Bucs Prediction For 2022

September 1st, 2022

Bucs coach Todd Bowles.

So trying to predict every NFL game is a laborious task. But Joe can think of worse things to do for a living.

Over at, Conor Orr took a stab at predicting every game. Yes, that included the Bucs. It contains some bad news and good news.

First, the bad news. The hex the slimy Saints have on the Bucs in the regular season continues. The Bucs will lose to them twice this season, Orr believes.

Since that is now out of the way, the good news: The Bucs will be the only team in the NFC South with a winning record. And the Bucs, despite all the injuries to the offensive line, will start the season 3-1, the only loss coming to the slimy Saints.

Further good news: Orr sees the Bucs winning 12 games and a win over the Cowboys in Week 1 will secure the No. 2 seed in the NFC playoffs. He has Green Bay with 13 wins and Dallas with 12 but the Bucs having the tiebreaker there.

So why is Orr so down on the slimy Saints when so many expect the slimy Saints to win the division? He writes that the slimy Saints are the Bucs pre-Tom Brady: A talented team that won’t get over the hump.

Joe doesn’t believe you have to be Albert Einstein to figure out what he’s referring to.

35 Responses to “ Bucs Prediction For 2022”

  1. MonkeyMan Says:

    Here’s my prediction…..

    Bucs sweep the Saints this year.

    Take that, Orr

  2. D-Rome Says:

    End of season record sounds right to me.

  3. Goatfarmer Says:


    Saints will take Brady out. Cam Jordan will line up in the center/left guard gap and be unblockable, flushing Brady into a blitz and onto IR. Leverett and Hainsey my ass. Goobert will have to play some games, then he’s injured and Ryan Griffin plays a real game or two before Brady comes back to squeak the Bucs into the playoffs by winning the last five.

  4. Dooley Says:

    We’re not losing to Carolina and Johnny Foosball, but this team has a knack for dropping an L against teams we should be able to manage. The Bears game in 2020 and the Washington game last year are the examples that come to mind right away. Cincy will be a tough game their defense is undermentioned, SF is a toss up but neither Jimmy G or Trey Lance scare me, but Baltimore does and so does Pittsburgh. 12-5 would be respectable for this team and the adversity it’s already faced this offseason, but I want to believe we will split or sweep NO this year and win the NFCS again.

  5. ZZBUC Says:


    Agree with you 100%!!!!

    We will sweep the Aints

  6. duff man Says:

    no shot the panthers manage to split games with us this year.
    13-4 with a first round bye please

  7. GoatWatcher Says:

    Tom (“Still something the prove”) Brady will beat the Saints twice. Winning another Super Bowl doesn’t prove anything.

  8. Craig Says:

    13-4 with the tiebreaker against GB.

    No way Jameis beats us without Kamara. Possibility of a couple of pick-6s from him in week 2

  9. Buc4evr Says:

    Bucs sweep the Saints and Carolina and beat LA. LFG!

  10. SOEbuc Says:

    13-4. Bucs and Brady are gonna make this losing to NOLA sh!t over with.

  11. Goatfarmer Says:

    Gents. The Bucs offensive line currently can’t run block, but at least they whiff on pass protection. The Saints will be able to stuff the run with 7 in the box and be able to force the Bucs into 2nd and long, 3rd and long, and Brady will not have the time to go deep. This is the team that shut the Bucs out. At home. Last season. The O-line is a shambles compared to that game.

    Have to run the ball successfully and bully the Saints to beat them. Ain’t happening with this equipment.

  12. Pewter Warrior 813 Says:

    11 or 12 wins. Don’t buy the Aints hype, Jameis will be Jameis and turn it over and cost them a shot at the Division. Hopefully defense fixes it’s awful pass defensive scheme against good teams and they play better as a unit.

