All-Pro Center: Robert Hainsey Will Be Fine; Luke Goedeke Is A Concern

September 9th, 2022

Joe feels the irony in delivering this take on the heels of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford getting sacked seven times last night.

Stafford is a savvy 13-year veteran with a Super Bowl ring known for delivering the football quickly. Still, he got hit a whopping 15 times in the Rams loss to the Bills.

Joe brings this up because former Colts All-Pro center Jeff Saturday was adamant on ESPN TV this week that he’s not concerned about first-time Bucs starting center Robert Hainsey, though starting rookie left guard Luke Goedeke is a significant issue for the Bucs.

Regardless, Saturday said, Tom Brady is too smart and too good — with too many weapons — to not be able to overcome protection issues tied to inexperience on the offensive line.

“When you got four or five [offensive linemen] who you feel are legitimate competitors and will stand kind of the test of time, you understand where your negative play or potential liability is,” Saturday said. “If you don’t think a dude who’s 45 years old and threw for the most yards last year in the NFL understands how to manipulate the pocket and coverages and protections, you’re kidding yourself. This guy understands football. Again, he is the driver of this football team. You cannot have concerns when you’ve got Evans, you’ve got Godwin; They will be back at full strength.

“This offense will move. I have no concerns about the Tampa Bay offense. None. Not even a little bit.”

Joe found Saturday’s take especially interesting since Saturday isn’t one of ESPN’s hot-take artists.

Is he correct? The answer comes on the field. Brady is a football Einstein and better than Stafford, and Joe believes Saturday is on the money. But it’s unclear how many hits Brady can actually handle over a 17-game season.

Brady may be able to limit the hits if Goedeke and Hainsey aren’t ready for prime time, but he can’t eliminate all of them.

36 Responses to “All-Pro Center: Robert Hainsey Will Be Fine; Luke Goedeke Is A Concern”

  1. FrontFour Says:

    Have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of help in the backfield with the RB’s and Ko.

  2. Buc king Says:

    Trade for somebody…. this is stupid already

  3. PassingThru Says:

    Goedeke alone is a significant concern, and he’s playing alongside an unproven first year starter. While Brady is brilliant, this optimism is getting a tad corny. There will be moderate to severe compromises in the offense and game plan until this is addressed.

    The only good news is that the Dallas D Line is average, perhaps even below average.

  4. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    It is stupid already.

  5. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Week 1 is here. We will know very quickly whats up with the middle of the Oline. Good to see the Rams take a beat down.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  6. Bucfan Says:

    IF the Bucs stick to trying to run on first down, Brady is going to have a tough time. Need to mix it up on first down!!

  7. Stupadaso Says:

    Ko in the backfield for extra protection.
    We all need a “Kieft’s House of Pancakes” tee shirt.

  8. Pewter Power Says:

    Lol where are all these people praising the Goedeke pick. So happy and swore he would be our starter, now that he is the world is in a panic as if drafting and playing a second round pick guard is not a common thing. Dude will be fine and our offense will be just as potent as it was last year, everything else is just noise.

    I did enjoy seeing the rams get stomped though

  9. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I didn’t see an issues with Goedeke when he was in with the OL starters in pre-season. Seemed like they all jelled well for the series or two they were all in. It is when they started mixing and matching OL personnel is when the issues started.

  10. Wild Bill Says:

    Cooper stood out again for the Rams. Stafford looked bad. Buffalo looked like a solid contender. Very good season opener for football fans anxious for the season to begin. Buffalo qb looks like the real deal.

  11. George Says:

    We just got the preview last night of what happens with an inexperienced line. Stafford couldn’t get anything done and was constantly under pressure

    Bucs management get your head out if your behind and bring in some legitimate experienced offensive lineman

  12. teacherman777 Says:

    Engram looks great for the Vikings.

    He was a LG for LSU. Now, he’s the RG for the Vikings.

    Goedeke was a RT at a tiny school.

