Fumbling History On Todd Bowles’ Mind

October 6th, 2022

Rookie running back Rachaad White

Yes, rookie running back Rachaad White has had ball security issues since the lights came on in August against real opponents.

It’s a little extra frustrating since running backs drafted after White, including Dameon Pierce of the Texans (fourth round), Tyler Allgeier of the Falcons (fifth round) and Isiah Pacheco of Kansas City (seventh round), have been kicking ass.

Joe can’t come down too hard on White. He’s a rookie third-round pick in Week 5. But his ball-security issues go back to the preseason. Even Todd Bowles went there on his Buccaneers Radio Network show this week.

“You can’t make a big play every play. When he goes into a pile, he’s got to learn to put the ball away,” Bowles said of White. “That’s two times in four weeks and he hadn’t fumbled in college. So we gotta make sure we put the ball away and he understands that. But when he got in the game on offense, he redeemed himself some and he got us some first downs. So he’ll get better and better at that.”

It’s interesting to Joe that Bowles said “that’s two times in four weeks” and that Bowles is aware that White held the ball well in college. White didn’t have any offensive touches against the Packers in Week 3, so it appears Bowles was going back to the preseason, when White had a fumble as he went to the ground in Tennessee and he juggled a pass into a defender’s hands against Miami.

Regardless, White needs to bounce back in a hurry. It’s an all-in season for the Bucs and they can’t afford to play games when it comes to ball security.

29 Responses to “Fumbling History On Todd Bowles’ Mind”

  1. Smashsquatch Says:

    Just needs more PT. Hasn’t acclimated to the speed of the NFL yet. He will show everyone why the staff is so high on him soon.

  2. Byedon Leftbitch Says:

    He’ll never live up to all that fake hype this preseason.
    It’s actually rather embarrassing looking back at it now
    how everyone was drooling over him.

    Total cringe

  3. Dooley Says:

    White doesn’t seem like a player that’ll dwell on the ball security hiccups to the point it causes more problems, but I do think if it happens again that his snaps should decrease and we should really start integrating Sneak Vaughn into the weekly game-plan more, whether it be special teams or the limited snaps he’s gotten on offense.

  4. Craig Says:

    He is a rookie third round pick going into week 5. Shouldn’t a coach have already emphasized that, somewhere in his eight plays of this season?

    He needs to get hit a few more times and see if he can adapt to NFL speed. It took Lenny a couple of years to get it; luckily that was the Jags problem.

    Work with them, don’t just tell them that it is their turn. We are going to need some more talent to show up by the time we get to Munich.

  5. Duane Says:

    Sneak lost playing time for losing the football, let White sit and learn as well. We heard that Vaughn was improved in the offseason. He should get a shot. Its a long season, and I am sure White will get another chance later.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m glad they used him on the very next kickoff…..important for the kid’s confidence….I think he’ll be fine…..use him more…..use Vaughn also.

  7. SB~LV Says:

    I am completely losing interest

  8. Destinjohnny Says:

    Still don’t know why we didn’t draft Brian Robinson here….
    Not one fumble at bama, blocks like a demon, catches.
    6’2 240 4.51
    Won the starting job easily before he got shot

  9. 1sparkybuc Says:

    He picked up 50 yards on 5 receptions and ran it in for a TD. Apparently Brady trusts him, and that’s the important thing. He just needs experience.

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    SB~LV … I’m with you. We keep covering the same ground, and I think coming to the same conclusions. Lenny’s not getting the yardage when he runs the ball. Boo. Rashaad fumbles. Boo. Gio is hurt. That’s nothing new. Ke-Shawn can’t break into the lineup because ???.

    Let’s see: Bucs want to run more, but can’t when they fall behind early. Got it. Bucs OLine has had multiple injuries, has had to plug in some new bodies, and has had their share of hiccups in these first games. Yup, probably to be expected. We’ve played 4 overall solid teams; won 2 & lost 2. And yet, Chicken Little can’t stop running around the barnyard wailing ‘The sky is falling. The sky is falling’.

    Nah, it’s really not, although we’d be smart to learn from these 2 losses and ADJUST ACCORDINGLY. What’s important is where we stand after we play these same Atlanta Falcons in Game 17. As we saw in 2020, make the playoffs and anything can happen.

  11. Bucfan Says:

    Including college, how much experience does he have at returning kickoffs? Coaching setting him up to fail!

  12. MadMax Says:

    No more at returner please!!!

