Not Bad For A Middle-Aged Man

June 6th, 2022

Bucs QB Tom Brady.

Joe likes to needle folks that Tom Brady is nearly five years away from AARP eligibility.

That’s right. When Brady turns 50, he will start getting deluged with mailings to join AARP, the outfit that’s sole focus is to look out for senior citizens.

Yet Brady is about to play in the NFL again and who knows if he will retire or not after the 2022 season?

Joe remembers in his final few weeks of the 2019 season, Brady’s last in New England, folks were beginning to talk out loud that Brady lost zip on his fastball. At the time Brady signed with the Bucs, AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht stunned people when he said he didn’t see any delcine of Brady’s arm.

And Licht was right. And at age 45 (birthday in August), Brady is in the top-five of quarterbacks.

Who says? Dalton Miller of Pro Football Network.

4. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is hogwash. While Tom Brady may not actually need to learn any new tricks, the old dog is still outperforming many of the youngins’ in the league. In fact, nobody has been more productive over the past two seasons when looking at more traditional “counting” numbers like yards and touchdowns.

He hasn’t lost any of the velocity in his arm, even as he approaches collecting social security. In fact, he may have as much juice as ever. And with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Russell Gage as his top three options, it’s unlikely he slows down much in what will probably be his final push for a championship.

Joe has a hunch Brady will have to work more this year to keep the Bucs’ offense humming like it has been.

First, Chris Godwin’s return date is unknown. Former Bucs defensive tackle and current BSPN talking head Booger McFarland’s saying Godwin won’t return until after Thanksgiving has Joe triggered.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Bucs got Russell Gage. This isn’t a knock on Gage in any way but let’s slow down on the guy. He is a nice player but he isn’t as good as Godwin and he surely isn’t as good as furniture-throwing, bicycle-winging, V-card-forging, topless-jumping=jacks-exercising, quitter Antonio Brown.

13 Responses to “Not Bad For A Middle-Aged Man”

  1. Kentucky Buc Says:

    You forgot toilet licking instagrammer banging.

  2. adam from ny Says:

    if tom wins a 2nd superbowl here, he is not leaving…


    bouncing to another organization to start from scratch…no

    yes the glazers will have to throw him the kitchen sink to stay or even part ownership — lol…

    but yes something to make him stay and go for the triple mcdipple in tampa…


  3. Joe Says:

    LOL Kentucky Buc!!! 🙂

  4. CleanHouse Says:

    Kentucky Buc has a good point.

  5. Buc king Says:

    I know I’m get crucified but I say resign antonio brown and blame it on Bruce..say brady Mended the fences n ride him till godwin is back.. he won’t get many offers..let’s be real he got emotional with his coach n showed his a$$ leaving the field…butttttttt I say but his production and experience with brady plus his price tag should allow us to fix it.

    I know I’m look dumb to some…but I’m imagining this team with brown evans godwin n gage Jr ..gronk brate rookie mauler.. fournette Vaughn white… special skill set / speedsters… Miller perriman Darden Graydon or whatever his name is….Johnson 3rd down receiver pretty much a godwin knock off…

    Brown shouldn’t be crossed of due to a super bowl win.
    Brady can make it happen and should.
    I see him being excited for 3 million and chance to right a wrong.

  6. Bird Says:

    This team is loaded. Cant wait for the season!
    I think godwin will be fine. Not sure covered here but grayson commented on his observations of godwin running at practice around 19 mph already.

    It still amazes me that this dude is playing at this level when he will be getting the senior citizen discount on coffees and movies very soon. 😂

    And to think , just even yesterday we have peeps on here saying it was a waste to go all in on brady. Yah. Winning a super bowl sucks. Only reason we were denied one last year were injuries to godwin , wirfs and AB going cookoo

    Cause the former guy apparently would have taken us there? Nah. Total baffoonery. It would have been the same .500 football w no free agents worth a dang coming here

  7. D-Rok Says:

    Buc king,
    I actually understand why you’d bring up bringing back AB – purely for the talent he has. I just think AB has already had too many “one last chances” to take a risk on him. More profusely, I wish AB had his mentals right and we could simply worry about him being a great player. But alas, I think those are empty wishes at this point.

  8. Beeej Says:

    Never saw the players say much publicly about him, but he has to beat pariah

  9. Dooley Says:

    @Buc King

    Antonio Brown can eat a Richard

  10. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Yes GOB claims he’s lost the zip in his arm and he’s throwing balloons downfield. GOB, is anything you post legit?

  11. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Buc King@ love to see it but that ship has ultimately sailed. He may of had a chance except his exit strategy was to bash his supporting staff instead of the solo attack at BA. If you Google “Stupid Arse ” AB’s picture is probably the first thing you’ll see.

  12. Bbro Says:

    No need to sign up with leftist aarp when there’s a conservative choice with

  13. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    D-Rok Says:
    “I wish AB had his mentals right and we could simply worry about him being a great player.”

    If AB had his mental right, he’d be a $20MM receiver, and we couldn’t touch him.