NFL Network Schedule For Bucs Preseason Opener Against Miami

August 8th, 2022

For Bucs fans who forget to set their DVR to WFLA-TV Channel 8 for Saturday’s preseason opener against the Dolphins, NFL Network has you covered.

The NFL Network, if it is not carrying a preseason game live, always rebroadcasts every preseason games on tape-delay. The Bucs are no exception.

For locals who want to watch the game again or don’t DVR the original broadcast, or for fans out of town, the NFL Network will rebroadcast the Dolphins-Bucs game twice next week.

The first rebroadcast will be Sunday morning, Aug. 14 at 7 a.m. The second rebroadcast is scheduled for Tuesday morning, Aug. 16, at 3 a.m.

Set your alarm clocks and digital recording devices accordingly.

22 Responses to “NFL Network Schedule For Bucs Preseason Opener Against Miami”

  1. Bobby G Says:

    Great info…thank you

  2. D-Rok Says:

    I’ll be sure to matriculate myself down to the alarm clock to ensure I don’t forget to remember to set my DVR. After all, I don’t have one of those fancy smart fridges to help me remember stuff. Which is better, an alarm clock or a sundial?

    Thanks for the info about how to watch my beloved Bucs game even after the fact. Should be a scintillating and exciting pre-season contest!!!

  3. #8 Says:

    Really silly preseason isn’t included in Sunday ticket or whatever the heck they call it now.
    Actually excited to see the yoots play some.

  4. Maniac Buc Says:

    I don’t normally watch preseason. Watching a bunch of guys who won’t be playing in 2-3 weeks has never been my thing. But between the WR, LG, C and K competition, I’m interested for the first time.

  5. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I used to never watch, but now after being invested in the draft and free agency, I love watching our guys. See who is good, who may be good etc.

  6. #8 Says:

    Fun time of year to see some of these guys we’ve been obsessing over since Feb.

    Crazy thing is if one of these picks ends up being one fo the couple rookies who make an insane impact year one…look out. I pray Bucs get to be one of those lucky teams this year.

    Then go sign Suh.


  7. D-Rok Says:

    Yep, 8. Preseason games are quite comical to watch, BUT, as a fan, I’m Jonesin’ to see how the new additions play. We know what the starters bring. What you got, rook?

    I will be tuning in to preseason games, fo sho.

  8. Lt. Dan Says:

    I live in VA..I popped for the $99.00 (now $79.00) plus package to watch the Bucs preseason games live. The second preseason game will be shown live I believe on the NFL channel so yea – I overpaid. I only have DirectV so I can get every Bucs game during the season. Can’t wait to start streaming games next year so I can drop DirecTv. Who knows – maybe Amazon or Apple will offer an Ala Carte menu when they aquire the streaming rights next year.

  9. D-Rok Says:


    Great My Cousin Vinny reference. As the judge in that movie correctly elucidated, it aint “yoots” it’s “yoooothes.” LOL

  10. mark2001 Says:

    Being out of market, I’ll be watching on NFL plus, too, for the 79.00 package. I don’t have satellite or cable… just streaming. I can watch the live games during the regular season 10 minutes after they are over. Just a glimpse on the Joes site will tell me how things are going. But at least I can watch it multiple times, and particular plays for the various level performance. Will be nice to see those sunny games Tampa Bay games during the frozen tundra winters.

  11. PassingThru Says:


    You might be able to watch the game in real-time on the CBS Miami affiliate.


    So I’m living in Jacksonville for work. Will the BUCS be broadcasting the preseason games on their website like years past? I don’t have NFL network and would love to watch these games. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    For what it’s worth, we decided to drop Directv in two rooms. When the wife called to cancel the boxes, she somehow got Sunday Ticket for free. Might be worth calling them to see what you can get.

  14. Tom Sumner Says:


  15. PassingThru Says:

    I forgot to mention that CBS Miami might stream, but some local stations black out streaming for professional sports.

  16. WVBuc Says:

    Anyone living in the Tampa area willing to broadcast the game live through a private channel or service? Just asking for a friend.

  17. kaimaru Says:


    NFL+ does include live preseason games. “Live out-of-market pre-season games across all devices”

  18. kaimaru Says:


    NFL+ does include live preseason games. “Live out-of-market pre-season games across all devices”

  19. Km Says:


    It does include preseason games “Live out-of-market preseason games across devices.”

  20. Bobby Buc Says:

    looking forward to seeing taylor bisciotti, er sorry, meant the bucs…

  21. Goatfarmer Says:

    Thinking two picks for Trashk. Maybe three.

  22. BucsNoles Says: