Coaching And Discipline Crisis

October 25th, 2022

An ESPN TV graphic that aired prior to last night’s Bears-Patriots game.

If you think the Bucs don’t have enough talent to be an average offense on 3rd-and-long or a halfway decent red zone defense, then please stop reading this post.

Joe will raise a frosty glass of Big Storm beer in your honor and praise whatever it is that allows you to not be terribly disturbed or surprised by what’s happened on the field the past two weeks.

Joe, however, believes the Bucs have woefully underachieved in some areas. And that speaks largely to coaching not adjusting.

The graphic above was on ESPN TV yesterday and it’s a true Halloween horror. The Bucs are the worst team in the NFL when it’s 3rd-and-7 or more, converting just nine percent of the time. Hell, what’s the conversion rate on a Hail Mary heave? Four percent??

And the Tampa Bay red zone defense is flat out soft.

Joe realizes some fans blame the players, and certainly they bear a chunk of responsibility. But the collective failures (and there are others) speak to discipline and coaching.

How is a defense with Devin White, Lavonte David, Vita Vea, Shaq Barrett, Antoine Winfield, Jr., Carlton Davis and Jamel Dean. among others, circling the drain in the red zone?

38 Responses to “Coaching And Discipline Crisis”

  1. SufferingSince76 Says:

    It’s a hardheaded or stupid coach that doesn’t adjust. Which is it? Neither answer is good.

  2. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Panthers rb’s vs Bucs- 21 carries 181 yards.
    Forget the red zone – the DLine stinks , period

  3. Byedon Leftbi*ch Says:

    Nothing more disgusting than a soft ass team and ownership that’s unwilling to man up and start firing the coaching staff and setting the tone.

    This will never turn around, things will continue to only get worse until their is a shake-up. At minimum, Byron should be fired immediately after we lose to the ravens. Then Bowles goes next following the next game loss.

    It’s that simple. Either you accept being a dumpster fire organization and sit here and whine and bi*ch every week. Or you do something about it….Not next season either…rather right NOW

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    ‘Joe realizes some fans blame the players, and certainly they bear a chunk of responsibility. But the collective failures (and there are others) speak to discipline and coaching.’

    The 2 words COLLECTIVE FAILURES nailed it Joe. It always starts with coaching, but there were clearly several guys out there on offense AND defense Sunday who have no business starting ANY NFL game. That’s on Jason Licht for the way he’s manned this roster. Far too many old farts on 1-year contracts & too many youngsters who aren’t NFL starters at this point in their career.

    Not too late to change it yet because the trade deadline isn’t until Nov 1st. A trade would send a message, but then again I’m not sure that any other team would want any of these guys the way that they’re playing. Is there such a thing as trading coaches or GMs?

  5. WillieG Says:

    “How is a defense with Devin White, Lavonte David, Vita Vea, Shaq Barrett, Antoine Winfield, Jr., Carlton Davis and Jamel Dean. among others, circling the drain in the red zone?”

    Two defensive coordinators during the week and the head coach calling the plays during the game would be my guess. That’s 3 coaches with their hands in it. That’s about 2 too many, IMO.

  6. Hail2dabucs Says:

    Go look at the tape people . Carolinas line both offense and defence , RAGGED DOLLED The bucs . Oh yeah vita vea too ! Go watch , getting blown back 5 yards off the line all game …effin pathetic !!! Jpp & suh were the MAIN reasons why we could some the run…someone please tell our GM that the SP coach must be canned ! And get #1 JD out the game !!! He has no real ability…just watch how he returns , it’s a damn joke !!!! When did I read about the players having a players only meeting ? Was it right after steelers game ? Look , Tommy is disinterested, left guard is a joke , play calling is looking like my 10 year old can call a better game & quite frankly , I think most of guys on defence are way way way overwhelmed & overrated & our head coach is a get a team 2 play good and execute for a game type of guy…not for a season ..there is something missing from Todd bowls and if they don’t start playing for eachother it’s time 2 gut the whole damn team and build it the right F’in way !!!

  7. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Until the Bucs improve the QUALITY of the Oline and Dline , they will lose more than they win. Jason Licht should start prepping his resume or get off his arse and get this team some talent in the trenches.

