“There Are None When The Saints Play The Tampa Bay Buccaneers”

July 22nd, 2022

Saints great says Tom Brady can only win “with his left hand.”

Joe can guarantee Tom Brady will fire off a few F-bombs and possibly abuse a blunt object if he reads this critique from a guy who faced him five times over the past two seasons.

Hated Saints safety Malcom Jenkins is newly retired and will be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame conversation one day because of his two Super Rings and his three trips to the Pro Bowl during his 13-year career.

Jenkins will not get into the Hall of Fame, but he is qualified to talk about the great Saints-Bucs rivalry.

He joined The Rich Eisen Show yesterday and touched on the regular-season hex the Saints have against the Bucs, including shutting out Tom Brady at The Licht House last season in Tampa.

“It’s not much to do with Tom [Brady] actually, it’s the Saints defense, especially the secondary, was built to beat Tampa Bay,” Jenkins said. “And that rivarly, and that kind of competition, was there before Tom got there.”

Jenkins dove into the matchups, himself against Rob Gronkowski, Marcus Lattimore versus Mike Evans, C.J. Gardner Johnson in the slot against Chris Godwin or Antonio Browon, and others.

“Tom Brady’s whole game is take advantage of matchup issues. There are none when the Saints play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,” Jenkins said. “[In 2020], where we beat them twice and they beat us in the playoffs, they won that game off running the ball and their defense taking the ball away. And I think that to me is, when Brady tries to win [against New Orleans] throwing it, that plays right into the Saints’ hands.

“That game, that style of play, Brady has to win that game with his left hand. And I think that’s what makes that matchup so interesting, so difficult for him. Because what he does best, what works every single week, is not going to work against the Saints.”

Damn, Brady “has to win that game with his left hand.” Ouch!

Those familiar with Jenkins know he is a very cerebral cat who sounds more like a 54-year-old than a 34-year-old. This was not a hot take or a slap at Brady, just a guy who strongly believes Brady doesn’t have enough to pile up points against New Orleans.

Joe sure hopes Brady soaks in this interview. Jenkins had more to say about future Saints-Bucs matchups not being about Mr. Seven Rings.

43 Responses to ““There Are None When The Saints Play The Tampa Bay Buccaneers””

  1. Infomeplease Says:

    Sounds like something worth game planning around!!

  2. Kentucky Buc Says:

    All these Saints players are the same. Playoff chokers. Miami used to beat Brady regularly during the regular season. Hell, even the bengals gave him problems. Playoffs not so much. Losing these regular season games is more a fan pride thing. I’m sure the players never like to lose but the great ones always look big picture.

  3. STL-BucsFan Says:

    Well he’s not wrong! i believe they actually have a voodoo witch doctor putting a hex on us! we MUST sweep them this year!!!!! LET’S F’N GO BOYS!!!!

  4. Goatfarmer Says:

    Jenkins has a great career ahead of him. I’m glad he’s not against us anymore.

    Hey Todd – run the damn ball against the Aints.

  5. Bird Says:

    I agree with him. The saints passing defense / secondary is best in nfl IMO

    Lattimore gets in mikes head for sure . (Even w the holds every other play)

    Glad jenkins retired and williams went to another team
    Although they did bring in two older vets to replace

    I hope we can at least split with them this season

  6. Hodad Says:

    We have to play smash mouth against both N.O., and the Rams period. In boxing terms body blows. Work the body, running game, and when they drop their hands, take the knockout shot, passing game. We’ve done it arse backwards the last two years. I think Bowles knows this.

  7. ErikTheViking Says:

    Just run the damn ball.

  8. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I think R. White is going to be a big X Factor though. The Saints may have been built to stop our passing attack but not so sure they included a RB that could be such a weapon in the passing attack. I think we will have more opportunities for mismatches this season against defenses than in previous seasons.

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    Goatfarmer … Agree 100% that running the ball is a key against the Saints’ defense, but certainly not the only one. In the 1st game last year, we ran it only 14 times but for 71 yds (5.1 YPC). In the 2nd game we ran it a bit more (21 times) and got 118 yds rushing (5.6 YPC). And yet in both games our run-pass ratio really sucked (24.1% in the 1st game, and 28.8% in the 2nd game).

    Tells me that we can run against them very effectively, we just don’t run enough. But even more than that, they out-physicaled us (OK, they took our lunch money). In the 2 games last year, Saints defense registered 7 sacks & 5 takeaways. Bucs defense registered 3 sacks & 0 TOs. They out-scored us in those 2 games 45-27, mostly with Taysom Hill & Trevor Sieman as their QBs. That’s embarrassing. In terms of smashmouth football, we got smashed in the mouth. And it should never have happened … we got out-coached & out-played.

  10. tampabayallday Says:

    yea so basically, RUN THE DAMN BALL.

  11. OrlandoBucFan Says:

    When the Bucs next play the Saints, they need to heed the words of the great George Costanza when he swore, “Yes, I will do the opposite. I used to sit here and do nothing, and regret it for the rest of the day, so now I will do the opposite, and I will do something.” Wise words.

