Can “All-In” Be Turned Off?

August 12th, 2022

Yes, taking-a-break Tom Brady is the same guy who held his own practices at a Tampa high school two years ago, the same guy who has talked about how much he loves practice and how it can take three to five years to build optimum chemistry with receivers.

And now Brady has left the Bucs for at least 10 days after missing time earlier in August.

He won’t be resting his 45-year-old body and coaching up teammates on the sideline, he’s walking away from the team, which may be the most un-Brady-like move Brady could make.

No NFL player has ever been more all-in than Tom Brady. And Joe knows of no starting quarterback that’s stepped away from his team for 10 days in training camp for a pre-arranged vacation.

Folks can spin Brady’s choice however they wish, and Joe isn’t pretending to know the truth driving Brady’s decision. Joe is not calling anyone right or wrong, but Joe’s focus is on the reality that Brady’s behavior is extraordinarily abnormal for Brady.

And it’s even more odd when you consider that Brady has new targets in Julio Jones, Russell Gage and Kyle Rudolph, in addition to three new starting offensive linemen — six new key cogs in his offense.

It’s fair to question whether Brady is all-in on the Bucs for 2022.

It’s even fair to speculate whether his time away from the team will either fire him up to return — or lead to him lose passion for football.

The great 21st-century philosopher and former Bucs guard Ian Beckles said yesterday, “If he’s not all-in, it ain’t going to work.” For a Super Bowl-or-bust team, Joe can’t argue with that.

99 Responses to “Can “All-In” Be Turned Off?”

  1. Casual Observer Says:

    “Great philosopher”. Yeah, right.

  2. John Says:

    He needs this time w his family. He’s letting them know it’s his last run. He needs time w them and they’re reassurance. It’s a long season and he ain’t comin back for nothing less than a Super Bowl victory. If anything this shows that he is completely committed and will has never prepared for a season like this. I expect to see the most fired up Brady and most focused we’ve ever seen. Get ready for the ride!!!

  3. Buccaboo Says:

    He just needs to retire already. Its time for the Bucs to move on

  4. Maniac Buc Says:

    Brady is 100% all in. This time off is nothing major. All these articles on the interwebs about Brady, him not wanting to play anymore, blah blah blah is a bunch of non sense. I get it sells click, not just for the Joes, but for every site. Let’s not be silly. It’s a legitimate question about the football team’s shot at a Super Bowl. The guy has been operating one way for 20-plus years and is now changing radically. He’s coming off spending months with his family. It’s not like he never sees them. –Joe

    However, getting these people up in arms over nothing is what it all amounts too.


  5. Drebucsfan Says:

    Though his time away is truly disheartening, if a 45 year old 7 time superbowl winning QB wants to take a break I’m all for it…give him whatever he needs to win even if it’s a week off in preseason! I just wanner “win baby” in Al Davis voice lol

  6. John Sinclear Says:

    Brady would be smart to let people know what the issue is, before the National Enquirer does the story !!

  7. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    It doesn’t really matter what we think. As long as the locker room is understanding, and Brady returns as his usual lazer focused self I don’t really see an issue.

  8. Smashsquatch Says:

    All in can’t be turned off which is why he will be blowing everybody up with calls, texts, video chats, and other during his absence. Just a hunch.

  9. Lorena Says:

    Joebucsfan is becoming a tabloid and I’m not giving this person anymore clicks. Especially after posting that embarrassing TABLOID trash and trying to suggest it’s true.

    Shame on you Joe! It’s fans like YOU that do not deserve Brady.

  10. Maniac Buc Says:

    Let’s not be silly. It’s a legitimate question about the football team’s shot at a Super Bowl. The guy has been operating one way for 20-plus years and is now changing radically. He’s coming off spending months with his family. It’s not like he never sees them. –Joe

    True indeed. But this effects the Bucs about as much as a Joe Burrow appendicitis! This has about as much impact as a rolled ankle in training camp that would keep him out for 10 days. The Bucs will be fine. I been around sports my whole life at a significant level. I’ve learned that the media will over exaggerate pretty much everything.

    Most athletes laugh at these articles. I assure you the Bucs will be fine!

  11. Maniac Buc Says:

    @John Sinclear, I’m sure Brady couldn’t give two (pieces of feces) about what the National Enquirer writes about him!

