Happy 14th Birthday To JoeBucsFan.com

August 7th, 2022

Yes, Joe is nearing manhood.

Fourteen years ago today, Joe fired up this website and never turned back. About 48,000 Bucs posts have been typed, the results of obsessing 24/7 about all things Buccaneers.

It all started with a laptop and a dream.

As the Chucky era marched on, Joe became so incredibly bored by the stale, traditional media in the Tampa Bay area. It was years into the new century and Bucs coverage was stuck in the 1980s. Boring!!

But in some corners of the Internet, coverage of sports teams was fun, you know, like sports are supposed to be.

So Joe hatched a plan to cover the Buccaneers in a way that would entertain and interest Joe, something very different.

A defunct NBA site called JoeNetsFan.com was the inspiration for the name and the spirit, but Joe decided to bring a different angle, the whole third-person “Joe” thing.

Joe pounded away for months on these pages writing passionately for almost nobody — and no money. Traffic grew slowly while Joe endured endless personal attacks, the result of rattling the cages of Bucs fans, the Bucs franchise, and Joe’s media brethren. Joe had lots of “haters” before anyone used the term “haters.”

But Joe pressed on because this site was rooted in a love for the Bucs (and always will be).

Plus, Joe was having fun and was confident fans were buying into Joe’s unique brand of journalism that continues to be like no other.

The Day 1 approach hasn’t changed; Joe writes about Bucs-related subjects that interest Joe without regard for any other agenda.

Thankfully, Bucs fans kept coming. JoeBucsFan.com traffic grows consistently, and it’s reached the point where Joe is now the only destination for legions of Bucs fans. Anyone who wants to research their favorite Bucs site on SimilarWeb.com can quickly conclude that JoeBucsFan.com is the dominant force in the market — by a mile.

In 2021 alone, about 24 million pages were viewed on JoeBucsFan.com (official server-based data). And then throw in the legions of beloved podcast listeners on top of that.

The ride has been wild — a book could be written about the bizarre Bucs sh*t Joe has experienced and can’t type on these pages — and Joe appreciates all readers.

While Joe has wacky daily commenters and devoted followers, a statistically insignificant percentage of readers ever comment. But you all have a place in Joe’s heart.

Joe also appreciates the great year-round sponsors and local business owners who support JoeBucsFan.com. Unlike the Buccaneers organization and other local media outlets, Joe does not price gouge and views advertisers as true partners and friends.

As always, Joe’s lone birthday wish is for top quality football to continue in Tampa.

Joe loves playing cheerleader instead of dissecting the turds served up by the Bucs during The Lost Decade. What a relief the past two seasons have been. Winning is good for Joe’s mental health and bank account.

A hearty thank you from JoeBucsFan.com world headquarters to all the Bucs fans out there who have allowed Joe to realize this dream — even the legions of fan haters, bitter media types and sour Bucs employees.

As a birthday treat, Joe will get back to work serving Bucs fans 24/7. It’s a privilege.

80 Responses to “Happy 14th Birthday To JoeBucsFan.com”

  1. Bird Says:

    Congrats joes!

  2. Goatfarmer Says:

    Congratulations on reaching puberty! Drink up me hardies, yo-ho.

  3. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I remember when it all began, thanks for the dedication.

  4. Bojim Says:


  5. mark2001 Says:

    And to think… Joe was only 14 when he and the other Joe started all this.

  6. Casual Observer Says:

    Agree – congrats. You are a fun and interesting way to follow our Bucs.

  7. Caleb lee Says:

    I don’t look anywhere else for my Bucs news! Thank you for your dedication and effort to get us everything Bucs news on the daily. Big, big thank you Joe(s).

  8. Jerry R Jones Says:

    Congrats, Joe’s!

  9. David Says:


  10. #8 Says:

    14? That explains it. Good age to start drinking big storm beers.
    Thanks for being a daily destination for me.

  11. OHBucFan Says:

    The name has changed but this reader has been here for over 13 years. This site has lapped the others time and time again. Thanks for the dedication and happy birthday!

  12. Eric Says:

    Happy Bday !!!!!!! Best Bucs site ever.

