“Watch Daddy Sling It”

July 11th, 2022

Big-talking Blaine Gabbert.

Yes, Bucs backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert has played in a high-pressure, playoff-like game.

It didn’t go so well. In fact, it was Gabbert’s last NFL start.

Joe heard this story and last month and forgot to share it, but it’s too funny to skip.

Gabbert was with the Titans in 2018. They were a 9-6 team seeking to beat the Colts in their season finale and get in the playoffs. Tennessee lost 33-17 with Gabbert tossing a couple of picks, dropping his career record as a starter to 13-35.

No big surprise there, but the fun part is how Gabbert’s former teammate and Pro Bowl tackle Taylor Lewan described how Gabbert displayed his confidence during the game.

Lewan is a Barstool Sports podcast host when he’s not on the field, and last month he shared memories of cocky Gabbert filling in for injured former Titans QB Marcus Mariota.

Lewan described Gabbert telling teammates early in the season how he was going to dice up the Colts and then proceeded to fire a pick-6. Then came the Week 17, win-and-get-in game at home against Indianapolis. Lewan said Gabbert went even more over the top with his offensive line.

“You boys just hold’em up. Watch Daddy sling it,” Lewan quoted Gabbert. But that line led to another pick-6, per Lewan, and a yearning for Gabbert to shut his mouth.

That was Gabbert four seasons ago, so Joe wonders whether at 32 years old he would feel more like a “Daddy” now if he landed in the Bucs’ huddle during a meaningful game.

The Barstool audio/video of Lewan is linked here, and it’s got foul langugue — probably language Bucs fans would be using if Gabbert was called on to start more than one regular-season game for Tampa Bay.

Matt LaFleur was the Titans’ offenise coordinator that season before heading to Green Bay in 2019 and becoming a stud head coach. It was telling to Joe that LaFleur apparently wasn’t interesting in pushing the Packers to pay Gabbert what it would have taken for him to back up Aaron Rodgers.

42 Responses to ““Watch Daddy Sling It””

  1. Chris Tucker@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Arians sure had a lot of faith in Gabbert, but LaFleur sure does not.
    Gabbert was awesome in College, but so far it has not translated to the Pro’s.
    Baker Mayfield went cheap to the Panthers, so maybe we should have pursued him ?
    I think we are contenders if Brady stays healthy, but I bite my nails at the thought of him getting injured.

  2. Oneilbuc Says:

    Gabbert was trash in college and in the NFL . Sometimes it’s about who you know not talent.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Watch Daddy sling it……kind of kinky

  4. Marine Buc Says:

    I’m still hopeful that Kyle Trask can develop and have an impressive preseason… We don’t have very much NFL film on KT yet. He needs to have the majority of snaps during the preseason games…

    I hope he can beat out Gabbert for the backup job – at very least he should beat out Griffen for the QB3 job.

    If not – It ain’t lookin good for KT…

  5. Jeff Says:

    Awfully cocksure

  6. Nick2 Says:

    Oh no I was not aware of that history!!!!!! Why would BA worship him when he has that history around his neck?? Hopefully Coach Bowles is aware of the Gabbert experiment in Tennessee and gives Trask a real shot at backup. In the words of Denny Green speaking of Gabbert “he is who we thought he was!!!!”

  7. LOL Says:

    What a doosh

  8. Eckwood Says:

    Gabbert had some NFL measurable s in college , he wasn’t that good by any stretch !! Poor Man’s Jay Cutler or Jeff George !!! Top 3 , maybe # 1 back up arm but prob not in the top 20 back ups as stated in the article !! Tests Great plays Poor !! Kinda like a hot ass chick with bad breath and more !!!

  9. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Don’t scare me with stories like this, Joe. It’s not exactly a vote of confidence for our backup QB.

  10. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Glad Bowles is the head coach and doesn’t have the same allegiance that Clyde and BA apparently do.

  11. IrishMist Says:

    Daddy shouldn’t talk until he gets Mommy to the promised land.

  12. SB Says:

    Chris………..Gabbert was Miserable in College. Where did you get that he was awesome?
    Trask’s numbers blow Gabbert out of the water and he only started 20 games!

  13. Bird Says:

    Never gotten the gabbert hype. Hope we dont get to see him play

    Let trask run majority of preseason games

  14. Buc92’ Says:

    BA , Clyde & gabby are drinking buddies … only reason he is around , the moment Bowles took over playtime was over … glad Brady pushed Arians upstairs or wherever he’s claiming


  15. Mike Says:

    Hopefully he’s learned a thing or two under Brady and Arians. Frankly though, if we have to depend on Gabbert to win games, we are in trouble, and I’m talking Big Trouble in Little China level trouble.

  16. Scott Bostic Says:

    I know all yall read what I did, Gabbert 13-35 as a starter! WTH are they thinking? My boy Trask is right there & has been compared to the like of Brady. If it was my, which it is, but if I was the one calling the shots we’d keep QB1, trade for a potential QB w/some moxy/decent abilities & pursue working on & building Trask. Pulling for my boy & definitely my team, LFG! Buccaneers!

  17. BucsFanSince1996 Says:

    A number of QBs have looked better in their later seasons than earlier. Personally, I don’t care how Gabbert played back in 2018. I care how he plays in 2022 after receiving coaching from the Buc’s coaching staff, and watching the GOAT for a couple of years.

    Why would I trust anyone making a judgment on how Gabbert or KT would perform in a real game when they’ve not attended all the practices or received any detailed evaluation from the coaches?