  12. lambchop Says:


    Chill, he nearly retired because he wanted to give his family priority. What makes it any different that he’s now back to playing football? His wife must have put some conditions in place, or he himself assured her that he would give the family more importance. Brady is that kind of guy no matter how focused he is on football. His time as a football player is nearing the end so I can see his priorities shifting a bit. His skills are still top notch, so if anything this is a flex on his part.

    Yes, this is a distraction, but as long as Tom comes back focused, the rest of the team will fall in place. It’s only as big a distraction as the media make it out to be forcing this to be constantly addressed.

  13. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Joe is actually regulating how much time he’s allowed to spend with his family. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

  14. Greg G Says:

    I agree with Lorena and Maniac Buc. Sometimes you Joes write things that are clearly gossip rag material. This is part of that. It’s content, it get’s clicks, and you’re intentionally baiting for reactions.

    First, Joe has the same approach here since 2008. Joe writes about what interests Joe. That’s it. Opinion has been a part of journalism for 200+ years. Heck, major newspapers 100 years ago had opinion on the front page, and Editorial pages were a big deal. This is an opinion-driven website with a ton of news. Nobody’s baiting. Comments aren’t read by the vast majority of readers. A miniscule percentage of people comment. Joe has 200,000+ unique visitors and 2 million pages viewed here monthly. Nobody’s writing for “clicks.” Joe doesn’t have to or want to. Of course, Joe is a fan first. That should be obvious. Lastly, most of what you think gets the most reads, the reality is exactly the opposite. –Joe

    You use phrases like, “it’s fair to say”, or “it’s a legitimate question…” but it isn’t either of those things. What is fair, is reporting what happened and reporting what the team states about it.

    It is in fact, “speculative to say” the gossipy questions that you pose. What would be “fair to say” is that in a 23 year career Brady has NEVER failed to meet the highest of standards. It would be “legitimate” to give a man who is considered the greatest football player in the history of the world, the benefit of the doubt that at 45 years old and in his quest for an 8th superbowl some leeway to determine that if he misses 10 days of training camp it won’t negatively affect the team.

    Mostly, it would be “fair to say” that after all these years of Brady giving everything to football at the expense of his family, that asking for 10 days to be with them during training camp, as a predetermined arrangement of his unretiring, is a completely reasonable thing to do.

    It’s frustrating to read this on your site because you all want to live on both sides of the content fence. Legitimate reporting and also speculative gossip. In this case, your questions and positions on this aren’t sport media reporting, it’s fan forum chatter.

  15. sasquatch Says:

    Something is up. I’m not buying the “all is normal, this was planned” BS. If it were pre-planned, they would have mentioned it before, especially after the excused absence last week. If they knew beforehand, they would have made it public in advance to prevent the questions and speculation.

  16. Drseaq Says:

    Maniac Buc is correct. This is a non-issue.

  17. D-Rome Says:

    This has about as much impact as a rolled ankle in training camp that would keep him out for 10 days.

    I don’t know what to make of this Brady situation but I think what you wrote is a good point and an important point. No one would be too concerned if he was committed to winning if he rolled an ankle and needed 10 days off. If Brady needed 10 days off for personal reasons whether that be family or mental health then it should be respected.

    Tom Brady is the exception to every rule we grew up believing about sports. This is his 22nd training camp. I think too many people are overstating camp’s importance to the greatest QB that every lived. He was never going to play in that Miami preseason game. Why should he go through the reps and do that work? Again, he is the exception to every preconceived rule.

    People are acting as if he hasn’t been preparing during the offseason. He knows the playbook, knows the league, and is in great shape. Do people really believe he needs extra work to be able to connect with Russell Gage and Julio Jones? If they do their jobs properly Brady will hit them.

  18. PassingThru Says:

    This is very atypical of Tom Brady. He loves practices and he loves to “win” at practices. Trust me, I live in New England and I’ve heard first-hand about how Brady is miserable in the locker room following a poor performance in practice.

    That’s why I cannot help but think there’s a family emergency, and most likely it involves a lingering health crisis with a family member.

