2022

Gets real about Bucs’ play.

This is as harsh as Tom Brady gets about his teammates.

(Before Joe gets rolling on this here post, can Joe ask creepy Bob Kraft a simple question? Mr. Kraft, it’s hard to believe you don’t have the common sense not to get married during the football season. So why did you do that and lure your favorite quarterback away from a day of meetings and walk-throughs?)

Brady was peppered with questions after the game about what went wrong today in a shocking loss to a decimated Steelers squad in Pittsburgh. Brady’s response was about as critical as you will ever hear.

“I think, you know, we didn’t earn it,” Brady said of gagging away a game in Pittsburgh with a dumbarse gameplan and virtually no adjustments.

“We didn’t earn the win. Its a game of earning it. And it’s a game of playing well and performing well. And we’re just not doing a good job of that.

“I don’t think we have done that for six weeks. I think we are all playing less than what we are capable of. We’ve all got to look at ourselves in the mirror and figure out why.”

Yeah, Brady didn’t have his best game but he wasn’t the reason the Bucs lost. Devin White made a truly head-up-his-rear-end play with a late hit on Kenny Pickett that otherwise would have seen a Steelers punt but instead saw that drive end in a Pittsburgh touchdown.

You could argue that play cost the Bucs a win today and Joe won’t argue with you. Picket also ran right past White as if White was Kwon Alexander.

There were others. A Russell Gage drop in the end zone, of course.

Joe hopes Brady’s scolding also included Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Lefttwich’s hare-brained gameplan.

Joe just wishes Brady, sometime in the second quarter, would have told Leftwich to shove his run-play Waffle House menu while Brady started winging the ball around the yard on a bunch of backups pretending to be the Steelers’ secondary.

75 Responses to “Tom Brady: Bucs Aren’t “Earning It””

  1. Jack Sparrow Says:

    I think Brady does not care anymore. I feel like his attitude is I’ll do
    my part and you do yours and whatever happens whether it works or not, i dont care. It’s no longer my job to motivate these bunch of overpaid players and coaches if they cant motivate themselves. …. jmho

  2. Chris form Gainesville Says:

    I’ve seen a lot of drops this season. Gage should have caught that TD. Tough catch, but he’s getting $10M a year to make that play.

  3. Ash Says:

    The entire team is the reason they lost and yes that includes Brady, Joe. With the exception of succop this entire team from the bottom to the top was disappointing. No passion to play this game from anyone it was just plain sad to see.

  4. BitcoinTom Says:

    Great point jack Sparrow I totally agree with you

  5. Howard Cosell Says:

    Sign GMC!
    Soft serve for everyone!
    Hey, it’s only a game guys

  6. Buc4lyfe79 Says:

    Even with the greatest QB in the history of the game under center, the Bucs still revert back to being the Bucs of old and beat themselves smfh….F’ing pathetic.

  7. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Be a leader Tom, tell the Glazers to fire Bowles and Leftwich. Do it now !

  8. Sean Says:

    He’ll be a 49er or a Dolphin next year. He’s physically nowhere near cooked. And it’s hard to care when there is a “blah” energy emanating from your coaching staff and teammates.

  9. richbucsfan Says:

    3-14 a serious possibility.

  10. CrackWise Says:

    Brady is doing his part.

    He is helping the WISEGUYS make money.

    The NFL is as FAKE as the WWF.

    Wake up SHEEP!!!

  11. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Brady did not have a good game at all, and one really has to wonder if going to that wedding hurt his timing with receivers ?

  12. jehzsa Says:

    I thought The Pigeons put up a great show.

    Excellent discipline and passion.

  13. Chris from Gainesville Says:

    Is it possible Brady’s shoulder is worse than we think? A lot of throws fell short and maybe that’s why they ran so much?

  14. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    I hope Brady was looking in the mirror as he chastised the Bucs. He threw under, over, and around his receivers the whole game. The Brady we’ve had for a couple of years could, and would, thread a needle to any receiver. I personally think Brady is in a bad place mentally and is playing like spit.

  15. Davenport Says:

    Remember the whining about Arian’s red pen, carving up the game plan? Brady needs to be given that pen immediately.

