“We Can Go Far”

September 5th, 2022

Playoff Lenny.

Playoff Lenny has a word of caution for those who like to use their short-term investment brokers to bank beer money from NFL wagering.

Don’t you go betting against the Bucs.

Friday on the “Rich Eisen Show,” Playoff Lenny was asked point blank by Eisen how far Tampa Bay could go this season.

Playoff Lenny didn’t blink an eye and interrupted Eisen with his answer.

“We can go far,” Playoff Lenny said. “Adding some of these guys on offense, adding guys like Julio [Jones], “Russ” [Russell Gage] and Chris [Godwin] coming back and Mike [Evans], Tom [Brady] and myself, and a lot of young guys are going to contribute for us this season. Who knows man?

“Like I say, the sky is the limit for this offense.”

On Julio, Playoff Lenny said Julio is surprising him with his speed. Playoff Lenny added Julio looks more like the receiver he was with the Dixie Chicks than with the Titans.

“It’s crazy man, a guy that big and fast, at the age he is at, he’s explosive, very explosive,” Playoff Lenny said. “He’s smart and he knows what he is doing out there man.”

Playoff Lenny added “it’s scary” how the Bucs can expose defenses one-on-one. Playoff Lenny also noted Russell Gage is beginning to demonstrate the talents he possessed when Playoff Lenny first met him while both played for LSU. Gage was in the wrong offense at LSU, he said, because it was run-first. Now with the pass-first Bucs, look out.

That’s pretty much what Joe saw in practice. Gage and Brady had an immediate, seemingly natural chemistry. Gage was catching damn near everything Brady threw at him and Gage constantly was getting open.

If Brady truly needs time to get on the same page with a new receiver, look the eff out for Gage come November.

Joe is stoked to see what this offense can do, provided Brady can have a clean pocket.

23 Responses to ““We Can Go Far””

  1. SOEbuc Says:

    Ke’ number two.

  2. teacherman777 Says:

    We should always draft an LSU player or 2.

    We should have drafted Engram in the 2nd round.

    Goedeke would have have still been there in the 3rd round.

    Goedeke is a project. He needs a red-shirt year.

    Goedeke could have trained as a backup RG and RT.

    Betting on a college RT like Goedeke is only 306 pounds to start as a LG in the NFL for Tom Brady at age 45 was a DUMB bet.

    Like drafting Aguayo in the 2nd, Trask in the 2nd, high school scaredy cat Darden in the 4th and Camarada in the 4th.

    I love Licht. Im a huge fan of his.

    But sometimes. He makes some really dumb decisions.

  3. teacherman777 Says:

    And for me?

    Guards need to be a minimum of 320 pounds and must be a maximum height of 6 foot 4 or 6 foot 5.

    Cappa, Benenoch and Goedeke all have a center of gravity that is too high.

    Cappa was smart. He saw my comments. And he did his best to build up his butt muscles. His gluttious maximus was much bigger in his final year.

    Proof that players read our comments.

  4. 99 55 47 20 Says:

    This Offense and Defense can both be so good this year


  5. Goatfarmer Says:

    Point one — “provided Brady can have a clean poclet” — exactly. And to ensure that, Licht has bolstered the O-line with depth after cut down day. Oh, wait……..

    Point two — the Todd Bowles factor. Scares me to the point of drinking.

  6. Rod Munch Says:

    If Julio is healthy and has his speed back, wow. Until I see it on the field, I assume it’s all spin, but Julio was the best WR in the NFL for years because of his size and speed and ability to catch everything (and getting to pad his stats versus the Bucs with Ryan Smith and Chris Conte). I absolutely do not expect him to be anywhere close to that guy, but that’s OK, he just needs to be a good #3, and he can do that at 60% of his former self.

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    ‘Joe is stoked to see what this offense can do, provided Brady can have a clean pocket’.

    And as every golfer will tell you, ‘IF that drive on the #4 Par 5 had gone in the hole, I would’ve had a hole-in-one. But instead, I ended up 250 yards short’.

    Bucs NEED better DEPTH on our OLine to make it through a 20-21 game season and win the Super Bowl. We also NEED better DEPTH on our DLine, for the same reason. The time to do that is NOW, not wait until injuries happen then add whoever happens to be available on the market.

  8. George Says:

    No offensive line equals a losing season .

    Bucs management Ian incompetent not to bring one line help

    Starting a season off 0-4 and then team ups with at most six wins

  9. Buccobill99 Says:

    Always so many experts nfl owners are missing the boat with this bunch of future gms ffs

  10. FrontFour Says:

    It’s always about the trenches. D line looks like we’ve got the talent, O line not so much. Coaches have done a good job disguising what we’re doing this preseason with different personnel groups so we might surprise some teams early. Won’t last long but hopefully buys us some time to gel on O line and Godwin to heal.

  11. gp Says:

    All I can say is it is far far easier to be an optimist with this team now than it was in the past.
    And I am forever the optimist when it comes to my team!
    “Pessimistic fan” seems like an oxymoron to me.

  12. Wild Bill Says:

    I don’t worry too much about the opponents pass rush. Brady only needs about 2.5 seconds and with the high quality of his receivers the Bucs short to medium pass attack will be hard to stop. The Bucs may have less opportunity for the deep routes now but Brady can win with the short to medium stuff. My primary concern is the strange tendency to run up the gut way too often on first down.

  13. Hodad Says:

    Yup, we can go far.

  14. Netwalker Says:

    For those who are clamoring for more Oline help, don’t forget to list who you’re going to cut to do so. When you add, you also have to subtract.

  15. RobSinger Says:

    Brady will adjust to any O-Line issues exactly the same way he’s adjusted to anything and everything throughout his illustrious career. Has no one learned ANYTHING yet about this amazingly special player? The guy is in the Prime of his football life. And if no one’s noticed, his age is irrelevant and he’s the best QB in the NFL today. His advantage above & beyond all that? The absolute BEST receiving weapons in league history.

  16. David Says:

    It’s all about the O-Line and D-Line

  17. Goatfarmer Says:

    Earth to Jason and Todd.

    Please listen to what Defense Rules says. Please.

  18. BillyBucco Says:

    So Cappa built up his Butt Muscles because he read Teacherman’s post?
    You guys are delusional.

  19. Buc king Says:

    Buccobill is a cockroach with nothing to add to the conversation……what’s new?

  20. Buccos Says:

    This guy George is a POS. Can’t wait for season to start. Season tickets. It’s going to be like aMadden game out there with our offense and the defense is primed as well. IF we can stay healthy and keep Tom upright most of the season we should definitely be in the Super Bowl this year. Without a doubt.

  21. Jerseybuc Says:

    Agree Georgie go kick rocks somewhere!! Talk sh** just like the rest until season starts they win then you disappear like a little roach

  22. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    @George – I took a screenshot of of your fake bandwagon fan comment about the Bucs going 0-4 and winning 6 game’s ! Your not a real Buc fan , probably a AINTS fan who slithered your way into Joe’s site ! You are a POS !! Go Bucs and real Buc fans !!

  23. MarkR Says:

    What are we shooting for here? If it’s just to make the playoffs then OK, we can sit on the OL. But I thought we were aiming for the Superbowl. To do that
    even TB needs an experienced interior OL. Think not? Check out what the Saints did to us in the regular season last year when we had a Great interior line.
    There are guys on the 53 man roster at OL right now that no one will miss. Brandon Walton? He’s listed as 2019 undrafted and hasn’t played a game ever. Fred Johnson, also undrafted and cut twice before. I simply don’t understand Licht’s inaction. Better OL are out there.