No Let Up

October 16th, 2022


Just judging the comments from some Bucs defenders last week, it doesn’t seem like they are all that happy about how the Dixie Chicks win played out.

The offense hardly did squat, and the defense allowed Atlanta to run down their throats and get back in the game when it appeared over after halftime.

Count Bucs safety Antoine Winfield among those determined not to allow a repeat, so he told Joe last week.

“It’s the NFL, every team is good,” Winfield said about the struggling Steelers. “You have to go in there and take care of business. Can’t look down on anything in the league.”

Winfield was insistent the Steelers have solid weapons and he’s not lying. Lots of teams wish they had the Steelers’ receivers. And if Najee Harris ever gets uncorked, look out.

Will Gholston is another with has his eye on Harris.

“To be real with you, we haven’t been able to stop the run like we’ve wanted to,” Gholston said. “That is something we have to look at.”

Gholston said even if the Steelers might be struggling, that doesn’t mean they can’t rise up and whoop up on the Bucs.

“You have to respect every man that is out there,” Gholston said. “They have fought to get into the NFL, to get paid. They have pride.”

9 Responses to “No Let Up”

  1. Goatfarmer Says:


    Something that the Bucs play without on defense far too often.

  2. Asdf Says:

    Bucs fans on this site are delusional when it comes to modern defenses. **Breaking Update** you can’t play defense like you could in the late 90s / 2000s. Fans need to update their perspective on a good defense

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    I’m starting to think that Bucs’ players have to go to some ‘School for Stating the Obvious’ before they’re allowed to give interviews to the media.

    I’ve decided I don’t envy you your job Joe. You question players you get pablum answers. You talk to coaches and they’re even more guarded. You reference other media talking heads and much too often it’s jaded dog-doo. Far too little true INSIGHT coming out of any of them.

    Sorry, it’s early. I miss BA.

  4. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Asdf Says:
    “… you can’t play defense like you could in the late 90s / 2000s.”

    It sure looked like a couple teams have slowed us down this season playing a lot of cover 2. Just sayin’. 20 points per game is a lot less than 30.

  5. Pewter Power Says:


    We don’t have to look at the 90’s and 2000’s, we can judge our defense based on how it’s played since Bowles got here. They added to the pieces they have and their main issue is playing a complete game. I couldn’t tell you why the run defense is below average, maybe because vea is below average this year

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Don’t you just love seeing Jenna Laine rattle off he three paragraph questions only to get a non-response….

    I love how Ira cuts straight to he chase……a direct short question…..he also doesn’t get an answer.

    The best is Byron Leftwich….”It’s the game of football…..I just want to put players in the best position to win football games.”

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The run defense sucks now. Used to be a strength, now a weakness!

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    TBBF … Jenna’s not alone in that; seems like ‘reporters’ nowadays not only ask questions that drone on & on, but they even provide the answer to their question that they want to hear. Lots of them could benefit greatly by taking annual review training on Journalism 101.

  9. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Defense Rules Says:
    “Lots of [reporters] could benefit greatly by taking annual review training on Journalism 101.”

    They actually have that. The only school that offers it is the WEF’s Young Global Leaders. Journalism 666.