  13. A Bucs Fan Says:

    I affirm that this is the best Bucs news website. Period. Thank you for your time and dedication to all things Bucs! Happy Birthday Joe

  14. SteveK Says:

    JBF is a squirrelly teenager, happy birthday Steve, Lee, and Ira! You’ve created the best damn buccaneer football website in all the land. Thankful for TB12 and JBF! Let’s go Bucs!

  15. BucsfanFred Says:

    Happy birthday JBF! I’ve been coming here since the Shian days. When that super staff infection stuff hit.
    May you have many, many more.
    Ira was a great add on.
    BTW, back in the 80s the Tampa Tribune used to have Tom McEwen and the morning after breakfast He was always my favorite, God rest his soul. Between him and Coach McKay they really kept the laughs coming.
    After he was gone Mother Trib was never the same

  16. Buczilla Says:

    I love you guys! You Joes and especially Ira (He’ll always have a special place in my heart due to reading his stuff in the old Tampa Tribune days) are the best and no one even comes remotely close. Here’s to another 14 awesome years of boredom free articles!

  17. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Look forward to reading your articles daily. Replies…not so much.
    Great Job. Happy Birthday

  18. Pops Malone Says:

    Happy Birthday Joe and thank you from Chicago where I have been a Bucs fan since my dad took me to Bucs versus Giants for the regular season opener on a hot Saturday night….they lost that night but I have been a huge fan ever since….thank you for this site and your coverage! i love the Joes! I am headed to Dallas for the season opener and in Tampa for the Bengals game in December! Let’s hope it’s a great year! Go Bucs and you go Joe! Happy Birthday!

  19. Crickett Baker Says:

    Happy birthday to a great, informative, entertaining site.

  20. SB~LV Says:

    Happy Birthday Joes!
    Thanks for the BEST Buc coverage!

  21. SkullBucs55 Says:

    Congrats!! I don’t write comments but i’m here several times a day. Thank you

  22. PewterStiffArm Says:

    Thanks Joe, continue to crank out fantastic work. This is from a Bucs fan surrounded by stinking Panther fans in Greensboro, North Carolina. Awesome work, I look forward to reading every article.

  23. SPARKY Says:

    Congratulations Joe’s. I’m not a great internet guy, but found your site around 4 years ago. Best thing for any Bucs fan. Thanks.

  24. Chris Tucker@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I remember it when it started, way before Ira arrived. Happy Birthday Steve and Lee!

  25. TempcoPest Says:

    I seem to remember the site asking for donations for beer money….you’ve come a long way!

  26. D-Rok Says:

    Congratulations and Happy 14th Birthday! Here’s to many more years of the best Bucs site on the planet!!

  27. Alexandre Nascimento Says:

    Congrats, Joes
    Keep them coming!
    It’s a privilege to get Bucs’ info from you guys.
    Go Bucs!

  28. WillieG Says:

    Happy Birthday and congratulations, Joe!

    I have a question. When and how did you get media credentials from the Bucs and the NFL? Or were you already credentialed from your previous employment? I’m assuming, of course, that you need some sort of credentials? Surely the Bucs and the NFL wouldn’t allow everyone with a website to have access to all the stuff y’all have access to?

    I’m genuinely curious. And no, I have no desire to start my own website. I love my Bucs, but I couldn’t wade through all the garbage Joe goes through, and I hate watching anything other than games.

  29. BucinCrazyPR Says:

    Happy Birthday Joe . Congratulations and I wish u continued success and growth . Been with u since the beginning. Love ur content and ur style regardless of the subject matter. Rarely leave a comment because I have so much fun reading the comments of fools. As long as they’re fools for our Bucs then it’s all good.
    Go Bucs !!

  30. Pickgrin Says:

    Happy Birthday JBF!

    Raheem was coach when I first discovered this little website and I’ve spent way too much time here over the last dozen or so years…..

    Thanks for doing what you guys do. It feeds the hunger for good (and prolific) Bucs info that longtime Bucs fans crave.

    Joe appreciates all the love on this thread, folks. 🙂 –Joe

  31. Jeff Says:


  32. Mark A Swygert Says:

    Happy birthday to the Joes. I’m sure glad you’re here. The idiot trolls that are fans of other teams get on here and think their negative spin on things is going tp somehow wreck the morale of Bucs’ fans, but the truth is they are ample evidence that this site is relevant. I mean that your impact is so great that you are loved by Bucs fans , but hated by the opposition.

