Stat Narrative Favors Russell Gage

July 26th, 2022

Bucs WR Russell Gage.

It seems maybe two or three years ago, all the statheads started pushing an advanced stat as the new be-all, end-all of numbers.

It’s average yards per target, or some folks called it average depth of target (aDOT). The way these numbers guys drool over this stat, you’d think it was the only thing that counts.

Joe is weak-in-the-knees over the stat that monitors how many points a team scores, and the stat that tracks how many wins a team has. To each his own.

Joe guesses the reason why these guys get wood over depth of target is it possibly indicates a solid passing attack and generally teams with good passing attacks have good offenses — and teams with good offenses often win games.

Seth Walder over at BSPN, who always puts numbers above physical ability, is all fidgety over how deep new Bucs receiver Russell Gage gets on his pass routes. So he’s sure the Bucs won’t miss a beat with Gage lined up in the slot.

Stat to know: New Bucs wideout Russell Gage ranked 16th among receivers with at least 150 routes run in receiving yards per route against man coverage (2.6). If Gage needs to step in as the No. 2 receiver while Chris Godwin recovers from a torn ACL, he has already shown he’s capable of producing.

Joe will once again reference the notion Adam Rank of suggested: Tom Brady has a knack for making slot receivers look better. What did all the little guys in New England do at slot when they left the Belicheats? And then look at the immortal Cyril Grayson. He developed into a serviceable if not good slot receiver.

And who was his quarterback again?

Joe thinks Gage will be just fine so long as he is healthy and more importantly, Brady is healthy.

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