Bucs Training Camp Dates Released: General Public Locked Out Again

June 23rd, 2022

Since the Bucs won the Super Bowl in February 2021, the team has sent a clear and unmistakable message to loyal fans who stuck with the club through the awful Lost Decade:

Unless you own season tickets, you are not welcome at training camp.

The Bucs have released their 2022 training camp schedule and for the second straight year, unless you cough up cash for season tickets, stay home!

The Bucs have 12 practices scheduled that will be open to “Krewe Members and special guests” but none to the general public.

What is a “Krewe Member” you ask? Per the Bucs’ website, someone who buys season tickets.

So if you are not a Bucs season ticket holder or a member of a special group, stay away. The Bucs don’t want the unwashed soiling their house.

(If anyone from the Bucs is triggered by this — and Joe knows you read this site — feel free to call Joe so he can explain to the fans who are not season ticket holders why they are considered lower class fans in the team’s eyes.)

For those that do own season tickets, below is the training camp practice schedule. The first padded practice is expected to be Aug  1.

36 Responses to “Bucs Training Camp Dates Released: General Public Locked Out Again”

  1. D-Rome Says:

    While I think it’s BS I understand this from a business standpoint. You have an in-demand product featuring the greatest QB the sport has ever seen. If you want to see with your own eyes how the greatest of all time practices then you have to pay in the form of season tickets. I’m not arguing it’s fair, and it sucks for the die hard Bucs fans who literally cannot afford to go to a game with their kid, but anything that has value is never free.
    Bad take. Nobody says it has to be free or should be free. Joe never wrote that. Carve out 200 seats for the general public and charge $20.00 and $10 for kids per practice if you must. But to lock out the regular guy when that’s unnecessary is sad, especially considering the many empty seats at training camp on some days. –Joe

  2. sasquatch Says:

    Boo hoo.

  3. Steven007 Says:

    The problem with a policy like this is that I am a season ticket holder and I have never been to a practice. Ever. And I’m a huge fan of the team, traveling to many away games as well. We have a group of 13 others who are also season ticket holders. And to my knowledge none of them has gone to a practice either. And the core group of us have been season ticket holders for 30 years since we were basically kids. So yeah, don’t quite understand the policy. That said, if even a small percentage of the current season ticket base wanted to attend there wouldn’t even be enough space.

  4. Buczilla Says:

    You tell em Joes! Locking out folks who are not season ticket holders is a true reflection of what ownership feels about our community. The wheel of karma is ever watchful and doing the people that have helped to make you multi-billonaires dirty is a sure to pay unwanted dividends in the future.

  5. Dooley Says:

    In the words of Allen Iverson

  6. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I certainly take your point. The Bucs CAN get away with this now. But they better keep a great SB winning team because it smacks of pure Greed!!!

    What about the folks who paid for their stadium…the CITS as the late great Chris Thomas used to call it.

    I love listening to music on MP3 player while I swim. An hour, hour and a half in the water watching the black line is a LOT more enjoyable with music!

    So I’m an Amazon Prime Member…for now. I used to be able to purchase single downloadable track from the Amazon music site. Then I noticed their site became much more difficult to navigate. While the rest of Amazon is very user friendly…Amazon Music sucks.

    They are the big boys in town and like the Bucs can throw their weight around.
    I recently wanted a couple of tunes and when I found the first…it was ONLY available to “Music Unlimited” member. IE I pay for Prime and now they want me to buy a monthly service…$9 per month..for a product I cannot use. I got so peoed I found another site…not Apple Music or any of the heavyweights.
    So I found a site called Beatports. It was like the OLD days on Amazon. I could easily find the tracks, buy them for the 1.99 and download them.

    Now clearly Amazon Music will not miss my 1.99 purchases…I’ve only spent about $200 in the past 4-5 years. However this left such a bad taste in my mouth I’ve not only stopped using Amazon Music totally…it makes me think if I wish to contribute any monthly fee to Amazon.

    So yeah you are absolutely correct DRome and as long as the Bucs rule they’ll get away with it. What happens if they start sucking again? Have they created any goodwill with this move?