  12. Steven007 Says:

    Reading these articles recently, on my phone, going from the top down of course, I creep towards the end of the article and I see what seems to be an embedded video with supporting audio video evidence or a clip from the media regarding the article. Instead I end up looking at another advert for craft beer. I understand advertising but the only big storm I’m interested in will be coming from the offense and defense this season.

  13. Pickgrin Says:

    LOL – Sounds like something Gisele would say in the middle of a fight….

    “Oh yea? – well the only “winning” you will be doing in the near future is with your left hand – on the couch…”

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Run the ball….short passes to backs…..3 TE sets……..forget Evans……and…..we now have a new punter that can pin them back…..

    Use 2 RB sets…….

  15. Jeff Says:

    Lose twice to the Saints and win the division. I’ll take that EVERY year.

  16. Bucsfan13 Says:

    This isn’t a shot at Tom so much, but Jenkins is absolutely right. We play right into their hands when we insist on throwing it 40x against them. Brate said the exact same thing at minicamp. We need to establish the run. The Saints have a great defense, especially in the secondary. It becomes arrogance on our part to just think we can just out talent them with our receivers and not switch things up. What I love about some OCs is that they adjust the offense to the defense their facing that week. I will say the first match against the Saints last year we had some success against them in the passing game. Brady threw for almost 400 yards and 3 TDs. We should have actually won that game if not for the stupid penalties and the defense caving against Simien. Anyway, I don’t think Brady will sweat what Jenkins said because the defensive goal against all teams is to take away what they do best.

    As Jenkins noted, we struggled against them before Brady arrived. Why is it that Tom had success in NE against the Saints but hasn’t been able to achieve some success against them as a Buc? Some analysts have surmised it’s because the Pats have a different offensive game plan week to week to exploit their defensive opponents. One week they may pass it over the place and next week they might run it 50x. I just feel like the good OCs in the league know how to scheme better than us and are a lot flexible in their game plan week to week. Leftwich also says “ we’re gonna do what we do.” Is that attitude always correct?

  17. Chris Tucker@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    New Orleans is always a problem for us, but this year will be different!
    White catching balls out of the backfield will flat ruin their plans.
    I think a screen to White out of the backfields will break their backs.

  18. Kody Says:


  19. Rawface 1967 Says:

    STL-BucsFan Says:
    July 22nd, 2022 at 9:57 am
    Well he’s not wrong! i believe they actually have a voodoo witch doctor putting a hex on us! we MUST sweep them this year!!!!! LET’S F’N GO BOYS!!!!

    So that hex was a real thing. As soon as the Bucs switched their uniforms from Creamsicle to the Scull and Swords we broke every curse and the spell lost its power.. 2002 we won our first game in freezing temperatures, “(no thanks to Warren Sapp, but big thanks to Joe Jurivicious), and won the Superbowl. The reason we lose against the Saints is because the witch docter spell is still lingering. Kyle Rudolph always plays good against the Saints and he will be the Joe Jurivisios of 2022. I see us going 1 and 1 against the Saints because Jameis Winston has a chip on his shoulder from losing his job to the GOAT. We win the division with one loss to the “eat a W” sqaud.

  20. JimmyJack Says:

    Any time I get titled thinking about the Saints I just remind myself that Drew Bress last game in the league was a playoff loss to our Bucs.

  21. Vinny from Vermont Says:

    Some great ideas presented here on how to beat the Saints….and yet recognizing that our only victory in the last four years against them, was turned on a Winfield punch out fumble recovery against the Aint’s TE Cook.

    People keep lauding BA as a “great” HC. I am not saying he was bad….because he wasn’t. However, I will also not say he was great, as the GREAT ONES find a way to beat difficult matchups. They change game strategy to address the unique difficult match ups presented by some teams….and ultimately find a way to get it done.

    I would also not call Jon Gruden a great coach…but even he was able to see the necessity of changing game strategy against our nemsis of the time…the Eagles. Soundly beating them in the 2001 NFC divisional playoffs, and then beating them again in the first game of the 2002 regular season. Tony Dungy was either unable or unwilling to make those changes, and it was one of the significant factors leading up to his demise as the Bucs HC.

  22. BillyBucco Says:

    First it excites me to see Otton cleared for duty and Davenport and Thomas on the PUP list.
    Hopefully they dont play in week 2.

    As far as what the Bucs need to beat the Aints and Ram holes, I kinda hope we see more I formation this year.

    Take a goal line situation where one RB goes out to the flat drawing a LB out and the other RB takes a draw.

    Or both RBs run wheel routes and the TE is wide open.
    Because Lenny and Rachaad can both catch, I wanna see some “Plays” that work.

    That is my biggest issue with Leftwich.
    It seems the Bucs success is all predicated on winning matchups.
    How about some misdirection and more eye candy that “confuses “ defenses?

    That is what makes McVay and Kyle and other successful offensive gurus special.

  23. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Isn’t this the coaching staffs job? What Jenkins says seems pretty simple, the Risk it No Biscuit plays right into their hands. Stopping them from scoring helps to.

  24. Duane Says:

    Run the ball! That is an apt assessment. Control the clock. You also have play action for when you establish the run game, which I also feel Brady is capable of handling. Hes basically saying that this team plays too finesse when we do have the size to be more physical. Couldnt agree more.