    I sort of doubt it has anything to do with his movie; it’s possible but not probable. Brady is the producer, which means he’s the one who buys the script rights, hires the director, assistant directors, writers, crew, star casting, negotiates distribution rights, schmoozes investors, sets the budget, and glad-hands public figures for use of locations, coordinates activities, etc. Most of the activities are upfront before shooting begins. After that, much or even all of the coordination can be handled by the producer’s staff. That’s why one of the oldest, well-worn jokes in Hollywood is, “So what does a producer actually do?” which infers they’re invisible to the day-to-day work.

    Of course, something unexpected might happen, but the women with the leading roles are seasoned professionals. Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin have worked together recently on a television series, and Sally Field and Rita Moreno are pros with stellar reputations. Another problem might be script rewrite-hell, which is when the script isn’t well-written and problematic. That’s why you hire writers after the script is purchased as modifications are sometimes made. Some of the worst films in Hollywood history suffered from having major rewrites delivered each day of the shooting, creating chaos. On rare occasions it can work; for example “Good Will Hunting” barely resembled the script that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon delivered. They’re lucky that they had Robin Williams and some great writers on location. The director is supposed to resolve this, but the producer may get involved too.

    If you’re a first-time producer, if you’re smart you hire a crew that has worked closely together on other projects. That’s the best way to prevent “production hell” and force a movie into turnaround. It is possible that Brady is in over his head, but I think he’s too well-connected and savvy enough to know his limitations. Last, you all would have likely heard if “80 for Brady” was in either production hell or turnaround as Hollywood is like high school: everyone gossips and that gossip ends up in the Hollywood Reporter or Variety.

  19. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Practice. We talking bout practice. 3-5 years because he knows that real chemistry is built in games. Preseason practice is great for conditioning and for the newbies to learn the playbook. Anybody who has ever played sports knows that very little if any chemistry is accomplished in preseason practice. After the first week it’s nothing but drudgery.

  20. SB~LV Says:

    Half ass Temper Tantrum Tommy
    Gisele HATES Tampa!

  21. D-Rome Says:

    Just to add, perhaps his children are starting school this week. Has Brady ever gone school shopping or to an open house to meet the teachers? Like lambchop said above, it’s quite possible she put conditions in place for him to be more involved. Giselle seems like an involved parent rather than handing off her children to a nanny.

  22. GP Says:

    Regardless of the reason for missing a large chunk of the pre-season..There is the potential for a poor start and player dis-content.

    1. Would anybody else be given permission on the TEAM to do this?

    2. Has a proven starting QB done this in the past? Results?

    3. What if the results of first 4 games are 1-3..Who gets questioned.

    Clearly Tom Brady is not challenged on much for good reason and all may be fine at 4-0 but the potential is now present for conflict.

  23. Steven007 Says:

    I’m pretty sure this will all be forgotten about in approximately 11 days.

  24. Steven007 Says:

    Rome, good point.

  25. Defense Rules Says:

    Sasquatch I agree, ‘Something’s up’. On our part it’s pure SPECULATION at this point; it’s not that we don’t have ALL the facts, but more-so that we don’t have ANY facts.

    Tom Brady isn’t gonna tell us (or anyone else) what’s going on in his personal life (he never has to my knowledge; he values his privacy). And the Bucs certainly aren’t gonna tell us (or anyone else). Personally I get the sense however that the players know, based on Devin White’s comment yesterday that ‘At the end of the day he’s got personal problems going on’.

    WHATEVER is going on, we’d all better HOPE that it gets resolved satisfactorily so it’s not a burden that Tom has to carry all through the season.

  26. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Hogwash . Giselle runs all over the world tree hugging. She’s not sitting home raising the kids 24-7. These people are dang near billionaires. They don’t have worries like the rest of us. They have staff.

  27. Kentucky Buc Says:

    In the words of Ronnie James Dio. ‘Don’t dream of women. They’ll only bring you down’.

  28. Leda Says:

    Ben Volin said Devin White told him that “we are praying for him”
    It sounds a serious thing.

  29. #8 Says:

    Brady is shooting a fleet of Flex Seal commercials.

    Notice the original dude is nowhere to be seen in the latest one!!?? Me either.

    Brady is taking over a new empire.

    Pliability is #1 to him. Makes sense he’s the new Flex Seal guy. It dries into solid, flexible rubber!

