Tom Brady On Rob Gronkowski Status (And Julian Edelman, Too?)

May 5th, 2022

“Entertainment Tonight” spot.

You know you have an international celebrity quarterback when he was the third story in the lead block on “Entertainment Tonight” this evening.

The Tom Brady interview immediately followed the exciting news of the day: Tom Cruise touching down by helicopter in San Diego to celebrate the premiere of his new “Top Gun” movie, and harrowing, shocking and graphic updates in the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial, with in-depth analysis from Depp’s former fiancée Jennifer Grey (which included a sidebar of her botched plastic surgeries and how she refuses to get a new nose job). Grey is filming a sequel of her past hit movie “Dirty Dancing.”

In what “Entertainment Tonight” crowed was an exclusive, a breathless Rachel Smith, clad in a fashionable blue-and-white-striped spaghetti-strapped number, sat down with Brady on the sunny Miami waterfront to discuss his awful new movie that he is starring in and his Hollywood production company is filming. It co-stars a bunch of 80-year old hags including Hanoi Jane.

But Smith, ever the probing actress-turned-journalist, got in a couple of Bucs questions (a quick video clip showed Brady running on a treadmill tethered by a bungee cord from behind, while holding a football). Two questions to be precise.

The first was about unretiring after 40 days of retirement. Brady made commented how much he enjoys his Bucs teammates and looks forward to joining the gang again at One Buc Palace (it doesn’t appear soon).

Then Smith pounced, with Geraldo Rivera-like acumen, asking if those teammates are “going to include Gronk and Julian Edelman?”

Brady replied, “I’m trying!”

But hold up!

Right there Joe has to slam on the brakes. Brady’s “response” to Smith’s second Bucs question was clearly edited. He barely got the word “trying” out of his mouth and the interview ended. He was obviously in mid-sentence when the audio and video shot abruptly stopped.

Because of the edit, Joe has no idea what Brady was specifically referring to with the line “I’m trying.” For all Joe knows it was in response to a question from Smith if he was social distancing himself from Hanoi Jane.

Of course, Joe has a feeling Brady’s answer (?) to Smith will fly through social media tonight or tomorrow morning.

This interview, and its placement in the first few moments of an “Entertainment Tonight” episode, demonstrates what an international celebrity Brady is and what we have in our midst.

When is the last time a Bucs quarterback was featured on “Entertainment Tonight?” Joe doesn’t even think Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston ever appeared on “Entertainment Tonight” (though he did appear on “The Late Show with David Letterman”).

Now please excuse Joe. He has to shower.

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