Arrow Pointing Up, But Not That Much

August 13th, 2022

Bucs QB Kyle Trask.

Bucs backup quarterback Kyle Trask redeemed himself from his string of terrible practices earlier this month with a beautiful touchdown pass to Jerreth Sterns and leading the Bucs on a potential game-winning drive that ended in a kick off the uprights in a 26-24 loss to the Dolphins.

Trask has been wildly up and down this summer. A decent first week of training camp was followed by an atrocious second week before showing he belonged on an NFL practice field last week.

In tonight’s game against Miami, Trask demonstrated there is something to work with there.

Trask had a gorgeous pass to Sterns to the left side of the end zone. Trask timed the pass perfectly and it hit Sterns right in the hands over the shoulder. Sweet catch, better pass.

Then Trask, in the final minutes, led the Bucs on a potential game-winning drive with two clutch long passes. Sadly, the Bucs didn’t convert but that is not on Trask. He overcame a three-play stretch in the first half where his teammates assisted in two turnovers in three plays.

Will Trask unseat Blaine Gabbert as Tom Brady’s immediate backup? No.

Will Trask start for the Bucs next year? Unlikely. But Trask showed potential.

The next step for Trask is consistency. He finished the game completing 25-of-38 passes for 258 yards and 1 touchdown plus 1 pick.

86 Responses to “Arrow Pointing Up, But Not That Much”

  1. Trask To The Future Says:

    BOOK IT: Kyle Trask is your future Bucs QB in the Post-Brady Era.

  2. David Says:

    There was definite improvement from the first half to the second half. Wonder if there were some nerves.
    I am happy he flashed some good stuff but his lack of feel and movement in the pocket, for a pocket passer, is real troubling

  3. Trask To The Future Says:

    77% Completion Percentage over 3 quarters. Would have been well over 80% if not for drops by Johnson, Otton, and the circus bobble by White.

  4. BucBoy Says:

    Un f’n believable. Trask played great but bitter Joe can’t acknowledge it. He’s gotta write this crap. What a dirtbag.

  5. JimmyJack Says:

    Had to be at least 6 times Trask drove the ball down the field tonight. Like to see more points out of all that but was defientally encourging.

    The clutch passes Joe mentioned were the higlight for me. Thats the stuff ya cant teach.

  6. Rod Munch Says:

    The level of competition is so low it’s hard to take a lot away from this game, but against low level competition last preseason, Trask did not look this good. So you can measure progress there.

    The big part to me is that he looked more natural throwing the ball tonight, he was getting the ball there quickly and not lobbing it. That’s a must if he’s to have any chance in the NFL, and he looked much more comfortable doing that tonight than last preseason, at least to my eye.

    They really need to play him early if they want to see what he can do. We know what Gabbert is, he doesn’t need the reps, I’d let Trask play the whole game next week if I was Bowles, and if you’re not going to play starters in the preseason, at least let him get some snaps with the 2nd stringers.

  7. Darin Says:

    When Joe says something related to football we take the opposite now. Stay out of the prediction business and into the bs gossip business

  8. Posey99 Says:

    Hard to be consistent when your receivers can’t hold on to a pass and your oline will be delivered beer in a few weeks

  9. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Look at the stats around the leauge….most QBs play well in the pre season. Trask did what he sopposed to do tonights….thats pretty much it.

    Heck, former 36 year old Bucs QB Josh Johnson currently has 200 yards 2TDs and 0 Ints.

    Its preseason folks!!!

  10. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I was certainly pleased with what I saw tonight by Trask. Boneheaded Jameis like moves, but the line didn’t help much during those pressures. He learned tho and took the sack. So improvements for sure. Can’t wait for next week.

  11. Glenn Williams Says:

    Ever since last year when I saw him play in the preseason, I saw a lot of potential. And some of those throws are wow. Tonight, I saw pretty much the same but he has better command of the offense. Looks comfortable. The game has slowed down for him. The decision making does need to be a little faster though. I say if the back up o line would block better and stop the holding, he would’ve picked that defense apart. Coach pretty much said that himself at half time. I’m sorry…never been a Blaine fan. He looks and plays like a back up

  12. DBS Says:

    Barber seems to have a better opinion then yours. He has a lot more cred then you do. Take that to the bank.

  13. Buddha Says:

    He showed a lot of heart and will. The fourth an 12 was a big time play. The Bucs won’t know until they play him with first-stringers. This game proved nothing except we have another bum kicker. He makes that kick and he likely makes the team.

