Todd Bowles Likes How Kyle Trask Handled The Game

August 14th, 2022

Turned the corner last night?

After two turnovers in three plays that helped doom the Bucs in a loss to the Dolphins last night, it would have been easy to understand if Kyle Trask melted down or got down in the dumps and found himself circling the drain.

The opposite occurred.

Trask easily played his best ball of the summer after those two turnovers, and one could make the case they weren’t on Trask. Though Trask maybe should have eaten a sack, his short pass to Rachaad White was bobbled before a crazy interception was made.

Trask’s fumble? His offensive line collapsed and Trask was in no man’s land.

And then Trask put on a show, including a gorgeous touchdown throw to Jerreth Sterns and leading the Bucs on a potential game-winning drive with two clutch throws set the Bucs up for a winning kick that clanked off the right upright.

It seems how Trask kept his head is what really impressed head coach Todd Bowles.

“I thought he managed the game well,” Bowles said. “He handled situations well. He didn’t get rattled. … I thought he played well.”

When Joe critiques Trask, Joe is looking at the body of work since training camp began. And yes, Joe has been at every practice. The first week Trask was OK, seemed to still have a shot to compete with Blaine Gabbert as Tom Brady’s backup.

The second week? Trask fully bottomed out. While Gabbert improved, Trask nosedived to the point Joe honestly didn’t know if he would beat out Ryan Griffin. And he was rattled. And no, the camp meat he was throwing to offered zero help by dropping passes on him right and left.

The third week, Trask began to bounce back. Didn’t look out of place.

Then came last night and Trask was solid and sometimes excellent. Joe wants to see more play like that. You know, a consistent pattern.

Will Trask start for the Bucs next year? As of Aug. 14, Joe would suggest no. Unless of course last night is the beginning of a rapid renaissance for the former Gators star.

Last night Trask did what he needed to do: he gave the Bucs a chance to win. That’s what you want from any quarterback.

72 Responses to “Todd Bowles Likes How Kyle Trask Handled The Game”

  1. Goatfarmer Says:

    Trask at this point is a few notches below Rudy Carpenter. The Bucs’ Ryan Griffin before Griffin.

  2. Buddha Says:

    Good analysis. Getting better with experience is what you want. Keeping your head up regardless of things that go against you is another.

  3. Hodad Says:

    Hey Joe, what former Buc does Trask remind you of? My son, and I came up with Trent Dilfer. Size, body wise, and even looks. So we came up with the name Kyle Dilfask! Feel free to use it. After the laugh we had I had to remind my son that Trent did lead a team to, and won a S.B.. Hey, stranger things have happened.

  4. Alanbucsfan Says:

    We’ve got spirit,
    Can you hear it?
    Louder now,
    Shout it proud.
    Kyyyyyle Task!!!!

  5. Goatfarmer Says:

    Dilfer didn’t lead the Ravens anywhere. I could have played quarterback on that team with that defense and won a super bowl.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think this is a fair analysis from Joe on Trask……Joe has watched him practice and seen most if not all of his throws……
    There was a lot of good to see in Trask last night……but it’s still preseason…..
    Most teams have to take a chance with rookie QBs…..some perform well right out of the gate and others struggle…
    The question next year will be….Do we have the cap space to keep most of our players and still attract a top tier QB?

    I don’t think so. But Licht continues to amaze me.

  7. CleanHouse Says:

    F the Gators, Go Noles!

  8. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Well, it won’t be Gabbert starting next year. At least not for the Bucs.

  9. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Pretty good for seeing no action last season. What I noticed was a more balanced offense from BL’s play calling. That actually looked more Patriot like. Maybe it was BA that just preferred to sling it 80% of the time. FYI, Cockrell still sucks.

  10. dmatt Says:

    I agree with u, I like the Kyle Dilfask name. He does look like dilfer n is timid n jittery like dilfer in the pocket.

    And I agree with Goatfamer, Dilfer didn’t lead a team to a super bowl, he quarterbacked for a Super Bowl team, Ray Lewis n the #1 defense lead the team to the supetbowl.

  11. tampafishman Says:

    Joe, Rod Munch, Goatfarmer, etc., are nothing but Trask haters. Here is what real football analysis looks like, from BucsWire:

    “Despite a 26-24 loss, Trask delivered an impressive performance, completing 25 of his 33 passes for 258 yards, a touchdown and an interception. He bounced back from a pair of costly turnovers at the end of the first half, the blame for both of which can’t fall squarely on his shoulder alone, making some big throws in key moments to help put the Bucs back in front in the second half.

