Cameron Jordan Says Tom Brady Doesn’t Need Training Camp

August 23rd, 2022

Hated Saints DE Cameron Jordan.

It’s not every day that the face of the Slimy Saints throws love at a Buccaneer.

Joe’s been annoyed by Cameron Jordan ever since former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik passed on Jordan in favor of Adrian Clayborn in the 2011 NFL Draft.

After seven Pro Bowls and 107 sacks, the Saints’ legendary edge rusher has been a constant thorn in the Bucs’ side.

Joe almost vomited when Bucs All-Pro right tackle Tristan Wirfs was a featured speaker on Jordan’s NFL Network Top-100 feature last week. Wirfs talked about how Jordan is his kryptonite — too much power to handle at times.

Jordan was a guest on The Rich Eisen Show today and jokingly was asked about taking weeks off in training camp. Jordan showed Tom Brady love and mad respect and told the national audience that “Tom Brady could show up Week 1 and be fine.”

Jordan went on to say Aaron Donald is a show-up-in-Week-1 player, and veterans who are the very best at their positions don’t need August.

“Training camp is for younger players,” he said.

No Bucs fan should be worried about Brady, even if he takes next week off and head to Key Largo to eat coconuts and swim with dolphins. But Joe can’t pretend that losing Brady for several days didn’t impact other Buccaneers negatively.

Everyone in the organizations celebrates Brady’s day-to-day impact on the entire team through higher standards and accountability, among other things. So it feel disingenuous to act like Brady’s absence was business as usual.

28 Responses to “Cameron Jordan Says Tom Brady Doesn’t Need Training Camp”

  1. Goatfarmer Says:

    I forgot that Dumbernik botched Jordan for Clayborn. Another Dom Dandy.

    What a toad.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Mark Dominick missed on a lot of good players and ran some good ones off…..

    He’s a rock star…..sure… in his head…

  3. GOB Says:

    Cam knows enough not to rile the dog. He knows it’ll only make Brady more maniacal. Brady is a deity to most of them. I’m thinking back to Superbowl 51. When Brady was down 28-3, and the ATL recievers were talking like it was over, and one of them say, but man, that’s Tom Brady over there.

    Brady would be the first to tell you the importance of practice. He’s is probably sheathing at the effusive praise from Jordan. Let’s face it, he and his teammates have kinda had Brady’s number. Only Brady could turn this into motivation. It’s Michael Jordan Esq.

  4. Howard Cosell Says:

    Sad that Jordan has tainted his legacy by playing for a bounty-driven, sadistic abomination like the aints organization.
    Howard is still waiting for a a federal investigation of the Godwin hit job (blatantly executed in revenge for the accidental Winston injury)

  5. Bucswin Says:

    He is 45 years old. Read that again. He needs all the time off he can get.

  6. Bucs Win Says:

    F Cam Jordan

  7. Kev@Inverness Says:

    Ditto to what Bucs Win said.

  8. Goatfarmer Says:

    Yeah on the Cam Jordan sentiments – but if he had become a FA and we signed him, I’d love him.


    JOE writes, “ever since former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik passed on Jordan in favor of Adrian Clayborn in the 2011 NFL Draft.”


    Dude, that STILL pisses me off. This guy who is a complete thorn in our side and talking trash at us every fricking year, SHOULD have been a BUC… not a damn Saint.

  10. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I didn’t affect the organization one bit. Coaches and teammates said as much. YOU have an issue, so you’re projecting your feelings onto coaches and players. Would Joe prefer Gabbert or Trask as his QB this year? It’s very disingenuous to suggest that this was some ordinary leave. This was preplanned vacation that Brady had with his family. It’s not like he randomly left the camp and decided to jet off some island.

    I’m married with two kids, so I guess i have a different and more rational reaction to his leave. Heaven forbid keep his prior commitments to his family after they’ve sacrificed so much in his long 22 year old career. This isn’t some practice squad QB who decided to take a leave. all the whining and complaining about him putting his family first are callous and strangely obsessive.

    Once again, would Joe prefer to have Trask or Gabbert as your QB?

