About The Tom Brady Divorce Announcement

October 28th, 2022

Joe sure hopes fans realize many players have issues in their personal lives that may or may not affect their play on the field.

A few Bucs examples you probably never heard of.

A guy currently on the roster once played through filing an order of protection against his former girlfriend, and it wasn’t because she through a pillow at him. It was serious. Another was contesting an ugly paternity suit.

A couple of young Bucs of The Lost Decade had substance abuse issues, and Joe even verified that two Bucs of The Lost Decade were evicted from their Tampa apartments during the season. That’s right, couldn’t or didn’t pay the rent of a rather standard but nice apartment (and that was before local rents went through the roof.). Heck, the Bucs had a quarterback dealing with sexual assault allegations and Jason Licht and Team Glazer had no problem putting the franchise in his hands.

Joe could write other examples. But this is why Joe doesn’t care much about the Tom Brady divorce announcement this morning. Brady posted it on his social media.

Joe is not about to speculate whether Brady is happy or sad about it (some guys get divorced and are relieved and invigorated). Joe also won’t speculate like others will about when Brady’s marriage began falling apart, or when it was at its worst.

Nobody will know that truth and it’s meaningless to Bucs fans now, Joe believes.

Brady is healthy and he’s the Tampa Bay quarterback. There’s no reason to think his personal life is affecting him more than any other player’s.

You’re not going to get the too-common “distracted Brady” talk here.

98 Responses to “About The Tom Brady Divorce Announcement”

  1. Rod Munch Says:

    When I got this announcement on my phone, and say Brady in the title, I completely assumed that he was announcing his retirement.

  2. Rod Munch Says:

    I assume Brady is going to do what most men do in situations like this, and go into 24/7 work mode. I hope they have some really nice apartments inside of One Buc Place, since Brady might be camping out there for a bit.

    …or, maybe he heads down to Mons and gets himself a hareem. If I was Brady, I’ll take option 2.

  3. Casual Observer Says:

    Sad times for both of them. Wish both the best. Probably Tom will handle it well and his football skills (after a bit) will be OK.

  4. DoosLaRue Big Brother Says:

    I’m guessing rob chump never had a wife I assume or any type of romantic relationships before.

  5. Coburn Says:

    As someone who falls into the relieved category I can tell you, especially when kids are involved, that doesn’t mean there isnt still some sadness/pain. Can only speculate on the throw yourself into your work. For me work was a nice get away in the years leading up to divorce, but by the end after all the accusations/finger pointing in counselling and later mediation it became too much where it was hard to concentrate and ended up becoming just a job with kids at the front

  6. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    No playoffs and no family for Tom Brady.

  7. Coburn Says:

    I only hope this puts an end to at least a bit of the speculation, but the tabloids will still be tabloids

  8. Lamarcus Says:

    Whatever it is….He’s done!!

  9. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “There’s no reason to think his personal life is affecting him more than any other players”

    Huh??? Thks is a laughable statement, Joe. The biggest celebrity is all of sports going through a divorce is not the same as let’s say Dee Delany getting stopped for a speeding ticket….c’mon now
    That’s you speculating on how he’s dealing with his personal life. Joe chooses not to speculate. Some guys are inspired by crisis and change. Joe will not pretend to know someone’s personal life and reactions. –Joe

  10. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    Time to go get Taylor Swift, Tom!! Rebound only like a GOAT can!

  11. Patrick in VA Says:

    “No good marriage ever ended in divorce” – Louis CK

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  12. Chuckstutz Says:

    Do what you do for your kids. Make them proud! Don’t let them down!

    This too shall pass.

    There are many good times ahead

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    Is Lefty fired yet?

  14. MadMax Says:

    I feel for him, it s ucks…marriage fell apart and the one thing he always had seems to be coming apart at the seams. I truly feel for the guy. I dont care how much money someone has, its just money. Its nice to have of course, but its just money….dont care how much you have.