    Now he’s playing LG in the NFL.

    He weighs 305.

    DT’s usually weigh 310-330.

    Licht drafted Goedeke because he wanted a tough, crazy white boy.

    We should have drafted Engram.

  13. Infomeplease Says:

    This offensive line is a work in progress! Give it 4 games or so and things will be gelling! IMO. Things will be good enough!!
    2 and1/2 days!! And counting!!

  14. geno711 Says:

    George lots of the offense for the Rams looked bad. To blame on inexperience of the offensive line is just misplaced. The Rams offensive line did not do the job but it clearly has a bunch of veterans on it.

    The line did not play well but the receivers other than Kupp were worse than the offensive line.

    Did you see the guys they put out there at wide receivers 2-5? Allen Robinson, Brandon Powell, Ben Skowronek and Tutu Atwell. Ugh they looked clueless. Woods, Jefferson and O’Dell not there from last year.

    It seemed that the incompetent receivers led to Stafford sometimes holding the ball longer and Stafford was bad with his three turnovers.

    Ok to have concern with our offensive line but our 2-5 receivers of Godwin, Gage, Julio, and Miller give me a lot more comfort. I also know that Brady will not hold the ball as long as Stafford, he never has.

  15. BT Says:

    Give Ko the mission of pancaking Parsons and everything will flow from there.

  16. Ash Says:

    These past three years I have seen more meaningful wins out of the bucs then I have in a very long time the way some fans are terrified you would think they were the jets or something. I feel confident they know what they are doing can’t way until Sunday go bucs .

  17. Cobraboy Says:

    That was quite the Rams hangover.

  18. Chris Tucker@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Buffalo exposed the Rams, at home, on national TV.
    IMHO, Buffalo are the best team in football, and we might wind up playing them in the Super Bowl.

  19. geno711 Says:


    How do you know that Ingram looks great for the Vikings. What is your source?

    Overall PFF has the Bucs as the 4th rated offensive line and the Vikings as the 19th rated offensive line. Personally, I hate using PFF as a reference but when it comes to offensive lines you have to start somewhere.

  20. Marine Buc Says:

    I’ve already expressed my concerns regarding Goedeke. That Indy game was not pretty at tmes. He does remind me of Cappa when he first arrived in Tampa.

    And just like Cappa he will struggle at times. I do trust BL to make a few adjustments in order to help Goedeke out but the kid is going to have to step up and I hope he is able.

    Go Bucs!

  21. sasquatch Says:

    Some people think it’s so easy to just trade for a decent veteran offensive lineman.

    There will be some growing pains with Hainsey and Goedeke, but they’re the future for us. So, they’re getting started a little earlier than originally planned. Oh well. They’ll adjust and should be humming by mid season.

  22. David Says:

    The season hasn’t even started and everyone is in a panic. Yes there are concerns about a rookie left guard… If they felt there was a better option out there or had major internal concerns, they would’ve made a move by now. Give it some time, see how the kid does.

  23. Bucsfan13 Says:

    The Bills offensive game plan was brilliant, and we need to follow it! Allen released the ball in 2.2 seconds! It was quick game brilliance, and when the Rams blitzed, he made them play for it with deep shots. My concern is our receivers. Besides Gage, is there anyone who can get open quickly? I love Evans, but he’s not the most precise route runner, and there are questions about Julio. This is where we will miss Godwin in the slot. We also need our receivers, backs, and TEs to get some YAC. I’m also worried about that. I love Brate, but he’s too damn slow! In the Indy preseason game, Brady threw him the ball and set it up perfectly to get the first down, and he couldn’t break one tackle.

    The Bills also ran the ball effectively and efficiently. Efficiently being the key. The passed on first down like 60% of the time. They also ran wide zone schemes. They didn’t run duo up the gut right into the heart of the Rams D.