    Brady still cares but it’s hard to sustain that desire when you are forced to work under idiots

  16. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Bucs chance of beating the Panthers next week became 49% from 95%… LOL!!

  17. bob Says:

    this staff has got to come up with a off game plan….it’s still early

  18. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Hey Joe I know you are sorting through a ton of refuse today. But can you write about Keith Armstrong and his unit. It has not been good and has been a weak spot.

  19. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    Just watch the Bills and Chiefs game and it’s all it needs to tell you . Josh exposed a rookie CB just now.. But what did Brady do and it’s not all play calling because the QB can change the play, so even though the coaches aren’t good either is our QB who’s definitely checked out .. understanding because of all the things he has going on. I hope he retires ASAP and let’s the rebuild begin because if he didn’t come back Bruce would still be here

  20. BucsBro Says:

    Brady is pissed. Good.

    He still cares, as always.

    Now it’s time for the rest of the team to care.

    As Bowles said postgame, some guys are still living off the Super Bowl.

    Much to clean up. Coaches, players, everything.

  21. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Coaching still matters in this league and we have one of the worse coaching staffs. I am just disgusted. It feels like the season is getting away. Bowles sucks. He has to make a chance to save his behind. Demote leftwich.

  22. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    Not when he has a torn labrum

  23. CrackWise Says:

    [No, we’re not going there. — Joe]

  24. CrackWise Says:

    I am officially retiring. I have better things to do with my life

  25. BUCS/Noles fan84 Says:

    What I think part of the real problem is is that when Brady retired last season a lot of guys checked out and some guys left and that really hurt our team, especially on the offensive line. And I think we’re seeing the effects of this now

  26. Zzbucs Says:

    Anyone with a Brain knows That gameplans MUST have Bradys appproval.
    So Brady is part of the problem……
    Change the conservative plan and we can win again.

    With this plan we are done……
    With this attitude que are done.

    Playing like this is hard to Watch, it hurts my eyes!!!

  27. EA Says:

    It comes down to 2 things.
    1. O line is soft/inexperienced/, not creating holes in the run game, not giving Brady the time hes used to getting in the pocket.

    2. D line isn’t what it was last year, teams are running at will, pressure on the opposing QB is mediocre at best.

  28. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Leftwich has Lovie’s “where the hell am I” gaze down pat. It’s hard to believe he comes from BA’s coaching tree.

  29. firethecannons Says:

    it is Bradys last year–there is no excuse for him not taking over some of the play calls, it is his fault in that–he just let Byron lose us this game and did nothing but go along with it

  30. OrlandoBucfan Says:

    Wow! Bowles and Leftwich were gifted a Super Bowl quality team and so far we are lucky to be 3-3. Today, the Bucs gained more yards, won time of possession, had fewer penalties, no turnovers (according ESPN stats), and actually had a better per carry rush average than Pittsburg. How did we lose? We were horrible on third down. We struggled to convert and stop! How does a team with this much talent fail to convert third downs, stop them, and worse, score touch downs? I understand we have three new offensive linemen, but the big difference between this year and last is coaching. Arians gifted Bowles a great team, but the expectations may have created too much pressure. We’ll see.

  31. ClwJB Says:

    Notice how the JETS did today at GB?

    We suck out loud folks, open your eyes

  32. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Leftwich has Lovie’s “where the hell am I” gaze down pat. It’s hard to believe he comes from BA’s coaching lineage.

  33. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Bucs from contender became pretender and right now a time waster!

  34. HC Grover Says:

    ok….quit blaming everyone but bowles……is he immune?

  35. orlbucfan Says:

    Brady is 45 years old, lived a platinum diamond lucky life, and now it’s starting to peter out. The sooner he’s gone, the better. Bucs had a great run the last two years cos they amassed the best team on both sides of the ball in their history. A competent QB would have won that SB with the talent on this team. And this crap about hiring Sean Payton? Man, this blog has got more trolls than brains.

  36. A Says:

    No game planning no passion – I’m playing golf with my wife on Sundays…weekends are too short to waste on this effort.

  37. D-Rome Says:

    Brady was absolutely part of the reason why the Bucs lost today. Before any of you knuckle dragging mouth breathers claim I’m a Brady hater I am not. He’s my favorite football player of all time but even the best has sub par games. Today was one of them with some of his passes in the dirt.

