Todd Bowles: You Don’t Spark An Offense By Talking To A Former Coach

October 19th, 2022

Bucco Bruce Arians

It seems Bucco Bruce Arians won’t be wearing a headset anytime soon. On game days, the millions of Team Glazer loot Arians is collecting won’t go toward helping the Bucs’ struggling offense.

Todd Bowles was asked today whether he would ask Arians for his opinion on fixing the Tampa Bay offense.

Not happening, Bowles said, at least not more than it already does. The head coach was emphatic.

“Well, this is my team not Bruce’s team, but we talk all the time,” Bowles began.

“But you don’t jumpstart to by asking a former coach what to do. We have our own things to deal with and we understand that. We’ve been with Bruce long enough to know what he wants, but they’ve been with me long enough to know what I want. We’re working towards that and we’ll get through it.”

Bowles added that he and Arians don’t differ philosophically when it comes to wanting big plays. He also noted the roster is very different in 2022 from the 2021 edition, so picking your spots for big plays has changed.

Joe is confused by Bowles making it clear that he and Arians want different things.

When it comes to the offense, why would Bowles want something significantly different? The offense was cruising the past two years and the playcaller and quarterback haven’t changed.

Meanwhile, it was emphasized over and over by the team that Byron Leftwich calls the shots on offense and has been commanding that ship since he arrived in 2019.

(Meanwhile, Rock Riley, host of Bucs Kickoff here at, snapped a photo at practice today of Arians talking to Leftwich.)

68 Responses to “Todd Bowles: You Don’t Spark An Offense By Talking To A Former Coach”

  1. A Bucs Fan Says:

    That’s a bad quote. Not liking the direction or look of the team thus far.

  2. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    This guy is an absolute clown. And so is anyone who actually believed Leftwich was in command of the offense in 20-21. It was laughable then and completely debunked now.

  3. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    That’s why we finish 8-9, 9-7 this year, Brady retires, we go 2-15 next season and Bowles gets fired.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Bowles is starting to seem very clueless. I knew the transition from Arians to Bowles was going to be rough but man the offense seems like it will never be fixed

  5. #99 Says:

    I was willing to give Bowles a chance but every time this guy speaks it makes me want to fire his ass right away..

  6. BucU Says:

    I just saw a report that Ryan Jensen could return in early November. I didn’t catch who reported it but a quick Google search should bring it on screen.
    Wouldn’t that be nice!! Todd BOwles shot that down today. Joe never thought it to be credible. –Joe

  7. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Is Todd related to Lovie?

    If he keeps it up, he will have us “Draft Ready” in a month.

  8. duff man Says:

    the last two years i felt like we would convert every time 3rd down came up. now even 3rd and inches and im mentally prepping for the punt team. thats what sticks out to me me most from this year to the last two.

  9. MadMax Says:

    And thats another reason Bowles needs to go…along with BL.

    Thats just stupid!

    I give up!

    Sorry you’re left in such a mess in your last year Brady.

  10. Tiny Dungy Says:

    Bruce Arians or any other Hall of Fame offensive minded coach watching this waste of resources must be going crazy.

    You’ve got The Goat, perhaps on paper the finest receiving core assembled if healthy, Lombardi Lenny, a couple top tier tackles in Donovan Smith and Tristan Wirfs, a strong RG in Shaq Mason and 3 pedestrian rookies in Goedecke, Otten and Hainsey (who’s basically a Rockies since he didn’t play much before).

    Glazers should take the reins behind the scenes and get BA back into the loop (or at least the point of reviewing the game plan and using a red pen to edit and suggest some plays).

    If the Glazers have a Hall of Fame offensive line by Bruce Arians available and they waste him, that’s ownership malpractice!

  11. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Bowles…at this point, TRY ANYTHING

  12. Chuckstutz Says:

    What a damn mess. No fire from these coaches. Duds.

    I have a lousy feeling we may not make the playoffs. That would be the dagger in the heart of buc fans and an end to this sad regime.

  13. robert Says:

    things that make you go WTF????

    I thought there was hope! might need to make different plans on Sundays.

