Interesting Drama Behind Rob Gronkowski Retirement

July 10th, 2022

This is an angle Joe never fully explored.

Joe has been all over the foot-rubbing Rob Gronkowski retirement-maybe. And Joe has a raised eyebrow about all of this because minutes after Gronk took to Instagram to claim he’s retired, his agent, oily Drew Rosenhaus, went directly to Adam Schefter of BSPN and the creator, curator and overall guru of Pro Football Talk, the great Mike Florio, to claim he could see Gronk returning midseason.

Some retirement!

Joe has gone over how this was all choreographed by Rosenhaus. Let’s be real, Rosenhaus is not a stupid man. He knows how to start bidding wars for his clients or how to squeeze more cash from teams. (Remember how he used a dummy phone the night Warren Sapp was sinking in the draft in order to bait a general manager(s) to come get Sapp? Rosenhaus claimed live on BSPN that teams were calling him trying to trade up for Sapp.) That’s why Rosenhaus is one of the best agents.

But Chris Broussard took this a logical step further. Speaking on the FS1 hollering show, “First Things First,” Broussard said there is no way Rosenhaus goes to Florio and Schefter without Gronk signing off on it.

So if Gronk really is retired, Broussard reasoned, then why did Gronk give Rosenhaus the green light to tell two of the biggest of big-shots in #NFLMedia the door is open for a midseason return to the Bucs?

Well, the answer is Gronk isn’t retired-maybe.

To add credibility to Broussard’s claim, it is nearly a month since Gronk called Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht to tell him he was calling it a career. And what has Licht done to address this massive hole in the roster? Not one damn thing.

Don’t tell Joe that Licht plans to go to war in likely Tom Brady’s last year with only one tight end on the roster who has ever caught a pass in the NFL.

(No, Joe is not factoring in camp meat/current No. 4 tight end Codey McElroy, who actually has taken a snap in an NFL game.)

To hear and see Broussard’s take on Gronk’s retirement-maybe, you can click the FS1 video below.

67 Responses to “Interesting Drama Behind Rob Gronkowski Retirement”

  1. #8 Says:

    I’ve been on vacation.


  2. FrontFour Says:

    Gronk is gone. Move on Joe.

  3. Kody Says:

    Cade Otton and Ko Kieft will step up and get’er done. They won’t let Brady down. They’re the bright future. Gronk is the past, as glorious as it was.

  4. PassingThru Says:

    What if Gronk hadn’t announced his retirement and simply remained unsigned? In other words Joe, what negotiating advantage did Gronk gain by retiring?

  5. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Not to rain on anybodys parade but I’m pretty sure Gronks agent said the same thing the last time Gronk retired. Now, Gronk wanted out of NE. He apparently loved Tampa so a glimmer of hope.

  6. Oneilbuc Says:

    Have Gronk put his retirement papers in yet ? Because if not I think he’s coming back.

  7. Don_RyJo(e) Says:

    I’m waiting for the 40 day mark for us all the find out that all this is just Gronk playing a (admittedly overly elaborate) practical joke on Tommy Boy, to get TB12 back for the heartache TB12’s “retirement” caused HIM.

  8. Listnfrmafar Says:

    ” Show me the MONEY Jerry!”

  9. Mr. Editor Says:

    Would Gronk coming back from retirement count as one of Adam Schefter’s “another move or two” that the Bucs are contemplating before training camp? I’ll have to review his report and offer suggestions for revision. It’s a never-ending job!

  10. Mort Says:

    JJ Howland, step right up! Cody McElroy is not the answer.

  11. Beeej Says:

    has it been 40 days yet?

  12. HC Grover Says:

    2 months to opening day in Dallas.

  13. Mikebuc40 Says:

    Has Gronk signed his retirement papers with the league?

  14. AbucAway Says:

    Good to have you back #8. Don’t fret, ‘Suh’ has been in good hands while you were away.

    Joe, you are right. It is interesting that JL hasn’t made a move on a vet TE. I can’t imagine he’s going to sit and watch one of these rookie TE’s get Tom’s head ripped off by a missed block. No I don’t think Brate is capable of stopping that scenario either. Very interesting

  15. Dooley Says:

    Go and get me Spiderm-er, Jesse James!

  16. alton green Says:

    Folks you’re jumping around like a pin ball. remember those? Don’t lose sight on who is the QB!! If they signed Slingblade, Tompa would be throwing him Tuddies by the 3rd game. Only God knows how many unknown players that Tom has made a star

  17. mark2001 Says:

    Joe… Seemed to me pretty logical at the time and mentioned him likely coming back among all the “woe of us” posts. Will see. But if he comes back in a month, I’d have to just say that even a guy from ISU finds, if you will, an acorn every so often.