    Mark it down.

  30. SB~LV Says:

    BS on the
    Already planned, we knew of it for a while
    Well then it is/ was a poor job of public relations
    “They “ are great at handling situations like this and it never would have been handled like this if known for months

  31. Scooter Says:

    The Bucs first 4 games are rated the toughest first 4 games of all 32 teams.

  32. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Both things can be true….is this unusual behavior for Tom Brady? Yes. Will this all be blown over when he returns? Probably

  33. Jp09 Says:

    If he’s back at practice Tuesday after the Titans game he’ll still have three weeks to get ready for Dallas. This is the sheep mentality of the world, a dude who has done something for 20 plus years isn’t going to magically forget how to do that task because he took ten days off

  34. Anonymous Says:

    “It’s even fair to speculate whether his time away from the team will either fire him up to return — or lead to him lose passion for football.” Seriously! 10 days away and he will lose his passion. No way that can be turned off with TB12. He’ll be back with the same passion he’s always had and he’ll lead this team deep into the playoffs.

  35. SPARKY Says:

    It isn’t a major sickness in the family because that would be something that would not of been agreed on months ago. I think Tom is a great father and can see that his kids are getting older and wants to spend more time before the season starts with them. Also, Tom is outspoken about adding more games to the season. At 45, is he trying to keep from wearing down? No big deal, the Rams QB isn’t going to throw for a couple weeks either.

  36. geno711 Says:

    Joe writes more articles that get a fans interest than articles that are factually reporting like the training camp notes.

    He is the written comparison to Colin Cowherd if I ever saw one (Someone that would rather peak interest than be factual). When Cowherd or Joe actually come out with sports related opinions, like whether a certain player is good or not: They are 85% or 90% accurate.

    Regarding whether Brady’s head is all in today or even in September is only slightly concerning to me. If Brady’s head is into the game by mid-October thru February, we will be fine in my opinion.

    As this Joe said: “Folks can spin Brady’s choice however they wish, and Joe isn’t pretending to know the truth driving Brady’s decision.”

    I agree with that and won’t spew a lot of negativities until we get to Mid-October and things like this might be continuing.

  37. Buczilla Says:

    If this really is a vacation then it’s bullsh!t and no one should be put ahead of the team. Bad example to the young dudes, etc.. Considering the hot mess that we have backing Brady up though, he could come back in November and be forced to throw the ball from his kness and he’d still be our best option by far.

  38. Allbuccedup Says:

    Maybe the three sacks he took scrummaging against the fish the other day is giving him second thoughts.

  39. Jp09 Says:

    Ohhh buczilla has never taken off work to go on vacation, congratulations you truly are one of a kind

  40. Joe Says:

    Brady is shooting a fleet of Flex Seal commercials.

    Notice the original dude is nowhere to be seen in the latest one!!?? Me either.

    Billy Mays died 13 years ago.

  41. geno711 Says:

    Billy Mays best dye-job beard ever!

  42. NeverGIVEup Says:


    Just thought of a fun take you can run with. All of this drama is setting up perfect for Brady to come back and say to the world. “After spending this time with my family and hearing their concerns, this will be my final year of playing the game I love”. He continues with something along the lines of. “I owe it to the Glazer family and the football fans everywhere to make this clear. This will be my last season and I intend to go out on top and at the same time stay committed to my family and the plans we made while in my brief retirement”.

    Wanna put some money on this one? I will settle for a game day hangout experience with you’s guys.

  43. SteveK Says:

    Buccaneers will be better for this, all the way around. Bowles said earlier, “we need to learn to play better around Tom, and not rely on him so, so much”.

    And in turn, we are 100% all-in with Tom Brady. He has our trust, belief and understanding to do whatever he wants. He’s the goat and has demonstrated he will be ready to play.

  44. DBS Says:

    This is funny to watch. The sheep follow as the Shepard leads. And the to watch people change their minds from one article to the next.

  45. #8 Says:

    I think Joe missed some sarcasm. Its ok, that just means Joe is less moronic than I am.


  46. Buczilla Says:


    Lol, don’t be silly. You know damn well that playing professional football is not like a normal job and that taking a vacation during training camp was unheard of until now if that’s what this is. Brady is our best option by light years, but if ths is true that he’s on vacation then it sets a horrible precedent that other players will absolutely try to emulate.

