Agent Explains Tom Brady’s Value To FOX

June 16th, 2022

Here’s a great look inside our starstruck world.

Longtime NFL player agent Brad Blank joined WEEI Radio in Boston recently and was asked about Tom Brady’s pending $375 million contract to be a FOX game analyst/ambassador for the 10 years following his playing career.

Brady’s deal is about making advertisers drool and do things they might otherwise not want to do, per Blank and his salary is about pulling in ad money and enhancing relationships.

Consider the story Blank told of a Brady deal he brokered.

“You know, I’ve done a few deals with Tom, and one was involving the car manufacturer Audi,” Blank said. “And at first, you know, I was kind of a middleman in that deal. I was on the board of a charity that got Tom involved and Audi was the biggest sponsor of that charity. So the [CEO of Audi America] approached me and said, “Would Tom be interested in doing some stuff with Audi?”

“And the beginnings of that deal, there was a reluctance on Audi’s side. You know, they had a budget to spend a certain amount of money. And there was a negotiation that went on. But when the individual spent time with Tom and started to — I don’t wan’t to cheapen the relationship — but he started to feel like Tom was his friend, and then he started taking pictures with Tom and Gisele and putting them on his desk, and then his kids called Tom. All of a sudden, that changed the tenor of the negotiations. The budget opened up.”

Joe had to laugh: ‘So Brady let my kids call him. Give him the extra $800,000! Tom’s my new BFF. Take the money out of our employee benefits budget.’

Joe heard all this and had to wonder what Brady is worth to Team Glazer. Hopefully, Team Glazer picks exactly the right time before the end of the 2022 season to offer Brady a gargantuan contract to play in 2023.

11 Responses to “Agent Explains Tom Brady’s Value To FOX”

  1. Casual Observer Says:

    Or maybe a piece of the team?

  2. PSL Bob Says:

    Just get him back for one more year, whatever it takes! Trask should be ready by they. LOL

  3. Allen Lofton Says:

    If the Bucs win the Super Bowl this year-TB might want to stick around one more year to make it 3 out of 4 Superbowl wins in four years.

  4. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Brady cant stand being out of the spotlight. Taking the Fox job is the only way he could stay in the mainstream in his post playing days. Makes sense.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Ira’s deal is about making advertisers drool and do things they might otherwise not want to do, per Blank and his salary is about pulling in ad money and enhancing relationships.

  6. Craig Says:

    He’s Pavlov and everyone else is a dawg.

    It’s about money and big money stuff is always wierd.

  7. GOB Says:

    All signs point to this being Brady’s last year. I’m no crapologist, but from my understanding the 35.1 million dollar cap hit will happen, even if he’s on the team next year. I think if he were planning on playing beyond this year, he would’ve simply signed an extension, instead of restructuring. It would’ve helped the bucs out immensely with the cap.

    So if you’re thinking the bucs can just give Brady a one year, say 60 million dollar guaranteed deal, it’d be more like 90 million if you include the dead hit. Correct me if I’m wrong. I think they could spread some of that into dummy years, but I’m not sure. He’s either in the booth next year, or playing somewhere else (unlikely)

  8. D-Rok Says:

    Naw, GOB, gotta disagree with your take. The fire in Brady’s eyes, his demeanor, has been evident since he arrived in Tampa. Some of that fire dwindled, in my opinion, when AB did his jumping-jacks. But Tom looks fired up and dialed in to me. I think he really likes Tampa and the talent, and of course, his security blankie Gronky. There’s realistically only about 5 other teams with legit talent to reach the SB, and he’s already on one of them. I don’t see him going to another team. If Brady plays next year, it will be with the Bucs UNLESS! the Bucs roster gets depleted after this year. Brady knows a winner when he sees one, and that’s why he wanted out of NE: even with his leadership and drive to make others better, there wasn’t enough talent in NE to keep Brady. Glad the Bucs got him.

    The money/cap issue? Ask the Saints and the Rams about the cap. The money can be wiggled if the desire is there.

    GO BUCS!!!

  9. GOB Says:

    D-Rok, I agree about the cap, it’s always about real dollars in and out. If he were to come back, I’m sure they could make it work somehow. Brady knows he can’t carry a team anymore, I think that’s why he ultimately picked Tampa. I hope he plays at least another year. The booth can wait.

  10. Alain Belanger Says:

    You can’t not argue most popular NFL players. Branding wise who doesn’t be associated with Tom Don’t bet against TB12

  11. D-Rok Says:


    Brady play was elite last year. He didn’t suck. When he retired, I thought, “What a waste of talent.” As long as he doesn’t suck, he should play at least this year and next – and that’s merely the selfish fan in me wanting another rodeo or two from the GOAT and the Bucs to have this winning window.