  14. Ash Says:

    Didn’t need to see gabbert at all. Trask had a couple pretty good throws might be something there but is preseason.

  15. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    Rod go to bed !!! Next is Nate Dogs amazing analysis 😂

  16. Joe Says:

    Un f’n believable. Trask played great but bitter Joe can’t acknowledge it. He’s gotta write this crap. What a dirtbag.

    If Joe wrote otherwise he’d be a liar.

  17. Goatfarmer Says:

    The Joes are objective. BucBoy and other fanboys not so much.

  18. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Wasn’t he playing with 4 rookie lineman? That alone takes a little courage.

  19. Kody Says:

    Kind of hard to say he redeemed himself when we lost. Just saying.

  20. JimmyJack Says:

    Kyle Trask will enjoy more NFL success the Jameis Winston.

    Sorry, but somebody had to say it.

  21. RPK Says:

    Trask is Trash!

  22. 99 55 47 20 Says:

    He made some really nice throws tonight

  23. Tony1775 Says:

    Joe, just admit you don’t like Trask.

  24. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Lol Joe FSU fan at it again. Granted I remeber when Jay miss stunk it up as a rookie Joe would tell us to not blame him.

  25. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    @joe totally agree, but why do Bucs fans always have to bitch about someone or something and it’s the first preseason game ? I guess they can’t help themselves ? Go Bucs

  26. Goatfarmer Says:

    What has Joe ever said that indicates he doesn’t like Trask? Has anyone watched the guy play quarterback? His best outing was tonight. And much improvement still needed especially considering he’s playing against doormen dishwashers and bartenders. Not football players.

  27. dmatthews Says:

    Trask is not ready for prime time with the big dogs. I was more impressed with Dolphin’s rookie Skylor Thompson than I was with Trask. Thompson was poised n fearless. Trask played scared, was timid n jittery when pressured in the pocket. I notice he was the same way when he had protection n time for check downs, although he made some good plays.He really struggles with pressure. His eyes gives the defense an idea of where the ball is going. On the quick pass to DThompkins where the defender was injured, the corner read the play the minute the ball was snapped. And, Trask was going up against third n fourth stringers. Even the Steelers rookie Kenny Pickett played like an experience veteran today. Trask had an entire year to sit n learn from the GOAT n it’s evident that he’s a borderline bust.

  28. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “Kyle Trask will enjoy more NFL success the Jameis Winston”

    Considering Jameis is currently a starter for an NFL team and only 28 years old with 135 career passing TDs….that statement is highly unlikely.

    So much hype for a 3rd stringer who cant beat out Blaine Gabbert

  29. Pewter Power Says:

    No the arrow isnt pointing up that much If you are judging him based on what he did in practice

    Trask or Gabbert!!! Does anyone think we are in good hands with either post Brady? For the experience gabbert has he still hasn’t impressed after all these years. Yes it’s preseason but guys act like trask should play a perfect game with a bunch of no name players just because it’s preseason

  30. Jp09 Says:

    25 of 33 according to ESPN, not to bad

  31. SB Says:

    I don’t remember Trask missing that field goal after he drove all the way down the field.

  32. Buc92’ Says:

    Trask 2023 , BOOK IT! Gladly it’s not what Joe wants .. it’s what’ Jason wants & they want Trask ,.. our cheapest & best option for next year .. plus why would Jason not give his draft pick a shot


  33. Pewter Power Says:

    And he wasn’t 25-38 he was 25-33 that’s a big difference get right if your going to talk negative about him.

  34. Oxycondoms Says:

    Trash locks in on that first option against backup defenses . He could turn out to be good or bad noone knows . The positives are he can make the throws and hes always been a slow learner . The game still needs to slow down for him , hes not in gabberts league yet

  35. kyle Says:

    trask played great against future ups delivery men, lawn doctors and entrepreneurs… I thought he did a good job, but gator fans stop slobbering on this guys co%%. Go Dawgs!!

  36. kyle Says:

    2023.. kirk cousins or rodgers?.. btw gators suck

  37. Architek Says:

    Still early but so far it’s a meh

  38. John Mason Says:

    That funky pick was not on Trask…receiver just lost the ball….