  47. NeverGIVEup Says:


    While funny, I give you that, the idea of Bucs fans being Sheep and Joe being the Shepard is just dumb.

    We are fans speculating over one of our best players on our favorite team. We are not here to follow any, one opinion. Unlike the those you are comparing us to, we have a team that is up against 31 other teams, and we could care less about what outsiders think of us.

    Well crap, now that you got me thinking about it…. BAHHHHHHH Bahhhhh.


  48. SPARKY Says:

    I’m don’t the practice schedule Joe, but is Brady really missing much practice? With the game Saturday, I don’t know for sure but the next practice would be maybe Monday. Then practice Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, and maybe Friday, game on Saturday, then off till Monday again. Like I said, I don’t know the practice schedules, but Tom misses 4 or 5 days? We can live with that.

  49. NeverGIVEup Says:

    Breaking NEWS, “Tom Brady set to announce his retirement upon his return to PRACTICE”.

    After achieving his goal to play until he was 45 (the greatest number known to America BTW) Tom Brady has seen enough speculation and has taken time with his family and close friends to decide it’s time to hang them up. The only thing that made sense from the get-go has finally come to fruition. Brady is going out on his own terms.

    Buckle Up and enjoy the show NFL. The Brady Encore is upon us! LFG!!! (Strange man throws what looks to be a pair of Tiffanies panties at Tom while at the mike. HMMMMMMM)

  50. Hodad Says:

    I don’t think you can go out there, and fake it for 17 games if you weren’t all in. If Brady got rolled up in practice, or a preseason game, Joe would be the first one to scream Brady didn’t need to be out there. As far as being on the sidelines for practice, we’re talking about practice? to impart wisdom, or cheer on his mates I’d say to Joe Brady’s job isn’t to be a soccer mom. His teamates are grown professinals who have enough coaches to keep them up. Maybe Brady should sell hotdogs at halftime for the team too. I hope Joe isn’t going to be beating this dead horse for the next two weeks. Like Jason Licht said, Brady not being here is the least of my problems. Mine too. Give it rest Joe.

  51. Buc1987 Says:

    sasquatch…yup if it was planned it would have been known sooner by all of us just to stop any speculating. This is a sudden thing. He MIGHT be done.

  52. DBS Says:

    NeverGiveUp. This team begged come back. It is under HIS conditions you can be assured. If this is what was decided and the Glazers and all knew it to hell with all the fake stories and speculation. If he had prior engagements be movie, commercials or planned vacation that was personal that is his business. NOT ours. If Joe and all the other talking heads want to keep up with this after the team said they knew and even said HE was NOT playing in the PRESEASON GAME well then the sheep are not real smart. Sorry.

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    Hodad Says:

    “Give it rest Joe.”

    lol Now you’ve been here long enough to know better….

  54. Pewter Power Says:

    No it’s not fair to question if he’s all in for a guy with that many super bowl wins. Brady would come back to be mediocre? Dude is human and has a life outside of football, I think his play and status has earned him some privacy and dare I say privileges someone like sneak Vaughn doesn’t get. At age 45 give this dude whatever he needs to make a final run even if it’s 10 days during camp.

    He’s not playing in the preseason regardless and working with new receivers has never stopped him from being great

  55. NeverGIVEup Says:


    Pretty sure what you just said is in line with what everyone else is saying… You know, their opinion.

    I agree we should not speculate without balance. Hince why I try to speculate on the side of good lighthearted fun vs negative boo-hoo BS.

    We will soon find out that is for sure. I am all in on the idea that he comes back from this and announces that this is his last season playing football. Why? Glad you asked. I believe that because I thought of it all on my own. Now I ask you this.

    Who Gives a Flip one way or another? Let me answer it for you. No one cares. Not in the least. We are all just excited to be talking football and about our favorite team. WE REALLY don’t care. So, calls us sheep all ya want. But understand, your part of the heard.

  56. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Ya see what happens when a team forces an elite athlete to play where doesn’t want to? Poof there goes the passion. Side note, he did win a SB after being suspended for four games. Hope is not lost yet.

  57. Allbuccedup Says:

    Someone on this blog is starting to sound like Buc el realisto

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    List…. I think Brady misses BA.

