“I Was Proud Of Myself”

September 12th, 2022

What a starting lineup debut at center last night for second-year man Robert Hainsey.

It looked damn good from the Buccaneers’ 2021 third-round pick. “I knew who was who, what was what and was able to communicate it,” Hainsey told the Buccaneers Radio Network.

Hainsey talked at length about how comfortable he felt against Dallas in his first-ever start at the position. “I was proud of myself,” Hainsey said.

So how much at ease was Hainsey? He said he felt so “calm” he was able to guide and assist rookie left guard Luke Goedeke without missing a beat.

Much was made of Hainsey working with former Bucs center and assistant offensive line coach A.Q. Shipley through the offseason. Hainsey was learning the position, but Hainsey said today the time also was very much about learning the intricacies of the Bucs’ offense. And that helped Hainsey get ready for his debut on the big Sunday Night Football stage.

Hainsey added that he’s learned a lot of patience and been inspired by the guy he’s replacing, Ryan Jensen, who was not a starter in his first two NFL seasons. Shipley also rode the bench in his first two seasons, Hainsey noted.

Joe’s already watched the game a couple of times and Hainsey sure looked competent and it should all be uphill from here.

Right guard Shaq Mason has been a big help, Hainsey said, because “he’s a good translator sometimes for what Tom’s seeing.”

16 Responses to ““I Was Proud Of Myself””

  1. George Says:

    Was delighted that Hainsey had a good game. Hope he keeps building on the experience

  2. MadMax Says:

    I was proud of you too Robert! Great job buddy…keep it up. You and Luke have killed all my worries so far. Awesome performance!

  3. #8 Says:

    ND fans had something to be happy about at least.

  4. CrackWise Says:

    “Hainsey sure looked competent and it should all be uphill from here”.

    Ummmm, care to clarify that statement, Joe? I mean personally I hope the “uphill” part for Hainsey is over with.

    But yeah, rewatching the left side of the line left me feeling real good moving forward with these guys. Not that I ever had any doubt to begin with.

  5. Dooley Says:

    Hainsey & Goedeke were solid, but dating back to Wirfs’ ankle injury last year Josh Wells is NOT my cup of tea as a break glass in case of emergency swing tackle. Staff probably loves him and sees him as continuity in terms of replacing Wirfs or Smith on the go, BUT MAN does he struggle with speed rushers

  6. Miller5252 Says:

    How come no one asked him why Brady was so pissed at him last night and what words of encouragement he gave him during it.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    it’a great he has found some confidence and not overconfidence.

    “Uphill” ?……..I hope he means “Downhill”

  8. HC Grover Says:

    Well done. The best part was the Special Teams playing so well too.

  9. Nprbuc Says:

    Dooley, Unless I am entering dementia stage ( could be at my age) wasn’t Wells subbing for Wirfs on only one wheel? I could swear he has some kind of bad ankle injury and could barely stand on his one good leg. He sucked it up and played all of his series when most guys would have been home on the couch with an ice pack.Yeah he isn’t a starter but a very serviceable back up. He lacks some skills but can never been challenged on his heart. Good plays, bad plays. What you would expect from someone coming off the bench. I’m cutting him some slack. We KNOW he has problems with the speed rush so let’s recognize that and plan to give him help when that type of rush is expected. Lenny showed how you deal with that when he put Parsons on his butt.

  10. steele Says:

    One game is one game. The worst is yet to come, as opposing D coordinators figure out the game plan that helped hide OL weaknesses. He can be proud when he gets to the fall, having played many consistent games. Until then, humility, not pride.

  11. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Nprbuc, I couldn’t agree more. The guy took on Aaron Donald and Von Miller with a bad wheel.

  12. David Says:

    Very pleased with the entire O line play but especially Hainsey & Hoedeke for their first starts.

    There were a few times Tom was rushed and hit but there was one sack, parsons beating wells that was avoidable.
    The other sack I give it up to Parsons. That spin move to the inside I think beats every single LT in the NFL.

    O-Line grade with two new guys, a new RG, and then half the game with a backup LT:

  13. ThatAintRight! Says:

    Like Goedeke LG + Ko Keift Blocking skills looked fantastic. Two starting rookies that impressed me at the LOS and for veteran QB TB12. Looked confident , competent, and mostly just comfortable after their first starts. Lenny running was already already going to be nasty problem for defenses but with Luke and K.K in there man his job seems pretty easy. I wouldn’t be shocked if we turn playoff Lenny into Reg season Lenny! This is good if he can keep it up because that helps Brady & team get healthy ease stress + ease pressure off the team. More play action options and RB screens though I’d like to see.

  14. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    What Lenny did to Parsons last night has to be done to Scam Jordan. That slimy Ain’t is our home wrecker. They need to put two people on him constantly. Our rooks really shined last night

  15. teacherman777 Says:

    Wells is not the answer. I thought we saw that last year.

    Every NFL team needs a solid, swing tackle as their 3rd tackle.

    LT and RT are critical positions.

    We could have drafted a swing OT instead of Trask or Darden.

    We could have drafted a swing OT in the 4th instead of a punter.

  16. Wild Bill Says:

    Hey Teach, coulda woulda shouda don’t mean sheit. When the injury bug bites its next man up. Turns out we got some solid backups.Bucks still need to pick up a decent vet swing man.