  33. Long John Says:

    Congratulations may you continue to flourish. Joe you have a lot of old farts on here so welcome to the PARTY!!!!!

  34. ModHairKen Says:

    Joe, you need a ROH for people who post comments. They are a part of the success. I look forward to the comments as much as the content.

  35. BigMacAttack Says:

    We would talk trash on TBO and I’ve told this before. Joe just started and comes on the TBO site asking us to come check out his new site. There were a handful all showed up together and it was refreshing, good content and the conversations were good. Joe interacted a lot and Steve Joe would comment because he still had a full time job 😂. You’ve earned your place because of hard work and just being better than the competition all the way around. Nice job guys. Congratulations!!!

  36. BigMacAttack Says:

    I never thought I’d see the day that you would have both Ira And DB55 doing exclusive content on this site. Wow!!! Just Wow!!!

  37. Joe Says:

    I have a question. When and how did you get media credentials from the Bucs and the NFL? Or were you already credentialed from your previous employment?

    We were credentialed previously with the Bucs working for other outlets. NFL suits knew Joe because of this and credentialed us right away. The Bucs took a couple of years. The Bucs media relations director at the time was very hostile to Joe and pulled a few very shady stunts that will come out in the book. In fact, this rat did his best to put Joe out of business.

    When the Bucs hired an open-minded media relations director a few years later, he saw our growing traffic and equally important saw many of the papers that covered the Bucs either stop coverage or just go out of business.

  38. GOB Says:

    Joe, congratulations. This site is not only informative, but entertaining as well. A site is only as good as the stories, and the posters. IMO, you have the perfect mix of both. Here’s to 14 more.

    Your Obedient Servant, GOB.

  39. WillieG Says:

    Thanks Joe for your answer. I was wondering if you had trouble. Apparently, you did. I’m glad you survived because I don’t have to go looking everywhere for stories. I just come here and it’s done for me. Yay. Thanks again Joe and congratulations.

  40. MadMax Says:

    Whew! Man time flies! I remember discovering you the first or 2nd year (and of course Ive had the same username throughout). The main thing I love about this place is the opinions and ideas that can be bounced around. Yeah little arguments and insults sometimes occur, but you know the difference between someone just trolling or a regular poster just having a drunk moment lol…or posters just disagreeing.

    Congrats with all of the success….and cheers to many more years of it…drink uP!

  41. Rick Says:

    Congratulations! JBF is my first stop every morning. Been a fan since 1976 and it hasn’t been all glory

  42. donuts Says:

    Congrats Lee, Steve, and Ira. You guys make a great team offering great coverage of the #1 NFL team GoBucs!

  43. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Congratulations Joes! This is one of the few sites I constantly have on my phone. I routinely refresh every so often and I appreciate, as a third shifter, your daily cup of Joe that you pump out. Keep it up!

  44. Bucluck Says:

    Congratulations ❗ 👏 you should be very proud.

  45. Waterboy Says:

    Congrats!! Keep up the great work!!

  46. Tom Sumner Says:

    Congrats Joe!! What a DREAM Gig!! rock on!!

  47. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Hell yea congrats. Thank you so much and keep up the good work

  48. gotbbucs Says:

    It’s been fun. Keep it coming. Not overly sure how long I’ve been a reader, but I know it’s been damn close to the start.

  49. Bucs&Bolts Says:

    Congratulations Joe’s been devout follower since 2008 when I turned 18… what a ride it had been you started out with Jeff Garcia tossing the rock and now we have the Greatest of all time BRAdY who would have ever thought !! Cheers and here’s to many more years !!

  50. SB Says:

    Happy birthday as always Joes! I’ve been with ya now for 11 years and running.
    Keep it up!

  51. Pruritus Ani Says:

    Happy Birthday and congrats…. Hard to believe it has been that long.

  52. PA Buc Fan Says:

    Love you Joe’s! Thank you for your commitment to giving us the best Buc info daily 365 days a year. Been an avid reader of your site since nearly your inception and go nowhere else to read about our Bucs! Here’s to another 14 more and beyond! Go Bucs!

  53. Howard Cosell Says:

    Thanks Joes!
    Howard reads the site every day.