    He may as well said. “I don’t care we lose the rest of the season; i know what I am doing and it’s not my fault”

  14. Elita Vita Says:

    To me Bowles’ statement that he won’t allow Bruce Arians to be involved too much is making a statement (it’s his team now). While this is understandable I feel that Todd is saying “I’ll go down with the ship but this is my ship and let no one have a second thought”. I may bring the team down plus thousands of fans will go down with the ship. Seems like perhaps a little too much ego is involved here. I say be a bigger man and get as much help as possible even from Arians.

  15. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    BA’s is a 2 time Coach of the Year with career record is 86-53-1 including playoffs, Todd Bowles career record is 29-44 with no playoff games.
    But BA can’t help??? F-ing hogwash. I was in Bowles corner until today, our worst fears about a Defensive coach taking over this team are coming to pass.

  16. Anthony Says:

    Wow, what an awful response. Don’t know about you all but Bowles has already lost me as a fan. Sooner he and Byron are fired the better!

  17. Bucamania Says:

    I’m curious what Todd wants the identity of this offense to be. Certainly not going to be a run-first smashmouth team with this o-line. I sense real stubbornness.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Numerous keyboard experts and offensive masterminds, riddle me this… Who you going to want to call when Bruce Arians can’t make the 45-year-old QB who has one foot out the door and appears half committed still performs poorly? More importantly who you gonna blame?

  19. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Umm, BA is an employee of the Bucs.. I would assume as a consultant.

    So consult with him.

  20. 2022 Fire the Cannons Says:

    Stupid is As Stupid does…… That’s what forest Gump’s Momma said…. ?!

  21. Alanbucsfan Says:

    The offense is stale and predictable- allowing defenses to be aggressive.
    Coaches need to come up with some deceptive plays that don’t involve handing the ball off 3 times behind the line of scrimmage.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    We should have know this after the playoff game vs the Rams last year. Everyone said don’t blitz Stafford. Then he blitzes on that pass to Kupp,they kick a field goal and no SB for us. Saw this coming

  23. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Todd Bowels sounds exactly like Hue Jackson in hard knocks.

    “I get to drive this bus”….well Todd you driving very poorly this far!

  24. captivajim Says:

    once we loose 4 or 5 more games ; Trask should start playing. It will give us a chance to at least judge whether he is a keeper going forward

  25. Pewter Power Says:

    There’s no way on earth a defensive guy and an offensive guy see the game the same way. Why wouldn’t you want his help and with all do respect Bowles I mean after all you are running Bruce Arians offense unless they’ve completely moved in a new direction and this is leftwich trash offense

  26. WillieG Says:

    I’m losing patience with Bowles. I’m starting to think he is THE problem. I hope I’m wrong, of course, but the more he talks, the more I’m reminded of Lovie Smith and Dirk Koetter. Their houses were on fire and they insisted the garden hose was adequate and refused to call the fire department.

  27. robert Says:

    Brady may just hang up his cleats mid season. I know if I were a player, any player, and heard my coach say something like this it would just about kill any hopes the coaching might adapt. FML.

    may as well start Trask if you aren’t going to scheme around Brady.

  28. Redeemer Says:

    Bowles is right about one thing. This team isn’t as talented as the past two years. I think that’s what he was getting at. It’s clear he wants a run first offense. they don’t have the personnel to do it, and the offense isn’t designed that way. I kind of feel that Bowles became HC by default. The team probably expected him and BL to be hired for other openings.

  29. DBS Says:

    Well I can see already 2 years and Bowles is out of here. So hang on because it is going to be a rough patch again for who knows how long.

  30. SB~LV Says:

    Awkward question and answer, the fact it’s even being discussed is both telling and troubling

  31. adam from ny Says:

    so as per the pic above, lefty and BA should only discuss things like the weather and local eateries???

  32. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Bowles defense can’t even stop freaking Trubinsky. He allowed 3 third down and long to be completed. He has no idea what he was doing. He is way over his head. He cost us the game against the Ram last year. Fire Bowles and Leftwich.

  33. Miller5252 Says:

    So asking someone that has spent their whole coaching career dealing with offense and is known as the QB whisperer couldn’t help jumpstart your offense???? I get he wants it to be “his team”, but cmon man! You can’t be unwilling to take help when struggling. Sounds like a crappy CEO that would rather see his company go TU then have his pride take a hit and ask for help. Not a good look at all!

