A Pair Of Deuces For Tom Brady

June 30th, 2022

No, the headline is not a Texas Hold’em reference.

In the mind of a longtime NFL executive very familiar to Bucs fans, Tom Brady gets a couple of impressive No. 2 rankings.

Nowadays, former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik is the SiriusXM NFL Radio draft guru and a frequent co-host. He’s very good at his gig, reasoned and seasoned, and free of hot takes and goofy hyperbole.

Yeah, Joe realizes lots of Bucs fans think Dominik is clueless, but those are the same people who say things like, “What does that analyst know, he only played five years in the NFL and was barely an average right tackle?”

Dominik’s latest on-air exercise came during a two-hour edition of Late Hits last night. He broke down a ranking of every projected NFL starting quarterback.

Thankfully, Dominik hasn’t lost his mind like some media guys and he ranked Tom Brady as the second-best quarterback in the NFL behind Patrick Mahomes and a notch ahead of Aaron Rodgers.

Josh Allen took Dominik’s No. 4 ranking. Jameis Winston of the Slimy Saints was No. 22 overall.

Dominik said Brady in the No. 2 spot was only fair after he had arguably the second-best season of his entire life (2007 being the best). Only the looming presence of “Father Time” coming back for another round to fight Brady put him at No. 2.

The competitiveness and leadership impact of Brady combined with his stats and make putting him behind Mahomes a no-brainer, per Dominik.

Joe agrees and, yes, Joe would have voted Brady for MVP over Rodgers last season.

20 Responses to “A Pair Of Deuces For Tom Brady”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Mark Dominick is not clueless…….he’s totally clueless….he’s fine as long as he’s not making any football decisions….

  2. Chris Tucker@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I have always liked Mark Dominick, and I agree with his ranking of Brady at number 2.
    Aaron Rodgers is good, but unlike Brady, does not raise the level of players around him. That is why Tom Brady should have been MVP vs Aaron Rodgers.

  3. Goatfarmer Says:

    Dumbernik may speak into a microphone well enough to keep his radio job, but as a GM he’s one of the worst in league history. Hence why he yacks on the radio instead of running a team.

  4. teacherman777 Says:

    Mark Barron and LVD would have made a nasty LB duo.

    Or Keuchly and David. But we drafted Barron over Kuechly.

    We had a chance at Cameron Jordan. Dom chose Adrian Clayborne.

  5. geno711 Says:

    I think Mark Dominick is fine with a Monday Morning analysis of things.

    Where he failed is understanding what you needed before that Sunday game or that season started.

    His natural instinct was just below average. Not something you want in an NFL GM.

  6. Its a Bucs Life Says:

    Dominick must’ve been a good source for the Joes for them to defend him non stop and give him a silly “Rockstar” nickname. Guy was in over his head from the second he was hired as a GM.

  7. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Wins are all that matter.

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    That picture of Wirfs blocking for Brady is priceless. Good luck to any DLineman bull-rushing Wirfs … the immovable object.

  9. GOB Says:

    Overall, I think the rankings are fair, but I’d still take Brady over Mahomes for one game. I’d also take Josh Allen over Rodgers. Allen has a very unique combination of arm, size and running ability. He’s the future face of the league, and the new prototype for drafting QBs.

  10. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Sure, whatever. Dominick is a great judge of NFL talent. Hahahahahaha. Gotta stop myself before I split a gut!

  11. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Let’s see how Mahomes does this year without Tyreek Hill

  12. Beeej Says:

    You’re behind 28-3, getting your arse kicked, it’s nearly halftime. NObody on Tom Brady’s team believes they’re going to lose

  13. Mikejp Says:

    He is better at QB ranking but Joes can do that too. He is clueless when ranking the drafting.

  14. Buczilla Says:

    Dominik was closer than most, but Brady should be number one heading into this season. He was robbed of the mvp award by the same numbnuts who consistently ignore and disregard our players both for season and lifetime awards. Obviously I don’t know for certain, but it sure sounds like their is a serious “good ole boy” network rampant with cronyism going on in the nfl. Blow it up! Put some people with actual integrity like Ira and Dungy in charge and ostracize 90% of the mostly buffoons running the show now.

  15. GOB Says:

    Beeej, only three people believed. Jules, Brady and Bill. It isn’t talked about enough. The game was over, and Atlanta had won. Plenty of stupid coaching decisions on the falcons played a huge part also. You don’t come back from a deficit that large without help from the other side

  16. Bucs Win Says:

    Dominik’s stint as Bucs GM is definitely classified as a giant Deuce.

  17. Beeej Says:

    GOB, gotta think that mindset was present in the Rams have too

  18. Eddie Marz Says:

    Joe your praising Dominik for making Brady #2? Guys sounds like a jerk to me. Anyone who can’t see Brady’s the best is out to lunch. GOBUCS!

  19. Chant Says:

    I like to listen to his take and his insight

  20. Goatfarmer Says:


    Lost almost twice as many as he won.

    Thought he was a genius after 2010 and believed his stupid press clippings. Should have gotten a hard kick out the door when Raheehaw showed his immaturity and ineptitude.

    But no. He went and hired Schiamoron, traded premium draft capital for the pro privilege of paying. Revis $16 large to rehab his knee when the Jets were going to cut him. Look up Bozo in the dictionary, you’ll see a photo of Dumbernik in a clown suit.