  54. Smashsquatch Says:

    All good things begin with passion, well done Joe 👍

  55. LakelandSteve Says:

    Congratulations Joe! 14 years old now, maybe you will finally get laid.

  56. SoFloBuc Says:

    Congrats Joe….now give Ira that raise!

  57. tampabuscsbro Says:

    Happy Birthday Joe!!

    I may disagree with you at times agree with you other times. I do appreciate you having the better coverage of the buccaneers compared to every other source.

    If it wasn’t for the Joes we would have clowns like Rick Stroud and formerly Thomas Bassinger being the only ones reporting on the team

  58. Capt.Tim Says:

    Congrats Joes!
    Thanks for the years of fun.

  59. Howard Cosell Says:

    Howards congrats comment above was comment #53

  60. gp Says:

    Can’t remember when I started reading. After a few years I started posting, I’m sure because someone posted something completely inane that begged for reply. Since then I’ve seen a few posts go into moderation. No complaints, some of them deserved it.
    Keep up the excellent work.
    Not sure what I would do without this site!

  61. Eric Says:

    Congrats Joe. Been a pleasure reading your stuff and posting now and then.

  62. Drebucsfan Says:

    Man, i appreciate the No e stop bucs coverage you’ve always provided joe! As a life long bucs fan there is no other site i would like to be a part of. You always keep it real, even if i don’t agree with it my culture will always Applaud someone who’s stays true to themselves…keep it coming brother and let it’s know he’s the best. The podcast is great and i will always be a loyal listener and reader!!! Thank you…

  63. Drebucsfan Says:

    *let ira know he’s the best

  64. westernbuc Says:

    Thank you Joes for all you do. I used to read all the Bucs sites, now I pretty much read you guys exclusively, and barring travel, I read you guys every day.

    No disrespect to the others, well maybe a little to the BSPN crowd, but JBF is the best.

    I don’t always agree, but I never felt that you guys had an agenda other than wanting the Bucs to win. Which is all of our agenda as well (even the haters and losers, of which there are many.) If/When the book ever comes out, I’ll preorder it immediately.

    As for Ira, you’re a legend and true Buc fans know you work your tail off to get our guysvin the Hall, which is not easy for a small market expansion team that historically is about defense. Keep it up guys, hopefully we got at least another 14 out of you

  65. BREVARD Buc Says:

    Yes please on the book! Love me NFL smut!

  66. BucUToo Says:

    This is the first site I log on to every morning, and I look forward to my morning Bucs news with my coffee everyday! Thanks for what you do, Joe. Oh, and grabbing the best damn sports page writer that ever wrote in Tampa Bay was a great move! I always liked Ira over those other journalists.

  67. PSK Bucs Fan Says:

    Congrats Joes! You’ve been my main source of Bucs info since I found you when you had just turned 1. Never miss a day and never miss and Ira podcast. Thank you!

  68. Mr. Editor Says:

    Good work, Joe(s)!

  69. SickofLosing Says:

    Happy birthday JBF.com!!!
    You keep me sane during the off-season

  70. Cobraboy Says:

    Well done, the #1 go-to Buc news source.

  71. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Congrats Joe(s). I have been a loyal follower from the beginning and I very much appreciate all the interesting news and continuous flow of tidbits of all things Bucs!



    Thank you for your outstanding work, and your 14 year dedication to turning the dream into a way of life.

  73. Buc1987 Says:

    My mornings are not complete if I don’t visit JBF… ever since 2013 for me.

    Go Bucs!! Go JBF!!

    Happy B Day Joes.

  74. Red86 Says:

    Happy Birthday JBF!! Looking forward to many great Bucs contents in the future. Thank You all for your contribution!

  75. Joe Says:

    Thank you all for the kind words and of course, for your support.

    This site simply would not exist if not for readers like you. Joe has never lost sight of this and never will. Thank you!

  76. unbelievable Says:

    Congrats Joes! HBD!

  77. Jason from JA Says:

    Thank you Joes.
    You’ve followed your passion and made it into a successful venture.
    Long live the BUCS …

    …Long live the Joes

  78. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    Congrats, guys! Thanks for being there for me.

  79. T REX Says:


  80. miken Says:

    Happy B day Joe. Damn fine work you do here. My one stop for bucs news.