BSPN: Scouts’ Takes On Bucs

October 30th, 2022

What’s wrong with Bucs?

Do Bucs players already have U-Hauls backed up in their driveways? January vacations booked to the Dominican? Family trips to Orlando? Or in the case of Tom Brady, work projects planned at his Hollywood studio?

That seems to be the take from Jeremy Fowler of BSPN (who was at Thursday night’s debacle of a loss to the Crows).

He didn’t get that from NFL scouts but Fowler said the feedback he did get from scouts included what they thought was lousy play by the offensive line and a non-existent passing attack aside from two players: Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

What’s shocking is how Tampa looks checked out right now… like they can’t wait for the offseason. Talking to a few scouts, they see a combination of bad offensive line play, Brady not trusting that offensive line, lack of continuity with new receivers (Julio Jones is always hurt, and Russell Gage hasn’t quite hit it off with Brady yet) and … they desperately miss Rob Gronkowski. That’s why it wouldn’t shock to see Tampa look at the tight end trade market. The defense has been good for a while and should recover from a bad few weeks. But as one NFC exec told me … after eight months of relentless Brady headlines, that has to permeate your locker room, right?

Well, Joe has been pounding the drum for the Bucs to trade for Miami’s Mike Gesicki, who is a rental player.

The Brady headlines makes no sense to Joe. Whoever this NFL suit is, is he trying to tell Fowler that Brady was never in the headlines before, really? Brady is the most recognizable player in the NFL and an international superstar.

Every time he passes gas, TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, the Hollywood Reporter and E! go bananas.

If this NFL suit suggests Brady wasn’t in the headlines before this summer, the dude really needs to get out of a film room and realize there is sunshine and a big ol’ world outside his office and a football field.

Someone claiming Brady didn’t make headlines before this summer is woefully out of touch.

Wait till Kyle Trask and his non-headlines life take over this team. Each and every Bucs employee and fan who doesn’t wear orange and blue panties and doesn’t sleep with a lifesize Tim Tebow doll will be on their knees begging for a return of all of these Brady “distractions.”

Brady’s headlines infecting the locker room, Joe never heard anything more ridiculous in his life.

43 Responses to “BSPN: Scouts’ Takes On Bucs”

  1. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    The loss of leadership by not retaining Suh and JPP is the obvious reason the defense looks and acts punch drunk at crucial times , and the loss of BA as well.
    Bucs GM Licht has to acknowledge in his own mind how incredibly poor his Oline is at run blocking , that acknowledgment will enable Licht to get some help in the form of JC Tretter , Tretter should have been signed within 48 hours of Jensen injury. You do not start a super bowl run with essentially 2 rooks starting on the Oline. Failure to sign Tretter was malfeasance by Jason Licht.

  2. D-Rome Says:

    The Bucs desperately miss Jensen, Cappa, Marpet, and Gronk. When you add those players on offensive then you have an excellent blockers on the offensive line. They also miss AB.

    On defense they are missing Suh and all the other players who are injured.

    They desperately miss Arians.

    I can easily come up with at least 15 people the Bucs are missing between injuries and free agency.

  3. Hodad Says:

    They are also missing heart, hussle, brains, and balls.

  4. Kentucky Buc Says:

    The money wasted on free agents could’ve gotten Suh and Gronk back. I’m not convinced JPP has anything left. I’m sure they offered Gronk 8-9 mil which is only a couple mil more than he had coming from them this year without playing. Throw in endorsements he has and they were basically asking him to play for free. You now see how much he is worth. Gronk was still a top TE. Maybe the top still if you factor in his blocking. Teams have two TEs to do what he does. Should’ve upped the ante JL. The passing game and run game are affected by no Gronk.

  5. Kentucky Buc Says:

    JL treated Gronk like an add on piece instead of a top priority. If handled differently Gronk would be playing. One of if not the last receiving TE that can block d linemen.

  6. Panhandle Buc Says:

    It’s a lost season with this coaching staff! Do NOT mortgage the future anymore! #rebuild23

  7. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Shaq, Davis, Hicks, Godwin, Gage overpaid. Rudolph, JJ, wasted money. Where’s Gronks money. Your looking at it. Ask JL why Gronk wasn’t a priority JOE. Even if it was for one year. The window was still open. That window got boarded over fast. Can’t convert 3rd down. Red Zone TDs non existent. Hmmm. Wonder what’s missing.

  8. Kentucky Buc Says:

    ‘Gimme Back My Bullets’ (Gronk, Suh).
    Put ‘em Back Where They Belong !

  9. Ljsolutions Says:

    I contend the defense does not mail it in until they see the offense fail. That type of mental toughness is a direct reflection of Leadership.