  15. Coburn Says:

    Patrick I do sometimes question when I hear people being such good friends with their ex…
    On the other hand the opposite is very true. There are plenty of marginal or even bad marriages that don’t end in divorce. Always internet stories of 40 years married so happy, but thr reason those are so highly touted is because they’re so rare. Almost unicorn’s. I don’t know of any personally. Most are just kinda comfortable enough with each other

  16. Steven007 Says:

    I for one I’m glad that Joe won’t spend too much time on this subject. It’s obviously very common, although yes, it is happening to our starting quarterback. Brady being Brady I assume or hope that this will refocus him on the task at hand. Though it’s clearly spiraling, the season is not lost. The vast majority of men don’t retire at 45. Yes he has a different kind of job I realize that. But even with his TV gig he wouldn’t be retiring obviously. And from what I’ve Heard the time commitment is just as intense if not more so. Obviously none of us know Tom, but the kind of person he seems to be seems like one who would appreciate a more down-to-earth kind of partner. She seems like a good mom but a headache of a wife. Obviously just impressions from things I’ve seen or read. The fact that in the glow of the super bowl win she was on the field audibly saying “what more do you have to prove?” Shows that her priorities were not her husbands. And don’t give me the whole staying at home for the kids garbage. These are uber-rich folks with maids and caretakers and chefs and personal assistants. And again, Tom is going into the TV booth with very similar time commitments. Their problems were more personal than him simply staying home with the kids in my opinion. And now they can both move on.

  17. T REX Says:

    He ruined his marriage for this?

    Should have stayed retired and taken care of his family.

    He just can’t let go of football. It’s his tragic flaw.

    45 and alone…3-5…stupid.

  18. SKBucsFan Says:

    This ordeal has been hanging over his head since he announced his comeback. It has affected him more than anyone we have seen because he is the heart and soul of a team. He has shown time and time again that when he is 100% focused he can carry a team. Hes won with weaker teams than ours. Unfortunately, we are getting TB12 at 25% focus and are losing as a result. We saw that last night when he came out firing in the first quarter then opened a text from Giselle’s lawyer on the tablet and everything went downhill.

    Yes I agree we need to get rid of our coaching. That’s a given! But this “ordinary” TB12 has exposed the weakness most of knew existed. Yet we succeeded in 2020 in spite of that. Should have succeeded last year but lost because of it (thank you Todd Bowles)

    Do not count this team out if TB12 can get his focus and drive back. We are in a weak division this year so it is still possible to win it and make the playoffs.

    Right now the Glazers, staff and teammates need to do everything to get TB12 back on track. He has won with weaker teams.

  19. robert Says:

    I feel for Brady. Married or not, he should have stayed retired. Thanks for th SB Brady!

    Now go on a bender with a bunch of 20 somethings….just take away any electronics at the door. Maybe then you can make sense out of TB and BL.

  20. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Thank you, Joe!! We have no idea what personal issues other players may be dealing with right now. Brady’s life is just out for public viewing. Devin White has been playing awful. How do we know he isn’t dealing with personal issues? It’s easy to use Brady’s marital issues as a scapegoat for the poor play of the team.

  21. rsjcheapseats Says:

    “There’s no reason to think his personal life is affecting him more than any other player’s”

    Yea that’s nonsense. A media frenzy around your personal life will effect anyone. Brady has had a media frenzy around his personal life for most of his playing career. –Joe

    Anyone who has been through a divorce will tell you it costs you at least a year. Divorce is hard. It sucks and the idea that it doesn’t leak into your professional life is just wrong. As was written by another commenter, you’ll find plenty of people who will say a divorce was good for their professional life. Again, Joe is not speculating. –Joe

    I have no interest in speculating the cause or who is right or wrong. Probably no one is wrong. But it absolutely takes a toll and it absolutely interfere with your ability to focus.

  22. The Big Sombrero Says:

    This is so sad to watch as it unfolds. Yes, football is a sport that we all obviously love or we wouldn’t post here. But, to watch a family fall apart right in front of our eyes is very sad. There are no right or wrong answers for what has been going on with our beloved Bucs however, I would never put any career in front of may family, no matter how much I loved what I do. In retrospect, Toms wife shouldn’t have given him an ultimatum. I’m sure I will get roasted for my beliefs but, as always they are nothing more than opinions. Go Bucs and Good Luck!!

  23. D-Rome Says:

    It doesn’t matter how much or how little money one has, divorce is a tough road for most people to go down. It doesn’t end the relationship. It only changes it. The divorce was a distraction. How much or how little is up for debate, but it definitely was a distraction.

  24. Bucswin Says:

    Saying a divorce isn’t going to affect your job performance is a fantasy. We can see it on the field. Too many head scratching plays from the goat. It’s not a coincidence. Let’s just hope the process hurries up before season is done. He needs to start dating another supermodel.