    After the Dolphins took the lead back yet again in the final minutes, Trask led the Bucs down the field and into range for a potential game-winning field goal, converting a key fourth down to keep the drive alive. Though the would-be winning kick glanced off the upright, the fact that Trask got them in position was a huge win.”

  12. Listnfrmafar Says:

    tampafisherman@ no matter how you want to sugar coat it, those go down as two ints. Ints are the reason Brady wasn’t MVP last year and 3 or 4 of them were off the WR’s hands.

  13. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Sorry one was a fumble.

  14. bucsince79 aka bumanner Says:

    Very happy with Trask. Needs to move a lil more in the pocket…Great passing… I really hope Sterns makes the teams on special teams… speed kills & he can catch…

  15. tampafishman Says:

    @Listnfrmafar, no matter how you want to downplay it, Trask had a great night. You’re so bent on finding fault in Trask that you falsely accused him of throwing 2 INTs (because that’s what you would have wanted). You haters aren’t Bucs fans.

  16. tampafishman Says:

    @Listnfrmafar, no matter how you want to downplay it, Trask had a great night. You’re so bent on finding fault in Trask that you falsely accused him of throwing 2 INTs (because that’s what you would have wanted). You haters aren’t Bucs fans.

  17. orlbucfan Says:

    I saw poise and confidence in a second year QB who has to follow TB. Still not impressed with Gabbert.

  18. tampafishman Says:

    Future Joe Commentary:

    “The Bucs won Super Bowl LXIV last night with Kyle Trask completing 30 of 38 passes for 378 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT, but with that bad week of training camp practice back in 2022, the jury is still out on Trask. Let’s see what he can do in this summer’s training camp!”

  19. Goatfarmer Says:

    tampafishman, is you preferred hallucinogen peyote, psilocybin, or good old lysergic acid diethylamide?

  20. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Just a little perspective.

    The Raven’s defense during their Super Bowl Championship in 2001 was one of the greatest defenses in NFL history and they were led by Ray Lewis.

    In 2002, the Raven’s returned that same historically great defense for that season with Reed, Boulware, Lewis, McCallister, etc.

    The Raven’s offense still had Jamal Lewis and there punishing OLINE as well that was a cornerstone of their offensive Super Bowl Championship identity.

    The Raven’s replaced Dilfer with Redman and then Blake at QB that season and both the Raven’s offense and defense suffered because of Redman’s and Blake’s performance.

    Redman nor Blake could not lead that team with that defense to a Super Bowl Championship.

    85 Bears, one of the greatest defenses in NFL history, QB’d and led by Jim McMahon won the Super Bowl.

    The next year, McMahon got hurt in the 13th game and Mike Tomzak and Doug Flutie couldn’t lead that great defense and a 14-2 Bears team to a Super Bowl Championship, losing their first playoff game to Joe Gibbs and a Jay Schroeder QB’d Washington team.

    The Bucs defense was historically great during the 2000 season, almost single handedly beating the Greatest Show on Turf in the NFC Championship game as they were QB’d by Shaun King.

    It took Brad Johnson at QB, leading that same historically great defense of Brooks, Barber, Lynch, Rice, 2 years later with the addition of Gruden’s offense to a Super Bowl Championship.

    Just because you have a historically great defense, doesn’t mean that any QB can lead you to the promise land.

    Give credit when credit is due.

    Dilfer, McMahon and Johnson prove that not just anybody can QB a great defense to Super Bowl Championship. Dilfer, McMahon and Johnson did what other QB’s failed to do with those same all time great defenses.

  21. tampafishman Says:

    Goatfarmer, do you realize how idiotic and worthless your posts are? Anyone can state that someone else sucks. Few can do it with supporting facts. You’re not one of the few.

  22. Wild Bill Says:

    Trask showed a lot of potential during the game. Mistakes? Sure, but enough big plays to show his potential. Bucs have brought him along slowly and that was smart. He showed enough in this game to deserve having been drafted last year for sure. He has good size and more arm strength than I expected to see.

  23. tampafishman Says:

    Last night Joe was so upset that Trask had a great night that Joe outright posted that Trask will unlikely start next year. Who the f’k would write that after Trask’s by-all-accounts impressive performance? Only a bitter old man.