  8. Biff Barker Says:

    I can pinpoint the problem easily- losing at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

  9. Oneilbuc Says:

    Defense held the Panthers 7 points for 3 quarters the offense couldn’t do nothing. If Trask, Jamies, Freeman or Dilfer was the quarterback they will be the only reason why the bucs losing . All I heard was the quarterback is the reason why you win games. Brady is 45 and he’s playing like a 45 year old player and y’all was talking about him playing until he’s 50 lol 🤣🤣.

  10. HC Grover Says:

    The Blunder Factor is taking its toll. The Bowles Curse has carried over from the Rams game.

  11. Wild Bill Says:

    On offense the Bucs are way too predictable. Same plays in the same sequence over and over. Way too conservative. No risk means no biscuit. They no longer have the high quality line that punched holes for the running backs. And few deep throws now have dbs and lbs crowding the run game and short passes. Time to reactivate Arians offense style!

  12. ViSyl Says:

    When the whole team is playing this poor, on both sides of the ball, the coach gets the blame, there’s no other way around it. Either they are really coaching bad or they lost the locker room, both of which are bad and their fault. BL should already be fired, as he wasn’t, he should be fired right after Ravens game if it’s another blowout.

  13. beano Says:

    I said it when we started losing players in the offseason. This should have been a developmental year. But everyone was still hung over from the 2020 avocado tequila and nobody listened. It’s time to listen now. Brady and Gabbert will be nowhere near Tampa next season. Play Trask and see what we have.

  14. Christos Says:

    The issues and the problems are conceriing because they are about coaching and players both. Offense for sure is embarassing bad but Defense had serious issies too. Where is Barrett, he is been missing in action like the 4 man rush which gives no pressure the last games. The first 3 games the Defense was playing really hard flying around making tackles, putting pressure, with tight coverage and many passes defended and tipped. After that soft coverage, no pressure when rushing only 4, giving up 150+ yards on the gtound in 3 of the last 4. Playing SOFT. And why the Defense is always playing more passive and soft when we face 3rd stringers or rookie QBs is beyond me.
    The problems are real, the coaching and player performance are so bad the last games that doesnt look like is an easy and fast fix.

  15. HC Grover Says:

    The Bucs plus 1.5 points and o/u is 45 on Thursday are the bet lines.

  16. I’m not tired anymore we just won the Super Bowl!! Says:

    Umm I have only been blaming the coaches. Specifically Bowels for holding nobody accountable like his OC. Until that happens we are in for a long season. Go Bucs! Please get this ship right.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Take the under….take the Ravens…..and when TBBF says take the other team….it’s dire.

  18. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Nothing will happen. We will get the same results on Thursday night. Bowles has no idea how to handle his staffs. He just thinks everything will just work out fine. He thinks we are sailing smoothly not realizing we are heading towards an iceburg. Titanic, here we come!!!

  19. Allen Lofton Says:

    Changes are needed – Light AB and the Glazer’s need to take the lead and right the SHIP

  20. Kentucky Buc Says:

    It’s not all about talent. The Bucs have shown no heart. Give me a guy like Edleman or Amendola. James White has been belittled by the Joes on numerous times. The guy played with enormous heart and made big play after big play. Where’s the heart Bucs ? Looks like a bunch of guys beating in their time and collecting paychecks. Cut or trade one of these heartless stars and see if that doesn’t wake some people up. D White comes to mind.

  21. Arn platz Says:

    Ravens 200+ rushing this Thursday. I see it coming

  22. Iron-Wombat Says:

    It’s coaching.
    BA was telling leftwich how to do his job, people spent years speculating about that, it’s confirmed. He’d of gotten a pass had Brady stayed retired and the bucs were trotting out kyle trask, but that didn’t happen so now we know he’s a fraud. As for Bowles we all told ourselves don’t worry about his time with the jets, no way that’s really him. No that is him, that’s what he is as a head coach.

  23. Jeff Says:

    To me it is Brady’s commitment. This drop off started when Gisele decided for a divorce. No one knows if he will return next year. This is like that last year with the Patriots when he wasn’t all in. If you don’t have commitment from him then the team will crash and burn. This is time for the Glazers to sit him down and talk with him to help him get mentally right period. Once he is right then the team will follow!! He isn’t showing any fire what so ever. If they get a commitment from him to return then the rest of the team will believe in him. Other than that they are all playing for Free Agency or leaving.

