The Hidden Absence Of Ndamukong Suh

September 10th, 2022

“See, I’m not sbot.”

Earlier this week, Hall of Fame general manager Bill Polian was talking Bucs. Damn right Joe was listening.

As he co-hosted “Late Hits” with Bill Lekas heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio, with special guest Ira Kaufman, Polian said a guy who was critical to the success of Bucs inside linebackers Lavonte David and Devin White is no longer on the roster.

And Polian is intrigued to see how the Bucs compensate.

Of course, Polian loves David and White. But Polian added that Ndamukong Suh was instrumental in their success because Suh kept traffic away from both, allowing them to roam free.

“The problem with both of those guys, they are flow guys,” Polian explained about David and White. “They are great key-and-diagnose guys. They run to the ball well. White runs to the ball as well as anybody in football. But you don’t want them taking people on.

“And Suh was such a force in keeping people off them and allowing them to make plays. Now [Akiem] Hicks is the same kind of player, though he’s not as athletic as Suh. They have to get the same kind of production to free up those linebackers to run if they are going to be as good defensively.”

“Suh was a big, big part of that. … Hicks is going to have to deliver the goods.”

That right there is why Joe listens to SiriusXM NFL Radio and why Polian is so damn good when he co-hosts. That’s sort of a hidden, underlying fact that so many overlook with the loss of Suh.

Can Hicks duplicate what Suh did in keeping blockers away from David and White to allow them to do their things? And that is run-and-hit.

36 Responses to “The Hidden Absence Of Ndamukong Suh”

  1. sasquatch Says:

    Hicks is an upgrade.

  2. PSL Bob Says:

    Not too late to get him back, although don’t feel he’s probably worth the asking price. We need to keep some cash in reserve for plugging the o-line, if needed.

  3. Steven007 Says:

    Suh continued to do that last year apparently, but is general his production went down. Hopefully Hicks can maintain that same effectiveness while being a bit more productive.

  4. MonkeyMan Says:

    They’ll be even better this year without Suh

  5. gotbbucs Says:

    I’m sure nobody will bother blocking our current defensive tackles. They’ll just run straight up to our linebackers.
    What a pointless take by Polian. Lavante David was an All Pro caliber LB well before Suh ever came here. Was Suh taking up blockers for David from Miami’s defensive line seven years ago?

  6. David Says:


    Suh did not do that last year. He became worse and worse against the run, David was hurt, White had to take on more coverage responsibilities… The whole thing went sideways.
    A big part of all of it was SUH had age catch up to him. His run defense was horrible and his pass rush nonexistent and almost every game.

    It is why he is unemployed right now. He might make a decent back up vet if he’s willing to take a massive pay cut after an injury happens

  7. Marine Buc Says:

    Look at all the players from last years defense who are not playing in the NFL.


    It seems like we got a little more “youngry” on defense this season…lol

  8. David Says:


    Suh, Jpp, Sherman, Mclendon all got old and ineffective. Cockrell was never effective.

    Minter is surprising. He doesn’t have the speed but was always was pretty decent in his back up role. I’d be surprised if he’s not picked up

  9. Letsbucinggo Says:

    Suhs age and depleted number of plays then Hicks will be an upgrade unless of course hes gets injured!

  10. Buccos Says:

    I believe Suh had 6 1/2 sacks last year and our run defense was in the top 3 so I wouldn’t call him ineffective. You don’t get that many sacks as a DT by accident.

  11. JA Says:

    “See, I’m not, sbot.”
    Seems like Suh has downed one too many sbots of tequila.

  12. George Says:

    Suh was an effective player last year . My guess is Hicks will be equally effective . Came at a lower price which freed up money for other needs

  13. ATLBuc Says:

    Its all a part of the DT position

  14. Beeej Says:

    Suh could certainly take McClendon’s role

  15. JimmyJack Says:

    The guy Im looking at is VitaV. If he gives us more snaps it makes it that much easier to replace a dude like Suh…….Last time I checked Vita can be a handful for offenses and can certaily free up some space for our LBers.