  24. tampafishman Says:

    “CleanHouse Says:
    F the Gators, Go Noles!

    Is that you, Rod Munch? Or is that you, Goatfarmer?

  25. Chris Tucker@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I thought Trask played well, better than I thought he would play.
    He made a few mistakes, but overall did pretty well.

  26. Listnfrmafar Says:

    tampabayfisherman@ get your head out the chub and read my first post praising Trask. Hard to drink the koolaid it’s one game.

  27. Infomeplease Says:

    The jury is still out on Trask, but at every level of football he played, he started out as a back up and developed from there. Last night we got a glimpse of a starting point. Trask may or may not succeed in this league. We’ll see. If the past is a good indicator of the future, his may just be bright!

  28. mark2001 Says:

    “CleanHouse Says:
    F the Gators, Go Noles!

    Do they still play football at the teacher’s college?

  29. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    You both love the Bucs and are true fans.

    Trask played great last night, but it was with and against 2nd and 3rd team players.

    No coach or knowledge football fan blames a QB for an INT when his pass hits his receiver in both hands.

    Yes, he could have and probably should have eaten the sack, but White should have caught the ball that was thrown to him and hit him in both of his hands.

    In the film room the person that will be ripped up is White.

    No coach cares about your excuse over why you didn’t catch a ball that hit you in both of your hands. All the coach caress about is that you failed to catch a pass that hit you in both hands. The coaches will chew your rear end off telling everyone in the room that you are the reason for the turnover because you are a receiver who can’t catch a pass that hits you in your hands. Those coaches will say things like, “You know what you call a WR or RB who can’t catch, a DB or a Safety.”

    The LT for the Bucs got destroyed by the Dolphins’ DE. The DE was strip sacking Trask in about 2 seconds worth of time from his blind side. Anybody who has played the game at a high level knows that in the film room it will be the LT getting ripped a new one for that turnover, and Trask will not be the focus of the OC’s and OLINE Coach’s anger. Trust me on that.

    I’m still hesitant about Trask. He showed promise and played well last night, but I would like to see what he does with the first team against another team’s first team defense.

  30. Ed Says:

    He was accurate, his vision downfield was good. Did make some throws that good NFL quarterback make with regularity.

    Pocket awareness and speed that he gets rid of the ball is the major concern I see.

    The tools are there physically, mentally he needs to get more awareness of what to do when protection breaks down. Thats the clock in the head of the quarterback that knows when to throw it away.

    In a real game vs good pass rushers he would have taken more sacks.

    Needs a lot of reps. Looks like a QB that once he gets the feel of the game, he improves and is a good finisher.

  31. tampafishman Says:

    “BelleGladeBuc Says: Trask played great last night, but it was with and against 2nd and 3rd team players.”

    You haters are so predictable. Had Trask played poorly you would NOT be writing that it was because he was playing with 2nd and 3rd team linemen and receivers. But because he played well, you say bring that out. Sad.

  32. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Just a former OLINEMAN’s analysis of the strip sack fumble play of Trask.

    The Bucs half slide protected right.

    The backside LG an LT had the bigs, the DT and DE.

    The RB had the backer.

    White saw that the backer was in coverage, so he released from his pass pro and went out for a RB choice route as the check down based on the LB’s coverage.

    White did his job.

    Because the protection is slid right, Trask knows that he must step up in the pocket and work the pocket to his left.

    That’s the rules for that protection.

    Because the LT got destroyed by his DE and allowed the pocket to collapse, then then that’s the LT’s fault. The LT job is not to allow that to happen on this protection scheme for this play.

    When the LT does that on this protection scheme, getting destroyed and allowing the DE to be in the face of Trask as Trask is on his last step in his drop, the LT has failed his teammates.

    The LT will be told that in the film room.

  33. Listnfrmafar Says:

    tampabayfisherman@ You have quiet the man crush.

  34. ChiBuc Says:

    This is like watching HSN. People just keep repeating the same ol time fillers and blather on about nothing.

    However, I did appreciate BelleGlade’s perspective re: non-HOF SB QBs. I actually made it all the way to the end of the post. It’s a team sport, regardless of who is the best or worst on the team. To say a TEAM won a SB in spite of a season long contributor is pedantic.

  35. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    I’m not a Trask hater.

    I support him, have defended him and want nothing but the best from him.

    Until a QB competes against another NFL team’s first team defense, you don’t know exactly how good they are.

