Bigger Turnover Margin Could Mean Dominance

August 8th, 2022

Method to madness.

If Todd Bowles gets his way, the Bucs offense could be as lethal as any the NFL has seen.

Various Bucs players have told Joe that Bowles’ goal for the defense this season is 30 picks. Last year the Bucs had 17, so Bowles is wanting nearly double the interceptions. Impressive if you can pull it off.

Now last year the Bucs had a turnover margin for the season of +10. That was good enough for sixth-best in the NFL.

The Cowboys last year had +14, which led the NFL. So let’s say the Bucs do not have any more turnovers on offense than last year and the Bucs reach Bowles’ goal of 30 picks. That would be an insane turnover margin of +23.

Joe sees Bowles working here. With the offense the Bucs possess, averaging one more pick per game could might mean two or three more wins and perhaps home-field advantage through the playoffs.

It’s the little things, folks, which add up to big things.

12 Responses to “Bigger Turnover Margin Could Mean Dominance”

  1. Leighroy Says:

    I still have PTSD from the Lovie Smith experience that he was all I could think about reading this post. Turnovers are great so long as we don’t have to relive 2015.

  2. Hodad Says:

    We’d be tough to beat with a top 5 D that’s near the top in turnovers created.

  3. Ausgust 1976 Buc Says:

    lol Coach “my scheme” is thankfully Coaching the Texans, not the Bucs.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Bowles knows we won’t be getting 30 picks by playing ‘off man’ as much as we did last year. We’ve got the personnel for playing closer coverage, but I guess didn’t use it as much because of the pass rush not getting there consistently. Based on his new goals, I’m now assuming that he feels the pass rush can git ‘er done this year, sufficient to allow doubling the picks. Gotta dream big, but only time will tell.

  5. Ausgust 1976 Buc Says:

    The very thing press coverage does is give your pass rush more time to get to the QB.
    Off coverage, and giving up first downs on easy passes is not a recipe for sac’s let alone constant pressure and roughing up the QB.

    These CB’s need to disrupt the timing of the QB and WR, jam the Wr at the line instead constantly giving up easy plays.

    It goes hand in hand, and the secondary needs to pull their weight and match the front 7

    Hopefully with the new blood brought in, will cause the secondary to step up their game.

    It is critical for the secondary to step up, if the Bucs want to win another Lombardi in Feb 2023.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    DBs & LBs need to catch the damn ball!!!

  7. #8 Says:


  8. Goatfarmer Says:





    Turnovers will take care of themselves, or you wind up like Lovie Smith defense.

  9. Austin Lewis Says:

    I’m sure we’ll have a HUGE margin, picks and fumbles? Come on, plus WE don’t turn it over

  10. Dooley Says:

    First step to seeing this goal through, would be staying healthy and Bowles not having to deal with rotating a total of 12 bodies in and out of the secondary due to injury. That happens, we can run the entire playbook and get back to disguising ourselves pre-snap and make things harder on opposing QBs. SMB going down last season, then Davis a few games later really set our secondary back in terms of what we were able to throw at opposing offenses and how well executed certain concepts would be with all the reserves in rotation.

    Hearing guys like Winfield are cross training at Nickel or SMB has played mostly outside in camp and signing guys like Neal & Ryan are moves to keep the secondary as well versed in each other assignments to proactively mitigate losses to injuries we would rather not have to cover, but will be much better prepared to manage in 2022 better than we did in 2021.

  11. Bucsfanfrom76 Says:

    August1976. ‘These CB’s need to disrupt the timing of the QB and WR, jam the Wr at the line instead constantly giving up easy plays.” Nailed it.

    Watching the games live last year in stands. The people in front of me heard me say that like 20 times and almost every time the CB stuck-em high (except when Dean was outmatched) the defensive covered them with loss!

  12. Ausgust 1976 Buc Says:

    BucsFanfrom76 lol, as you were in the stands saying it lol I was screaming at the TV the same time lol

    I am laughing now, but not then lol.

    The difference between a sac or not is a split second so many times, as we have all seen.
    You got to help out the front 7.
    It all works together. The front 7 needs to do their part also.
    But if you keep laying all the time, you really get in your own way.
    Yes you want to change up coverages, but if you constantly lay off the WR, you are not going to have a consistent pass rush.

    In today’s NFL, if you do not pressure the QB, and get some sacs with a consistency, you are fighting a losing battle in the end.

    Al Davis said as Quoted by Joe many times “The QB must go down and go down hard”
    Al Davis was focused on getting shut down corners to, building from the backend of the Defense to the front.
    And anyone who watched football from 1977 to 86 will remember Lester Hayes, a great example of what Al Davis wanted. Yes He focused on drafting size and speed, and on Defense it starts with the Cornerback for Al.

    GO BUCS!!!!!