Big Storm Brewing Bans Marshon Lattimore

September 24th, 2022

As if you didn’t need another reason to guzzle any of the fine beers from Big Storm Brewing!

If you are as rabid of a Bucs fan as you believe, then it’s time to go get a four-pack of Big Storm Brewing beer — or more!

Joe’s good friends at Big Storm cannot sit idly by while Bucs stud receiver Mike Evans is slandered the way he has been in New Orleans. The good people of Big Storm are appalled that mouthy slimy Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore suffered no repercussions for his part in the melee he sparked last week against the Bucs.

A barbeque joint in New Orleans even had the nerve in the aftermath of the Bucs win to ban Evans from their joint for life.

Seeing how Evans is suspended Sunday against the Packers and Lattimore endured no similar sentence, and seeing Evans dissed by a New Orleans business, Big Storm Brewing took matters into its own hands yesterday.

Marshon Lattimore, you are not welcome at at the Big Storm brewery taprooms in Clearwater, Odessa, Cape Coral and downtown Orlando at the Amway Center, and the soon-to-open Big Storm Brewing taproom in Ybor City.

Props to Big Storm! And while Joe is thinking of it, there is no better local beer to enjoy at tomorrow’s tailgate for the Packers-Bucs game, or at a home. At Big Storm, they have the backs of Bucs players and fans.

While you are out collecting hurricane supplies today, remember the most important necessity in trying times: Alcohol.

To be more precise: Big Storm Brewing beers.

7 Responses to “Big Storm Brewing Bans Marshon Lattimore”

  1. Goatfarmer Says:

    Awesome. F Lattimore.

  2. JA Says:

    There’s another big storm brewing. And it ain’t no football player or beer.
    I wouldn’t think this Ian fellow would affect the game’s status, as the worst of it is slated to arrive on Wednesday. But you never know with the NFL.
    Please keep us posted.
    It’s still a big cone, but the path models seem to be tightening up around our area.

  3. D-Rok Says:

    Awesome! On the ML Ban.

  4. #8 Says:

    Please ban Bernard Pollard also…can never be too careful. He may try to pull a Kerrigan if TB12 stops by for some New England IPA for nostalgia’s sake.

  5. L. Richard DeSantis Says:

    Who dat! Bucs can’t beat dem Saints without starting some drama. Tom Baby! Enjoy NE’s old news!

  6. Cowards among us Says:

    That’s cool Marshon is used to classier places anyways unlike your cowardly cheap shot hitting punk Mike Evans! At least Marshon will look you in the eye and not resort to sneaking you from behind..

  7. Kevin L Says:

    Marshon Lattimore is a bi*ch. The home cooking that the saints enjoyed got too obvious for the Bucs take. Total pass interference call should have been called on that play. Arms all tangled before the ball arrived. Then Lattimore comes just to flaunt the fact that the refs got full with the gumbo being served. He is not a quality player…he’s a child. Very funny how the calls started being legit after the fact and Lattimore got ejected. Then what happened? With no more home cooking the saints do what the saints do. Show their ass and fall apart. They held a 3 point lead for most of the game with the refs help….as soon as the ref help stopped…boom the real saints showed up and bent over.