The Devin White Revival

September 11th, 2022


It’s often been said that the Bucs have the best and fastest inside linebacker tandem in the NFL.

That rang true loud and clear tonight with Devin White leading the team with eight tackles, two sacks and and an official pass defense against Dallas, complemented by Lavonte David flying around for eight tackles and a tackle for loss and quality coverage.

Joe’s fired up for what this will do for White’s confidence heading into next Sunday’s clash in New Orleans. He feeds off this kind of performance, and it’s the kind of dominance that sparked his legendary run during the 2020 postseason.

It’s not like Dallas is a clown-show offense. They led the league in scoring last season.

If White and David can stay healthy, perhaps their greatest challenge, the Bucs defense should at least be top-7 or top-8 this season. And after ripping the heart out of the Cowboys tonight and holding them to three points, Bucs fans would be in line to expect top-3.

34 Responses to “The Devin White Revival”

  1. Austin Lewis Says:

    Best defense in the league

  2. Jerseybuc Says:

    Hate to bash brooks but so much for thst loss. Like I said bucs weren’t afraid of Dallas either. They looked good few things to work on but that defense played nasty!!

  3. Jerseybuc Says:

    Is georgie going be on here this week talking his s$&t or he going back under his rock

  4. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    Can we get an amen!

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Our D looked fantastic tonight…..I’ve not seen our secondary play better……

    Just a bit soft in the middle….but we certainly got the job done…..

  6. firethecannons Says:

    awesome game secondary led by Carlton Davis was on fire and White was his superbowl self defense was a pleasure to watch!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Rod Munch Says:

    Yeah, when all your corners aren’t injured and you don’t have to play nothing but zone, and White can run forward instead of sitting in a zone, suddenly he looks like he’s ‘back’.

    Except he never went anywhere, tried to tell you people that last year, he wasn’t being allowed to rush because of the injuries, but since they’re healthy (for at least one night) he was able to rush the passer again, and shock, he’s still really good at that.

  8. Buczilla Says:

    Awesome night for White and our entire defense for that matter.

  9. LVMYBUCS Says:


  10. ClwJB Says:

    The youth and speed showed up tonight – great hustle to the ball and the secondary was like glue whenever we were in man to man

    Just stifling D tonight, hats off Coach Bowles

  11. CrackWise Says:

    Did yall see how bad the OL was.

    OMG we are going to be HORIBLE this year…. What in sams carnation are we gonna do…

    On 3 every one PANINC with me

    3. I need my panties wiped, we SUCK

  12. David Says:

    All 3 levels!


    Stay healthy!

  13. DFW Buc Says:

    Just announced on news here in DFW. Dak will be having surgery on his hand and be out for a while

  14. gotbbucs Says:

    Devin White was great, Lavonte David was great, Antoine Winfield was incredible.

  15. CrackWise Says:

    Run early, run often.

    Someone PLEASE tell me. Whats the stats???

    LF got his 100 yards???

    ME got his 100 yards??? Plus a TUDIE???

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    Pretty much said this last week when every NFL big mouth was crying about our offense, Buc defense is going to be ferocious. Bucs players have said hat they’re practicing against the best offense, top to bottom, in the game. I believe we Buc fans all realize this and take it into account, but no one elsewhere does, which is a huge mistake.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    firethecannons Says:

    “defense was a pleasure to watch!!!!!!!!”

    Like I always say, Buc fans know good defense when they see it. This D was pretty damn good tonight.

    Go Bucs…up next Jameis!

  18. cmurda Says:

    Defense gets the game ball and D White specifically was player of the game. He looked outstanding and was flying around the field. #45 and #54 looked pretty darn good respectively tonight.

  19. David Says:

    This is why stats are deceiving.

    Combined Shaq & JTS had 3 tackles. No assists. No sacks.

    If you watched the game though, the 2 of them dominated. They were all over the place. Getting constant pressure and hits on Dak.

  20. cmurda Says:

    Great point BigMac

  21. Eckwood Says:

    White plays with great effort and is fast but to say he is a great athlete is a reach ,,, his hands, leverage , leveraged footwork , twist and body lean are not even Avg but he is fast and is given mucho opportunity and has great speed and effort …………….. not sure M Parsons runs in a straight line better than White but when he engages a blocker he s a 10 and White is a 4 or 5 ……… different scheme and position but if you watched the game Parsons is an athletic STUD and White is a good effort fast guy that really lacks technique when engaged with a blocker……. oh ,,he has an out of control spin move that more times than not takes him out of the play but I did think his tackling is better and hidmouth ran less 👍🏻👍🏻………. BTW the DB s played better than d line ,,, AND ThATS the first time in 5 years !! Great Defensive Performance ,,, GO BUCS !!!

  22. David Says:


    Absolutely. LVD looked great. Had six or seven tackles and defended the pass really well. D White had the most tackles & it was great to see him finishing the blitzes!

    The gravediggers also showed up big.

  23. cmurda Says:

    Wait. Didn’t Shaq get a sack. What happened on the play when Pollard almost helped Shaq hit Dak. That must have just been incomplete. Your point is also valid David. We saw that those guys were feasting but you wouldn’t know it if you only read tomorrow’s box stats in the newspaper.

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    Total props to Leftwich & Staff for running the ball and pounding their defense. It’s exactly what the O line needed to build cohesion and confidence. Even with the FG’s and 1 TD, it was fantastic game plan executed well.

  25. cmurda Says:

    I’m so pumped with our defense. Very proud and I really believe Bowles deserves his greatness. Go be great Todd. Byron got better and better as he normally does. From top to bottom this team looked like they were in control from the start. We were confident that we would squeeze the life out of the Cowgirls. We did that in all 3 phases. It’s not every day that I come away from a game wanting to commend our special teams and the ST coaching gameplan but I happily report that I feel great right now. Attaboy Buccaneers!

  26. BigMacAttack Says:

    All that matters is the “W”. It’s a bummer about Donovan but arm injuries can be dealt with, legs support your body and leg injuries are worse, so hopefully he can get back pretty soon.

  27. BigMacAttack Says:

    And I only cursed the Refs once when he speared our punter with his helmet. For the most part the zebras called a pretty decent game.

  28. Frank Pillow Says:

    White still has trouble with overrunning plays, but he absolutely excels at blitzing. David was superb tonight. Absolutely looked like he had his legs again. But let’s be honest, Parsons was really something special. That kid looked like a cross between LT and Ray Lewis (I’m speaking strictly on gridiron talent alone, not off the field stuff) 😉

  29. Whit Says:

    If Bucs had more reps…this game should have been 42-3. Nobody plays preseason anymore. Saw almost 2 ties week one…the Bucs get into a groove and nobody can stop them!

  30. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    White looked good no doubt about it!! Should have had that pick!!

  31. Ron Potter Says:

    Devin White should’ve had an INT too! Would’ve probably been a pick 6. Not complaining tho. D White played very well. Very encouraging start of season for him. Seemed to play with more controlled speed.

  32. Goatfarmer Says:

    When was the last time our defense finished a game with no def holding, PI, or roughing the passer? That was huge. When they called Shaq offsides, I believe he actually timed it perfect. But they’ll call it and not review. Incredibly clean game. Todd preached details and the team delivered. Mega impressed.

  33. Marcel Says:

    I thought there was a late hit on Brady.. that should of been called and it wasn’t.. he was hit way after the ball was gone…

  34. 1#bucsfan Says:

    This defense has the ability to be #1 all the pieces are there. Just stay healthy n play fast.