The Value Of Carlton Davis

August 18th, 2022

Interesting stat.

There is disagreement from time to time at world headquarters and it’s usually about who will make the next Big Storm Brewing run.

But sometimes it’s about Carlton Davis. One of the Joes believes the Bucs cornerback is at least a top-10 corner. The other Joe, well, that’s a hard sell for him. And that Joe would be quick to say Davis has never made a Pro Bowl or the NFL Network top-100.

Well, Bryan Knowles, typing for Football Outsiders 2022 Almanac, has an eye-opening stat that should put this issue to rest.

Carlton Davis’ 48 passes defensed since 2019 are the most in the league.

So someone is going to have to explain to Joe how a guy who has the most passes defended in the NFL the past three seasons is just an above average corner, or worse? Joe doesn’t think that is possible.

Carlton Davis a top-five corner? That’s pushing it. But top-10? Of course.

Back when Davis was a rookie and he was (not) being coached by Mike Smith and his gang, did anyone ever envision him leading the NFL in passes defended for a three-year period? Joe never dreamed that.

It just demonstrates once again what good coaching can do for a team, and for players.

18 Responses to “The Value Of Carlton Davis”

  1. Rod Munch Says:

    Well, I’ll say this, if you’re truly a corner that QB’s fear, they just won’t throw the ball at you, so you won’t have a chance to defend that many passes. But if Davis can have a big INT year, that’s when he’ll get noticed as a top corner, AND QBs will then, at that point, stop throwing at him. Sort of like how Barber had 10 INTs one year, then QBs just did their best to not look his way for years afterwards.

    For Davis, he got paid like a top corner which is all he should be worried about. Also he’s still young enough, and I think still improving, so he can work himself into that top 10 consideration by everyone’s standards, and maybe even get mentioned in that top 5 with a very good year this year.

  2. ATLBuc Says:

    In two games against the Saints last year, with Carlton Davis being the primary defender, Michael Thomas caught one pass for 15 yards. Foe me, that says it all.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    That exorbitant number does suggest the ball goes his way a lot. Most of the top cornerbacks don’t have a chance for that many passes defensed because their cover receiver isn’t targeted that often. A pass defensed also means he didn’t get the interception 🙁

  4. Goatfarmer Says:

    I forgot he started his career under the retired on the job Mike Smith. What an ass to totally quit on Dirk like that. I have less respect for that lizard than most humans, no matter how nice of a toad he seems to be in interviews.

  5. Mike pizzoli Says:

    It’s being reported Tristan Wirfs left practice way earlier with an apparent core injury, I’m surprised Joe doesn’t have anything on this, honestly I’m so scared this year is already going to be like last year or worse. Wirfs absolutely cannot be lost for any long period of time

  6. tampabuscsbro Says:

    I mean a supposed top3 CB on the cowboys gives up more yards then anyone else by a lot. but he is elite when he gets burned a lot and lays an egg in a crucial playoff game.

    But he had a lot of INTs so better then all.

  7. Lt. Dan Says:

    “who will make the next Big Storm Brewing run..”

    Gall dang it all Joe..I’m headin south on I95 in a couple of days…where can I secure a twelev’er of BroMosa so I can class up my fridge back here in a locality south of DC yet north of NC?

  8. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Three words….CATCH THE BALL!!!!!!!

  9. Bird Says:

    Agree. Most smart qbs dont throw alexander or diggs Way or ramsey way as much so less pass defenses for them

    Carlton has to come up with those INTs that go threw his hands every season. And then he can be in discussion. Heard he was abused yesterday in practice multiple times

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Joe I love Carlton trust me I do but Carlton is not top 10 top 15 yea I can give u that! You gotta understand the volume of passes the bucs defense get in the league which is #1 that stat is not tellin the whole story for makin a case of top 10. I can name 10 hell 14 more corners better than Carlton. Carlton starts catching those balls now we can talk but he solid either way!!

  11. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    He has a lot of opportunities for pass defense because he gets thrown at a lot. So not enough context in that one statistic. Not even close. My biggest gripe with Davis though is that he is either unable, or unwilling, to tackle. Dean, on the other hand, and whose coverage is spotty, is a pretty good tackler.

  12. JimmyJack Says:

    ATLBuc hit the nail on the head. Davis shuts down top recievers. And much bugger list then just M.Thomas. Remember when Julio Jones used to torch us for 150+ twice a year? Davis playing in Bowles defense took care of that. I’ll tell you right now if Devonte Adams rips off 150 on us we dont get to no SuperBowl. Couldnt do it against Davis.

    Top Ten is not something I care about. Davis is a damm good corner and we havent had one of those in like 15 years.

  13. geno711 Says:

    Jalen Ramsey is as good as corner as any in the game right now.

    Had 93 targets against him last year and 59 completions.

    This idea that they do not throw against you if you are elite is bullspit.

    NFL is a passing league, and the offenses have huge advantages over the defenses. That is why average scoring is so high and all the secondaries at the end of the year look like crap to the average fan.

    By the way, last year’s secondary hero may not be that great. Trevon Diggs initial stats show that he allowed 55 receptions in 96 targets. And he had the whopping 11 Ints. last year.

    However, Diggs also allowed more big plays than any other corner on the Cowboys which resulted in 1,016 yards allowed in coverage. Advanced stats also show that many of the receptions he gave up went for 15+ yards. his stats were in 16 games played. So, he allowed 64 yards per game to his man.

    Carlton Davis only had 1 int. But he also allowed only 34 receptions on 62 targets for a total of 364 yards. That was in 10 games. So, Davis allowed 36 yards per game to his man.

    Get that again. Diggs allowed 64 yards per game compared to Davis allowing 36 yards per game.

    There is no Micah Parsons on the Bucs either.

    Also, tackles per game last year:

    Davis 3.9
    Diggs 3.2
    Ramsey 4.8

    Joe already pointed out his elite PD statistics.

    I laugh at the confident I can name 14 cornerbacks better than him. Like any of us watched in close detail 14 cornerbacks over their whole season last year.

  14. NCBucfan Says:

    Great post Geno711!

  15. unbelievable Says:

    @ATLBucs – wasn’t Thomas pretty dinged up / injured in those games though?

    And I like Davis a lot, don’t get me wrong.

  16. GenocideD Says:

    Can’t we chalk that up to teams knowing our secondary was a weakness. Just the law of numbers would say that more passes thrown at him would bound to give him more defenses

  17. Anonymous Says:

    They throw at him because the media hasn’t told them to do otherwise lol

  18. gotbbucs Says:

    This poor dead horse just continues to get beaten. Sad.