  25. WeSuk.com Says:

    He’ll have plenty of time to find a replacement come January. It’s not like he’ll have anything else to do.

  26. Marine Buc Says:

    How do I say goodbye to what we had?
    The good times that made us laugh
    Outweigh the bad…

    I thought we’d get to see forever
    But forever’s gone away
    It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday…

    And I’ll take with me the memories
    To be my sunshine after the rain
    It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday…

  27. Tbbucs3 Says:

    When your *divorce* is the #1 trending topic in America right now, there’s certainly, at the very least, a “reason to believe” that this might be affecting him more than your average player.

  28. Bucanero Says:

    I don’t pray but I did have some thoughts on him this morning without knowing the resolution. Then I felt a little bit silly because he’s the one who should be praying for us. But I’ve been down and out before, and it takes time…

  29. David G Says:

    This entire year is upside down and wierd, we our run by a guy who is senile, We find out that Tom Brady is not perfect, we have a guy that might win the a senate seat that can’t put together a coherent sentence, the Jets are actually good,Gas prices are insane, families can’t put food on the table for thier families. If the worse thing is the Bucs are 3-5 so be it! Save our country and vote for people that can make things better

  30. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Tom probably cares more about being 3-5 than the actual divorce. Gisele isn’t the reason he’s sailing some passes over receivers’ head. Gisele isn’t the reason why this offense stinks!

  31. Crickett Baker Says:

    Well, I wish him the best and hard situations are always just difficult to face. I believe, however, that he decided to unretire when he realized (during his time away) that his marriage was failing and he had nothing left there. I know that is contrary to many people’s beliefs, but that’s what I think. It never made sense that he would ever take a news-type job if he was planning on staying home a lot. I think he will be fine in this regard, but I am not so certain about the Bucs.

  32. bucs4life Says:

    Brady is leading the league in pass yards and TD-INT ratio. Even with this joke of a coaching staff and offensive line. He really prioritized our Bucs instead of his n4gging wife. Incredibly professional.

  33. rsjcheapseats Says:

    “As was written by another commenter, you’ll find plenty of people who will say a divorce was good for their professional life. Again, Joe is not speculating. –Joe”


    Many people are saying, huh.

  34. SB~LV Says:

    Has to be turning him inside out and upside down.
    Then he has to block it all out and switch to QB.

    I think he’ll play one more year, he doesn’t want to go out like this.
    That said if he doesn’t have a injury affecting his throwing motion, he has lost some command and control throwing the ball. That and he gets up off the ground like a old man.

  35. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I hate to hear about any marriage ending ….especially a long term one where children are involved. I hope they both find peace and closure in their decision and I really hope the kids are not impacted too adversely.

    As for football, I hope TB12 can keep doing what obviously makes him happy. As a Bucs fan, I love seeing him in red and pewter, but I would not have blamed him had he decided to step away either.

    I don’t think Brady is the cause of the funk the Bucs are in right now. Bad coaching, predictable play calling, foolish penalties, injuries and poor execution have plagued the team the last few games. Gotta get it turned around quickly if we want to win the division and even think about playing in January!

  36. Redeemer Says:

    This stuff with G has been going on for years now. No I don’t think it’s distracting him, because according to reports mediation on the divorce settlement started in September. I think he came back to football because his marriage was over, not vice versa. He’s acting un-brady like because he didn’t want to be here. He did the same stuff his last year with the Patriots, and that was an 8-0 team. The Miami stuff was real, he tried to shoot his way out of Tampa. I think Brady saw the handwriting on the wall with this team. They were not going to be a contender this year for various reasons. It’s Miami or retirement next year.

  37. Rod Munch Says:

    bucs4life Says:
    October 28th, 2022 at 12:44 pm
    Brady is leading the league in pass yards and TD-INT ratio.


    BUT WAIT, I was told for years and years by the idiots here that you win games by NOT turning the ball over.

    Gee wiz, turns out you win games by scoring more points than the other team.


  38. Rod Munch Says:

    If I’m the Bucs, I approach Brady today and try to get him to sign an extension. Doesn’t matter if he plays or not next year, just have him under contract, that’s a valuable trade piece at worse.