  7. JB Says:

    It’s THE Glazers team! Quit you’re freaking whining! That’s pretty much the M.O. for this site anymore.
    Nobody’s whining. Just calling it as it is. In fact, nobody’s even thinking of whining; the team is on a historic 22-5 run. Glazers have done a great job in a ton of areas, not this one. –Joe
    Maybe you can whine loud enough for you to be able to carry in your AR-15 to the games or practices!

  8. Buczilla Says:

    Since when is it whining for calling out an unfair practice by the folks that we helped to make multi-millionaires? AR-15? LOL, get a grip dude/ma’am.

  9. PassingThru Says:

    Crazy. Just sell tickets and charge for parking and concessions. It isn’t really a money-maker for ownership (not in the financially material sense), but it would be a nice gesture for those who cannot afford season tickets or be in management with a company that owns a corporate suite.

  10. OrlandoBucFan Says:

    I have been a season ticket holder since 1997 and have been to several practices over the years. Living in Orlando, I enjoyed going to the practices when they were held at Disney. That was a treat and they were open to everyone. I also remember going to practices at Pippen Rood stadium at the University of Tampa. They had covered seating, which was much appreciated….and practices were open to all. I think the new practice of limiting access is strictly a business decision to generate demand for season tickets and to create unique experiences that only season ticket members can enjoy. Nonetheless, I do think the Bucs need to have some practices open to the general public. Not everyone can afford season tickets.

  11. Buc50 Says:

    Yeah the Bucs are crazy to treat their fans like this. It’s almost like there’s a Pandemic still going on.

  12. firethecannons Says:

    I agree with Joe–training camp for 20$ and 10$ kids and that is how you build and maintain a fan base. Seating should be provided and parking. Everyone from every walk of life should be encouraged to be a Buc fan and be proud of it. Hope these comments and article find their way to Darcie Glazer’s desk! Easy enough to do!

  13. #8 Says:

    Dooley beat me to it-


  14. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Man I remember going to camp years ago and I don’t remember paying for anything. We just showed up and got to watch from some covered bleachers.

    Sad that they have to squeeze every dollar they can out of folks these days.

  15. rriddler Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with giving your loyal, regular customers extra perks.

  16. TBBucman Says:

    I would be happy if they just brought back the night practice/event at the stadium. Don’t care about any autograph opportunities, just would like to see the team in a fan friendly event for all to enjoy.

  17. PassingThru Says:

    There’s also nothing wrong with giving the loyal, regular season ticket holders extra perks, AND selling tickets to those who are not season ticket holders. You can give the season ticket holders a few extras, like a preferred seating area and freebies, which are underwritten by the practice tickets, parking, and concession sales to the non-season ticket holding community.

    These aren’t mutually-exclusive options.

  18. Jason Says:

    How’s this for a compromise? Bring back the night practice at the Licht House and open that to the general public. I use to really enjoy those.

  19. Lesco_Brandon Says:

    was it ever exclusive even during the Winston days ? If No, then it tells you they are trying to get as much money while they have the GOAT, if yes, then what’s the problem, its BAU

  20. gbobucsfan Says:

    Add this along with having to sign a 2 year commitment for season tickets, they def are squeezing every $ out of TB12 and the CURRENT success. Right, wrong or indifferent, that’s how it is.

  21. D-Rome Says:

    Joe, there’s no way the Bucs can carve out 200 seats for the general public and charge low prices especially when there’s a secondary market and especially when there are tens of thousands of Bucs fans right in Tampa alone. You would have a bunch of greaseballs buying up tickets and selling them on the secondary market for an obscene mark up. You can’t charge at the gate either because there will be tens of thousands of people lined up to try and get in.

    The training camp experience worked when it was free (with a ticket from Buccaneers(.)com) for regular fans and when the season ticket holders had their special section with special privileges. I just don’t see how it can work any other way.

    To be clear, I think this is a BS move by the Bucs. I agree with StPeteBucsFan that they aren’t creating any future goodwill with the fans, the same fans that bought Drug Shamster and GMC jerseys when the team sucked. I think the night practice is a good idea as well. They should do something for the regular guy (uh oh, non inclusive pronoun used) and his family.

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, you make a good and valid point about allotting a small number of seats for those that don’t have season tickets, especially if many days aren’t filled to capacity. I’m thinking of the single mom, with the 9-10 year old who loves football. She works 2 jobs and gets zero child support. From a public relations standpoint, what they are doing is not a good thing

  23. David Says:

    Doesn’t this decision have to do with having allow other teams’ scouts to attend any practice that is available to the general public?