  25. LJ'sDaddy Says:

    Man, I was at the home game against those Slimy Saints…we drove 6 hours to be there. What a heart breaker. Not much good to see. Except for pre-game, never heard the cannons.

  26. LJ'sDaddy Says:

    The win against them and Brees in the playoffs was my super bowl that year. I still watch that game on my DVR. That was awesome.

  27. Goatfarmer Says:

    DR – agreed. Certainly not advocating a Belichekian 4 passes !

    Point is, need balance. More use of motion and play action.

  28. TonyD Says:

    Nothing earth shattering there, it’s nothing myself or anybody else doesn’t already know. The Saints’ve had a really good defense for the past several years and in order to beat them you have to play sound mistake free football & win the turnover battle.

  29. Mike B Says:

    Saints defense got better actually. The offense did too even if we don’t have Thomas. Yall ain’t sweeping nothing. Go dye Bradys hair and out his make up on.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Thomas and Davenport will be back the first week of camp

  31. Mike Says:

    We have to be able to get some mismatches against them for sure. Perhaps our rookie RB will cause some problems in coverage for them. If not, then we have to do a better job at running the ball and keeping the chains moving.

  32. Chris f Says:

    Saints secondary just got better with the honey badger

  33. Red-sparrow Says:

    Well he’s not wrong… It’s not even really a shot at Brady. It’s about the matchup with the receivers more or less. The saints stick to the Bucs receivers like glue. The Bucs don’t run complex schemes like a shanahan. They rely on winning one on one matchups. So if the receivers all of a sudden can’t get separation against those saints dbs, then Brady gets sacked all day and struggles cause he has to hold that ball for a second or 2 longer than usual. Only Bucs receiver I think could consistently win his matchup against the saints was AB. But funny enough, every time they played the saints last 2 seasons AB was unavailable😂…

  34. Scooter Says:

    Saints get a pass rush with their front four leaving 7 back in coverage. tough to throw against this. When Brady was in NE, they had a fullback opening holes for the running backs.

  35. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Who dat?

    Mike B gonna kiss that azz…..

    Who dat?

  36. Bucschamp Says:

    Saints beating Bucs in the regular season is super Bowl to them. We are in their heads. Glorified win

  37. Eddie Marz Says:

    The Saints shut down Rogers in the first game of the season and shut down Brady. He’s right, better be able to run the ball when you play The Saints. GOBUCS!

  38. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Red Sparrow. Thank you! Some fans are in denial about the obvious flaws in this offense. They look at the offensive rankings and figure everything is fine. This is a high volume passing offense. Brady had over 700x pass attempts. Don’t forget, Winston also put up huge numbers in this offense. He was just a TO machine. Brady added a more efficient, modern look on the offense. We barely utilized motion, which is a staple of most offensive schemes until Brady joined the team. As Sparrow pointed out, our offensive philosophy is our man will beat your man. I like Leftwich but he’s not really a schemer, and we got exposed when our best receivers went down.

    Tyler Johnson struggles with separation. Maybe draw up some plays to scheme him open. I read a stat that Kupp was covered by a LB 35% of the time. Woods also had mismatches with LBs. That’s expert scheming by McVay. Brady was a company man. I think he held his tongue on a lot of things. LeSean McCoy alluded to this in interviews. Peyton poked fun at Brady during the MNF telecast about not scraping parts of the offense sooner last year. Manning scraped Mike McCoys’ offense after two games when he got to Denver.

    I don’t have a problem with Bowles being involved in the offense. Say what you want about Bowles, but he knows defense. He could sit down with Tom and BL and brainstorm some ideas with them. I pray to God that Bowles ends those third and 1 deep shots. Let’s extend some drives. I don’t care if we have to dink and dunk our way downfield. A TD is a TD. Fans get caught up in highlights. I don’t care Mike doesn’t get his targets.

  39. David Says:

    He’s not wrong, they had a hell of a secondary causing teams to hold the ball that extra half second which helps to pass rush. That said, I expect the Buccaneer offense to be ready to kick some Saint assss this year

  40. unbelievable Says:

    He’s 100% correct.

    That’s what has been so upsetting. Us dumbRse fans know that you need to run the ball soften the Saints up to neutralize their pass rush / defense. Yet it seemed like every time we played them, we passed more than ever. Some of that had to do with getting down early, but even being down just 1 touchdown, seemed like we always abandoned the run immediately and became 1 dimensional. So frustrating.

  41. Brandon Says:

    This is something I’ve been saying for two years. The egos of Brady, BL, and BA have run-the pass first show and been the cause of most of our defeats. Keeping an inferior runner over a far superior runner proves the point. ThrbBucs offense is one dimensional most of the time. Sure, starstruck fans wanna see the bal chucked all over the yard but i want to see wins. Wins like the ones we got in the 2020 playoffs by running the ball.

  42. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Brandon, if the D is letting Winston and Trevor Simeon score at will, how is running the ball going to help?

  43. Mike Shoe Says:

    You need a great defence for the post season
    But if you can’t score it doesn’t matter.