  38. steele Says:

    Regardless that Brady had a mediocre game, the entire team around him and the coaching is underperforming. A 45-yr old Brady is not supposed to be perfect every week. This team is supposed to be “all-in” supporting him. His off-field stuff was part of the deal, and he is veteran-professional enough to balance it.

    Even on a subpar day, Brady did enough to win. he was not great, but far from the main problem.

  39. Howard Cosell Says:

    CrackWise Says:
    October 16th, 2022 at 6:37 pm

    [No, we’re not going there. — Joe]

    Unfortunately CrackWise may be right.
    It certainly would explain the Jets winning and the Rams losing
    as well as the crypto market

  40. Redeemer Says:

    I don’t think Brady attending a wedding is why the bucs sucked today. The gameplan by the Steelers had B. Flo written all over it. The bucs coaches just didn’t adjust. Bowles and BL talk a good game. Complementary football and all that jazz. But they are being exposed. Neither is head coach material.

  41. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I don’t believe the alleged marital issues are an issue. We don’t even know if they are true, but I would like a reporter to ask about it just to see how the responds. His response will tell us everything

  42. Don_RyJo(e) Says:

    It’s execution! It’s players not giving 100%, which is why I think it’s psychological. The players see Brady and see and think the same things we fans see and think: Brady is half-in. Brady didn’t really commit to the season. So the players are just going through the motions.

    Brady’s whole schtick is that he is hard on his teammates but he never yells at them to do things he himself isn’t doing, except he’s spending training camp on vacation in the Bahamas, he’s taking he’s taking all these personal days, he skipped Friday’s practice to go to the Patriots’ owner’s wedding. Brady yelling at his teammates in the game today probably struck them as hypocritical.

    So I think Joe(s) are being a little too forgiving of TB12.

  43. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    It’s time for the Brady era to end. Dude is 45. No one wants to get hit by a defensive end or defensive tackle at 45. Those of us over 45 know what that must feel like. Those of us under 45 may not understand. Tommy Boy can no longer move. He can no longer absorb a good hit. Understandable. Time to retire and find a new wife or work things out with Giselle.

  44. BigMacAttack Says:

    Gage sucks and that’s me being nice. Brady under throwing receivers has been a problem all season. Maybe he’s hurt ??? Leftwich? I can’t say enough about how bad he was today. Bowles? Not blitzing 3’rd and 16 at the end? He’s an idiot. I’ve lost faith in our coaches until they prove me wrong. We need BA back. The best word to describe this Bucs team is “Floundering”. They truly think they are better than what they put on film. However, Lombardi Lenny is awesome and gives his all on every play. ME13 is money every time he takes the field. We don’t target him enough or run plays designed for him to do his thing. Those are 2 bright spots. Leftwich is sucking badly in the deep end.

  45. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Did anyone see Rodgers today?! A bad OL will hinder the offense. Stop throwing him under the bus about some wedding. He hasn’t been great. But I do think his finger is bothering him.

  46. Colonel Angus Says:

    Listening to the game, you can tell Dave Moore ain’t impressed with Leftwich. No creativity in this offense.

  47. T REX Says:

    He needs to own it too.

    Missing walk throughs and practices is a bad look

  48. brooks Says:

    Rich bucs fan you may be right.
    I called 10-7 BEFORE THE SEASON!!

  49. Jack Sparrow Says:

    THe reason why Brady does not override BL’s plan, Maybe beacuse Brady does not want to disrespect Leftwich authority as an OC. Last year, I remember BL was calling a play and BRady said no and the media skewered Brady by saying “are you disrespecting your OC ?” So, maybe, in Brady’s mindset now is I dont care what call you make.

  50. Oneilbuc Says:

    Now even though I feel like Brady is not good at 45 I still believe we going to the playoffs. After next week against the Panthers every one will be back giving Brady all the credit for the win . We are still going to win more than we lose but it’s time to move on from Brady next year.