  18. Biff Barker Says:

    This story is well past it’s expiration date.

    Goodbye Gronk. Time to play the youth.

  19. PassingThru Says:

    Again, what does Gronk gain by announcing his retirement? He could have just remained an unsigned free agent.

    Licht should assume Gronk is gone.

  20. TorontoBucsFan Says:

    I’m often way off on my hot takes, BUT……..

    Did anyone ever really expect Gronk to come in for training camp? Until the Bucs sign an experienced TE, I’m assuming Gronk will be back at some point this season, possible in the first couple week.

    Possibly with some kind of unwritten agreement that he will be “load managed”.

    I’m guessing he will want to be part of the NFL in Germany extravaganza. I was remotely thinking about going over to see that game…… until I saw the ticket prices on StubHub!

  21. Biff Barker Says:

    Passing Thru. I think Licht hedged his bets during this year’s draft as best he could. I underestimated how severe his injury was last season. Bucs needed to get younger. JPP, Gronk, Suh, maybe LVD. The team cant pick the time a player runs out of gas.

  22. Hodad Says:

    My grandaughters sing this song all the time. Let it go, let it go! Joe, you should too.

  23. sasquatch Says:


    I’m over the stupid drama. If you wanna buy into the game playing and bullish!t, no one is stopping you, but when a guy says he’s retired, I assume it’s real… not sitting here stroking my pole hoping he returns. He’s done, until he says he’s not.

  24. mark2001 Says:

    Passing. You have read the articles on this board regarding his sense of humor. And his comments about Brady’s retirement and how he was going to make him “squirm” as Brady did to him? This guy likes to have a good time. He loves a good joke and rib at Brady. You might want to check out the Tommy and Gronk kiddie pool “show” on the Bucs Official Website. Sure…he might throw the towel in. But note… I haven’t said this about Marpet. He is a different cat than Gronk. And wouldn’t surprise many of us at all.

  25. mark2001 Says:

    Biff… that may be part of the reason we hit TE so hard in the draft. But if you look past old guys Brate and Gronk, the only two real TE’s of any quality on our roster next year, it only makes sense to load up on the position if the guys we wanted were of good value at their position in the draft. Practice squad and street guys usually don’t become quality starting TE’s. I think it was the smart thing to do, even if we have Brate and Gronk this year.

  26. D-Rome Says:

    Gronk should be retired for the sake of his health but I don’t think anyone really believes he’s done for good.

  27. Goatfarmer Says:

    If he’s coming back it needs to be by late August so he can work and sweat and get ready for heat and humidity, the old “football shape” thing. If he’s not coming back until mid-season if at all, then signing a vet TE in time to synch up a bit with Brady is paramount.

  28. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    I’ve been saying it even before he retired: Gronk is coming back week 10, right before the bye week, to play the home stretch and be playoff ready. He will be hailed a hero! LFG

  29. Cobraboy Says:

    41 days, then Gronk returns.

    Brady “retirement” +1.


  30. Goatfarmer Says:

    Cobra — hope you are right!

  31. Mike Johnson Says:

    People forget..Gronls 1st 11 seasons, he was banged up as hell. He played maybe a half a season here and there. Gronk is done guys. He is the walking wounded. If I were him? I’d just take that little Fox Sports job and kick back. Only a fool would come back into the league to risk further injury. And yes, when I say fool, I’m placing our beloved Brady in that group.

  32. Tampabaybucfsn Says:

    Hey , hey….Gron-a-day Sunday!!!

  33. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Mike, Gronk did the Fox thing, he was horrible.

  34. Defense Rules Says:

    PassingThru … I had the same thought as you when you asked ‘What negotiating advantage did Gronk gain by retiring?’ As far as I’ve read, he’s already stated his intention to only play with Tom Brady & the Bucs. Those same Bucs are cash-strapped but would surely do all they can to negotiate a package that was very ‘Gronk friendly’. So what advantage did Gronk gain by retiring?

    Will he un-retire at some point this season? Maybe; maybe not. I’m not even sure that Gronk knows at this point (lots of variables could enter his decision process). Obviously JL hedged his bets as best he could via the draft, and MAY bring on a FA TE prior to season start if our current crop of TEs flop in training camp. This whole thing reminds me of the old TV soap opera ‘As The World Turns’. We’ll all just have to wait & see what the next episode brings.

  35. GOB Says:

    Passing is right. If Gronk did plan on playing sometime this year, he need not have retired. It gives him no special leverage. On the contrary. If the bucs offense is just fine without Gronk, it further disincentives the bucs from begging him to return. It would also make Gronk look like a tremendous jackass if he showed up in late November.