  59. rick bobby Says:

    Trash take…do better

  60. NeverGIVEup Says:

    Buc1987 is on to something here.

    Brady did go straight over to BA in the golf cart shortly after getting POed about how PRACTICE was going.

    What else do you know about that Buc1987??? “Scoop” us in my friend.

  61. DBS Says:

    Well at least he was right at times Allbuccedup. I will give him that.

  62. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Never@ he went to the golf cart to tell BA to get off his field or asked him what the F are you doing here, you’re breaking your restraining order.

  63. NeverGIVEup Says:

    @Listnfrmafar LOL, then he stormed off for 10 days to cry in his family’s arms. I like it, I think we are making some real head way into this great PRACTICE time mystery.

    OH this season is already the best ever!!!

  64. Bucman Says:

    Brady will be alright. Brady and his family start planning stuff after he made his decision to retire then he change his mind but he want to keep his
    promise to his family. Brady will be back.

  65. T REX Says:

    It’s not a rolled ankle though which would be FORCED time off and he would still be at practice.

    This is time off away from teh team.

    He’s never done this before so stop trying to rationalize it as no big deal.

    It is a big deal.

  66. NeverGIVEup Says:

    Maybe he needed his elongated arc worked on? For that he would need to be away from the team. After all, Brady is no DeShawn Winston

  67. SB~LV Says:

    He ain’t coming back
    Gisele HATES Tampa
    Wurd from da 305

  68. NeverGIVEup Says:

    Yeah, she hates Tampa cuz she can’t get her adrenochrome here. Oh dang, to soon? Just basing it on her and Tommy boy talking about the spell casting ritual she does for him at the start of each season.

    ANYWAYS, lets not send people into a panic before the weekend.

  69. SPARKY Says:

    Because he won’t play in the first 2 games and the off days, Brady might miss 4 or 5 practices.

  70. Mikejp Says:

    Bad example? Really? I bet every Bucs player loves to have Tom even he is off the first few games.

  71. Goatfarmer Says:

    Geezella pulled a labrum so Tom has to chase after the cooks, gardners, and nannies.

  72. Jeffrey Becker Says:

    this is probably part of his prearranged deal with his family. they’re only letting him do another year b/c he promised to take significant time off before camp, during camp, and possibly more breaks during the season. hell he might even miss one of the games attached to the bye week. honestly, if it’s something like this, i don’t have a problem with it. as long as the team knew beforehand

  73. geno711 Says:

    A lot of “sheep” comments on here today.

    Really have not seen many sheep comments on this site sincer El Buco Realist left after his ridiculously wrong opinions about how both Brady and Wirfs were going to suck.

  74. SPARKY Says:

    You know we are in uncharted waters here. Not many guys have played to 45 years of age. His kids are old enough to want more of his time to do more grown up things. I’m guessing he promised a trip to the mountains to ride around on 4 wheelers and chase bears around before school starts. Like I said before, I think they planned this so he would miss the least amount of practice.

  75. Buc4evr Says:

    Something is not right. Brady just isn’t the type of person that would leave training camp. There are a lot of new guys that need to get their timing down with Brady and a new Center. I don’t know if Gezzilla is threatening him or something else, but this doesn’t pass the sniff test, no matter how the front office wants to spin it.

  76. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Giselle pulled a BA and slapped him upside the head then told him to get the F out of here, ur off my team.

  77. SPARKY Says:

    Wow, the Patriots fans are starting to show their true colors about what they think of Brady leaving New England. Getting ugly boys.

  78. George Says:

    My guess is there is a greater than 50 percent probability Brady does not return.

  79. BigMacAttack Says:

    Ms. Brady likely made this a condition of him returning to the Bucs. She was probably taking the vacation with or without him. Tom Brady can take off 10 days and never miss a beat. Most QBs probably not so much, but we’re talking about the GOAT and everything will be fine. What isn’t fine to me is questioning his every move. Feel lucky we have him on our team at all, and get over it.

  80. Listnfrmafar Says:

    George, you maybe right, the deal may have been, I’ll come back but if I ain’t feeling it I may need a little time to decide. There is a bright side for Bucs fans, when Brady leaves so will Ben Green, GOB, myself and whatever Pat’s stragglers are left. A true sad day for Bucs fans.

