Cameron Brate And Logan Ryan Will Not Play Sunday

October 7th, 2022

It seems Julio Jones is ready to face his old team.

The Bucs lost two starters against the Chiefs, and they will remain out Sunday when Tampa Bay faces the Falcons at The Licht House.

Cameron Brate (concussion) and Logan Ryan (foot) have not recovered and will miss the game, head coach Todd Bowles said after practice today.

Various other players who were limited in practice by injuries this week are all “questionable” for Sunday, Bowles said, which typically is good news as it relates to their availability. That all jibes with the solid health vibes Bowles shared Monday during his visit to SiriusXM NFL Radio.

So it seems Julio Jones practiced all week and is ready for to face his old team for the first time.

That should be fun for him, and hopefully for Bucs fans, too.

26 Responses to “Cameron Brate And Logan Ryan Will Not Play Sunday”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Now maybe we give our 2 new tight ends a chance ?
    Ko Kieft made one heck of a catch the last game, plus he is an awesome blocker.
    Of course, Logan Ryan will be missed.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Looks like our older players are taking a beating…..Jensen, Brate, Hicks, Ryan…..Julio (earlier)…..and then, of course there’s Carl Nicks still nursing a big toe injury.

  3. MadMax Says:


  4. Kody Says:

    CADE and KO’s time to shine!! Loved KO’s catch last week! Let’s do it again and again and again with both of them! And get R.White catching more passes, too!

  5. CrackWise Says:


    LMAO, BUT what about the MERSA?

  6. GenocideD Says:

    A good opportunity for otton to step up and dominate!

  7. #8 Says:

    Just had some Cade delivered today. It must mean something….

  8. Bob in valrico Says:

    Too bad about CAM They were just getting him more involved in the offense
    where he was IN position to make plays.

  9. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Otton had 2 or 3 catches last week. Bucs have enough receivers, looks like White can help out of the backfield. Still don’t understand why no vet olinemen. Hicks is a bust and signed under false pretenses. His foot problem doesn’t happen overnight, that is ongoing flare ups like gout.

  10. Coburn Says:

    Yeah bob I thought brate was looking like his old self for the first time in quite a while (he’s had his moments here and there since his hip surgery) and then they concussion happened.

  11. captivajim Says:

    that was a hell of a catch by Ko last week.. we need to get rookie tight ends into the passing game.. this game is julio’s chance to show what he’s got left ??

  12. BillyBucco Says:

    It’s no secret to me that as soon as we lost Aikeem Hicks and Logan Ryan our defense began to struggle with the run and passes over the middle.

    Those are the 2 biggest reasons why.
    Pitts out would help, but Luke Stocker could have caught a ball over the middle last game and run for 10 yds.

    The rest of the Falcons are healthy so I’m sure next man up will still work.
    Bowles needs to make a philosophy change when Hicks and Ryan are out.

    Kelce blocked Winfield every time on runs to his side.
    Put Keanu Neal at slot so he is in the box on runs and double over the top on guys like Kelce or Pitts.

    Winfield is one of our best tacklers.
    Way too much space in zone coverage and too many guys watching the QB.
    Gravitate towards a man for once.

  13. BillyBucco Says:

    Oh and sometimes I wonder if our D Lineman have arms.
    Put them up in the air on every freaking pass if you don’t get home.
    Pretty freaking easy thing to teach and expect and we have to be the worst in the NFL at it.

    If you get sucked in off play action as a LB, put your hands in the air.
    You always see a trailing LB and they throw the ball right hy their head.
    It’s common sense to me.

  14. Goatfarmer Says:

    Without Ryan the IQ of this defense is in a vegetative state.

  15. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    I like Julio, he’s good for about 10-15 plays per month.
    And, they are high quality plays.

  16. Redeemer Says:

    Forced to agree with Goatfarmer. Ryan is a big loss because of his intangibles. Hopefully he isn’t out too long.

  17. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Cade probably won’t make it through the whole game. Another part-timer.

  18. Craig Says:

    A big dose of Ko should do for the offense. I want to see him block, get open, catch passes, and play some fullback.

    Logan Ryan has made a huge impact as defensive leader, he will be missed, but not as much as with most teams.

    Mariotta’s game is like top water fishing, it either happens or it doesn’t, just like that.

  19. David Says:

    The next couple weeks are a good time for the young tight ends to get some experience and get involved. I like Brate but let’s face it, he has dropped more passes this year than he has in his whole career and he still can’t block very well

  20. Redeemer Says:

    Brady isn’t throwing to kids unless it’s a blowout. Takes a long time to get into the circle of trust. The bucs have one of the worst TE rooms in the league. Two rookies in a poor TE draft, and the ghost of Kyle Rudolph.

  21. Wild Bill Says:

    If wishes were fishes our tight ends would feed well this week. I want to see those 2 rookies blast some dbs.

  22. steele Says:

    There goes the secondary.

  23. Cobraboy Says:

    Any news on Jensen?

  24. teacherman777 Says:

    Our defense fell apart without Logan Ryan

  25. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    First of all missing Logan Ryan hurts! Dude has been a leader to this secondary! He’s what Sherman should have been! If you watch the all 22 on these games dude has been a game changer in many ways … On another note, I HATE doing this because it’s usually just dumb to say … But do y’all have anyone who goes back over these articles to make sure the grammar is correct? For instance…. “Julio Jones practiced all week and is ready for to face his old team for the first time.” … Ready for to face? … If this was the only time I’d seen this type of error I would never say anything but it seems to be getting worse and worse and the quality of this site will suffer with it …. Just read over it real quick before posting! No need to rush it you have people that will come to this site even if it takes an extra 10 minutes to post the article

  26. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    On another totally off topic subject … Why don’t they ever hand the ball off to Kief? … Line up like he’s going to block for twinkle toes and then hand it to the brick house that is Kief while twinkle runs out like he’s going to screen!! … Bring back the Alsttot days! Kief looks like he is a bruiser and would get that 3rd and 1 to go 8 out of 10 times! Put those huge pads on him like Alsttot used to wear and give him the ball … Plus it’s a much quicker developing play which will help when the whole stadium knows you’re going to run it