Mike Evans Playing At A Discount

June 9th, 2022

Pro Bowl receiver Mike Evans.

Joe can see a couple of Bucs fans arguing about this over a few Big Storm Brewing beers.

So, is Mike Evans a top-five receiver? Maybe.

Is Mike Evans a top-10 receiver? Hell, yeah!

Is Mike Evans a top-15 receiver? What are you people, on dope?

Evans is on a path to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And you know what? Joe’s going there: He’s the most consistent wide receiver the NFL has seen since Jerry Rice. That’s right.

So yesterday Joe noticed something from The33rdTeam’s Twitter feed. Mike Evans is the 16th-highest paid receiver in the game. Sixteenth! He’s not even the highest paid receiver on the Bucs. That’s Chris Godwin.

The Bucs are getting a crazy good discount with Evans. And he’s only due $14.5 million next year.

If he hollered and screamed and stomped his feet. he’d likely get a massive raise or force his way out of town. But Evans knows he’s still making a nice bank and is happy catching passes fromTom Brady.

But man, are the Bucs getting some kind of break with Evans.

34 Responses to “Mike Evans Playing At A Discount”

  1. zzbucs Says:

    Maybe??? come on Joe, no doubt he is top 5!! Come on now!!!

    That´s the risk of every player right? today is underpaid, but when he signed it it was top ! And we are talking of millions here…..

    He will probably get a third contract with the Bucs, if he stays healthy….. ANd when he finishes his careeer his bank acct will be so fat he will have no tie to spend them……Well deserved ME13, my favourite Bucs ever……..by far!!

  2. Beeej Says:

    Evans won’t ever make more either, he’s nearly 30. Otoh, he’s not one of those idiots who blows his money taking his posse to the titty bars

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Probably the Buc contributing the most toward our SB all-in……..Mike Evans, truly a very great Buccaneer.

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘Bucs are getting a crazy good discount with Evans’.

    Like zzbucs said, when ME13 got his contract back in 2019 he was the highest paid Buc ($82.5 mil over 5 years), for an average of $16.5 mil (not counting restructuring bonuses of course).

    But since then we’ve given even bigger contracts to Godwin (3-year contract averaging $20.0 mil per year), to Vea (4-year contract averaging $17.8 mil per year), to Shaq (4-year contract averaging $17.0 mil per year).

    Imagine how Tom Brady must feel. His current 1-year contract is only for $15.0 mil. We won’t talk about the ‘creative financing’ that’s resulted in a current Dead CAP for him of $47 mil though. Thankfully however it goes down to only $35.1 mil next year. Super Bowl this year or bust baby. Re-sign Suh.

  5. rriddler Says:

    There’s at least eight on this list that no one in their right mind would choose over ME13.

  6. Captain Oblivious Says:

    What stood out to me on that list was that Cooper Kupp isn’t even in the top 15. I think the Rams win the title for having the most discounted receiver.

  7. Natural Selection Says:

    Rams just gave Kupp a 3 year $78 mil extension.

    Mike is the most valuable WR in the league, imo. Great teammate and unbelievably good to our fans. I don’t think I can point to a professional athlete more committed to the fans of the team he plays for. Not just going out of pocket $50k to give us all his TD game balls. I remember watching Mike get his ring and go right up our fans at the ring ceremony with it. Letting people actually take it and try it on. He consistently signs for people until everyone has gotten to meet him. I couldn’t possibly be as gracious and accommodating in his place. I was salty for a lot of years that Mike isn’t Aaron Donald, but as crazy as it sounds I’m not sure I could bring myself to swap them anymore. Mike Evans not being a Buccaneer seems impossible to me now. I really hope we do whatever it takes to make sure ours is the only NFL uniform he ever wears. Looking back, he’s always been worth his contract and is now significantly under market looking only at his on field play.

  8. Goatfarmer Says:

    Mike is a man crush. I will get his jersey.

  9. SB Says:

    @ Captain Obvious
    Kupp just got a deal for 80 million for 3 years. Almost 27 Mil per year.

  10. Chris Tucker@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I read where Mike Evans recently said he does not like the Saints!
    He was on some Podcast where he was quoted.
    IMHO, the Saints have always been a dirty cheap shot team, and I hate them too!

  11. David Says:

    His upbringing and whole story and how he conducts himself and how he’s not a diva receiver… It’s hard not to love the guy. He is neck and neck with Derek Brooks & Mike Alstott as my all-time favorite Buccaneers now.

  12. Pewter Power Says:

    I’m sure his agent showed him that list, that’s horrible although he may have the oldest contact

  13. Allbuccedup Says:

    I am sure if the bucs offer, he will sign a reasonable extension.

