A Test Of Wills

September 29th, 2022

History suggests breakout.

So Sunday night, either in Tampa or Minneapolis, two iconic quarterbacks will battle.

Nick Shook of NFL.com decided to post interesting trends of the two signals-callers, Tom Brady and Pat Mahomes.

Shook noted that Mahomes is 5-1 lifetime when he faces the league’s No. 1 scoring defense, which the Bucs are today. Brady, since 2018, after his offense has failed to score 17 points, is 7-1 in the next game.

There’s still reason to believe in the Bucs. Mike Evans will be back from his one-game suspension, and Todd Bowles told reporters after last week’s game that Julio Jones will probably be able to go, too. That’s great news for Brady, who has posted the lowest completion percentage on downfield passes (10-plus air yards) in his time with the Buccaneers, but also hasn’t played every game with his full complement of pass-catchers. Perhaps this is the week the Brady-led offense breaks 21 points. History suggests so.

Evans coming back will help. Joe thought the Russell Gage sighting last week was promising.

And Joe suspects Cole Beasley will be more involved as he builds rapport with Brady and, of course, becomes a little more familiar with the playbook.

12 Responses to “A Test Of Wills”

  1. Bucschamp Says:

    Beasley reminds me of Edelman/Amendiola. Scotty not so much

  2. adam from ny Says:

    a local weather dude was standing in front of ray jay in the middle of the night and said everything looks good to go for sunday…

    sounds mighty good and all, but who is he to make the call…

    hopefully he’s right

  3. Iistnfrmafar Says:

    Mahomes is the ONLY QB in the league that can go toe to toe with the GOAT. That is unless the D lets Trevor Simeon, Prescott, Zak Wilson, Carson Wentz, Allen, Heinike, Stafford or Roger’s go up and down the field on them, oh I forgot other than Roger’s this season it was due to player injuries. Did anyone consider other than back up receivers the reason his downfeld stats are low because of the throwing hand thumb injury? I understand he lead the Bucs to a SB victory in 2020 with a torn MCL but when it comes to a hand extremities on the throwing hand, I have to believe that has a negative effect on griping the ball. Don’t believe me, ask Dak Prescott.

  4. Jerry Says:

    The issue isn’t about the stadium itself, it’s if they are going to be able to provide security and staff. Emergency services are taxed all over the state right now. Even areas that are not hard hit are sending help to areas that are. If police are not available to provide security, there will be no game here. Or they may have it and possible fans won’t be able to attend.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’d rather have it at RayJay with reduced or no fans than at Vikings…….that might as well be a home game for KC…..and even Vikings fans (NFC) who attend would root against the Bucs….

    Maybe playing at RayJay would bring back KC SB memories for Buc players…..positive memories…..

  6. MadMax Says:

    Monday or tuesday night home game….come on guys, figure it out

  7. Goatfarmer Says:

    What about Donnie? Getting him back is a yuge need. Maybe Goedeke should be told he can now STFU about what a junkyard dog is and how confident he is, and actually put a competent day on the field together.

    And note to Boronmoron – try more play action on first down, please, and (novel concept) try running right occasionally. Maybe some fast motion with a WR more than once a half. Naa. I know. You know best. Your defense just held Kaaron Rodgers to 14 points, and you lost. Swallow that, pudly.

  8. Cho Says:


    I don’t think we need to worry, as long as BL changes some things and we start to do the following:

    -Use hurry up offense early and often. Up tempo, short passes, like our last drive against GB (and the last drive of the second quarter).
    -Use chip blockers (TE and RB) at the left side of the line if D. Smith can’t go.
    -If Smith is out, avoid long developing routes, except on play action.
    -Stop running on first down every time.
    -Run downhill, stop using so many counters. Downhill suits Lenny more.
    -Unleash the screen game.

  9. Jeff Says:

    KC 30 Bucs 17. Mark the tape. And Gisselle has RUINED Brady. And Brady is to blame. He didn’t keep his end of the deal. 100% should have retired after winning the SB.

  10. Goatfarmer Says:

    Excellent post “Jeff” as every time you declare the Bucs and Brady to suck they prove you wrong. Thanks for taking on that role so I don’t have to do it.

    You’ll get all the credit when the Bucs snap out of their Leftwurst-induced coma on Sunday and beat the Chiefs.

  11. Bucnjim Says:

    Im pretty sure its been drops fumbles and missed blocks along with major injuries that have led to our difficult start not Brady. Of course its easy to blame someone if you don’t like them

  12. Brandon Says:

    Bucschamp Says:
    September 29th, 2022 at 4:02 am
    Beasley reminds me of Edelman/Amendiola. Scotty not so much


    Well… they’re different freaking people and different playing styles so there’s that… but like most of the low IQ population, you’re fixated on skin tone instead of ability.