    There were rumors he would try something like this in New England. Belichick put a quick end to those rumors. If everyone else needs to suffer through camp, and the first half of the season, what makes Gronk above it all?

    The only way this senecio works, is if the bucs offense is in the toilet, and they’re getting nothing from the TE room. I don’t expect that to be the case. Brady has won Superbowls without Gronk.

  36. Cobraboy Says:

    GOB says:

    If everyone else needs to suffer through camp, and the first half of the season, what makes Gronk above it all?

    Nothing besides being a GOAT at his position for the last 11 years,& 1st Ballot HoFer.

    Kinda minor details.

    He can get away with it based on experience and knowledge.

    I’d prefer, IF he comes back, to do it maybe after the heavy-hitting of TC and PS is over…

  37. Cobraboy Says:

    The part that should not be in the quote ^^^above^^^

    Nothing besides being a GOAT at his position for the last 11 years,& 1st Ballot HoFer.

    Kinda minor details.

    He can get away with it based on experience and knowledge.

    I’d prefer, IF he comes back, to do it maybe after the heavy-hitting of TC and PS is over…

  38. GOB Says:

    Cobraboy, Gronk hasn’t played a pre season game in years. If you want. Stick a pink tutu on him during camp. But, at least be out there with your boys, getting into regular season shape. You can’t do that properly without a camp. Look at the long list of guys that held out, missed camp, and popped a hammy. I don’t believe Gronk can get into NFL game shape, with three weeks notice. He’d be playing his way into shape. For a man with his injury history, and advanced NFL age, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

  39. Thadeus Says:

    Week 12. Write it down.

  40. Buc4evr Says:

    Gronk after training camp. Suh.

  41. Listnfrmafar Says:

    GOB, this is no high school ball. Your point is probably why is still retired, he can’t come off as some sort of premadona to his teammates so in order to save face retire and come back. Strahan did it. I guess we all have to see how this pans out. Right now his workouts consist of push-ups on his lady. I think he’s working out a lot more than we think.

  42. SB~LV Says:

    Lumbering Gronk will return at some point this year, the only unknown is when

  43. GOB Says:

    Listen, did you see how thin he looks? I really think he’s had enough. He didn’t need to retire to save face. If he returns, it looks just as disingenuous as remaining a free agent. We all know he didn’t want to go to camp. I don’t think teams are allowed to cancel the fines for non attendance, per the CBA. He was never signing a contract before the first pre-season game anyway. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I think only rookie holdouts can have their fines wiped out.

  44. GOB Says:

    If Gronk hadn’t already retired once, it would be more palatable if he returns sometime this year. Returning after a second retirement, and claiming you suddenly had yet another change of heart, simply isn’t believable. Everyone would know he planned on coming back.

  45. Buczilla Says:

    I’ll always be thankful towards Drew for trying to get Errict Rhett paid like Emmitt Smith and spurring us to draft Alstott in 96 and Dunn in 97. We traded Rhett to the ravens in 98 and the rest is history. Thanks Drew!

  46. Beeej Says:

    The man REALLY hates training camp in the FLA sun. I’d wager he hates THAT more than the occasional broken rib(s)

  47. Cobraboy Says:

    Like holding out past training camp has never been done before… :rolleyes:

  48. Leighroy Says:

    If Gronk returns mid-season, does he play for half the salary?

    That could be one way to manipulate the salary cap while meeting his pro-rated salary needs… pay him 4 mil for half a season (the half we actually need him at that) instead of 8 for the full year.

  49. steele Says:

    It doesn’t matter. They need veteran help regardless. Expecting Otton and Kieft to carry it in yr 1 is far too much to ask. Give them a year and limited duties but enough to see if they can take over as a tandem.

    It might be a committee season, like it or not. Sign the best veteran out there for the year at minimum salary, get them in, see what happens in camp. New vet+Brate. If Gronk thinks he wants to get off the couch at some point, he has to make the call. Then it’s new vet+Gronk+Brate.

    Brady hasn’t had a super 2-TE weapon since Gronk and murderer Aaron Hernandez. It would be nice to give him that again.

  50. Brazen Zebra Says:

    Kabuki retirement? Gronk’s “retirement” is a highly choreographed pseudo-retirement similar to a Japanese Kabuki dance. The NFL is a tough environment, especially for older players like Gronk who are prone to injury. Why risk training camp and pre-season nonsense when you’re up there with the GOATs, and you really just want to help Tom and the Bucs win another SB. I think Gronk plays again.