  14. Greg G Says:

    Umm…aren’t Devante Adams and Tyreek Hill also getting paid more? Like, top two more? So that makes ME the 18th highest paid?

  15. Allbuccedup Says:

    More players need to do what Mike and Tom practice team first, pay negotiable.

  16. Greg G Says:

    Plus, Cupp is in there now too with his new contract as of yesterday…

  17. Greg G Says:

    Ah…nevermind. I see that the image is just cropped onto the Joebuc site above. on the actual twitter feed it includes all those guys. (minus Cupp).

  18. Beeej Says:

    In 5 years, people are going to marvel at what a crappy contract Cupp has

  19. Cobraboy Says:

    He was not 8nderpaid when he signed his contract.

  20. PSL Bob Says:

    Granted on an annual basis he’s underpaid, but you have to look at the term of the contract (his is for 5 years) and consider how much is guaranteed and if there are additional incentives that would raise the total (e.g., if he hits 1,000 yds in a season).

    Mike is certainly selfless, but I don’t think he’d sit back and not say anything if he thought he was getting screwed. I have a feeling Licht can restructure the contract if things get too out of whack with new contracts for other WRs in the league.

  21. Buczilla Says:

    Top 5? Dudes, he’s number one and he’ll get his money. Mike’s a classy guy and knows damn well that if a child abusing, woman abusing piece of filth like Tyreek can get paid that he will too.

  22. SlyPirate Says:


    The vet leaders are taking less pay to play together for a championship. This shows the strength of the culture and makes you appreciate what’s happening in Tampa even more.

  23. Rayjay1122 Says:

    ME13 has been such a pleasure to cheer for. His initials may be ME but he is for sure not a ME first type of man. Great team first guy and so rare in the WR position in the NFL and somehow we have 2 WRs that are team first. I hope they both retire as Bucs.

  24. Captain Oblivious Says:

    @Natural Selection and @SB,

    Thanks for the update on Kupp’s new contract extension. I guess bargains don’t last too long in the NFL.

    Admittedly, I am a Bucs bandwagon fan having followed Brady from NE but, I have also become a fan of Evans and Wirfs.

  25. Aaron Says:

    Come on now he isn’t all that maybe that the bucs have had and just know Mike us Saints don’t like you either you thought 🤔 Shady brady Come and we beat the Saints lol but nope

  26. GOB Says:

    Evans has made his money. I think he realizes there’s more important things, like winning and legacy. Many of the recievers on Joe’s list could give a damn about winning, they just want to maximize the dollars. The vast majority of those players are younger also, which has as much to do with the money they make as their skill set.

  27. D-Rome Says:

    Only one other person on that list has a Super Bowl ring and that’s Chris Godwin.

  28. Dooley Says:

    Ring of Honor plaque should already be waiting somewhere in the Bucs facility

  29. BigMacAttack Says:

    I also hate the Saints with a passion, and especially their trashy fans with their hoochiemama wives that dress like 24 carat gold skanks. How bout dat? And Go Bolts!!!

  30. Darin Says:

    Mike doesn’t compare like fans do. Almost a million a game is enough to feed his kids he says. Good some have perspective

  31. Alvafan Says:

    When Mookie Betts left Boston for LA a lot of kids were heartbroken that their idol would just up and leave without even considering a Red Sox offer. I told my own son who was old enough to understand the difference from Boston and LA that they don’t build statues of players that take the biggest contract or hottest digs. But that statue creates a legacy long after fans have moved on and forgot who you were. The following generations will stop at Fenway and read the plaques for David Ortiz or Carl Yazstremski and look at those statues. That’s something you can’t buy. That’s true immortality. That’s what ME13 is building.

  32. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    Evans is a team first player and knows that he is still making great $ and helping his team pay for other great player’s so they can win !! I mean , The Rams now have 3 players taking up half their salary cap ! Aaron (crybaby) Rodgers is taking up a quarter of the cap himself and so on and so on ! If you want to win Super Bowls and more than 1 , you have to make sacrifices as a team ! I don’t know how the Slimmy AINTS keep getting under the cap year after year and getting away with it ?? I mean 2 years in a row , that’s cool . But 4-5 years in a row having the worst cap in the NFL and then All of a sudden they have all kinds of money to spend ?? What happened to Brees and his giant dead cap money ? Taysom Hill and his ridiculous salary ? They need to be investigated.. Go Bucs and the greatest WR maybe ever when he’s done Mike Evans and his selflessness

  33. Mckay76 Says:

    which player on that list leads in drops?

  34. Eddie Marz Says:

    As a baseball football and basketball fan I never understood why fans get caught up in a players salary. Mike Evans is a Buc and I’m sure he’s doing well. That’s all I care about. GOBUCS!