Todd Bowles: Coaching Changes Are On The Table

October 28th, 2022

Todd Bowles

The Todd Bowles era is off to a miserable start. Coaching changes already are on the table at One Buc Palace.

Bowles was asked point blank about a playcaller change at his postgame news conference following the Bucs’ sad home loss to the Ravens on Thursday.

Last week, Bowles said no coaching changes were in play. Tonight he said “everything’s on the table for us” and the staff will discuss all aspects of the team.

Joe’s head is shaking at world headquarters. Bowles has a staff loaded with experience and Super Bowl rings, and alleged leadership types on defense and offense.

As for changes, Joe isn’t expecting anything immediate unless ownership demands a change. Bowles isn’t going to fire himself as defensive playcaller, and Leftwich probably gets another couple of weeks to dig out of this mess with Tom Brady.

Maybe, just maybe, special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong gets a free trip to Bermuda and the Bucs hand the keys to special teams assistant Keith Tandy.

45 Responses to “Todd Bowles: Coaching Changes Are On The Table”

  1. PassingThru Says:

    It was just weird. After spotting the Ravens 3 points (thank you Special Teams Coordinator), the Bucs were aggressive on offense. Then once they took the lead, the reverted to conservative playcalls, as if they had some sizable, late game lead. Leftwich is just coaching scared.

  2. AJ Turner Says:

    It’s time to fire Leftwich, bring back Arians as HC, and Bowles should be back at DC the team is lost

  3. Ash Says:

    Leftwich another couple weeks? Good lord if what we have seen the last 7 games isnt enough to get an oc fired then this season is probably done and the bucs wasted toms last year here.

  4. Your Mom Says:

    Maybe he was just reading the memo he got from the Glazers, and didn’t realize it was the head coach they were talking about changing.

    Really, just pull the plug on this guy already. He failed with the Jets and he’s taking a tremendous inheritance gifted to him and clearly can’t cut it.

    We’ve all seen it happen so many times before with this team where it takes 3 years and then they finally fire the guy everybody knew after 8 games was a dud. Only we don’t have a HoF QB for more than 9 games left if they don’t do something now.

  5. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Oh yeah cuz special teams is for sure the problem!! 🙄 …. That’s just throwing someone under the bus for the real coaches own lack of knowing how to run a team!!

  6. adam from ny Says:

    once the scripted plays were basically done…

    that was it……nothing

  7. Your Mom Says:

    Bowles record with the Jets: 0.375 (24-40)
    Bowles record with the Bucs: 0.375 (3-5)

  8. ItzOK Says:

    perhaps Bowles should start with firing the head coach. Ive never seen a collapse like this

  9. adam from ny Says:


    todd bowles is on some real time richard williamson sh!t

  10. adam from ny Says:

    do you think bowles might step down ???

  11. Redeemer Says:

    What’s the holdup? Promote Clyde, show BL. the door

  12. Eric Says:

    Cut Darden stat and give up picks or money for Sean Payton stat, F Todd & BL

  13. Tye Says:

    How messed up it will be if the FALCONS run away with this division!…..

    Its clear why the Panthers and Saints are both horrible this season BUT…. The Bucs coaching is sinking all his talent….

    Cut Leftwich now!!!….

  14. T REX Says:

    Rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic

  15. FortMyersDave Says:

    The only way there is going to be any changes before the Bucs are 3-7 after losing to the Rams and Seahawks is if the Glazers drop the hammer tomorrow, possibly going after Leftwich like they did Mike Smith after he mailed it in during a similar level of ineptitude as coordinator in 2018. He should have been fired last Monday but the short week made that impossible. The zero adjustment in the 2nd half has to be last straw if the Glazers do not want a full fan revolt. BL has to be held accountable.

    Despite being a dead man walking I bet Toilet Bowels will be allowed to linger and the special team coach will probably get a pass as well with Delaney or some other underachieving JAG getting cut. This is just like 2018, expect a record of 4 dash 13 or so and a top 3 to 5 draft pick for the new coaching staff in 2023. Maybe a silver lining is that Licht could draft a true Brady replacement but knowing him he will trade down and grab a bust like Devin White or an over rated lineman like Vita Vea.

  16. sasquatch Says:

    This is the week to can Leftwich. Extra days for new OC to prepare.

  17. Greg Says:

    Leftwich has brought nothing to the table since he’s been OC. Head coach gig opens in Jacksonville and THEY pass on him after our Super Bowl win, speaks volumes to me! Do you really believe he had anything to do with the Super Bowl.. or was it more Arians/Brady? I believe the later. Leftwich needs to go, everyone knows it! Hopefully the Glazers enforce it on Brady’s behalf.

  18. T REX Says:

    Licht has no business staying on past this year

  19. jd Says:

    both bowles and lefty need to go Team is undisciplined, receivers don’t run the correct Rt, brady get special privileges, defenses always out of position, Defense is out of shape by the second half they’re spent

  20. IE Buc Says:

    Fire Leftwich and Armstrong. Let Cylde be OC.

    Bowles needs to focus on being HC and should give up play calling duties. He is not getting it done juggling two jobs. Some coaches can do it, Todd is showing he can’t.

    He also made a mistake naming two co- defensive coordinators in Kacy Rodhers and Larry Foote. Not a fan of that. He should pick one defensive coordinator, and hand him the play calling.

  21. MadMax Says:

    Haha, this clown is riding….LOL, so funny, and IN YOUR FACES!!!!

    Oh well, roll with it Suckaneers….

