Searching For Value

May 3rd, 2022

BSPN’s Todd McShay.

Todd McShay may have whiffed his final mock of the 2,650 mock drafts he completed  — would you just stick to one!

A mocker must not be confident at all in his picks if the damn things are changing every week from January on!

McShay had awful mock draft results last week, but the BSPN mocker is no a stranger to that (never lean on Bucky Brooks for mocks and for goodness sakes not Chris Simms, wow).

Now, McShay is looking at every team’s draft and naming the one player that will give each team the most bang for its buck. For Tampa Bay, McShay believes that’s defensive lineman Logan Hall.

Hall is a tough one. Some evaluators look at him and wonder his position. Is he a defensive end or 4-technique in a 4-3 scheme? Is he a 5-technique or undersized nose tackle in a 3-4? For me, I see versatility. The first pick of Day 2 can play all over the defensive line, and that’s a good thing, not a bad thing.

For Tampa Bay, he will likely slide in next to Vita Vea as a 5-technique. I love Hall’s stutter bull rush. He can push blockers back into the QB, and he registered six sacks last season. But his strength also comes in handy against the run, when he can shed blockers and pursue the ball carrier. And since Ndamukong Suh is no longer with the Bucs, there was a need for a player like Hall.

Well, Joe isn’t banking on any sort of sack production from Hall yet. Rarely do rookie pass rushers make a dent in the NFL if their last name isn’t “Bosa.” So Hall needs to be a monster against the run, as that is Todd Bowles’ priority.

Listening to Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht’s remarks after the second night of the draft, it sure smells like Ndamukong Suh is not returning. But Joe hasn’t put Suh in the past-tense like McShay has.

Joe isn’t sure who the Bucs would miss more, Jason Pierre-Paul or Suh?

17 Responses to “Searching For Value”

  1. Hodad Says:

    One things for sure, it’s going to help him lining up next to Vita Vea.

  2. doolnutts Says:

    We needed to get younger in the DL and I suspect we will take another DL or two next season regardless of how Hall does. If there is one area of our team that needs an over hall it is the DL due to the age of it.

  3. Ash Says:

    They would miss Suh more for sure jpp seems shot between his knees and his shoulder I would not want him back but could see the use in signing Suh back at the right price

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Early for next year but I’m thinking a LB to replace LVD…..we will get a lot younger when we don’t have Brady, Gronk, LVD, JPP, Suh & possibly Gholston….

    Maybe we can get Yungry”

  5. geno711 Says:

    I know this is putting too much on Hall but I honestly think Bowles wants to use him as Calais Campbell was used. In 2013 and 2014 when Bowles was defensive coordinator at Arizona, Calais played all along the line. You look at his snap counts along that Arizona defensive line and it was not all end and not all tackle.

    Gholston has been used like that for the Bucs. I think that Hall fits some of the Calais Campbell mold who was taken with pick 50 of the 2nd round and had a non-productive college senior season in Miami.

    Calais however was instantly successful in the pro’s. He played all those 1st 4 or 5 seasons between 280 and 290lbs.

  6. Steven007 Says:

    Given Joe’s seeming obsession regarding the Bosa’s as the seeming standard for rookie pass rushers, I decided to do a quick search. ESPN has an interesting and quick guide to the most impactful rookie pass rushers of the last 30 years. They listed 28 players. The name Bosa is not on that list. Some names? Aldon Smith, Dwight freeney, Julius peppers, Terrell suggs, Bryan arapko, Clay Matthews Jr, and that’s just a sampling, less than half. So while I get the overall drift of what Joe’s saying, it is far from being unprecedented to have an early round pass rusher have some impact.

  7. Steven007 Says:

    And by the way, it’s not only first rounders on that list. Mark Anderson, Darren Howard and Santana Dotson are among some of the others that were drafted beyond the first round.

  8. Todd Says:

    Here’s why I’d rather have Suh than JPP. JPP just doesn’t want to come off the field. He’ll get his way, too…as evidenced by last year. The dude was playing with one arm tied behind his back…shouldn’t have been in the games with Tryin riding the bench.

    That’s going to (again) limit the development of Tryon.

    Give me Suh please.

    Thanks for your service JPP.

  9. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Jason Licht said that out of all the 6 defensive line type players they were considering, Logan Hall had the best INSIDE pass rush moves.

  10. SlyPirate Says:

    Some draft picks are Boom/Bust. Other picks are solid football player picks.

    Like Gholston, Hall will be a solid reliable DL for the next 8 years.

  11. Kevin V Says:

    For what we would have to pay Suh, I could see us picking up a younger free agent DT.

  12. The VanBurenBoys Says:

    Hall will provide pressure up the middle. And has position flxability. Good pick.

  13. teacherman777 Says:

    Because we wasted picks on Trask, Darden and Hainsey last year.

    We desperately need JPP and Suh this year.

    Trask- should have been a CB to push Cockrell.

    Hainsey- should have been a safety.

    Darden- should have been a second OLB to pair with Joe

  14. Joe in Michigan Says:

    teacherman777: Thank you for your positivity in giving the Bucs an F minus on last year’s draft. It’s amazing any of those guys even made the team, huh? Even though you have no idea what Trask and Hainsey will be, you probably did get it right on Stumbles Harden. Do the Bucs get an F- again this year, teacherman777 Kiper?

  15. Stanglassman Says:

    It wouldn’t take much research to know he’s playing 3tect. Bowles called him 3tect in his phone call on draft day.

  16. DEEEMO Says:

    Without a doubt it would be Suh….I agree with the statements here that the Bucs needed to get younger on the D-Line and I like them picking Hall with the move back to the 2nd round. I was upset they didn’t take Wyatt when he fell all the way to #27 but loved the got the extra picks and took guard Luke Goedeke. Seems like GM Jason Licht finds Diamonds in the rough in smaller college O-Lineman and pretty sure Goedke will compete for a starting spot. Overall I give the picks this year a solid B. BTW all those Draft guru’s crack me up…most of them are just filling up time to hype the draft. Nobody has a crystal ball on who will be picked and why….

  17. THOMAS PFALZ Says:

    Saw Hall play against Cincinnati & he’s the real deal.