    Either way I see a winning season and a playoff win or two. Can’t ask for much more than that

  13. Bird Says:

    I just hope we can split with saints. They are a very talented team and seems like jameis is not playing hero ball there…

    Hate the dang saints

  14. Marine Buc Says:

    12-5 and we split with Saints… Winston at QB with his rehab knee will be even less mobile than year past.

    Go Bucs!

  15. CrackWise Says:

    20-0 that is the only thing Brady cares about.

  16. CrackWise Says:

    Record wise, is the only the Brady cares about. Just to be clear. 20-0

  17. Irishmist Says:

    The Saints defense is the opposite of ours. They are built to stop the pass. If you try to force the pass, you play right into their hands. We need to run the ball 75% of the time, play defense and wait for Jameis to make a mistake. You know he’s going to be amped up when he plays us, they’ll be a few overthrows.

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    Ryan Jensen is the undisputed leader of our Bucs’ OLine IMO. I wonder how many JBFers felt that we’d lose him BEFORE we ever played Game 1 this season?

    Only point being that there’s no way to predict what’ll happen in any given season. Our talent is good enough to have a 13-4 team or thereabouts (hey, we did go 13-4 last year with a LOT of injuries on a team that was roughly as talented as what we have right now). But as we saw last year, injuries (among other factors) are very unpredictable … on ALL teams. And injuries to critical players (like Wirfs in last year’s playoffs?) can easily impact winning.

    Personally I think there are 2 key factors in successfully dealing with injuries. One is having quality DEPTH in the various position groups. Duh (we’re better off than last season, but not where I’d like to see us for a SB run). The other though is COACHING. Some coaches (like Bill Belichick?) are very good when it comes to compensating for weaknesses due to injuries at various positions (anyone remember when Belichick used WR Troy Brown on DEFENSE at various times way back in 2004? Edelman too).

    It’ll be interesting to see if Orr’s 12-5 prediction comes true (or any of the others above for that matter). Goal 1 is to make it to the playoffs; whatever it takes. Once you get through the doors leading to the Big Dance, anything can happen.

  19. lambeau Says:

    It’ll be tough, but #1 seed is important–three playoff wins is tough to do.

  20. Richard Dickson Says:

    I really don’t get why people are acting like we have two Pop Warner players filling in at C and LG and don’t have proven veterans at the other line positions. Wirfs and Mason are top ten at their position, Smith is no slouch, but everyone is all “OMG THE BUCS HAVE NO O-LINE!!!’

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    IrishMist … I agree with you about running more against the Saints, but 75% is overkill. All it’d take is a more BALANCED ATTACK (same against the Rams BTW). I don’t know if the optimum number is 50-50, but IMO quick, short passes to RBs coming out of the backfield qualify as runs to me. Bucs need to use more of those to keep opposing defenses honest & more spread out. A ‘trick play’ here or there wouldn’t hurt either, particularly when you have any RBs who can throw the ball.

  22. Joe Says:

    I really don’t get why people are acting like we have two Pop Warner players filling in at C and LG and don’t have proven veterans at the other line positions.

    Folks are comfortable with knowledge. If folks recognize a name, well, he has to be better right?

    The lack of experience is a concern as it should be. Joe hates to be repetitive, but if Jason Licht thinks Hainsey and Goedeke can handle the job, hasn’t Licht built enough street cred to give the guy the benefit of the doubt?

    Outside of receiver, Licht nails virtually every one of his picks on the offensive line. He’s not perfect but he’s damn close with decisions on the offensive line.

    Licht watchws Hainsey go up against Vita Vea all last season in closed practices. Surely if Licht didn’t think Hainsey could handle the job, Licht would have pulled off a trade by now.

  23. D-Rok Says:

    @ DR,

    I’d like to see more screens against the Aints. Slow down that pass rush and wear out the D-Line.

  24. Capt.Tim Says:

    We are a much worse team than last year
    We lost All pro linemen Ali Marpet and Ryan Jensen.
    Also lost Alex Cappa- who was playing at a near all pro Rate.
    Also lost the best TE in NFL history- Rob Gronkowski- anther All Pro, and Tom Brady’s favorite target.
    Also lost Suh and JPP from the Dline. Both former All pros.