    If Brady wants to leave, I’d be on the phone with the Miami owner, not the GM, the owner, and telling him to ship down two 1st for Brady, and throw in Tua for the hell of it. The Dolphins owner is a huge Brady fanboy, and with Brady, they got a SB team. I know people will say that 2 firsts is nonsense, won’t happen, but again, you’re talking to the owner, not the GM, and you sell him on the ‘fact’ that with Brady they’re a SB team (and they probably are).

    But yeah, we’re in the NFC South, but the injuries are just racking up and the coaches are awful – I have a really difficult time seeing how this team becomes a SB contender, even if they snuck into the playoffs at 7-10 or 8-9.

  39. Craig Says:

    I’ll feel sorry for the kids, they always blame themselves, and need as much support as they can get. Usually, though, they get fought over and that makes them feel worse.

    Hope Brady can get his head together and gather enough of his old self to make it worth it.

    I don’t have and don’t want a clue of what Giselle wants.

  40. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Well that’s a sad day for him, her and their kids. Sucks the most if him coming back to this lousy team was the last straw or their marriage.

  41. D-Rome Says:

    As was written by another commenter, you’ll find plenty of people who will say a divorce was good for their professional life. Again, Joe is not speculating.

    Joe, you sound like someone who has never been through a divorce. There are many people who say divorce was good for their professional life but that is almost always many months or years down the road. No one who divorces someone they love (this wasn’t a celebrity sham marriage) and has children with that person says divorce was great for them personally or professionally. It takes a while to recover.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    honestly the divorce couldnt be about just a guy who loves playing football. just my tiny opinion

  43. Jmarkbuc Says:


    “I’m not going to speculate”

    I’m just going to put up a post and invite you to speculate.

    Duplicitous and sad.

  44. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Did you see when Brady and Hainsey had that sideline discussion, and Jensen got up and walked away quickly. He looked pissed!!

  45. Alanbucsfan Says:

    I’ll speculate-
    She’s got her mind set on someone else – wait and see.

  46. Bunny Says:

    Personally, I have been married for 34 years already, and no sign of divorcing ..I imagine it will be tough on both lovers, to go separate ways, however Brady want to un-retire and play football, that is his choice, and yes injuries in this game are mounting, and it’s a dangerous game, guys weighing 400 lbs ramming into you trying to kill you under the banner of football? His wife is right, she realizes Brady is not young anymore, look last night Shaq Barrett is injured and out for the 2022 football season! Hopefully Brady escapes injury this season, but for what I have seen, Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not playing good football this season, and seems they need a better coach, as nothing is working for them , Tar baby have to go!

  47. Rod Munch Says:

    Craig Says:
    October 28th, 2022 at 12:59 pm
    I’ll feel sorry for the kids, they always blame themselves, and need as much support as they can get. Usually, though, they get fought over and that makes them feel worse.


    Growing up as a kid we had to deal with 3 divorces, except we didn’t have millionaire parents and live in mansions. These whiny kids will be just fine, and if they’re not, that’s on them. The worst thing in the world that can happen to these kids are people fawning over them telling them they’re victims, the best thing would be if people didn’t talk about them and left them alone.

  48. beano Says:

    It’s time to face the music. 2020 is gone with the wind. So is this season. Trade Brady; get quality draft picks; play Trask; see what he has; and move into the future.

  49. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Has any QB been traded mid season? It’s a stupid idea. This isn’t swapping some skill player. The QB would be moving to a new team with a new system. No way they would understand the system and be on the same page as the receivers to be of any use. Why are people even suggesting this is a possibility?

  50. Elita Vita Says:

    Here’s my take….. Everybody needs a support system. Everybody including Tom Brady. With all the stress he has, perhaps even more so. Gronk has left as well. To me he DOES seem effected by this turmoil. It is my opinion that the usual upbeat pulling other players up gift he has is somewhat subdued this year due to all this drama. Saying a man just throws himself into his work to compensate for the situation is definitely not always the case. It’s not like I’ve ever worked counseling martial/family situations…oh wait a second, I have.