  10. Beeej Says:

    Godwin seems maybe 75% back, Gage has been messed up since the first day of training camp with a hammy, Jones seems permanently hurt, Perriman ALSO permanently hurt, teams have figured out how to neutralize Scooter. The only real receiving threat we have is ME13, and they double him up wherever he goes. That edge rusher from Chicago who went to the Eagles, had Shaq gotten hurt a week earlier, we probably could have acquired THAT guy

  11. Bucobill99 Says:

    Some folks live in fantasy land

  12. BucU Says:

    What an absolute train wreck this organization is.
    Embarrassed, angry and resigned to the fact that the magical run is over.
    Now I understand why they made season ticket holders purchase 2 yr bundles. Highway robbery.

  13. VATom Says:

    Look, when Tom came here what did he do? He recruited the BEST TE he ever worked with (who also seemed to be his good buddy) and one of the best wode receivers to ever play the game and a solid Running Back.

    Who did Tom lean on when the going got rough in games? Gronk amd AB. Now dont get me wrong, Evans and Godwin both have built chemistry with Brady. Lenny has good chemistry with Brady. But when the chips were really down….who did he seem to go to? Gronk…AB…Evans and occasionally a bit player (Miller or Perriman, but only when it was a gadget or no one else was available.) Brady and Godwin have flashed chemistry…but never seem to hold it.

    Brady doesnt seem to trust Gauge (who looks like a lesser Godwin twin to me)…and teams scheme Evans and Godwin out. There is no real tight end threat from the Rookies. Gauge has had a few nice catches, Lenny will continue to produce. But it just cones down to Brady not having HIS guys. The guys who have his juice and share his mojo.

    It doesnt help Leftwich and Brady dont seem able to create a game plan where targets have more than a half step on coverage…even practice squad guys. I mean as much as we hear about this guy and that guy are drawing doubles it never seems like anyone else gets open. And Mike has dropped good passes, Chros has dropped good passes, Gauge has dropped good passes and Brady is hurrying like a MOFO to get rid of the ball. Its just ugly.

  14. ChiBuc Says:

    Joe, you are correct, Brady has been a headline name for a while. But the difference is those headlines were usually ego boosting, confidence bldg, glorifications of his football success and he was all in and demanding the same from teammates [the keys to his success]. Currently, he is getting repeatedly beat down by headlines about his very raw personal life and that life has him checked out, emaciated, no fully committed, and giving up on his team/teammates. Surely you can see the difference between, “BRADY BREAKS ANOTHER RECORD…” and “BRADY IS FILING FOR DIVORCE.” Maybe you can’t, your blind unobjective Brady crush won’t allow it, or maybe you simply don’t have much capacity beyond regurgitating other talking heads reporting.

  15. OLDE pfart Says:

    Appears consensus is the absence of Brink is a major destabilizing factor…..add a few others AWOL on the center of the line and you have your answer….plus the defense knows the plays to be called most of t h e time by the OC……so does the fan base…..yes….it looks like they are collecting checks waiting for the season to end… zip….no energy….little interest.

  16. OLDE pfart Says:

    That’s ” ABSENCE OF GRONK” ( I hate spell check)

  17. ChiBuc Says:

    Wassup Joe? Independent thoughts scare you? More comfortable mooing among the herd and spitting out cud other reporters already chewed?

  18. Tye Says:

    ‘What’s wrong with the Bucs?’

    Todd Bowles!
    The Bucs were consistent winners before he took over… WHY should any player play hard and risk injury for someone who can’t win in this league

  19. sasquatch Says:

    Brady’s headlines infecting the locker room, Joe never heard anything more ridiculous in his life.

    Really? Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, a retirement plus 40 days of speculation, then un-retirement, then mysterious training camp absences, are a little more than the usual celebrity headlines? The idea that this offseason drama could not have had an effect on the locker room, @sasquatch never heard anything more ridiculous in his life.

    Doesn’t mean it’s even the main thing. Arians’ retirement and Bowles’ promotion obviously changed the vibe on the team. The effect of losing personalities in the locker room — Gronk, Suh, JPP — also likely added up. Godwin’s recovery keeping him from practicing 100% through camp also hurt. Evans didn’t do much during camp because of his hammy, that has some effect. Gage, Julio making less than hoped for contributions due to injury also hurt. Jensen was a major blow.

    The team drama has been non-stop since the day Brady started his fake retirement. None of us really know what things have weighed heaviest on them, but all of this stuff can’t help but have an impact, especially the Brady questions.

  20. catcard202 Says:

    Wait….You can buy a life sized Tim Tebow doll???

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘Wait till Kyle Trask and his non-headlines life take over this team. Each and every Bucs employee and fan who doesn’t wear orange and blue panties and doesn’t sleep with a lifesize Tim Tebow doll will be on their knees begging for a return of all of these Brady “distractions.”