  81. kyle Says:

    zzzzzzz… training camp articles… cant wait for the regular season so we can get legit reporting..

  82. Anonymous Says:

    This could absolutely be nothing, he’s 45 and maybe he doesn’t think he needs the camp time after 3 years with many of the same guys in the same offense. Maybe he’s doing the Bucs a solid by allowing the coaches to evaluate Trask more while taking the break he wants.

    On the flipside, he’s 45, he already retired once this year and came back at the 11th hour. His wife has wanted him to quit for years and loves Miami. We just lost our starting center and a devastating news story just came out about him (Giselle?) possibly leaving for the Dolphins.

    It could end up being nothing, hopefully it is, but after AB and the late retirement of BA, I don’t understand how anyone can just act as if this isn’t a real story

  83. Howard Cosell Says:

    Comments are disappearing like TB12 at camp.
    Howard believes at least 1 Joe is legitimately concerned about this. Joe is pretty sincere when he says he writes about what he finds interesting.

  84. Howard Cosell Says:

    FWIW Howards buys the simple take about Bradys kids and school. Being the son of an absentee father Howard can see where I conscientious guy like TB12 would do this.
    Furthermore, Howard does not think it will affect the Bucs season. If anything it takes a little stress off the rooks and bubble players.
    Sadly it does imply that this will be Bradys last season.


  85. Wild Bill Says:

    Sorry but, this whole mystery makes no sense. Tom is being paid HUGH dollars to be there. He must have some major issue to pull a stunt like this. My guess is all the big wigs in Buc world are holding their breath. Is Tom having second thoughts about playing at all? Did he wake up one morning thinking why am I still doing this? A crisis with the wife or kids?

  86. Aaron Says:

    Who Dat Who Dat Dat Shady brady you talking about lol

  87. Aaron Says:

    9-0 was better than the superbowl

  88. Hobbes Says:

    I like most of the articles here and read about every Brady, Gronk, Godwin, Evans, & Julio article that gets posted (and yes, I read articles about the DEF as well). If the headline doesn’t interest me, I don’t click on it.

    Keep it going Joe. I came here because of Brady and Gronk. I stay because I like the tone and content of the articles. I just enjoy quality content that entertains me. I’ll keep reading the site even post-Brady because of it.

  89. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Sounds like he’s taking a preplanned trip to Montana…probably his joint in The Yellowstone Club.

  90. tampafishman Says:

    The best way to make a serious Super Bowl run is for your quarterback to miss weeks of practice! smh

  91. Howard Cosell Says:

    9-0 was better than the superbowl

    saints are so creepy.
    Like a molester or a rabid possum.
    God please deliver the NFL from the tainted saints.

  92. Howard Cosell Says:

    Howard honestly thinks Brady is giving Hainsey a little time to step up without having the GOAT looking over his shoulder.

  93. Joe Says:


    Thank you!

  94. Goatfarmer Says:

    Howard – the rabid possum was art. I spewed beverage. You SOB!

  95. Delusional Intelligence Says:

    Joe’s focus is on the reality that Brady’s behavior is extraordinarily abnormal for Brady.

    Tell me one thing about Brady that ISN’T abnormal.

    I’m not saying you are implying this, but this talk on whether he is all in, almost seems like you are questioning the man’s character. I think Brady has the street cred to cover any questions the tabloids want to scream over their bull horns.

  96. Howard Cosell Says:

    Howard deeply appreciates that.
    We’re all in this together against the ‘aints.

    Howard had another thought tonight while driving:
    Maybe Brady is just avoiding the Dolphins due to the awkward situation there?
    It’s probably a combination of the 3 things Howard has mentioned:
    * More time with kids
    * Give Hainsey a chance to improve without Bradys intimidating presence
    * Avoid the Dolphins and the awkward drama

  97. Bucschamp Says:

    The whole Bucs organization know what’s going with brady. They just don’t want to spill it. Media is going bananas over this. Good pr

  98. Michael Says:

    If it ends up being about his Mother than a lot of people should feel bad about their hurtful and stupid comments! Go Bucs!

  99. orlbucfan Says:

    Much ado about nothing. Good riddance!