  34. D-Rok Says:

    At the very least, not good optics from Coach Bowles. That’s quite a confusing and contradictory message, and it’s no wonder this team has no identity right now.

    Maybe next year we can become this coveted run-first team, but so far, not looking like that’s a good fit. Every fan knows this team is a pass-first team – it’s what we are best at so far.

    SIGH. go bucs

  35. Crickett Baker Says:

    First of all, Jensen did go tour MacDill AFB with several other Bucs. He was not wearing a knee brace of any kind. I saw pics of him walking a long way and climbing stairs. It was just pictures but it didn’t look like he was having any trouble.
    Second of all, Todd said he talked to Bruce a lot. Almost every day. I am positive he is getting BA’s input, but it may be the team that is not, and they may really need it.

  36. Pewter Power Says:

    BA handed him this job now he’s doing everything that would get himself fired. Quarterback situation won’t get better than this ever

  37. Rod Munch Says:

    If it’s your team, Bowles, then don’t bother talking to Arians or anyone else, instead just fire Leftwich now, because he’s going to get you fired you don’t.

  38. jehzsa Says:

    Fwiw, “bowles” is Greek for “bull”.

    As in a china shop…

  39. Brad Says:

    this sounds like a guy who learned nothing from his past failures. No humility at all, actually comes off as being defensive. After Brady leaves I think it’s time to pull the plug on the Bowles experiment.
    If you run the poll now I have less than 10% confidence in him.
    That doesn’t mean the team cant win this year, but I have almost no faith in him steering the ship without the real captain.

    I didn’t feel this was when he was hired.

  40. Pruritus Ani Says:

    No Biscuit for you!!!

  41. B.D Says:

    Thats kind of a slap in the face if you ask me.

    you telling me he does not want Bruce Ariens help?

    Thanks Bruce, stay out of MY teams way…..

  42. Coburn Says:

    Sounds a little stubborn to me. Should be willing to look at whatevwe he can that can help and not worry about who came up with the idea

  43. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Bowles does look a lot like Bubba Blue Beaufort……..

  44. SufferingSince76 Says:

    There are few things harder to deal with than stubbornness. Stubbornness in the face of the current situation borders on stupidity. Once again, Bowles doesn’t do much for the confidence factor.

  45. Willie Says:

    I really, really wish,this clown 🤡 is
    Fire at the end of the season, don’t give him the
    Benefits of the doub, he doesn’t deserve
    It !!

  46. Your Mom Says:

    This guy is so getting fired… does he last one season, or part of two is the question.

  47. Deeez NATZ Says:

    F’n clown…Look at his record with the jets..The players take on the personality of the coach= CLOWN

  48. Tvan101 Says:

    “This is my team not Bruce’s” he is right Arians teams were a superbowl champion and contenders rhe last 2 years. This team can’t even contend for a top 15 scoring offense and the defense is giving out 3rd and lon plays like they are candy.

  49. Cchead Says:

    Bowles is a stubborn fool. Why would you not talk with Arians? Arians is employed for a reason. What a 🤡. Not looking good.

  50. Captain Oblivious Says:

    A good manager will surround himself with good people and heed their advice. A great manager will attribute subsequent success to those same people. Bowles is poor at X’s and O’s, game management, and lacks management skills. Other than that I’m glad he’s the Bucs head coach.

    Also, for those of you who think the season is already a lost cause, how about trade Brady to the Dolphins and start Trask? I think the Dolphins lost their starter and TB12 may be able to help them.

  51. Darin Says:

    You better believe Bruce is involved this week. He can’t say Bruce is fixing things then Byron looks like even more of an idiot. They want Byron to get the credit when it’s fixed and hope he learns to change along the way.

  52. BucFanforLife Says:

    Omg give our coaches a chance. It’s a long season and adjustments will be made. Firing coaches doesn’t work; look at our team’s history to see that. We’re 3-3 and in first place in our division still. Each game is still winnable this season. Let’s just chill and see where this season takes us. Go Bucs!