    TONS of QB’s have played great in the NFL preseason against non starters and when they were put on the first team they failed.

    Just for perspective, I have watched Ryan Griffin look like he’s the next great NFL QB from my seats at Ray Jay against the other team’s 2nd and 3rd stringers.

    Those are just facts.

    No hate or controversy at all. Just facts.

  36. Tbbucs3 Says:

    To put pre season in perspective for the Trask fan boys….

    36 year old Josh Johnson (who played with Bryon Leftwhich) threw for 200 yards 2TDs 0 Ints last night……maybe hes gonna be the next great too?

  37. Ash Says:

    Trask was ok he needs alot of reps. It’s one preseason game though so you cant really tell much. I would like to see him play against the number ones he looked like a rookie out there at times made a couple of good throws need to see him out there alot more to get a real evaluation though.

  38. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Trask made big throws last night showed poise and looked fantastic for a guy who hasn’t seen any playing time. This kid has a sky high ceiling.

    You are a hater. It’s embarrassing.

  39. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    BelleGladeBuc: The Ravens won the 2000 Super Bowl, which is played in early 2001. The following year, they signed Elvis Grbac to replace Trent Dilfer.

    Redman started against the Bucs in 2002, but I don’t think he went into that season as a “starter”. Or maybe he did because that’s when Grbac surprisingly retired in his prime.

    Anyway, your point is somewhat valid, as not just anyone can QB a Super Bowl team, but make no mistake, just about any NFL-caliber QB would’ve won a Super Bowl with that defense. There’s a reason the Ravens got rid of Dilfer almost immediately after the game.

  40. Buc1987 Says:

    Against 2nd and 3rd stringers?

    Stop it.

  41. OBVIOUS Says:

    Hey Fishman, way to stand up for Trask. With that said, Belle Grade did a great job of breaking it down and btw he wasn’t after you. You’ve probably figured that out by now.
    I’m going to throw my 2 cents in on Trask. THIS IS BASICALLY HIS FIRST YEAR OF PHYSICAL TRAINING. After last years pre season they dropped him off at the curb and had bigger fish to fry. Bowles not only admitted that but infact pointed that out 2 days ago. In their minds there was NO WAY he was going to play last year and treated him according. In fact he wasn’t even invited to come to a single game… They didn’t develop him beyond the playbook and that just what he learned (because of NEGLECT) on the forth playing field behind the bleachers. It wasn’t Trask’s fault. This in a very large sense his FIRST ACTUAL shot beyond the play book.
    That fact in itself warrants a little flexibility on judgement. Whatever training he got last year wasn’t from Tom Brady and Arians. He’s in MANY WAYS still a rook.

    Considering he’s at a disadvantage to Gabbert and Griff who have had years to train with Brady and Arians and the gauntlet of other coaches, I’d say he fared well. Finally he’s getting the attention Arians didn’t give him. I’m of the opinion that Arians is one of if not the greatest coach we’ve ever had but to say “quarterback whisperer”, Well let’s just say I don’t think so. If it were true, how could he have resisted molding Trask? ESPECIALLY since Trask is a direct connect to his personal legacy? QB whisperer? Nah…
    I’m rooting for the underdog on this one.

  42. Cobraboy Says:

    Trask was a doinked FG away from his first pro comeback win and accompanying accolades.

    Win the game, Trask is exalted.

    Lose by doink, and he’s “meh.”

    Casuals are funny…

  43. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “Casuals are funny”

    Says the guy who thinks pre season football matters

  44. Mike Johnson Says:

    Maybe you guys were watching another game. I gave trask a C… barely. Not bad but not great either. Lets see him in the next preseason game. Gabbert looked Ok though.

  45. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Is there a statistic somewhere that indicates no player ever played their way onto a team during preseason? If not, I would guess preseason is very important for the “borderline” players to show what they can do in an actual game setting.

  46. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Not a huge follower of the Raven’s. I just remember that they drafted Redman to be their next great QB, similar to Trask or Trey Lance or Jordan Love.

    I forgot about Elvis. Thanks for the correction.

    The point is, Elvis Grbac had the exact same historically great Raven’s defense in their Super Bowl defense and he failed to lead one of the greatest All Time NFL Defenses to a Super Bowl Championship repeat.

    Grbac had the league’s #3 ranked defense that year and failed to lead them to a title repeat.

    Dilfer was the only QB’d the Raven’s had with that defense to lead them to the promised land.

