Robert Griffin III On Bucs Defense

September 18th, 2022

BSPN’s Robert Griffin III.

So what is former Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III doing these days? He’s doing what a lot of former players do: working behind a mic.

RGIII babbles about football for a living with the four-letter. He can often be heard working college games. But that doesn’t mean he’s not monitoring the NFL.

Last week RGIII, like a lot of folks, wondered where the high-powered Bucs offense went. Against Dallas it seemed like Father Dungy was skippering the pirate ship again. RGIII was less than impressed.

But the defense? That’s another story.

RGIII took to Twitter and said the Bucs defense will be a throwback to the old Father Dungy teams when fans were ready to guzzle Bromosas if the Bucs scored two touchdowns.

In fact, if the defense plays as well as RGIII thinks, it will carry the team far.

Well, Joe sure cannot quibble with RGIII saying the Bucs have the best inside linebacker duo in the NFL. Who is better?

Joe will say this: The Bucs offense looked clunky last week in Dallas — like last year when Gronk was hurt.

Until this offense figures out how to play without Gronk (or until he returns?) and until the Bucs receivers get healthy, Joe has a hunch it will be the defense that keeps the Bucs in games or actually wins them.

Just like the old days.

10 Responses to “Robert Griffin III On Bucs Defense”

  1. Proudbucsfan Says:

    IMO Gronk didn’t make this offense. The Bucs had a good offense before he and Brady got here, it was good the whole time Jameis was here minus the turnovers. Brady will make this work without Gronk

  2. Lt. Dan Says:

    Still pissed that I can’t get Bromosa’s in my area!

  3. G-Buc Says:

    Pump the brakes. The offense did not not have the same preseason the defense did. Don’t tell me those games (practice) don’t matter!

  4. David Says:

    I think the O moved the ball well, they just stalled in the red zone. I am not worried about that as long as the pass protection is there, they will figure that out. I expect Otton to get more involved in the passing game as the year goes on

    As for the defense, even though they were barely on the stat sheet, Shaq and JTS lead the line and wreaking havoc

  5. Georger Says:

    19, 45, 28, 38 Joe, those are the points scored when Gronk was out. Average of 32.5 ppg. That is more than the average when he played. That is a non starter.

  6. Buc Nay Kid Says:

    Very good chance that Dallas is not the team everyone thought they were. First real test against NO.

  7. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Wow, this is the first time I have seen RG3 w/o a football helmet.
    Look at that Smile!
    Have to agree with him about the defense!

  8. Bucsfan13 Says:

    This overreaction to our offense is hilarious. We have a a lot of moving parts this year. It’s gonna take time to gel. We have three new interior lineman, new receiver, and TEs. We’re also dealing with injuries. The mindset with this offense is also new. This is no longer the no risk it no biscuit approach.

    We shouldn’t expect Brady to lead the league with 700x pass attempts. Is it really prudent to ask him to air it out with a banged up offensive line? I think the so-called trouble with our offense will get better ironed out.

    Our defense is more ahead of the curb than our offense with continuity. The main point is they aren’t dealing with injuries like the offense. Last year, the defense had the injury bug b

  9. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Joe lets not forget the Bucs did not punt until the 3 rd Qtr. The Offense will be fine, it will get cleaned up.

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  10. Goatfarmer Says:

    Exactly, August. It’s stupid to say the Bucs offense didn’t look good.

    It didn’t look good in the red zone until Mikey took over the game on the TD drive in the second half.

    When you don’t punt for an entire half, I’d say that’s pretty damn impressive.

    When your O-line is loaded with newbies who don’t pass block well against a ferocious pass rush DL, and you prove you can run successfully, who would want to see Brady drop back 43 times anyway, especially when the top 4 WRs are coming up lame?

    C’mon man.