  51. Rod Munch Says:

    Bunny Says:
    October 28th, 2022 at 1:18 pm
    Personally, I have been married for 34 years already, and no sign of divorcing ..I imagine it will be tough on both lovers, to go separate ways, however Brady want to un-retire and play football, that is his choice, and yes injuries in this game are mounting, and it’s a dangerous game, guys weighing 400 lbs ramming into you trying to kill you under the banner of football? His wife is right, she realizes Brady is not young anymore


    Brady retired to make the witch happy, then he realized she’s a former supermodel who is hitting middle age, and in case you didn’t know, those women are not stable. So he wanted out and away from her. They’re not divorcing because he’s playing football, they’re diverosing because she’s a nutjob who can’t handle getting old.

  52. Winny Testaverde Says:

    There’s lil’ beano celebrating the divorce news ( although his blog geared towards preteens didn’t break the official news)…piling on Brady and Buc Nation under the guise of “fresh start with Trask”. Nicely done.

  53. Redeemer Says:

    I’m with Joe on this one. Things have been contentious between them for years. Sometimes it’s a relief that the fighting is over.

  54. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    I hope they and their children can move on and be happy. I also hope the “blame Brady” bandwagon ends. Marriage takes two people and the assumption it’s just him as the only cause is just that: an assumption.

  55. Captain Oblivious Says:

    I guess we should have seen this coming with all the speculation but it is still sad when a marriage fails. In recent times 70% of divorces are filed by the wife so I wouldn’t be surprised is this was Gisele’s idea.

    Tom and Gisele will move on but their children will be stigmatize by this the rest of their lives. My two adult sons still suffer the aftereffects of their parents divorce. It was a knock down, drag out, winner takes all custody battle (which I won) with the children caught in the middle. My thoughts and prayers are for the Brady children who had nothing to do the their parent’s splitting up.

    We have all noticed it, Tom has looked distracted and gaunt. If this divorce wasn’t his idea then I’d expect it to adversely affect him the rest of the season. The hits he takes from the lawyers are going to hurt as much as any from a MLB. During my divorce I couldn’t work, eat, or sleep.

  56. Natron Says:

    When your going through hell, keep going!

  57. LastDance Says:

    It obviously ruined Rod Butttt Munch, so another example of why we should root for the kids well being. This guy is such a consistent idiot with too many opionions and not enough sense…

  58. cmurda Says:

    Tom is going to put out the Marvel alarm and the female superheroes from far and wide will adorn him immediately. Then, he will start crushing it on the football field. All will be well. Stay tuned next week when I explain how our coaching staff is just misunderstood and is phenomenal.

  59. Browsing from DC via MA Says:

    Sad day for TB12 and his family.

    Sad day for Bucs fans when a 45 y.o. QB going though all of this is still showing more fire and will to win than his teammates who lose focus, blow assignments, mess up routes, draw idiotic penalties (false start on Lenny anybody?).

    I wish TB12 and his family well and we at least saw what the Bucs “could” look like in the first half last night. Unfortunately the Ravens made adjustments and our coaches didn’t.

  60. Rod Munch Says:

    LastDance – so you think it’s proper to call me names and attack me for sharing life experiences? Wow, there’s people that will say funny things to make others laugh – who will say rude things that are unexpected because that’s the basis of comedy. Then there’s just flat out mean people who will personally attack others for no reason other than a pitiful attempt to make themselves feel superior to others. That’s you, a truly hateful person.

    I’ll pray for you.

  61. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @cmurdaI hate discussing this issue, but it’s amusing reading people actually say Tom will be lonely. Seriously?! Tommy’s DMs are probably filled up right now. He won’t be lonely.

  62. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Um…Rod…you make a living off of calling people names on this site ( and I ain’t any better about that if I’m being honest )…so come on man.

  63. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Who else thinks Jenna will be the first person to ask him repeatedly about his divorce, how he feels, etc?

  64. Lakeland Steve Says:

    Before I read it, my wife told me that Brady just made a big announcement. I thought (like others) he was announcing his retirement. Either way it’s nothing anyone wants to hear. Divorce is a gut punch to anyone going through it. Hopefully they all come out of it ok.

  65. Bucs since 76 Says:

    Most likely attending Kraft’s wedding gave him a reason to be in New York to deal with the divorce without press covering his every move.

  66. Rod Munch Says:

    What if Brady just went on a rampage in the local dating community, but it turns out he actually has very low self esteem when it comes to his looks so he just ended up dating a bunch of manatees? What if he went out and married a new chick that looks like Vita in a dress just to put it to that skinny former supermodel.