    Do I expect us to do the things Buffalo did that was successful? Absolutely not! Leftwich is stubborn. His comments on that Pivot podcast further cemented my view. He ranted about how people wanted more motion and play action in the offense, and he said he’s gonna do what he wants to do, which means first down runs up the guy. This isn’t new with Leftwich. He did the same thing in AZ with David Johnson when he was OC.

  24. Brandon Says:

    Headline and article don’t match. I never saw where Saturday said that.

  25. Crickett Baker Says:

    You can’t teach experience. I agree, David. They need time. I sure hope after the game that people on here won’t be bashing our team.

  26. Marine Buc Says:

    @ crickett

    If the Bucs play poorly and get beat in Dallas I believe every Buc fan has the right to voice their frustration and disappointment.

    If the Bucs win but have a few flaws – I believe every Buc fan has the right to openly discuss those flaws.

    Nice try at being the “gatekeeper” here at JBF.

    Get lost.

    Go Bucs!

  27. Buc king Says:

    Personally play 2 rookies on the oline next to each other should give everyone here a reason to panic with a 45yr old pocket qb.
    He won’t be able to climb the pocket.
    So he will make rushed passes and get touched way to much.
    We should of used our 1st pick to get a lg..but we throw the rookie to the flames and see what he’s made of while risking our whole season.
    We lost 2 beast guards I’m the offseason jensen n stinnie as well..not to mention gronks blocking.
    This is a unwise decision and I stand by that comment.

  28. Anon Says:

    Stinnie wasn’t even gonna make the 53 you freaking clown!

  29. CrackWise Says:

    Which team our you rooting for that is starting 2 rookies on the OL next to each other?

    This is why people panic, they don’t actually think about what they know vs what they fear!

  30. CrackWise Says:

    And when was Stinne ever a Beast? His rookie year when he was thrust into a starting role during the playoffs due to injury.

    Again, what kind of circle back reasoning voodoo spell casting magic are you trying to use.

    Disappointed we lost a SB team hero. But I mean Stinne was going the way of TJ anyways. Why??? Because the talent Infront of him is…… well, BETTER!!!

  31. AbucAway Says:

    Brady is going to get hit multiple times in game 1. Not as many as he would have at the beginning of training camp but nevertheless, expect it. Hopefully him and his water gypsy Guerrero double up on his plyability sessions between now and game time and he bounces back up like a rubber band man.
    Honestly it’ll be fine. It won’t be pretty but the coaches know the weaknesses and will make the necessary adjustments. Brady will have to get out of the pocket more than he would like and we all know his passer rating takes a dump when he does. Thellnadiust for that also. Can’t wait for game day. No injuries. No turnovers. No problem

  32. AbucAway Says:

    *They’ll adjust

  33. firethecannons Says:

    utilize ko kieft he is our secret weopon, love to a Parsons pancake

  34. Hondo Says:

    Look for Bucs trading for Patriots offense lineman Isaiah Wynn after game one.

  35. steele Says:

    Sasquatch, if this were an ordinary season with a young team (and a younger QB) with a 3-5 year window, yes, you take chances with unproven and young players. It’s just an extended tryout. Go ahead and put total rookies like Goedeke and Hall out there, and let them get eaten alive, tossed into the fire early.

    But this is Tom Brady’s last season. It is SUPPOSED to be a final all-in. Go for broke and bye bye. Load up on star VETERAN talent, go for a Super Bowl.

    So that’s the question. Is it or isn’t it? They have shown no signs of truly going all-in, and the season is here. Same guys, business as usual. Unprovens, JAGs, questionables. No big roster moves. No big coaching changes.

    So this is it? Brady gets to work with this non-upgraded team and messed up OL. Final chapter. And with the worst schedule imaginable.

    Good luck.

  36. Crickett Baker Says:

    I tried to lose myself, Marine, but I know these poster’s paths well enough that it makes it impossible. I’m not attempting “gatekeeping” I’m just stating my opinion. It must scare you, somehow. I still do not think we should be overly critical of a rookie’s first game. Supportive is better, imo. I love this team.