  39. DEFFJEFF Says:

    Wow, a Click bait comment about the backup quarterback. Very, very original. Thank you for this. I’m sure headoverheels photography thanks you

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Barbara made him the player of the game I’ll take barbers opinion any day over some Joe

  41. Rod Munch Says:

    JimmyJack Says:
    August 13th, 2022 at 11:00 pm
    Kyle Trask will enjoy more NFL success the Jameis Winston.


    LOL! He’s literally 4th on the Bucs depth chart at the moment, has one decent preseason game under his belt.

    Winston meanwhile is one of 8 QBs in the history of the NFL to throw for over 5000 yards. Has thrown for over 20,000 yards and 135 passing TDs, along with another 1200 yards and 11 TDs on the ground.

    Jesus Christ, I’m not even down on Trask, but nonsense like this is what gives Trask fan bois a really bad name. Let Trask actually do something before you’re putting him in the Ring of Honor and the Hall of Fame.

  42. Dooley Says:

    Looked really cool in the pocket, like not panicky or with the happy feet like he was last preseason. Trask looked like he belonged, game didn’t look too big to him and he made a handful of nice throws with that drop in the bucket to Sterns being the best. Trask looked good, also never realized how big he is, because he was towering over guys like Sterns & Thompkins in the huddle lol

  43. Trask To The Future Says:


  44. Oneilbuc Says:

    Rogers has already said that he’s retiring a packer and Cusion is trash. I knew Joe was going to hate because they are anti Trask on this site.

  45. ATLBuc Says:

    Joe!! Trask was great. Brady can go make his movies, we don’t need him anymore!!

  46. Ash Says:

    I don’t think Joe is hating seems pretty unbiased he isn’t going to crown him like some fans are trying to do already. It’s preseason second and third stringers but it’s good that he is getting much needed reps. I hope not to see gabbert at all next game.

  47. BucBoy Says:

    If Trask were black Joe would be squealing with delight.

  48. Red86 Says:

    Trask did a solid job. He just need the experience to learn what he can get away with and what to avoid doing.

    I’m impressed. He would be a solid game manager with a potential to be a star if handle correctly. He made the right read majority of the time with minor hiccups.

    Right now he’s a Chris Sims working toward Brady caliber type qb. Hope he continues to grow. Experience is the answer for Trask.

  49. BucBoy Says:

    LMAO at Rod Munch eating crow after his 4,648 posts saying he’s studied Trask videos on YouTube and Trask can’t throw!

  50. matthew veal Says:

    First. You gotta admit, those gators really get people going. He’s great! He sucks! His arm strength is 3 yards less than mitch trubisky. He runs slower than Matthew Stafford. He can’t practice, coach yells at him. Hard worker Etc.

    You watch every second because he is exciting, but everyone wants to project him to a super bowl.

    Personally I love the kid but the talent level seemed no different than the college games he played, so who knows.

    At least this year his receivers can catch better than last year but he still has only limited blocking, if that doesn’t improve, neither he or Brady or even griffin is going very far.

  51. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Red 86 Brady caliber type? Could we please not compere ANYONE to Brady. Its unfair to Trask and every other QB. Brady is a complete outlier. He’s exempt in any discussions related to any QB.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Joe stop hating Trask. He played great tonight with a protection made out of future truck drivers with a make shift Oline.The interception was on the receiver dropping the ball and a great and weird play by the defender. They keep playing Trask with garbage players and expect him to succeed. Even Dolphin qb has practiced with their starter. Gabbert is not the future. There is no reason to play him in the preseason. There is no benefit in playing Gabbert. Season is over if Tom is injured anyway. Play Kyle in full game with some starters as Dolphin did with their rookie. We need to know what we have in Kyle. Well, did he play in SEC ?

  53. David Says:

    Joe stop hating Trask. He played great tonight with a protection made out of future truck drivers with a make shift Oline.The interception was on the receiver dropping the ball and a great and weird play by the defender. They keep playing Trask with garbage players and expect him to succeed. Even Dolphin qb has practiced with their starter. Gabbert is not the future. There is no reason to play him in the preseason. There is no benefit in playing Gabbert. Season is over if Tom is injured anyway. Play Kyle in full game with some starters as Dolphin did with their rookie. We need to know what we have in Kyle. Well, did he play in SEC ?

  54. ATLBuc Says:

    If Trask were playing with the starters he would have had 400 yards

  55. Cobraboy Says:

    Considering his talent on the OL, I thought Trask played very credibly. Very solid. Overall, he managed the game well and looked like he belonged on an NFL field.