    That’s REALLY sad Joe. You sound like a jilted teenager who reveled in the attention while dating the star QB but then had to settle for a ‘life-size Tim Tebow doll’ when that same QB dumped her. Gee, the Bucs FINALLY became relevant after a decade of depression when they signed Tom Brady. Feeling jilted yet Joe? Brady’s going through the motions right now, but he’s moved on. And this team senses it.

    Reality is that Licht didn’t surround Brady with the talent that he needs at age 45 to succeed. Too many personnel losses (to injuries as well as not re-signed by JL). Got a pretty good suspicion that Brady’s now realizing that not only is the talent mediocre, but his OC is mediocre too. Tom might even miss BA’s red pen at this point. Sad state of affairs.

  22. beano Says:

    Ahhh. There it is. I was waiting for it. Second to last paragraph. The obligatory trashing of Trask by hater Joe, who has been hating on Trask since he was drafted and is terrified of Trask actually playing with the first team offense and looking good.

  23. Letsbucinggo Says:

    If this team has a losing record this year and Bowles is not fired then Licht should be fired.

  24. Cobraboy Says:

    I don’t know if players have checked out, but fans may have.

    I know that I may be barely 25% as excited for Game Time now as I was before I realized 3-5 IS the Bucs, and it won’t get better.

    That said, thank you Licht, BA, Brady, et al, for bringing us two seasons of excellent football. I will be eternally grateful.

    But It’s time to move on.

  25. BucsOrGtfo Says:

    Really wouldn’t mind if they cleaned house from the top down. Including licht whose only success here was because of Brady and Gronk. Otherwise, this team has been bad for a long time minus the last 2 years. Time to start new and draft a QB with a little mobility because that’s how todays nfl is.

  26. firethecannons Says:

    all 3 of the other nfc south teams are better than the Bucs we will lose every game going forward until we get a coach that says enough! Imagine the flight home from germany after we lose to Geno and seahawks!

  27. Brazen Zebra Says:

    “Antonio Brown curse” Google this phrase in quotes, and read beaucoup articles about how Antonio Brown actually put a curse on his old teams. That was before his notorious strip and exit game with the Bucs on Jan 2, 2022. Before Sunday’s games, the combined records of the Steelers, Raiders, Patriots, and Bucs is atrocious. Something like 10-18. Did AB curse the Bucs? I bet he did! Even if he didn’t do it directly, sometimes when you associate with stinky people, you start to stink yourself. Stinky? Not really. AB is suffering from CTE big time. And, when people throughout human history have suffered from bizarre neurological problems whether epilepsy, schizophrenia, autism, or the current NFL plague, CTE, they have been shunned as demonically possessed and everyone believes they possess extraordinary powers of prophecy and curse. Look out Bucs! This is not your average Chunky soup or Madden video game mini-curse, easily dispelled and only affecting one player. This AB curse may be a full-blown mega-curse on a whole team that may last for decades. It’s backed by the huge monster ghost of CTE hovering over the entire NFL, much bigger than the NFL. Brady stepped in the doodoo pile by supporting AB. He got his reward, a SB ring, but now he and the Bucs may have to pay the penalty, an AB curse.

  28. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    I wish I was like most on here who aren’t SEASON TICKET HOLDERS who waisted thousands !!! It must be nice being on the coach while not paying a dollar, but these takes are absolutely laughable?? Brady is obviously hurt physically and Pete Davidson emotionally. I wish they would have told me before dropping on 4 stadium seats the past couple of years that Bradys last year we would pay to watch a bunch of out of shape, overpaid, soft sissies getting their azz kicked every week by average teams!!! If you actually pay money for this crap then I think you have way more of a right to say whatever you want and I call this the . “ The greatest Lie ever sold to Buc Fans “ and Buc Fans lives matter too !!! I know the wokes wont like it and think I’m some right wing extremist like they usually do, but Brady gets what he wants and it blew up in his face because at least with Bruce this sheet wouldnt be allowed!! This organization is a joke and don’t care if Todd is nice, but is a tenured loser and always has been and he’s allowed to coach Brady’s last season?? WTF !!! I would rather see a female as long as she brought leadership and passion to these spoiled brats because they really should be 2 and 6 and anyone that thinks they are going to turn it around need to lay off the booze because Atlanta will win this division easily because they are better coached and care unlike this BS. So nice and refreshing to watch real football today instead of the sheet we have. Trask sucks and not sure why Blaine isn’t playing and if you were at the game on Thursday I guarantee Blaine would have done better and Brady should have had 3 ints and after a QB goes 7 or 8 and out would be benched. Trade everyone except Whirfs and blow this crap up and get something why you can .. Also someone strip White of his captaincy because he’s not a leader or intelligent because at LSU they hand out diplomas ( minus ) Beckham and Joey B who are actually intelligent.. I look at heart when I see people and this team has none

  29. T REX Says:

    Joe, you had Belichick in NE deflecting the Brady headlines or playing interference.