  51. ForReal Says:

    D-Rome and Steele are both right:
    Brady was absolutely part of the reason why the Bucs lost today. Before any of you knuckle dragging mouth breathers claim I’m a Brady hater I am not. He’s my favorite football player of all time but even the best has sub par games. Today was one of them with some of his passes in the dirt.

    steele Says:
    October 16th, 2022 at 7:12 pm
    Regardless that Brady had a mediocre game, the entire team around him and the coaching is underperforming. A 45-yr old Brady is not supposed to be perfect every week. This team is supposed to be “all-in” supporting him. His off-field stuff was part of the deal, and he is veteran-professional enough to balance it.

    Even on a subpar day, Brady did enough to win. he was not great, but far from the main problem.

    No QB can win every game by themselves. Nor can they have a perfect game every game. OCCASIONALLY THE REST OF THE TEAM NEEDS TO ACTUALLY SHOW UP. And EVERY TIME THE COACHING STAFF NEEDS TO SHOW UP AND. BE PREPARED.
    No QB (that cant run the ball) could have dragged these losers to a victory today.

  52. Oneilbuc Says:

    Crackwise. Was the NFL fixed when we won the super bowl? Was it rigged when Jameis was the quarterback? You didn’t say that it was rigged when we won the super bowl or when Jameis was the quarterback so don’t start saying it now because of Brady not playing like you and the media thought he would do at 45 years old. I been telling yall that Brady needs a all star team to be average or above average. But y’all call me a Brady hater and I was wrong and now yall coming with a conspiracy theory that the NFL is rigged lol 🤣🤣🤣 !!

  53. BigMacAttack Says:

    The team I saw today can’t beat the panthers. The Bucs beat themselves today, coaches and player collectively blew it. Devin White started it with that arrogant QB roughing penalty. He needs to have his wings clipped. The defense has gone from tough to cocky and it isn’t working in crucial times.

  54. ForReal Says:

    Oneilbuc- you’re a fool dude.
    Brady needs everyone else to do their job, including the coaches.
    He will not be perfect every game or maybe any game but he made it work with mediocre teams in New England to the tune of 6 super bowl rings. Coaching matters. If you don’t thinks o… look at the Pats scoring output with nobody and a defensive coordinator calling plays. THEY ARE CREATIVE AND PUT PEOPLE IN A POSITION TO BE SUCCESSFUL… Jeezuz, have you ever even watched football

  55. BigMacAttack Says:

    I slam refs constantly but they called a fair even game today. No complaints there at all.

  56. ForReal Says:

    And yes… the team will likely implode and drop at least the next 3 games. Devin White is an energy vampire and incompetent. The OL will not improve in 1 week. Brady will throw too quick to save his hide (as he should if constantly put in that position), and BL will run the ball up the gut 30 times for -11 yards… and no one will do anything about it..
    Man I wish Brady would walk away and just go work on his family. This team is doomed.

  57. Sicklelovr Says:

    This Joe thinks Brady’s ol lady ripped that wedding ring off his finger and swole it all up now he can’t hit the broad side of a pole barn. All talk about being 100 % commited then not showing up for team practices and chewing out the guys who do does look hypocritical. D White needs to stop slapping his horse and other players after the play is over. And fir the love of God if they run the ball up the middle one more time I’m gonna apply for the Offensive Coordinator job.

  58. Oneilbuc Says:

    For real. Brady had top 5 defenses in New England and plus the AFC east was trash for years. Brady is 45 years old you the fool if you don’t think that plays apart in it as well. The media lied to you and now you are hurt I had already seen the decline of Brady and now he doesn’t have the all star team around him and now he’s being exposed for not having the all star team. And yes to me Brady should have stayed retired and keep his family .

  59. Doc Says:

    If any other player would have asked to go to a wedding the night before a game walk through, he would have been told no. If you care about winning you would not have went. Stop Yelling at grown men( o-line )because you have become check down Brady’. The team lost respect when Brady went to that wedding,players or whispering about his demeanor. Brady yelled at the offense cord in New England, and they made a decision to move on from him because he was out of control, maybe time here also.

  60. Redeemer Says:

    Brady isn’t capable of carrying a team anymore. The last two rosters in Tampa were absolute wagons. Because of injury, poor coaching and bad free agent signings, this team isn’t close to those groups. All QBs need help, yes even the great Tom Brady. Especially at 45. WTF do you think he picked Tampa to begin with? The weather and great ownership?