    I never heard of many on the OL.

  56. Joe Says:

    Joe stop hating Trask.

    Joe doesn’t.

  57. Joe Says:

    Barbara made him the player of the game I’ll take barbers opinion any day over some Joe

    Same guy that compared Rachaad White to Eric Dickerson and Le’Veon Bell? OK.

  58. SB~LV Says:

    I saw great progress while playing with all sorts of different players coming and going.

  59. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Goatfarmer Says:
    “The Joes are objective.”

    Absolutely not true, lol. They are fans like the rest of us…and have just as many opinions. But…they are great at making us think.

    On topic, I saw promise tonight…but I missed most of the game because I had a broadcast of my own. I may be getting NFL+ soon!

    Trask wasn’t bad from what I managed to see. The problem is he is a pocket passer and the scrubs were in on offensive line, giving no time really.

    I would like to see him play with the starters just once…but there’s only one way that can happen, and I don’t want that way to happen.

    Still…how can any young QB be properly evaluated without starting experience?

    I think it’s a bad idea to put all our eggs in one basket.

  60. ATLBuc Says:

    Joe! you’re just hating now. Barber said White runs straight up like Dickerson and had the patience of Leveon Bell. Why are you diminishing his quotes when 90% of your posts are made of this kind of quotes?

  61. Goatfarmer Says:

    Someone nailed it. Trask still stares down his primary and takes 17 seconds to go through three reads. Go back and watch the replay.

    Trask will be opening a lawn care and gardening company soon.

  62. ATLBuc Says:

    Trask will be taking Brady’s place soon

  63. Anonymous Says:

    Bucs are all in this season. Be careful whenever you go all in. You either win it all or lose it all. Bucs went all in last season with Brady and didn’t win it coming out of the weakest NFC division. Now, here we go again. They drafted a qb in second round and would not even start or play him in a pre-season game with their starters. They even giving more snaps or reps to an old failed qb named Gabbert supposedly due to his superior knowledge of the system to help Brady. That is why we have coaches for. I do not think Brady needed Gabbert to win seven super bowl. That is just an absurd excuse not play Trask in a real game with at least a few starters. He easily could have multi TD’s or 400 yards had he played with starters tonight to give him self confidence he needed the most. As Trask mentioned in his post press conference tonight, he needs more of real game snaps to prosper. Playing him in a few pre-season games with bunch of future dishwashers will not prepare him for next season without Tom Brady.

  64. Bucca-near-Ring Three Says:

    Joe you were 100% right the Bucs run ( uncessfully) every single set of downs on 1st down. Kyle Trask or any other NFL QB would find it almost impossible to play well with an offense that predictable and behind the eight ball on every second down. Surely Leftwich doesn’t plan to run this offense when it counts?

  65. Bucca-near-Ring Three Says:


  66. HC Grover Says:

    Sounds like he play better in game than at practice.

  67. TSBucsFan Says:

    With Joe’s history of being horrible at judging QB’s (Johnny Manziel anyone?!), why would anyone consider his opinion? He clearly doesn’t know crap about the position. I didn’t even read this blog post because I have a rule on this site. If the blog post doesn’t have a link to another story or doesn’t quote a legitimate source that actually knows football, I don’t read it. This site is really only useful as a place that sources Bucs news from other sites/sources. For that purpose it’s great. Just stay away from reading Joe’s opinions because it’s almost always wrong!

  68. Bucs&Bolts Says:

    Y’all know if we had Jameis that last drive would have been INT !!

  69. PassingThru Says:

    Pro: Trask made some nice passes, with touch and placement.

    Con: Trask takes too long to process the field after the snap, and his pocket awareness and pocket presence are questionable.

  70. PassingThru Says:

    In terms of context, remember this is a preseason game. The O Line that protected Trask wasn’t any better than the spare parts and future insurance salesmen on the Miami D Line. Both teams had poor pass coverage, though Miami’s Crossen flashed. The Buc receivers looked better than their Miami counterparts, Tyler Johnson shined.

    I wonder if the Miami fans are jubilant that their rookie, 7th round draft pick won, and that he’s destined to be a great starting QB. In order words, don’t use this game as means of predicting future performance.