    I did not give BA enough credit. He held the line as well.

    Bowels is out of his league. Licht as well.


  30. Alanbucsfan Says:

    There was an opportunity to trade for Gesicki before the season started but not now- he’s too valuable to Dolphins offense and they’re in a playoff hunt

  31. kyle Says:

    tank for the ky qb

  32. Cover deuce Says:

    If they give up assets for anyone I’d rather see them go after Chubb. Otton looks like the real deal and adding Gisecki or Hockenson would just delay his already promising development.

  33. Listnfrmafar Says:

    @YUC, you own 4 stadium seats??? Now that’s funny YUC, YUC, YUC. Now I hope they do start Gabbert and the Trask after he shats himself so we can all hear how you spent the season grinding your teeth to sawdust. Yuc,Yuc,Yuc!!!

  34. Rod Munch Says:

    If anyone on the team is not trying hard because they read a story about Brady in TMZ, they should be immediately cut.

    No NFL player is doing that, so it’s just another stupid take my the morons at ESPN.

    Also Brady has not had bad offensive line play. The offensive line has been pretty average. And for the idiots out there, average means just that, it’s average, these are the things most teams deal with. With an immobile QB, if we had bad offensive line play Brady would be getting sacked 6 times a game. So again, another stupid take by ESPN. But that’s what you expect when you make woke hires instead of getting the best people.

  35. Oddball listens to what #8 Says:

    Uh, they suck.

    It’s not rocket science.

  36. Crickett Baker Says:

    Ha. So who do you expect is the offensive line coach? The guy I was saying weeks ago that he is so dumb I could hardly listen to him speak in an interview. Joe Gilbert. No one but me seems to ever mention him. He said “you know” so many times in one run-on sentence anyone could tell he had no idea what to say. Much less what to do. He is really an unintelligent man. Obviously, he needs to go.

  37. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Brady is ALWAYS in the headlines. He’s Tom freakin Brady. Joe is right. That’s a lame excuse. Our issues are football related. If this team can’t block out any perceived noise, then they are just mentally weak. I don’t think Brady is used to being on such a fragile team

  38. Esteban85 Says:

    BSPN is the CNN of sports, pumping more propaganda than Brandon. Don’t believe the BS from BSPN. The team sucks Bc the o line is weak up the middle. Isn’t it obvious. The question is; can we turn this season into a playoff run or are we done with glory and back to feeling sorry for ourselves

  39. Joe Says:

    The obligatory trashing of Trask by hater Joe, who has been hating on Trask since he was drafted and is terrified of Trask actually playing with the first team offense and looking good.

    First, Joe doesn’t hate Trask, but nice try.

    Second, how many snaps have you seen him take since the Bucs drafted him? Unless you work for the Bucs are you are a Bucs media member, Joe promises you he’s seen maybe a hundred more Trask snaps than you (and countless picks and incompletions).

    Just think Stewart McClown.

    Trask barely beat out Ryan Griffin (Bucs have more invested in Trask so he was always going to get the nod before Griffin), and that’s the cold hard truth.

    If Trask is starting next year, that tells Joe the Bucs are in the Quinn Ewers sweepstakes in 2024.

  40. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Crickett Baker Says:
    “He said “you know” so many times in one run-on sentence anyone could tell he had no idea what to say.”

    It does sound ridiculous, but really has nothing to do with intelligence. It is a really bad habit that somebody should help him break if he is going to be speaking in public.

    Our OL coaches have done a decent job, and I won’t be dragging them down. Look how our favorite punching bag, D Smith improved when Arians brought these guys in. Goedeke is just too green. He needed a year of work, like Cappa did.

  41. C2asante Says:

    It’s entertaining BITO see you people throw around the new code word “woke”. I bet not one of you who use it, could really define it. It’s about as silly as your old code word “race card”. Try this one on, we have a team decimated by injuries and retirement of key contributors. We are led by former assistants learning as they go and a 45 year old once great QB who was checked out mentally before the season started, and who looks to be checked out physically and emotionally at this point. Trading him to Miami where he really wanted to be and getting something for him now while Trask learns and gains experience is not the worst thing if you are destined to have a losing season anyway.

  42. garro Says:

    LOL on my way to walmart to get my orange and blue panties right now.

  43. garro Says:

    Not to smart to alienate half of your fellow Buc fans with the Gator hate.