  24. Joe Says:

    Doesn’t this decision have to do with having allow other teams’ scouts to attend any practice that is available to the general public?

    You may be confusing that with charging folks to get in. Once teams start charging, opposing scouts are allowed to show up. Atlanta has 13 open practices (for the general public) this summer including one practice at their dome in downtown Atlanta).

  25. Goatfarmer Says:

    Love the fan advocacy, Joes. Thank you.

  26. kyle Says:

    In my opinion.. who wants to sit out there and watch practice??? its hot and miserable. You can barely see from where they sit the fan seating. Ill let Joes go cover the practice and lose some of their beer belly’s while i drink a cold one each night and catch up!!!

    I can remember going to Pepin Rood stadium in the 80s with my dad as a kid and watching practices… It was hot as F!!! And maybe Ian Beckles would sign your Kash and Karry Swashbuckler team photo!!!

    Man I had many nights with that swashbuckler team calendar as a 13 year old…but i digress….LMFAO


  27. J Ghotier Says:

    Thanks Joe. A voice for the fans who stuck through/by for the Lost Decades. Thanks for sticking up for us “regular” fan folk 🙏

  28. T in Orlando Says:

    “Bad take. Nobody says it has to be free or should be free. Joe never wrote that. Carve out 200 seats for the general public and charge $20.00 and $10 for kids per practice if you must. But to lock out the regular guy when that’s unnecessary is sad, especially considering the many empty seats at training camp on some days. –Joe”

    If the team were to directly charge admission for practice, they would have allow other teams’ coaches/scouts to attend if they pay as well. Why most teams don’t charge for practices.

    I think the best answer would be out of 12 practices, have 6 – 8 open for Season Ticket holders and “special guests”, and the remaining open to the public.

    A few years back (I think it was after Koetter’s 9-7 season), they would limit the attendance by allowing fans to register online for a free pass/ticket to practice. If overcrowding is a concern, why not do that again?

  29. Steven007 Says:

    What Kyle said.

  30. D-Rome Says:

    In my opinion.. who wants to sit out there and watch practice??? its hot and miserable.

    I’m not sure if you’re aware but the Bucs also have an indoor facility. That said, I don’t know what temperatures have been like in Tampa but up in the Panhandle it hit 104 degrees yesterday. This year is the first year I have ever seen 100+ temps in Florida for consecutive days and I’ve lived here 22 years. I hope the Bucs utilize the indoor facility for days like that and not cling to some BS, “heat and no water makes you tougher” nonsense.

  31. PassingThru Says:

    I just learned something about the price of admission and scouts.

    I’d still love to see folks who cannot afford season tickets attend practices, even if free. Make a little money off of food truck sales.

  32. Biff Barker Says:

    Never expect anything from the Glazers that doesn’t serve their interests first.


  33. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    Goatfarmer Says:
    “Love the fan advocacy, Joes. Thank you.”

  34. JimmyJack Says:

    For the record money is not the only reason some fans dont buy season tickets. Personally I have no interest in going to 8 or more games per year.

    I also know that the last time I was able to purchase a single game ticket at fair value the stadium was half full. Prioritizing season ticket holders is important but its also important to help build a base of loyal fans as well.

    But maybe Im wrong and the current fans wont drop the team if we have a down year in the future.

  35. ClwJB Says:

    The die hard fan will absorb camp any way they can as I did for many years – I remember getting the Pewter guys when it was still a fish wrap to give me all my camp news

    Sorry to hurt feelings but I am paying several thousand dollars a year and have for over 15 years now – Don’t feel the least bit guilty and will be at every practice I can

  36. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Had the good fortune to be on the field for some practices during the Dungy era. I found the goal line sequences to be about as rough as real game and most all the players were very affable( sapp not so much). The wonderful thing about owning a business is you can run it anyway you want , quite frankly I do not think team wants alot of folks there.One of the wonderful things about the USA is the press can opine freely which you have done well here.
    I for one would really enjoy a weekly feature about old time former Bucs and what they are up to now. Thanks for all you do Joe.