Bucs By “Four Or Five Games”

July 2nd, 2022

You can drop $1,000 on the Bucs to win the NFC South today at the Draft Kings sportsbook and they’ll pay you $1,333 when/if the Bucs are crowned division champs.

A name well known to Bucs fans thinks that wager is a runaway winner.

Last season, Tampa Bay won the division by four games. They finished 13-4 while the Slimy Saints took second with a 9-8 record.

Speaking on SiriusXM NFL Radio, former Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik, the network’s draft guru, said he believes the Bucs will win the NFC South this season by “four or five games.”

“Too good of a football team. Too good of a quarteraback,” Dominik said, noting specifically that the Bucs and Brady are a far better bet than Jameis Winston staying healthy coming off major knee surgery.

As for the Panthers and Falcons, Dominik said he doesn’t have clear view now on which team is better, but he doesn’t see either challenging for the top of the division.

Joe wonders if general manager Jason Licht and Todd Bowles see the Bucs as destined to cruise to the division title, assuming Tom Brady stays healthy. That kind of confidence can be very dangerous, but it also could shape the Bucs’ decision-making — and patience — when it comes to making quick moves to replace Rob Gronkowski or to add to the pass rush.

For those wondering, Joe wouldn’t make this type of futures bet in early July. Too many variables for those kinds of odds, and too much money to tie up for six months.

13 Responses to “Bucs By “Four Or Five Games””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Doesn’t quite qualify for Gronk-a-day……but at least Gronk was mentioned

    We still have some money…..some added pieces on their way.

  2. Howard Cosell Says:

    @ TBBF

    Gronk’s secret plan is this:
    Wait until the Bucs are in a pinch, and then return as the conquering hero.
    Make a slash play for a win in the next game and his legend is cemented
    almost on the level of TB.
    This has been the plan all along. It allows him to spare his body the rigor
    of camp, preseason and a few reg season games. Gronk will stay in shape
    waiting for the time.

    Howard thinks Gronk is a little jealous of all the attention that TB got
    after un-retiring

  3. David Says:

    Betting 1000 to win 330 is not a good bet. If you get better odds to see how many games they went by, that would be better.

    I would not bet on 4-5 games though. Way to high. The Saints have a new coach and Winston but let’s not forget Winston is pretty good other than the turnovers and the Saints as a whole are a real good team. I haven’t looked at their schedule but they play Carolina and Atlanta twice and think they can’t take one from the Bucs.

  4. godlovesbucs Says:

    The biggest issue is that there is a real chance this team is 5-4 after 9 games. A record like that gives all nfc south teams hope. Add a mid season injury or 2 and it could go bad quick. I seriously doubt it will go like that, but crazy things happen every year.

  5. GOB Says:

    Terrible bet. The schedule, the loss of AB, Gronk, and a recovering Godwin. The saints are being vastly underrated. If they get even average QB play, they’re an 11 win team easy. The division winner will win it by one game, or tie breaker

  6. Goatfarmer Says:

    If Dumbernik said that, bet the farm on the Saints. I wish that toad would stop talking about the team he ruined for 10 years. Envy is tough.

  7. Stanglassman Says:

    Jameis come back player of the year. +600 looks pretty good to me. One hundred to win 6 sound more enticing.

  8. Stanglassman Says:

    Other interesting futures are betting the Bears score the lowest point total+700. Also the Rams to win their division +135.

  9. An Erection for Sacks Says:

    @godlovesbucs: Which god?

  10. Scooter Says:

    Saints have won 7 consecutive regular season games against the Bucs.

  11. Eddie Marz Says:

    I’ll give you my two cents on the division. Bucs and saints win double digit games. Panthers and falcons lose double digit games. Better not count the saints, but losing Kamara is a huge hit for them. TOO BAD. GOBUCS!

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    Yeah, I’m not writing off the Saints just yet. Winston, assuming he’s healthy, is going to actually have real NFL-level WR’s this year (3 of them vs 0 last year) – and while Payton being gone is going to hurt them, I think everything runs on autopilot for a year before it comes crashing down. That is what happened with the Raiders when Gruden left, and what happened to the Bucs when Dungy left – and is likely going to happen with Arians leaving, although the one-year thing is most likely due to Brady legitimately retiring after this year.

    But the Saints, for all their ‘cap hell’ issues really didn’t lose much, and gained a ton at WR, by far their weakest position last year. When Winston was injured, he was tied with Brady in QBr, and got them to 5-2, with one of those loses due to a complete 4th quarter meltdown on defense.

    Anywho, I’d like to be wrong and see the Saints collapse – but I just don’t see it happening this season. I think the Bucs do win the division, but I’m not sure it’s by 4 or 5 games.

  13. Darin Says:

    Not enough of a payday for that many months. If they don’t win the division this season Tommy didn’t suit up