  67. Rod Munch Says:

    Winny Testaverde – keep this under your hat… but I actually don’t care, I was just playing ‘outraged victim’ because it’s fun to mix things up. Have to keep people on their toes and not overuse the same material.

  68. Capt.Tim Says:

    Having gone thru a few, I think every divorce hurts.
    Its have to break a promise you made to her and God.
    And while, we all blame our partner- its extremely rare that it was all one persons fault.

    Im Sorry Mr. Brady. Wish you the best.

  69. Crickett Baker Says:

    As I said, I agree with redeemer and am surprised someone else thinks like I do. Brady unretired because he realized the marriage was gone. BUT I just had another horrid thought. Brady said once that Giselle would perform some weird Brazilian voodoo-like ceremony before each game. This was to wish him well for the game, etc. Well, he must have believed in it somewhat, whatever. NOW she is not doing it. BUT what if it’s worse? What if she is doing some sort of spell to wish him no good??

  70. Redeemer Says:

    This is what Brady always wanted. The supermodel wife. High maintenance doesn’t even begin to describe G. These superstar marriage almost never last. Maybe rod is right, he’d probably be happier with a bartender, like Matt Damon. If I were Brady, I’d date a few young models just to piss her off. I’d also play til 50.

  71. Winny Testaverde Says:

    You are on weird dude, Hot Rod. But we’ll need you in these parts as the herd thins with this train wreck of a current team. Keep the idiots/dopes/cupcakes commentary coming.

  72. HC Grover Says:

    Broadway Brady!

  73. Redeemer Says:

    Crickett, what did Brady say upon his unretirement? I’ve realized my place is on the football field. That always struck me as a strange way to put it. I find it very hard to believe he chose football over his family. Poor silly analogy but here goes. When Han Solo and Leia called it quits, Han went back to smuggling. It was all he knew, and was good at it. I think lots of throw themselves into work when relationships end.

  74. Redeemer Says:


  75. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    The guy obviously needs to get laid

  76. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Reedeemer. Brady won’t be dating any more models. I’m sure he’s been blacklisted. Gisele is an icon.

  77. sasquatch Says:

    He probably went back to football because his marriage was garbage and didn’t want to face life with Gisele.

  78. Georgej Says:

    Brady has been having issues with her for a long time ! She never liked it when he was a Patriot. Rumors of divorce lare in his career. She was more the social butterfly not him. Now she can go back to her old surfer boy friend. He never worked , traveled the world for surfing events. This is her lifestyle and now she can have it back !!

  79. Not the Brady Says:

    You all forget that his crypto is down 75% sense christmas. He has lost a fortune.

  80. LastDance Says:

    Rod… I was not implying that you did not have a rough childhood and should not be cared about. I am saying you come across as such a crass d!ck about everything in the world but football. It doesn’t matter how much money the kids have dude. Divorce sucks for kids. I know just like you do. It freaks with your mind as a kid. Why take shots at his wife. You don’t know the sitch any more than I do. You want someone taking a shot at your wife? Maybe he doesn’t want a divorce and still loves her. Just talk football and we will get along just fine. You don’t need to pray for me… just be a decent human dude

  81. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Starting to think the same thing Sasquatch…this has been in the works for a while now it seems. He got a taste of what the rest of his life looked like…and didn’t necessarily like it.

  82. Rod Munch Says:

    LastDance – She’s the one that filed for divorce, not him. She’s also the one putting voodoo curses on him and calling in ‘shamans’ to rid her house of the essence of Brady. She’s a hot Brazilian supermodel who has reached the age of 40, and is starting to have a meltdown as her looks begin to fade. She’s the one making a big public show of things, leaking everything she does to the press to get attention, going out in public without her wedding ring for photographers. She’s a woman throwing a hissy fit.

    For the kids, I said people should leave them alone and not even bring them up. No one knows them, no one knows what relationship they have with their dad, or if their mom is a decent woman or just trying to use them as pawns. There’s no use in speculating about how they feel because not everyone is the same. Some people, including children, have mental toughness and won’t breakdown at every bump in life, and the last thing in the world those people would want is a bunch of people telling them ‘its not your fault’ when they know it’s not their fault and they just want to not be bothered by a bunch of hens who think everyone is as mentally weak as they are.

    Adults, meanwhile, are fair game.