    Tavon Austin just became available. Lets see if we can kick the tires on him….you never know.

  13. garro Says:

    What he and the coaching staff need to be aware of is when a player fumbles other teams notice and make a concerted effort make him fumble again.

  14. Bobby M. Says:

    We had no starting WRs against GB….this past weekend we dealt with hurricane logistics, I think once the starters return, we’ll see a lot of the screw up decrease. Long season, hopefully he learns and becomes more reliable. My biggest concern is staying healthy. The injuries have really taken a toll on offensive production and it’s only week 5. Hard to understand how ALL our starting WRs have hammy issues this early in the season.

  15. BucBoy Says:

    LMAO the guy all you geniuses wanted in the 2021 draft – Justin Fields – so far has a TD:INT ratio of 9:14 with da Bears. He sucks. But he looks like Jameis, so y’all wanted him. Bwahahahaha.

  16. Jeff Says:

    He’s more than likely a bust. 80% chance he’s a bust based on what we’ve seen .

  17. Smashsquatch Says:

    Dameon Pierce, rookie, has rushed for 33, 69, 80, and 131 yards through four games; and he’s fumbled twice. Can’t overstate the speed difference between college (NFL pre-season), and now. Speed & intensity ticks up even further in the playoffs. It’s better to get White the touches now vs later.

  18. Old School Bucs Says:


    This is turning into a clown show site. Trolls, idiots, and losers making comments from their 4th point of contact! Those losing interest, just leave until we have a playoff bound record. Then come
    Back and pretend you were a bucs fan the whole time!!!

  19. Rogue Two Says:

    Everybody really needs to chill on the slander here, including you Joe. We knew he was a project to begin with, so I don’t think it’s concerning that he’s experienced some normal rookie growing pains. Coaching staff clearly trusts him enough from what he does at practice. Going 5 rec for 50 yds with a goal line TD is really encouraging usage/results, let’s talk more about that. Pierce has done well, but has displayed similar rookie mistakes, and I would not say that allgeier or Pacheco have really “lit it up” yet. Very disappointed you can’t see the foundation a young player like white is building upon.. you will soon understand.

  20. Bucsmarley Says:

    Why s did we even draft vaughn if he’s never going to play. Guess him and trask are out fishing

  21. captivajim Says:

    Someone said that Vaughn was in the Bowles doghouse over something. Anyone out there know anything about that -true or just a rumor ??

  22. Ed Says:

    Its too early to call White a bust. Its not too early to see what he is not, that being a kickoff returner. He’s a big bodied RB and isn’t fast enough or quick enough to be a returner. Not sure why they have tried to make Darden and now White returners. You are what you are, neither has any business returning kicks.

    The upside I see in White is he is a smooth as hell receiver. He played the position when he was younger and was converted to running back. You could see against the Chiefs that he catches the ball with his hands and immediately turns upfield to get run after catch. Fournette isn’t a natural pass catcher like White is.
    As long as they use them like vs KC he’s the best out of the backfield pass catcher on the team from what I saw at KC.

    As a RB, he needs a lot of coaching. Working with a mediocre run blocking OL, he can’t do the hesitation to acceleration routine like Leveone Bell used to. If he had great blocking fine but with this team, a fast running back that can squeeze and get low is needed.

  23. Goatfarmer Says:

    Rachel White. Bust.

  24. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    I think Bucs problems, are bigger than fumbling.

  25. Doc Says:

    Brady has fumble more then white this year.

  26. fern Says:

    Vaugh on the bench I don’t get it.
    White turned ball over simple as that twice.

  27. Wild Bill Says:

    White is fast and fearless. Hits the hole really fast. Catches on the dead run and heads up field with great speed. He is a very green rookie for f’n sake!! Should be a big assent with increased playing time.

  28. Goatfarmer Says:

    Rachel is slow to read the hole and scared. Hits the hole so slowly she can be timed with a sundial. Drops passes on the dead run and shakes his head. She is a very green rookie and wouldn’t even be a big asset on the practice squad. With increased playing time Rachel will prove she is a bust.

  29. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    He does a decent job of catching the ball out of the backfield, but as a running option, I have no idea what this team sees in Tippy Toe. And please everyone stop with the Leveon Bell comparisons. This guy tip toes and can’t or won’t hit the hole with authority. While I don’t think Vaughn is a future HOF’er, he’s got good vision, power and speed. Vaughn seems like the logical option to rest Lenny.