    My point was that it’s not as easy as everyone likes to trivialize it to being.

    If it was so easy, Shaun King would have done it for us and Elvis would have done it for the Raven’s and Flutie/Tomzak would have done it with the Bears.

    That’s my point.

  47. Mike C Says:

    I am much more comfortable with a guy who “sucks” in practice, then plays well in games. Maybe he is a gamer.

  48. mark2001 Says:

    Ronde said he thought Trask was his player of the game. In my mind, that is good enough for me… at this point in time. One day, one year at a time.

  49. BucBoy Says:

    “mark2001 Says: Ronde said he thought Trask was his player of the game.”

    Shhh! Don’t tell Joe, Rod Munch, or Goatbutt, they’ll have a stroke!

  50. mark2001 Says:

    I do think Trask needs to speed up his read and reaction time. Frankly in that regard, he reminds me of America’s almost forgotten QB… a guy we no longer have, without all the interceptions during games.

  51. BucBoy Says:

    “Mike Johnson Says: Maybe you guys were watching another game. I gave Trask a C.”

    Trask had a passer rating of 95.3, which is higher than the passer ratings of 20 starting NFL quarterbacks in the 2021 season.

    Now you know why nobody ever calls you for advice on draft day.

  52. tbbucs3 Says:

    “Trask had a passer rating of 95.3, which is higher than the passer ratings of 20 starting NFL quarterbacks in the 2021 season.”

    Wow you fan boys are delusional… can’t possibly compare the passer rating of a **1 game sample size** against future FedEx workers to the passer ratings of actual starting QBs who played a 17 game season against actual NFL talent.


  53. tbbucs3 Says:


    Here’s a list of some of the pre season quarterbacks who had a high passer rating than Kyle Trask last night alone.

    – Josh Johnson
    – Chase Daniels
    – Bryce Perkins
    – Skylar Thompson (The Dolphins QB)
    – Trevor Siemian
    – And…..Mason Rudolph

    I don’t see other fan bases losing their minds because Bryce Perkins had a good game. Still think pre season matters? (Hint- It doesn’t)

  54. BucBoy Says:


    Suc on these numbers:

    – Trask had a 95.3 passer rating (FACT)
    – 95.3 is well above the average of STARTING NFL QUARTERBACKS (FACT)

    Suc on it.

  55. Listnfrmafar Says:

    tbuc@ all those premature ejactulators loving Trask today are simply using this small sample size in hopes they can replace their old binkie Brady with a new fresh one. You’re reaching Bucs fans. I will say he has potential but his release is way too slow, he will get killed.

  56. JimmyJack Says:

    Trask moved the ball up and down the field had a few beautiful throws and when we needed it he made clutch plays to put us in position to win. Yes he made some bad errors too but the good stuff answered a lot of questions.

    Speaking of clutch plays how about that catch by Thompkins at the end? I know our reciever room is going to be tough to crack but I gotta wonder where that dude is on the depth chart.

  57. BucBoy Says:

    “tbbucs3 Says: Still think pre season matters? (Hint- It doesn’t)”

    So, if Trask plays poorly next week, it doesn’t matter, right?


  58. JimmyJack Says:

    List Trasks entire pro career is a small sample size.

  59. David Says:

    Trask was named as the player of game before even he made the last two great passes to set up the Bucs for a potential winning FG. That tells us that how well he performed last night playing with a make shift OL and players whom will be unemployed in a few weeks from now. The knock on Trask had been that he played great in Florida due to good players around him. Okay with the same tokens, Trask should be great if you play him with starters in 2023 without TB. Just imagine how much better he could have been if he played or got some meaningful reps/snaps last year as a rookie. Trask might not be a flashy or a quick learner, however don’t doubt his heart of champion as he has proved many of his doubters wrong from HS through out college. Just as he surprised me with his performance last night after Joe’s negative recent training camp reports. BA failed Trask last year placing him as QB3 sending him fishing with nice pay missing valuable reps that could have helped him in his second year training camp or in real games. Again why are they even playing Gabbert in a pre-season game. Gabber always looks good in practice or against the subs as he did against Dolphins second stringers but unproven 12 years record as starter.

  60. Goatfarmer Says:


    I am a Gator fish boy. When Spurrier and Rex Grossman are the two most successful NFL QBs to come out of the school, there’s a legacy that is hard to ignore. Go ahead and say anyone objectively watching his performance is a hater.

