Locker Room Leftovers

September 25th, 2022

Cornerback Carlton Davis.

Here are leftovers from the past week of Joe chatting in the locker room 1-on-1 with various Bucs.

Carlton Davis
(On how talented Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is.)

“There is not one thing you can pinpoint. You get deep balls. You get extended plays. He’s good at adjusting. He does all of those things well. He can beat you in normal ways. He understands what you are trying to do. He’s versatile. He’s crazy accurate — on the run. He can make plays with his legs. There are a lot of things he can beat you with.”

Scotty Miller
(On opportunities for backups with all the injuries at receiver.)

“Obviously we don’t want anybody to get hurt. The goal is for everybody to stay healthy. But when guys go down it gives everyone else a chance to step up and have an opportunity. That’s what [backups] are ready for. You have to be ready to go. You have to be ready.”

(On the chance to make an impact on special teams.)

“Each week those roles change. Some weeks I am more involved in the offense. So I won’t be as fresh to be a returner or a gunner. Some weeks when we have everyone healthy I can go play gunner.”

Cam Brate
(On defense buying the offense time to iron out wrinkles.)

“Our defense has been incredible the first two weeks. It’s taking a little bit for our offense to get going. You know, we haven’t played the way we would like to the first couple of weeks. The defense… has been playing a dominant fashion. It is inspiring to see and hopefully, the offense will catch up to them a little bit.”

(On the attitude the defense is playing with.)

“When they play with that confidence and playing that well, they kind of feed off each other. One sack leads to a fumble which leads to an interception which leads to another sack. It’s fun to watch they have played so well the first two weeks.”

Mike Edwards
(On how Aaron Rodgers losing Davante Adams seems to be overblown.)

“He’s one of the best [quarterbacks] of all time. No matter who he has, he’s going to get the ball to them.”

(On what it would mean if the Bucs defense can limit Rodgers in a Bucs win today.)

“If we can shut him down and stop their explosive plays, we will be feeling pretty good. If we can have success against him, we will feel pretty good.”

Antoine Winfield
(On how he and the defense get excited to lead the Bucs while the offense finds itself.)

“Oh yeah, it’s go time! You obviously love playing football so any chance you have to get out there, I’m going to be ready to go. I’m happy to know I’m going to be going out there and making some plays.”

9 Responses to “Locker Room Leftovers”

  1. BucsFanSince76 Says:


  2. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Hicks: How are you feeling you seem to have a lingering foot issue, answer: Dude all I know is these suckers are paying me big bucs. Glad they overlooked Suh, he’s pretty good.

  3. Hodad Says:

    Maybe we’re relying to much on the defense to the point we’ve turned turtle on offense. Maybe we should try opening the game like we’re two TD’s down.

  4. rrsrq Says:

    Yeah, but I do not want to AJ Dillion coming through the hole at Winfield, he will get the job done but we don’t need to see that too frequently (LBs and DL has to do their job

  5. Lt. Dan Says:

    Not getting the moderating Joe – I was paying you a compliment and giving positive reader feedback…it’s your site though so it’s your call.

  6. #99 Says:

    I believe it’s time to look at the trainers and start finding out why the bucs lead the nfl in hamstring injuries now for the last two years.

  7. Devin J DiPalma Says:

    List, suh was one of the worst rated d lineman in the league last year. Not saying Hicks was the answer but suh wasn’t either.

  8. Buc king Says:

    I want them to blitz winfeid a few times this game

  9. Crickett Baker Says:

    Our defense was good but the other bay’s was better. The whole game was pretty ugly and we didn’t even win.