    Tom: Hey, Ive made my decision to return. I’m all in. Here’s the thing I have a preplanned family commitment in August that i made when i retired. I might miss some training camp. The plan is to miss two preseason games.

    Glazers: Uh, Tom. I don’t think we can honor your request. The bloggers and talking heads would explode.

    Tom: Ok, Good luck with the season. It’s been a pleasure to play with the organization. I’ll be rooting for you this season. See ya!! Send my love to Kyle and Blaine.

    Gisele didn’t even want him to come back! If this was the trade off that was needed for him to return, I’m fine with it. Good on Tom for putting his family first. He saved his kids years a therapy about their absent father.

  11. BucsfanFred Says:

    Wish we still had the practice notes

  12. Maniac Buc Says:

    Never understood how fans could dislike Cam Jordan. As a Bucs fan, I love the guy. He is the epitome of what football should be. The fact Bucs fans hate him is even more evident this is true. He is not supposed to like us. He is not supposed praise us. Brady is different. But things he does and says is mostly accurate. I don’t like him, but I love what he is to football and specifically the Bucs.

    Go Bucs



    SPOT ON all the way across the board, man.
    Well said.

  14. Rod Munch Says:

    That would be correct, Brady doesn’t need camp, not after being here for a couple of years already. I mean, ideally, you want at least a couple of weeks of full practices, but that should be plenty.

  15. Bucschamp Says:

    Jordan was recruiting tom to wear black and gold. Can’t blame him, their QB is Jameis


    Cam Jordan’s dad Steve Jordan played WR for the Vikings for 13 years, ALL with the BUCS in the same division (the old NFC Central).

    So Cam has had a LONG time to develop a little dislike for us, haha. He still ticks me off sometimes, but he is a beast, and would sure as hell have loved to have him on the BUCS.

  17. steele Says:

    Respect Cam Jordan, a great player. But gotta hate Cam Jordan and every Saint.

    I find the off-work buddy relationships between modern pro athletes disturbing and sad. How much can you focus on beating your opponents if you love them, if you hang with them when work is done? This behavior was so much less prevalent in old-fashioned times, when rivalries mattered, and there was actually long-term team loyalty.

    If I’m Wirfs, not only do I refuse to interview, but I don’t praise. I certainly don’t talk about my weaknesses.

    Cam doesn’t want Brady ready. I’m sure he’s loving the disarray on the OL. He’ll eat it for lunch.

  18. Fansince76 Says:

    Hope Cam Jordan just retires and goes away!

  19. Bird Says:

    In joes eyes

    Brady = non-accountable

    Jameis = absolutely accountable. Probably most accountable in the history of the nfl


    Bromosas for breakfast will do that to people

  20. NCBucfan Says:

    One year before Schiano got here. He would’ve been your stereotypical “Buccaneer Man”. But whatever, he’s the enemy and have to root against him now.

  21. Hodad Says:

    Cam will see a lot of Ko Kieft next month.

  22. NCBucfan Says:

    Let this sink in, we beat the saints and put up 48 the beginning of 2018 with Fitzy at QB. Since then we are 0-7 in the last regular season games against these idiots. Makes no Fn sense!!!!

  23. Says:

    Hey how bout his absence caused other players to step up and practice some leadership. May come in handy this season. Not all bad.

  24. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Let’s see none of his starting WR’s played, his original line is decimated, at this point he could give a shat less how the rookies do and he knows the offense like the back if his hand. The only thing that could come out of him being around was an injury. Any player or coach that sees it differently, go win 15 conference titles and 7 SB’s then you can bitch. Jordan is an elite player, he can say whatever he wants good or bad, he backs it up.

  25. geno711 Says:


    Agree fully with all of your points.

  26. SB~LV Says:

    Probably true
    Training camp needs Tom Brady

  27. Red-sparrow Says:

    Amongst all the criticism of Brady for missing time, elite vets like cam Jordan are firmly defending tb12. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be…..

  28. Red-sparrow Says:

    @Bird lol.
    Joe’s a freaking clown at times (half the time roughly) 🤣😭.