  24. SickofLosing Says:

    I think it’s clear what three problem on defense is. Nobody knows what to do because they have 3 different D coordinators. Bowles trying to be there coordinator with 2 other coaches. They’re probably not getting one unified message. Equals masd confusion

  25. Bobby M. Says:

    Can’t lose scenario this Thursday….Either we get a “W” or it’s the end for Leftwich.

  26. Lamarcus Says:

    Overrated players. Even Devin White said it was boring playing with a lead. Shannon Sharpe is right. Media is blame everyone else but Brady

  27. Jeff Says:

    Leftwhich wins a SB and can’t get a sniff for a HC job. Same with Bowles. He was unwanted. He’s Lovie 2.0. Bowles simply refuses to adapt. Glazers need to clean house at the end of the season. A FULL house cleaning. For example, Lavonte David should be cut or traded. Carlton Davis, trade away.

  28. Veaoverrated Says:

    I’m sick of hearing about Vea. He is so overrated. He just isn’t that athletic which makes him just a big body in the middle who is outclassed by professional offensive linemen. It’s obvious that Sun and JPP were pooping up this DLine.

  29. Davenport Says:

    Todd Bowles – last 57 games as a HC – 17 & 40
    That says it all.

  30. Bucamania Says:

    Who’s worse than that? NOBODY

  31. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Back when daddy Malcolm ran things , once upon a time Tony Dungy was refusing to change QB and bench Dilfer , but Malcolm said “Tony if you don’t bench Dilfer , I will bench you” and guess what , Dungy benched Dilfer. Bowles will fire Lefty if the Glazers tell him to. Licht will get some line help for both lines if the Glazers tell him to. Malcolm Glazer was a leader-but what about Bryan and Joel????????????????

  32. JimmyfromNY Says:

    Jeff-What football game are you watching dude. In a list of problems going to 15 he’s about 15th. Horrific coaching , horrific playcalling horrific offensive line play , receivers that drop balls, receivers that pull hamstrings eating breakfast , receivers they can’t break tackles , receivers they can’t finish a route. The worst running game potentially of all time and you’re blaming Brady? Laughable absolutely laughable by the way he leads the NFC in yardage first interceptions in the whole league , top five in tight window throws and turn over the place. Turn off the TV dude- When he’s gone in the Bucs are picking top 10 in the draft for the next 20 years you’ll know why

  33. Pewter Power Says:

    The defense has no leadership on the field. D White is no leader he just talks the loudest. This defense did not start to fall off until they lost Logan Ryan plain and simple. The offense oddly enough wasn’t clicking like game one and seems Brady misses Julio Jones

  34. SlyPirate Says:


    “Where’s Licht?”

    2 years ago – SB Champs
    1 year ago – NFCS Champs, tied best record
    This year – Ranked 31 and 32

    Not enough player changes to warrant that kind of drop. So, what’s Licht doing?

  35. Buczilla Says:

    Man, this is pitiful. I think it’s a combination of a lot of things. We lost our hall of fame coach and the dude that he chose to take over can’t handle the job. Brady is going through a life crisis and trying to play the most important position in sports at 45 years old. Guys who got big deals on second contracts like Carlton and Vita aren’t even close to worth what they are being paid. Finally, (there’s more but I’m tired of b!tching) Licht made some bad free agent moves with Hicks and Gage. I don’t think that every player and every coach is a problem, but it’s obvious that some heads gotta roll. Things got real bad, real fast and I’m still fuming that we lost to a trash team like the panthers.

  36. Lakeland Steve Says:

    People have problems in their personal lives all the time and are still able to compete at a high level. I don’t buy the reason the Bucs are bad is because Gisselle split with Brady. Maybe Brady is not quite playing up to the level he should, but he ain’t the one throwing the blocks, running the football, dropping wide open passes for touchdowns. He’s not on defense not tackling, overrunning their gaps, dropping guys in coverage. Quit blaming one guy on our crappy team.

  37. DEEEMO Says:


  38. Crickett Baker Says:

    I can’t find anything halfway decent after scrutinizing BL, but I can find a few things that may be good about Todd. Last year he did not have to analyze offensive plays, at all. This is his first few games being required to do this and he also did not have any time to hire a defensive coordinator so he is having to assume those responsibilities, as well. I say we aren’t giving him a realistic chance. In the beginning, he seemed to be confident in BL’s work. I do not think that he is, now. Gilbert (offensive line coach) seems clueless, as well. I do think Todd is aware of these things, but of course, I could be wrong. IMO, we need to give Todd more than half a year before judging him.