    The moon is made of green cheese and the earth is flat, too.

    Presuming this is Brady’s last year, Gabbert or another vet will be the Bucs starting QB. Trask will still be in the “special QB development program.”

  61. BucBoy Says:


    There you go again with the fiction that NFL quarterbacks come only from certain QB schools. Here is a bit of NFL history, for your edification:

    Brett Favre, Southern Miss
    Terry Bradshaw, Louisiana Tech
    Ben Roethlisberger, Miami (Ohio)
    Josh Allen, Wyoming
    Roger Staubach, U.S. Naval Academy
    Tony Romo, Eastern Illinois
    Kurt Warner, Northern Iowa
    Phil Simms, Morehead State
    Joe Flacco, Delaware
    Daunte Culpepper, Central Florida
    Jake Delhomme, Louisiana-Lafayette
    Ken Anderson, Augustana College

    If you need more, Google is your friend.

  62. Goatfarmer Says:

    I’m talking about quarterbacks to come out of the University of Florida, you amoeba.

  63. Goatfarmer Says:

    In other words, Gator QBs suck in the NFL. I went there from 76-81, and have first hand observation from that point forward. Before that it’s easy to read about. I guess John Reeves had some success in the WFL. The Gators have never ever turned out a franchise quarterback.

    Chew on that. I wish it weren’t true but it is.

  64. BucBoy Says:

    No way you went to UF. You’re too dense. You don’t grasp that those NFL quarterbacks I listed each came from a school that had never produced NFL quarterbacks. Hence the very premise of your argument is false and disproven. Go milk a goat, you POS.

  65. BucBoy Says:

    No way you went to UF. You’re too dense. You don’t grasp that those NFL quarterbacks I listed each came from a school that had never produced NFL quarterbacks! Hence the very premise of your argument is false and disproven. Go milk a goat.

  66. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    The Gators are a part of the most powerful and NFL player coveted conferences as a longtime member of the SEC.

    The SEC school’s have produced numerous big time NFL QB’s over the years.

    Look no further than this past Super Bowl QB’d by Georgia Bulldog Stafford vs LSU Tiger Joe Burrow.

    Dak, Eli, Peyton, Hurts, Tua, Cutler, Mack Brown, Bart Starr, Blanda, YA Tittle, Cam, Archie, Stabler, Tarkenton, Namath all came from various schools of the SEC.

    It is odd that Florida, which has been a longtime member of the SEC and is one of their cornerstone programs, has not produced at least one NFL QB of any substance in all of their existence.

    I’m hoping for my beloved Bucs that Trask breaks that streak.

  67. Goatfarmer Says:

    Thank you BelleGlade. The muppet with a brain stem injury keeps hoping. As do we all, but some of us are realistic because we watch objectively.

    Maybe Anthony Richardson is the one….although he reminds me of Josh Freeman which scares me.

    I endured the Doug Dickey era, and thought we’d gotten our guy with Charlie Pell – oops. Then Galen Hall but eventually the old ball coach came and did the first impossible thing, win the SEC and then a National Championship.

    I’d ask the muppet where he went to school, but it’s pretty obvious he didn’t make it beyond recess.

  68. Goatfarmer Says:

    Incidentally if anyone wants to see a Gator studding out, watch the highlights of Damien Pierce with Houston against the Aints. I’m cheering for him, I thought Mullen completely mismanaged his running backs in every way.

  69. Joe Says:

    Maybe Anthony Richardson is the one….although he reminds me of Josh Freeman which scares me.

    Emory Hunt of CBS said today on SiriusXM that he currently (as in mid-August) projects AR-15 to be his first quarterback off the board in the 2023 draft.

  70. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Was I wrong by not including Rex Grossman?

    He is the most accomplished of all the former Gator QB’s as he’s the only UF QB to lead a team to a Super Bowl.

    He was a Gator and he had one magical season where he QB’d Lovie Smith’s Bears to a Super Bowl.

  71. Goatfarmer Says:

    Belle – he would have to be the Gators’ most accomplished QB alum and they called him Sexy Rexy – but no one is clamoring to induct him into any hall or ring or other club. When Grossman is the best you can point to, that’s a sad representation .

    I think our point has been well made.

  72. Goatfarmer Says:

    Joes – we shall see on Richardson. If Mullen didn’t irreparably ruin him, it could be interesting. I hope he doesn’t have a snake fetish.