Better Than Bowles (Encore Edition)

October 26th, 2022

On September 4th and one week before the 2022 season opener, we posted this episode of The Todd Wright TODDcast. In it, Todd Wright questioned the promotion of Todd Bowles and detailed how there were roughly 20 better head coaches in the NFL. Give it another listen now, as it seems to hold up quite well. The Todd Wright TODDcast is presented by Brandon Legal Group and Bill Currie Ford. Click above to listen or to download. Or listen on Stitcher here, Google Podcasts here, and on other platforms.


3 Responses to “Better Than Bowles (Encore Edition)”

  1. HC Grover Says:

    With this roster it can only be one thing…coaching.

  2. macajubav Says:

    I don’t get this idiotic podcast. He is talking about people who are already headcoaches. OK he thinks 20 headcoaches are better than our head coach, OK, fine , what are they going to jump over to us ????
    Tell us assistant coaches you would pick over TB, that would be interesting. Reviewing people that we cannot have is absurd, makes sense, he broadcast this during the slowest time of year, nothing news worthy.
    TB may suck but we need potential candidates.

  3. Crunchbuc Says:

    I called this before y’all did. The day Brady unretired and they kicked BA upstairs I knew Brady was in on it. When they promoted Bowles as his replacement I said this is going to go badly. I had no idea it would go this badly though.