  51. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Hernandez if not a gang member could have possibly been better than Gronk. He was Cordelle Patterson tight end size. GOB, I have no idea what size Gronk us now or if he’s smaller at all. I agree the second retirement is unorthodox but the man has never been awarded for anything other than football smarts. Still his agent dangled the carrot. Maybe he wants 12 mil and saw Brady got what he wanted once retired. The question still lumes, why no vet TE signing? Brady is.NOT going to settle for a rookie TE or TE’s in place of Gronk. Maybe by retiring and not just staying a free agent he avoids all the others teams pushing to sign him? Has he officially sent his papers in, that’s the question?

  52. stillnotoverit Says:

    Now the NFLN, after censoring lord and savior Gruden, is showing the NO VS Favre bounty game… which we have full proof of beyond illegal activity.. You can get caught saying and doing illegal, horrible things no problem, but how dare you hurt ole commishies feelings

  53. JimmyJack Says:

    This agents nickname is oily. I wouldnt put a penny of stock into anything that comes out of this guys mouth. For all we know hes only playing up the football angle to squeeze more dollars out of Hollywood producers or maybe WWF wrestling.

    Anything that comes out of the oily ones mouth should go in one ear and out the other if ya know whats good for ya.

    Gronk is retired. Thats offical. Its not normal to come out of retirement so Im going with that until the guy actually decides otherwise. Spent too many years living on false hope with this franchise.

  54. JimmyJack Says:

    I wont trust the oily one but I do think the Bucs know for definate whats Gronks plan is. It is worth looking at anymoves they make during the preseason.

    It doesnt move the needle for now that they havent done anything yet. Theres too much time between now and the start of season.

  55. GOB Says:

    Listnfrmafar, I agree about Hernandez. He was more athletic, and more multiple than Gronk. It’s a tragedy all around. Had he not had the trouble at Florida, he would’ve been a top half of the first round pick.

    As to why licht appears to be standing pat, who knows. I’d hate to think he expects much contribution from the TE draft picks. I can’t believe they’ll go into the season, with the current group. Maybe he knows something we don’t, or has a backup plan. But, counting on Gronk to come back is about as stupid a reason to do nothing that I can think of.

  56. SPARKY Says:

    Besides blocking TE is not that tough of a place to play as a receiver. Most of the time it’s send everybody out and have the TE go out 10 yards and turn around and catch the ball in your gut. The TE for the Chiefs has been living off that for years. And everyone of the free agents TE are worse than Brate, definitely not better. I think we will be surprised what our rookies will do.

  57. HC Grover Says:

    Gronk is waiting for inflation to triple his pay in a month.

  58. Goatfarmer Says:

    Gronk is negotiating with the underground Martians about starting a wrestlemania concept in their subterranean domes. Bank on it.

  59. HC Grover Says:

    According to my electric, gasoline and food bill inflation is about 20 percent so a 5 million deal is only 4 million. All the players are going to be playing for peanuts.

  60. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    Thanks for all the fish. Bye bye

  61. Wild Bill Says:

    Gronk an attention ho? Seems to me he is having the time of his life. Gorgeous GF. Media star getting constant national attention. Stole Brady’s media game (I am retired, hmm maybe not). Big goofy guy with enough Smarts to play the media for all its worth. Raking in personal appearance/ media Cash flow! Making lots of hay while the sun shines bright! He can play this game for all its worth and then show up for camp just before or shortly after season begins. He is stealing multiple pages from Tom’s marketing book.

  62. mark2001 Says:

    GOB…. Gronk has taken hits almost every year that would kill most of us. So I don’t begrudge the guy taking a few meaningless games and reps off. He is a warrior. And has proved enough to basically let him call his shots, within reason.

    So is Licht in on the Gronk decision and plan of action? Wouldn’t be surprised at all.

  63. Cobraboy Says:

    Gronk DID reply to the question “Are you retired, or are you going to play again?”

    His answer: “Both.”

    Could be tongue-in-cheek, could be an honest answer,

  64. Cobraboy Says:

    I want Gronk to play because I’m selfish and enjoy his playing style.

    Especially the Gronk spike. I’d dislocate my right hypochondriac if I tried that…

  65. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    I’m not getting into this mess of a debate. All I will say is GRONK is coming off a season with some serious injuries and I don’t give a sh!t if he wants to skip TC and not “Be out there with the boys ” ..
    Dude needs to heal up , he ALREADY said he would ONLY play for the Bucs if/when he comes back. That’s good enough for me and should be good enough for ANY Bucs fan . The guy has already done so much for this team in just 2 years , if he feels this is the best thing for him to be better for the TEAM, who are any of us to disagree ? Go Bucs and Gronk !

  66. laughable Says:

    I could be wrong . But I am thinking this is how the bucs get gronk back . without any other contract issues etc . gronk will be working out in tampa until all of a sudden omg we need a TE he’s tom bradys guy period end of story he will be a buc again anything els is dumb

  67. Pete Says:

    He’ll be back.