  61. Dooley Says:

    There’s a lot of intellectual gymnastics going on in this spread. Bowles is to blame, Leftwich is to blame, hell even the crew that runs water out onto the field during dead balls gets some blame, but not Brady because he’s Brady? Brady was 4-9 on 3rd downs for 36 yards, that’s only good if your Mike Glennon. Nah, your primary ball handler can definitely get some blame when your offense scores 18 points in 60 minutes and the kicker is leading scorer. The defense stunk too, no stopping power on 3rd & anything, flat feet all over the place, and it’s the starters that are disappearing our depth looked solid.

  62. Mike Johnson Says:

    Sad day in Bucland. Can’t beat a team with over half their secondary starters missing. Well guess what? We got the Panthers up next. And just like the Steelers, they are desperate. Better be ready or suffer the next trap game.
    Be thankful we have our Superbowl for the decade. many teams cannot even get there.

  63. Redeemer Says:

    Doc, you’re way off. If you’re referring to Brady yelling at Bill O’Brien, they hugged after the game on national TV. Btw, the Patriots went to the Superbowl that year with a rag tag defense. Edelman was playing nickel corner for Christ sake. Tom Brady isn’t the problem

  64. ForReal Says:

    Media lied mu arse… I actually WATCH every play. Precipitous decline and self preservation are 2 different things. Maybe you should give back your super bowl memories if all you can do is complain about Brady… cause you wouldn’t have any without him… FOOL

  65. ForReal Says:

    You think Pats had a top 5 defense in 2011. they were ranked 30th or worst in every category and still almost won the SB. The first 3 superbowls yes. The rest helllssss no. I watched every play… you did not apparently.

  66. Destinjohnny Says:

    Put in trask…..
    next year we will have to have mostly people we draft on the team….
    3 wins?

  67. Craig Says:

    Wait a minute, you are Tom Brady and the world revolves around you. Make the team show some spark. Do it by showing some spark yourself.

    You have been dragging ass to the line all season, and it rubs off on your team.

    You are a living legend and you can’t g;ow enough to make your team shine too? Try harder yourself and see if the team responds.

    My bet is that it will.

  68. Ab Says:

    How about for once saying ‘I gotta look in the mirror’ Tom?

    All this ‘We’ stuff is cool when everyone knows you are doing everything humanly possible to get the W..but you’re not, are you Tom?

    How about ‘I gotta earn it…I am not playing well enough…I gotta look in the mirror’. Your leadership 101 crap comes off differently when you clearly are not all in.

  69. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Reedemer. Brady owned the Steelers with NE. He shredded the zone defense. I’m supposed to believe he stopped learning how to play QB?

  70. Ab Says:

    I am actually starting to wonder when the leaks are going to start about resentment and finger pointing in the locker room – because it is coming. And the fact that it’s not going to turn around underscores how Bowles is at best a ‘great’ DC (debatable in an historical context but I’ll give it to him as the league stands) and by no means an even ‘good’ HC. And BL…come on, Jax should be grateful every day they dodged that bullet.

  71. Oneilbuc Says:

    For real . We have won a superbowl without Brady before and at this point Brady is not what you and the media say he is and that’s just the truth. Remember he’s playing with the same team every one said he could win with. I can’t sit here and blame the defense because they had a lot of 3 and outs . But you can’t drive the field and get 3 points most of the time especially with Mike Evans at receiver in the red zone.

  72. Anonymous Says:

    Your an idjit Bloneil. When he’s gone you’ll get another decade of suckaneers.

  73. kyle Says:

    brady doesnt want to get hit.. (who does at 45) he sells out every play.. I think he really wanted to quit but felt bad to the boys, the team.. Hes the ultimate team guy..

    when i watched buffalo/kc… tom looks old..we got the superbowl.. hes done. His heart isnt in it. i dont give a darn what he says in the media…

  74. Oneilbuc Says:

    Anonymous. Lol 🤣🤣 right now we ain’t winning nothing with Brady this year so far. You mad 😡 because your king looking like a old man??

  75. Charlie C Lagattuta Says:

    Todd Bowles is NOT a good head coach. He lost everywhere else and is bringing the Bucs downwith his conservative approach on offense to keep his defense off the field(Jets,Dolphins). Its s good thing Bucs are in weakest division in NFL. He is a good defrnse coordinator but a BAD Head Coach