  18. ClwJB Says:

    If he takes any snaps other than pure mop up scenarios we are doomed

    Dude is a frantic footed pick waiting to happen

  19. Rudy Provenzano Says:

    Everyone said Mac Jones was Brady like . Trask was a lot like Jones but had even better numbers. He should be getting a lot of preseason game and practice reps in my opinion. …but what do I know.

  20. westernbuc Says:

    Quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts.

  21. Buczilla Says:

    Our team does so many things right and then you look at the roster and Gabberts somehow still on it. Total waste of time and we, as well as Trask will be paying the price once grandpa decides to retire. Unless maybe the plan is to tank the season after gramps is gone? I don’t know, but I do know that Gabbert is horrific as a qb and always has been.

  22. Deuce McGoose Says:

    Trial by fire. Early preseason exhibition…, don’t matter/count,
    put him in from the beginning, and let him finish it out if he can.

    Either you see the potential, and he gains game experience,
    or you know that he is next seasons trade.

    Personally, I say give the kid a chance…, can’t be any worse than gabbert.

  23. Buc4evr Says:

    We need to sign Jimmy G, fast….

  24. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Go with Brady, Trask, and Griffen. Put Gabbert’s money to better use.

  25. Goatfarmer Says:

    Goobert is a proven loser. Trashk is Danny Wuerfful only not as smart. Griff can hold a clipboard without fumbling it. Maybe.

    Anyone but Brady behind center, we are done. And puhleez stop with the Jimmy Grapeblow talk. He makes Minefield look good and Minefield sucks even by Cleveland’s lowly standards.Good golly.

  26. David Says:

    For the love of God give Trask a fighting chance to get the back up role. I get that they want an experienced veteran at back up but sometimes longevity and experience don’t mean a thing when it’s all bad

  27. Dooley Says:

    Blaine Gabberts’ most important purpose is serving as a tenured, second set of eyes for Brady. When you think of how he was at OTAs daily, getting guys their reps and probably relaying information on how Tom may like certain things done. Gabbert & Brady seem pretty close, and more often than not it’s who you always see lingering on camera cuts to Brady during game broadcasts. I’d like to think Gabbert is telling Tom what he’s seeing, what a defense may be doing, what WR has got a favorable matchup, and things of that ilk.

    “Watch daddy sling it” should’ve been on a tshirt at the boat parade, took me a little bit to stop laughing at that quip paired with “you boys hold’em up” LMAO Gabbert think HE’S John Wayne

  28. Buccos Says:

    That story is freaking awesome. I love it! I’m gonna sling deez balls! I would keep him on the roster just for that. But seriously Gabbert has the arm talent and the experience to be Brady’s backup and if Brady likes him so be it. Who am I to say the kid deserves his job. The one that I would get rid of is Ryan Griffen because he has none of the above. Trask will get his shot. It might not be this year but he will get his shot.

  29. Tye Says:

    Trask surely can’t be as bad as BG…make Kyle the #2 QB and develop for the future..

  30. Proudbucsfan Says:

    Im very surprised gabbert has made it as long as he has with that long wind up of his, its wider than leftwitchs was.

  31. Tony Says:

    I’d rather have them give Glass a chance over putting Gabbert & Griffin in there.

  32. teacherman777 Says:

    RG 3?

    I would rather have him than Gabbert.

  33. FrontFour Says:

    Trask should be the backup, Griff #3 and Gabbert out the door. TB is outta here after this season. Let’s see what Trask has.

  34. gotbbucs Says:

    Gabbert isn’t here to throw passes in games. He’s here to be a second set of eyes for Brady. Why do you think the Patriots kept Brian Hoyer around for all those years? Same reason.

  35. AbucAway Says:

    Can’t. Stop. Laughing.
    This is comedy gold

  36. HC Grover Says:

    He is best at Schmoozing Buc Coaches. Nobody does it better.

  37. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Just because Gabbert sucks doesn’t automatically make Trask the next starter when Brady leaves, it’s highly likely that the next Bucs starter after Brady isn’t on the roster yet.

  38. Tony Says:

    teacherman777 Says:
    July 12th, 2022 at 5:58 am
    RG 3?

    I would rather have him than Gabbert

    No not RG3 Ryan Griffin. RG3 isn’t even on a team anymore. Only football he’s seeing is calling the games on Saturday.

  39. JDStill Says:

    Ref : The disrespect shown Kyle Trask, astounds me ! Aaron Rogers a future hall of famer, sat for three years learning behind his predecessor, another hall of famer, Brett Farve, who himself was a backup who never played with Atlanta before being traded to Greenbay and sat there until the starter was injured and he took over , and I never heard such crap spewed about either of those , “unproven”, players before they got their shot ,but here , you want to execute the guy before his trial! I really have never seen anything like it!

  40. Mike C Says:

    Jd, I don’t care for the college game, I care even less for the UF FSU fights on this site.

  41. Oneilbuc Says:

    JDStill. I agree with you as well bro. That’s what I hate about this fan base on this site. All they do is look for either a scapegoat or they bash all of our young players who haven’t even played one down in the NFL. This is why I said this is a loser fan base.

  42. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Oneilbuc Says:
    July 13th, 2022 at 12:30 am
    JDStill. I agree with you as well bro. That’s what I hate about this fan base on this site. All they do is look for either a scapegoat or they bash all of our young players who haven’t even played one down in the NFL. This is why I said this is a loser fan base.
    Oneilbuc: Look in the mirror, bro.