    Mr. Licht is a genius….setting us up for great draft picks…

    We’re still holding Brady’s beer….

    “Hey yall watch this, hold my beer”

  22. MadMax Says:

    Will Anderson….I dont know how, but we have to trade up for him….and then Bo Nix

    You’ll thank me later 🙂

  23. Doctor_Berto Says:

    Bo Nix sucks, stop it

  24. MadMax Says:

    Exactly! Thats why we’ll get him cheap.

  25. Coburn Says:

    Agree with the others. The opening script eas actually great (half wondered if Brady and/or even Ariana insisted more input on it), but after that it was like coaching scared. Lack of aggression and my goodness do we even run slants?

  26. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Keith Tandy? The Tandyman? He used to play for the Bucs not too long ago.

  27. Christina olive Says:

    Byron is the problem! He started off good and went back to the same BS.. Also getting rid of Suh turned out to be the worst move of the decade

  28. Rod Munch Says:

    If Arians wants to save his project Leftwich, he’s going to have to go into the booth and put on a headphone and offer ‘suggestions’ during the game, ie, he’s going to need to call the game as Leftwich listens in and pretends like he’s still doing something.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Everyone that says promote Clyde is clearly a new Bucs fan and never had to live through the horrendous play calling the 1 year he was OC and got Dungy fired! If you think Leftwich is bad , it can get worse!

  30. Beej Says:

    We’re by far the worst rushing team in the NFL. They can cheat toward the pass while we STILL have to keep 6-7 guys back blocking, it isn’t rocket science

  31. Kyle Says:

    I agree passing thru.. was it the ravens making adjustments ar the bucs going completely conservative?

  32. Deeez NATZ Says:

    Firing Byron won’t do it…You guys give Brady credit when the bucs win,how many times did Brady underthrow recievers? Had plenty of time to throw but takes a sack? Brady is done.Checked out like the clueless butthole coach who should be fired but won’t be because he has special privileges in today’s society….Done with this team.With the world and our country on fire this crap is the least of my interest. It was a fun 2 years though.Brady wanted BA fired and this is what he got lol Lil quiter Brady should quit now and a q.b who actually wants to play should play.

  33. Fire licht Says:

    TB window is closed. Need to hit restart new coaches and GM . I don’t believe licht can build a strong roster and identity through the draft.

  34. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Deeez, listen to ALL sports media, Brady is getting ALL the blame. These receivers are slow and when you pan the screen they are NOT open. Brady reads defenders the WR’s are not, Evan’s is the worst. 3rd & 4 Brady expects a 9 yard curl Evan’s never turns, Godwin turns in instead of out, Rudolph cuts too late,, these are all timing patterns.I coached for over 10 years on 2 &1 driving down the field, this is when you take a shot not run a reverse with Jones, a player with a bad knee. The pass Brady threw late to Evan’s, he was flushed out of the pocket but still hit Evan’s between the 1&3 on his jersey. You can blame Brady all you want and I am more disappointed by his on filed actions than his play but he’s not calling these stupid plays, going offsides & holding. The 2 pt conversion hit Otton right in his hands, drop! D. White is pathetic, the most undiscipline player o. The team. How many times this season disappointed ST’s put this team in a big O’l cluster f@#k.

  35. beano Says:

    It’s time to face the music. 2020 is gone with the wind. Trade Brady; get draft picks; play Trask; see what he has; and move into the future. Anyone who opposes this is just a biased, irrational hater.

  36. MrM Says:

    BD DY @the office…….

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Let’s see, what is different from last year? No Gronk for 3rd down conversions, no Ali Marpet to guard Tom’s back and open up those runs, no nutty walk off the field receiver who was a speed and deep threat….but it’s the Coaches fault?

  38. bucs4life Says:

    In the first half, we stacked to box and dared the Ravens to run. They couldn’t run and our DBs held well. They were held to 3 points and only scored because of a muffed punt.

    In the second half, our brilliant defensive minds Todd Bowles and Kacy Rodgers dared the Ravens to run by playing a lot of cover heavy schemes. Result: they ran for almost 300 yards. It’s so embarrasing to have those kinds of blunders in the NFL. This is not low level College football, it’s the effing NFL.

  39. SlyPirate Says:


    Being Bowles.

    You’ve been dying to rebuild your name after the Jets debacle. You’re handed a Super Bowl Championship roster with TB12.

    You submarine the franchise and realize it wasn’t the Jets. It’s you.


  40. Mayhoff Says:

    “Coaching changes are on the table” Starting with YOU you useless POS. This guy has singlehandedly DESTROYED the entire team. It is ALL on Bowles. Under Arians things would be looking Joyous right now. This asshole has to GO.

  41. Browsing from DC via MA Says:

    When Bowles confronted D. White on the sidelines last night and White turned his back to his HC and sulked away, still mouthing off, that showed total disrespect for his coach which is all too common with a “players coach”. At least a soft one. You wouldn’t see Tomlin (another players coach) put up with that b.s.

    I hope Bowles has a mirror on that table

  42. unbelievable Says:

    1st comment nailed.

    Leftwich sucks.

    Let’s stop pretending otherwise.

    And that’s not to say the players didn’t totally eff up as well… they certainly did.

    There’s no leadership, and there’s no accountability.

  43. Whistleblower Says:


  44. Richard Dickson Says:

    So, um, which table are they on?

  45. Crickett Baker Says:

    The title of this article made me want to paraphrase an old quote: “Bad coaches are like babies’ diapers–they should be changed often and for the same reason”.