    Losses to both lines. Replacing them with Rookies and unproven 1st year players.
    None who have shown anything.Akeem Hicks is fantastic- but frequently injured.

    You win on the lines. Ours are in poor shape.
    10-7, just because of Brady. Win our division- but wont beat any team with strong interior rush, or a Great QB.

    Saints could win division.
    I hate saying it, but we haven’t replaced alot of talent and experience.

  25. George Says:

    I see the gaping hole in the middle of our line as being devastating to this team.
    Our Left guard and Center are going to be destroyed when they go up against legitimate first string tackles and nose guards. I fear for Brady’s health when the Bucs go up against Aaron Donald.

    Licht has no street cred. He was smart enough to sign Tom Brady and that is all.

    Bucs will be lucky to win 6 games if they don’t solve the offensive line issue. Remember, the other 3 Healthy guys could go down and then what do you have?

    I say sign up two experienced NFL Offensive Lineman so they can start learning the Bucs system and be available when needed

  26. Buc king Says:

    I agree with everyone mostly here…
    I’m not as concerned but center as I am LG.
    I honestly feel like we need to make a move to get a mauler there.
    Standing idol will not be a smart decision.
    Let’s invest a 2nd round pick into protecting the qb.
    It’ll technically be a 3rd pick if we win the super bowl or go deep in the playoffs.
    I know it’s fun to have draft picks at draft time but we in the all in time.
    I think Hainsey will be ok..not good ..not great but OK.
    I think godeke wte his name is not ready physically he’s getting rag dolled.
    Two things I would love to hear.
    1. bucs trade for all pro LG or rg because they can switch his position.
    2. They talk grok back over the weekend.

    If we had godeke or wte his name is..and pick up another guy wte his name will be.
    They could respectively compete for the job the next few years.
    The thing about draft picks is you use them to get players for your team.
    You don’t have to wait for the draft to do that.

  27. Dooley Says:

    Just came to say, in both contests individually and combined against New Orleans last season, we average 5 yards a carry but didn’t score any rushing TDs in 2 games. The split was 89 passes to 35 runs in 2 contests, but with the pass game we gave the ball away 3 times through the air, Brady was sacked a total of 7 times(the 5 games between those two NO games in 2022 he only got sacked 5 times total LOL!) and the offense hardly found any of that explosivity its’ lauded for. Doesn’t have to be a 50-50 split pass to run, but I’d take a shot holding up that 5 yards a rush average over half incompletions and all of the turnovers/sacks.

  28. PassingThru Says:

    Marcus Maye, the New Orleans starting Strong Safety was arrested on aggravated assault charges. Goodell will sit on his hands and wait for a conviction. Maybe Maye can share a cell with Kamara.

  29. MadMax Says:

    11 wins, we make the playoffs and win the big one, because you know who is on a final mission!

  30. HC Grover Says:

    Beat the Stainks.

  31. Irishmist Says:

    I just heard about that Marcus Maye assault. Apparently someone walked up to him wearing a Bucs jersey and he dove at his knees.

  32. steele Says:

    Every season is unpredictable, but if the teams on the schedule are close to or near last season’s levels, the Bucs as they are constructed right now will struggle.
    8-8. I’m being optimistic. Record will be even worse, if OL is as bad as it looks now, Gronk’s absence is felt, pass rush is worse, and Bowles is a disapppintment.

  33. steele Says:

    According to the average national sports mediot blowhard, they’ll easily win 12 games or more “because Tom Brady”. That really is the level of analysis.

  34. Infomeplease Says:

    12 and 5 sounds about right to me!

  35. Listnfrmafar Says:

    If the Saints could do it last season rushing 4, they will do it again. The Saints W or L is all on the D this season, if they let below average QB’s go up and down the field on them game over. Brees AIN’T there anymore nor is Payton.