  53. HC Grover Says:

    Tampa Bay Jets

  54. DoooshLaRue Says:


    We shouldn’t even be 3-3 we should be 2-4

  55. AZtoTB56 Says:

    Bowles troubles in New York included high staff turnover especially among offensive coordinators. Bowles moved on from Chan Gailey to John Morton then Jeremy Bates who “aligned better” with Bowles offensive philosophy. The results were dreadful. Bowles NY teams lacked passion and preparation. I am afraid his tenure in TB is a second verse to a bad song.

    bowles did not get better

  56. Tye Says:

    Bowles resume clearly speaks volumes of a coach that doesn’t seek wisdom or advise from the coaches who have had success…
    The sooner Bowles is sent packing, the sooner the Bucs can save this season..

  57. Bunny,, Says:

    Bowles is now being cocky, saying the BUCS are his team! Look he is not doing a good coaching job! He should ask Arians for help he is not a good coach , probably a defensive coach but offence coach he is lacking in that department

  58. Bunny,, Says:

    Also my take is …the next game the BUCS play and if they lose..then Bowles should definitely be replaced by Arians , why continue down the slippery slope

  59. Whoolio? Says:

    Yupp sure is your team Todd. Glad you’ve embraced the fact that you are responsible for the lackluster start to the season. No reason things can’t turn around but this cocky attitude seems as if you think you’ve done a good job, when the only thing you’ve done well is show zero emotion and zero fire to improve your team.

  60. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Todd Bowles sounds a lot like a certain “Coach My Scheme” and they sure looked Tennessee ready last Sunday in Pittsburgh.

    You do not ask Bruce, OK hotshot Defensive Coach, your offense looks like 💩💩💩

    Bowles is sounding idiotic like Rich McKay did when he said the Bucs are not a “QB driven team” back in 2000 when the Vaunted Shaun King was the Starting QB.

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  61. Browsing from DC Says:

    I take Bowles’ comment as pure arrogance. He may as well have said “It’s my team, I have all the answers so I don’t need any further input or knowledge from anyone.”

    Absolutely one of the most asinine and ignorant statements I’ve heard in a while. Yes Todd, close your ears to anyone who just might have something helpful for you. In fact, cup your hands over your ears and go “Blah, blah, blah! I can’t hear you!” and run out of the room like a biotch.

    The know-it-alls always turn out to be the biggest morons.

    Is he afraid that asking for advice from an experienced “special advisor” will hurt his coaching credentials? I’d be more worried about how it will look when he takes a Super Bowl contender and misses the playoffs with them. For a smart man he makes you wonder sometimes

  62. CrackWise Says:

    WOW ok,

    Let me help all of you. Todd and BL are not PERFECT.

    HOWEVER, they are OUR guys and the deserve OUR support. NONE of us are in the situation they are in.

    HOW ABOUT YOU SNOW FLAKES back the F u C k.

    You included JBF!!!

  63. Just Saying Says:

    This team is making Bruce look like the best coach in NFL history, a shoe-in for the HOF.

  64. Z31 Says:

    HC Grover Says:
    “Tampa Bay Jets”


    HC Dummy

  65. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Crackhead, your guys were shoved down your throat by BA. BA knew what he was doing when he committed to coach this season so all of a sudden he passes the torch to Bowels? Ya after all the good coaches committed elsewhere. Can you imagine if this team had the Giants HC and DC? That team has far less talent but still win. The Bucs thanks to Toilet Bowels and Leftnut are turning into the Bears, Pittsburgh, Lions and now you fans are worried about Carolina. If something doesn’t change soon the Bucs and TB12 will be internationally embarrassed on 11/13 if Brady doesn’t retire first. Glaizers need to step in NOW. This article confirms it.

  66. lambchop Says:

    Haven’t listed to the quote, but just reading it makes it sound bad. The quote comes off very arrogant. But, I’ll reserve judgment because I know BA and TB are thick.

  67. lambchop Says:


  68. Goatfarmer Says:

    And herein lies the problem. Toad’s Bowel and Mymoron Leftwurst are stubbornly not listening to BA and taking the team down the toilet with them.


    Eff this team.