  71. Hodad Says:

    Joe admitted, Trask showed improvement, which he did. I don’t need to see anymore Gabbert. Let Trask play the whole game next week. After the starters get a series the 3rd game, let him finish the rest. Don’t need to see anymore Griffin either. We won’t have to carry Griff on the PS anymore, and we don’t need to protect that choke artist kicker on the PS anymore. Sterns, and Thompkins need to be protected on the PS if no other teams claim them. Those two looked like they belonged in the NFL.

  72. George Says:

    Trask had a respectable performance. Got the team in a position to tie and the Field goal kicker blew it.

    My guess is we see improvement next game . Should have a little more confidence.

  73. Oneilbuc Says:

    If Trask would have played bad some of yall will be saying he suck. He plays good and now it’s just preseason instead of just giving him his credit yall nick pick his performance. That’s why this franchise has never develop a quarterback. This fan base suck on this site. I’ve seen every quarterback stare down receivers including Brady . I’ve seen Brady hold the ball to long as well so just stop it we all know it’s just one preseason game and played good against the Texans in the last preseason game last year.

  74. orlbucfan Says:

    Get rid of Gabbert. Trash showed some poise and more confidence in this first preseason game. He’s going to be a good QB. Be interesting to see him play with the starters.

  75. Pewter Power Says:

    Pretty decent game for a guy barely getting reps in practices since he was a rookie

  76. Bucs Win Says:

    The Tampa Bay tradition of infatuation with a $hitty 3rd string QB continues.

  77. mark2001 Says:

    The biggest problem I saw with Trask is that his decision making, and reads are somewhat slow. We have seen that before from a former Bucs “famous one-time Pro bowl alternate selection” QB. Of course, the good thing is that didn’t throw a pick six right to a CB on that final series, unlike the famous QB.

  78. Power of Pewter Says:

    Bucs 2023 starter isn’t currently on roster.

  79. tampafishman Says:


    “The Bucs won Super Bowl LXIV last night with Kyle Trask completing 30 of 38 passes for 378 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT, but with that bad week of training camp practice he had back in 2022, the jury is still out on Trask. Let’s see what he can do in this summer’s training camp.”

  80. tampafishman Says:

    “Bucs Win Says:
    The Tampa Bay tradition of infatuation with a $hitty 3rd string QB continues.”

    Gabbert is third string?

  81. Mark A Swygert Says:

    The funny thing is you guys often act as if the Bucs brass are actually reading these comments of ours with bated breath and are making decisions based on our amateur opinions. I readily admit that, while I am an avid football fan, I am certainly no expert. I get a kick out of how many of you who frequent this site imply that you are. I’m an older guy in his late fifties who has probably watched over a thousand games, but that is not the same as being one of those guys whose life and career revolve around the sport. Get over yourselves. The Bucs are trying to win games and make a positive impact on the community because that is good business in pro sports. To do this you need solid reliable information, and I don’t think this site provides more than solid opinion.

  82. PassingThru Says:

    One thing that has to be mentioned is that the pass coverage was terrible for both teams. That’s understandable, as these are players who have only practiced together on limited occasion, and frankly, many of them will never see a 53-man roster. The receivers had no trouble finding seams, which is why they were frequently so wide open. That’s a cautionary note on why folks shouldn’t jump to conclusions on how effective either QB will be against real NFL competition. It’s much tougher tracking and throwing into a competent secondary and finding an open man is more problematic.

  83. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    Trask did not embarrass himself and was efficient. It is a step in the right direction. Still hoping he can be a “Brad Johnson type” quarterback…

  84. Oneilbuc Says:

    He don’t have to be Brady or Brad Johnson all he has to do is be himself. I hate when yall compare quarterbacks. He don’t have to be a hall of famer. All we need him to do is manage the game and don’t throw the game away. Will he have a good game every game no . It ain’t a quarterback who in the history of football had a good game every game even Brady played bad last year in some games . All they have to do is get him a consistent running game and play good defense we can win a superbowl with Trask. But I’m behind 💯 percent even though there are bucs fan that’s waiting for him to fail just like yall did Jamies. I’m going to support Trask just like I did Jamies and all the rest of the quarterbacks the bucs drafted!! Go bucs!!!

  85. Anonymous Says:

    Joe, this was harsh! I had no real opinion on. Trask yet but what I saw was pretty damn good, especially considering the cast he around him most of the time.

  86. Mayhem41 Says:

    This place is comical. Trask showed improvement, made a couple of really nice throws. Jury is still out but he’s making strides. We don’t need him to be a starter tomorrow, let him grow. Joe judging his practices is priceless, though.