Julio Jones Will Not Play; Among 7 Bucs Inactive

October 9th, 2022

Julio Jones is more of a weekly Bucs fantasy that a football player, but Joe is enjoying the ride.

At some point Julio will return to help the Bucs win a game.

Apparently, Julio tested his sprained knee this morning and it wasn’t good enough to go against the Falcons. It would have been Julio’s first snaps against the team that drafted him.

He’ll join Cameron Brate (concussion), Akiem Hicks (foot) and Logan Ryan (foot) on the inactive list for today’s game, along with receivers Breshad Perriman just-called-up Deven Thompkins and always-inactive QB Kyle Trask.

32 Responses to “Julio Jones Will Not Play; Among 7 Bucs Inactive”

  1. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Not since the Sweezy Swindle/Severance ( at least Revis played during his 1 million/game rehab stint ) have we seen such larceny. Oh well…if he doesn’t want to show out vs his former team…that’s all we need to know.


  2. BucU Says:

    Cut this guy TODAY!!! WTF are we wasting a roster spot for him?
    Disgusted w this garbage.

  3. BUCkleup Says:

    Shameful. If he doesn’t step up later this year he should be charged with theft in a court of law. This is rubbish.

  4. Buc4evr Says:

    Obj, Suh. Jones is a waste.

  5. PassingThru Says:

    This is what I suspected when he was signed: oft-injured, and only the briefest flashes of productivity. My hope was that he’d produce early as Godwin recovered his game legs, something that OBJ couldn’t do. For now, Julio looks like wasted cap space.

  6. HC Grover Says:

    sum ting wong with bucs management

  7. SB Says:

    I think Godwin goes OFF today!

  8. Dew Says:

    Release him. He’s not even a warm body.

  9. Pewter Power Says:

    They called up Devin Thompkins just to make him inactive?

  10. Pewter Power Says:

    Everyone was cheering like crazy for Jones during training camp. It’s week 5, plenty of football left. Are people really upset he’s not playing against the falcons? Let him get fully healed and if he gets hurt again that’s when the cut him talk needs to start

  11. Bojim Says:

    I’m disappointed. Maybe later?

  12. Elita Vita Says:

    So Evans, Godwin, and Gage are all in? Great! But if Julio was ready to go and didn’t, especially vs his old team….. ? Nothing but shameful.

  13. Colonel Angus Says:

    Keep him healthy for the stretch run and playoffs. Real football don’t start until November.

  14. Zzbucs Says:

    This Jones situation is just a tragic commedy.
    He is just useless!! Is like having my uncle Conrad with 62 years old

  15. Marc Coppola Says:

    Why are we dressing Scotty Miller over Thompkins? Asking for a friend…

  16. Listnfrmafar Says:

    He’s on the Hicks handout payment plan.

  17. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Bowels is saving him for bigger and better games. Do the Bucs play the Jags???

  18. Dew Says:

    Do you realize he is taking reps players that will actually play could be getting. Total negative.

  19. Bucsfanman Says:

    The truly sad part is that the Bucs back-up WR corps wasn’t competent enough to step up when needed, thus facilitating the signing of Jones.
    I’m OK as long as Julio plays and produces down the stretch. If you remember, AB was a part-time player too.

  20. Mike Says:

    Waste of money cut him today waste of a spot on the 53 man roster

  21. Show Me the TDs Says:

    What are the Bucs, a welfare jobs program?

  22. Dave in Winter Park, Fla Says:

    Joe, Why do you always hype Julio Jones the be The WR SAVIOR for Tom Brady when for the past 5 years, Jones has been exposed as a broken down has-been. Hicks, Jones and Rudolph all has been proven to be complete bust. Even the Titans admitted last year that Jones was finished. Facts are facts.

  23. BucU Says:

    Amen Dave. The truth hurts.

  24. Jamie Says:

    Bucs need Edelman and Gronkowski and they will win every single game!

  25. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Well, I didn’t agree with signing him anyway. Cut him. Signing him certainly has not made that big a difference.

    We need more fire, and he ain’t it. JPP was the leader of the defense…but he’s injured too much. Suh is healthy most of the time…and he stops the run.

    Mostly…I miss Gronk. I didn’t think I’d be saying that so much once he left…but I do.

  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Dave in Winter Park, Fla, Joe (s) are fans just like us. Having a positive attitude is the only way to remain a Bucs fan, as you probably know if you’ve been here long enough.

    Often, Joe speaks from a position of hope. Unfortunately, hope is not always enough and players let us down.

    Personally, I rooted against Julio too much in the past to really cheer him on now…and he really has not proven himself to be a Buc Man.

  27. Merryplankster777 Says:

    Coolio Rhymes

  28. FrontFour Says:

    Completely agree with @BucU

  29. Rick Says:

    If he spent even half the time taking care of his body as he does that ridiculous joke of a hairstyle, he could be playing on Sundays 🤨

  30. Gary Says:

    Play calling needs to improve. Why keep going up the middle on 4th an 1. Pitch it to the rookie on the outside. Hello

  31. Carl L Says:

    Julio jones really have that hair-do? Sick dawg is mentally damaged. He is probably on disability tight now. And when the big Falcon guy caught Brady, he went into a roll, a roll designed to slam Brady into the ground on his head and shoulder. If you can’t see that, you’re not looking. Penalty call was just.

  32. Carl L Says:

    Gronk got hit catching a pass over the middle like a ballet dancer last year. Put him out of a several games with damaged ribs. Super hits on him like that one creates memories. Memories that don’t go away