Josh Allen: The Best Player In Fantasy Football

August 22nd, 2022

In episode 16, Todd discusses how the Bills’ QB has been #1 for the last two years and why there’s no valid reason to believe that will change in 2022.

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3 Responses to “Josh Allen: The Best Player In Fantasy Football”

  1. BucBoy Says:

    Josh Allen played at Wyoming. Before Allen, Wyoming had never produced a quarterback who had thrown a pass in a NFL regular season game. Luckily for the Bills, Goathumper was not in charge of their 2018 draft.

  2. GOB Says:

    Allen is quickly becoming an unstoppable force. The last two times he faced the Patriots, the Bills didn’t punt. Thankfully for the bucs, the Superbowl is the only way they’ll play em. They’re also loaded on defense. GOB is very very a’scared, and the league should be too.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You can safely drop Fantasy from this title and it would make more sense.