  83. Mike Johnson Says:

    Brady was done last yer. He is slow, disgruntled, and throwing the ball everywhere but to his receivers. We will not win another superbowl with this aging warrior. But watch now, he’s gonna stay until he is carted off the field. He should leave now while he is ahead. I mean, the guy can’t run 3 yrds. Stick a fork in’em.

  84. NDog is an Idiot Says:

    Not taking up for Tom but she comes off as really bitchy!! His life will probably be much happier after it sinks in for him

  85. Redeemer Says:

    The problem with the offense is pretty easy to explain. They have nobody to stretch the middle of the field. It’s either Evans deep, or Godwin underneath. Brady is also looking his age. The dude is 45 after all. When he’s knocked off his spot, it’s hard for him to reset before the rush gets to him. I have no doubt if you give him a top 10 line, and a plethora of weapons (like he had the past two years) he can still be great.

  86. Redneck Roady Says:

    I don’t believe the story about her giving him an ultimatum.
    Why would you do that to someone you love? You wouldn’t.
    They probably just fell out of love, and Brady realized if once he retired.
    He probably saw w the sham of their marriage

  87. Hondo Says:

    There is definitely more to this story. The issues we hear about are very resolvable.

  88. Redeemer Says:

    That and they can’t run the ball

  89. Ouchywawa Says:

    Blaming TB12 for the state of the team, is like blaming Biden for global inflation.

  90. Bucschamp Says:

    Divorse is sucking the life out of Tom.

  91. Bucsfan13 Says:

    If I’m Tom, I’ll take this mini bye to rest, self scout, and work on my mechanics. He’s been off, but he’s also made some amazing throws that few could make in the league, let alone a 45 yr old. Folks, this isn’t a Peyton Manning or Drew Brees situation. There was a throw where Brady was under pressure with a man diving at his feet, and he ripped a far hash shot to Evans in between two defenders. I say only eight QBs in that league could make that throw. He’ll stand in the pocket when he needs to. He takes selective hits now.

    Rest the finger and shoulder a little, and then work on your mechanics, Tommy. I love Evans. He’s been a culture changer for us, but he doesn’t really have a good football IQ and will give up on routes. He’s left Winston out to dry on occasions. Say what you will about AB, but his football IQ was high and that’s why he had better chemistry with Tom in such a short time.

  92. orlbucfan Says:

    Not sure if I should laugh or what? I want Fossil12 gone. He’s killing the morale on this team, and they don’t deserve it. Yeah, they’re sports entertainers and well paid, but they are also still human. Let Trask practice with the first string offense. Put bloviators like White in their place. Man, my heart goes out to Shaq Barrett. Like we fans really need more Buc Luck. And Joes, how long have you dudes been genuine Buc fans? If I turn Bucs Radio on a week from Sunday and fossil12 is starting, hitting OFF.

  93. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @orlbucfan. You won’t be missed. If you think this team would be in a better position with Trask, you don’t know football. The only reason he dressed was because we were so decimated with injuries. This team has deeper issues than Brady. To refer to him as a fossil, shows me you didn’t want him here in the first place. EVERY QB has poor throws each game. I watched Mahomes throw 4 balls that should have been picked against the Chargers. He stunk up the joint, and yet his coach found a way to win the game. This team is DEAD last in rushing. I mean they are historically bad. How could you look at this poor rushing performance and think the “fossil” is the problem.

    At least my favorite QB Joe Montana had his last days with KC. KC has been a respectable franchise. Tom, unfortunately, is leaving with the stench of our historically incompetent franchise. He has a SB to show for it. My guy Joe just went out in sad fashion in KC.

  94. matthew veal Says:

    I’m sorry for Brady, he deserves happiness.

    Hopefully he has good fortune with his family life going forward.

    As fans all we can do is be thankful he is here. If his helping us cost him, I’m sorry. He has earned freedom from us too if that’s what he truly wants. But, he is always welcome here.

    Perhaps we get another year or two, hopefully we can figure out the necessary improvements if so.

  95. Bucfan Says:

    TB should retire today. TODD BOWLES not Tom Brady!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. BucU Says:

    Tom was forced to choose between his family and chasing another SB. Now both are gone.

  97. Cj Says:

    and it wasn’t because she through a pillow at him.

    Really man? Learn to write.

  98. 321Bucfan Says:

    TB all I can say is pop open a beer on the dock and play “The Grand Tour” by George Jones. It’s going to be ok buddy.