  16. geno711 Says:

    I love that Polian analysis. Good stuff. I wonder how much he broke down film from last year and how much he just analyzed based upon all years of watching those guys.

  17. Frank Pillow Says:

    Suh is among the most inpactful FA’s ever brought in by this team. His durability and toughness were unmatched. He made the former 93 into nothing but a bad memory. No Super Bowl w/o Suh.

  18. #8 Says:

    NU powerhouse ugly today.

  19. BucU Says:

    If we’re going to miss him so much why hasn’t any of the 31 other teams signed him?

  20. BucsfanFred Says:

    Suh def lost a step or three. Still strong enough to clog up the middle. Hicks will be better and faster for as long as he lasts.

  21. BucsfanFred Says:

    Bowles wanted more speed. Said we have plenty of power, not enough speed.

  22. Defense Rules Says:

    Polian … ‘Now [Akiem] Hicks is the same kind of player, though he’s not as athletic as Suh.’

    Interesting take. I’m still of the belief that Suh will be a Buc this season after all is said & done. There’s undoubtedly more going on behind the scenes than any of us know. There always is.

  23. Kgh4life Says:

    I thought Hicks was more athletic than Suh, that’s why the Bucs did not bring back Suh and signed Hicks.

  24. Bucsfanfrom76 Says:

    Suh is asking for 25 year old dollars and not 35 year old dollars

  25. Pewter Power Says:

    Hicks is right in the balls Face ID rather him make the play not create lanes for guys coming from the next level

  26. David Says:


    SUH’s Tackles and assists were down. The run defense got worse as the year went on. SUH had 6 sacks, 4 of them were in 2 games. That’s why I have been saying since last year he lost it. Age caught up. He was virtually irrelevant in the pass rush. He did not push the pocket like he once did.
    They have upgraded.
    I love the guy, he helped bring a Super Bowl, but unless they have injuries and need a cheap vet back up, it isn’t happening. He wants too much money. It’s why he hasn’t been signed yet by any team.

  27. Mr. Editor Says:

    Suh and Gronk (not Ali Marpet but yes, perhaps, Pierre Desir) are on what I call the “unofficial” practice squad. By all accounts, they are keeping in shape and will be available for the team when and if there are injuries.

  28. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Todd Bowles defense is set up for the LB’s to make plays overall. Hopefully Hicks can be a good fit. Its the LB’s who get the big sack numbers not DL in Todds scheme. This the very reason Todd drafted D White #5 overall in 2019 draft and not Josh Allen (Jax) or another D Lineman in that draft.

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  29. Buccos Says:

    I believe having LVD injured probably had more of an effect on our declining rush defense towards the end of last year. And I can’t help but think of the critical blitz call at the end of Rams game. Suh was a matter of inches away from Stafford on that play. Another fraction of a second and he would of had him. No one else was even close. And the forced fumbles in critical situations. Someone else is going to have to step up. If we could afford him I’d love to have him back as a rotational guy.

  30. Capt.Tim Says:

    Suh wasnt retained because of Money. Not production.
    One of many questionable decisions this off season

  31. Goatfarmer Says:


  32. Alvafan Says:

    🎶 HE’S GONE on on on on on on on on…..and he’ll be the devil to replace. 🎶

  33. Sumosam Says:

    When hall of famers leave, you don’t replace them. Suh was very good last year, I don’t know what you guys were watching. He will be missed no doubt.

  34. Goatfarmer Says:

    Suh for $2.25 million.

  35. orlbucfan Says:

    LVD will retire a Buc. He was already an All-Pro LB years before Suh showed up. He deserves the HOF, but who knows? His injury last season and his age were related. Bowles’ strength is the defense. I’m looking forward to see how it does tonight against the Cowjerks. Go Mighty D!!

  36. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Anyone saying Suh was ineffective last year has lost their minds.