Drew Lock Vs. Tom Brady: What Will The Germans Do?

May 5th, 2022

Dominant overseas.

Joe is a history geek, and listening to a history pod a week or so ago Joe heard a good story.

After Japan had surrendered in World War II at a ceremony on the battleship USS Missouri presided over by big-shot Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the proceedings were held in Tokyo Bay. MacArthur, per this podcast, had yet to step foot inside the city of Tokyo. Some three days later, he finally did to organize the occupation.

Historian James Zobel claimed MacArthur and the Americans didn’t know what to expect when they arrived and were actually braced for hostilities to resume as if they may be walking into an elaborate trap set by Japan’s military.

The Americans had roughly 20,000-30,000 troops that landed on the Japanese mainland after hostilities ceased two weeks prior, Zobel said.

In the greater Tokyo area, the Japanese, Zobel claimed, still had two million armed troops.

Joe thought about this when watching NFL Network last night as the analysts had a discussion about the Bucs playing the very first NFL regular season game on German soil this November. The Bucs will face the Seahawks led by quarterback Drew Lock.

What will the Germans do after watching Lock get thrashed and throw up all over the field against the Bucs’ defense?

Joe knows NFL Network is the house organ for the league and the Seahawks and Bucs each own a 1/32nd piece of the outfit. So on “Total Access Live,” NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo tried to hype up the game six months from now claiming with a straight face that everyone is underrating the Seahawks and Lock.

“I know a lot of people are looking at this saying the Seahawks can’t possibly go into the season with Drew Lock at the quarterback position. Yeah, they think very highly of Lock,” Garafolo said without cracking a smile. “I’ve seen some of their win projections. I think they are a little low. I’m just not seeing a Pete Carroll team coming in around five, six wins.”

Joe gives Garafolo props for the sell job there. Someone had to take the bullet.

Also in the segment, David Carr and James Jones pointed out how dominant Tom Brady is on the international stage. Carr said when there are more distractions, no one gets his team locked in better than Brady.

Bucs fans saw that first-hand. How much bigger of a distraction can you get than to play a Super Bowl in your home stadium? How’d that turn out?

As for Lock, how can any clear-thinking NFL suit expect a tool who willingly dumped a billionairess beauty queen set to inherit an NFL team be expected to lead an NFL offense? This guy is so bad he’s liable to start an international incident.

Brace yourself, France. It’s been a while.

23 Responses to “Drew Lock Vs. Tom Brady: What Will The Germans Do?”

  1. Bucsfan4ever Says:

    Germany isn’t German anymore. France isn’t French; England isn’t English. Allie Akbar dirka dirka Mohamed jihad.

  2. Tim Says:

    Yep. Diversity is our strength right?

  3. westernbuc Says:

    A lot of Bronco fans love Drew Lock. I think we’ll win but I’m not ready to say we’ll thrash them

  4. Tim Says:

    For years, the Bucs have been embarrassed by teams that we were supposed to beat. And when it’s on national TV, we seem to sh!t the bed against teams with sucky QB’s, so by no means is this in any way a slam dunk.

  5. German Buc Says:

    The Seahawks have a huge fan base here in Germany – as the NFL just became popular when they were the young team on the rise. Also, the Patriots have a huge fan base – as they were featured at least every other Sunday on local TV and winning gets you fans. And we have some old guys (just like me) who fell in love with football during the 90s, with some of them falling in love with the Buccaneers. And there are a lot of fans who will just go to the game, whoever is playing (heck, I even traveled to London for Colts vs. Jets and Vikings vs. Browns).

    So in short: there is a gigantic interest in the first-ever regular-season NFL game played here. There were rumors NFL Germany received 1.1 million registrations for tickets for the game.

    So it is guaranteed that the game will be sold out. But don’t expect more than 1/3 of the crowd being Bucs fans – even with all the Brady fans in New England jerseys.

  6. Bucsfan4ever Says:

    If lotsa Germans are Patriots fans, wouldn’t they love Tom Brady?

  7. Bucsfan4ever Says:

    Who the heck is drew lock?

  8. DaFlox Says:

    I am in France and I hope to make the trip to Munich. I know there is a huge Seahawks fan base in France (bigger than Bucs I would say) but dont know in Germany

  9. German Buc Says:

    BF4E: Pats fans do love Tom and will root for Tampa in Munich. But don’t expect the Packers, Aints, Rams, Raiders, Niners, Chiefs, Panthers, Vikings, or Cowgirls fans to do the same.

    And as you’ve never heard of Drew Lock; do you remember Case Keenum, Trevor Siemian, Nick Foles, or Taylor Heinicke?

  10. Bucsfan4ever Says:

    Drew lock is a forgotten second round pick who is easily confused with all the other bums who’s names I forget.
    Wentz, Goff, trubisky, darnold and millions of others like forgettable presidents.

  11. Bucsfan4ever Says:

    BUCS have had a few too: gradkowski, Glennon, mcclown

  12. Irishmist Says:

    Now that Bowles is our coach, I think the Germans will be rooting for us. They love the blitz as much as he does.

  13. Razor Ramone Says:

    Maybe Franz Beckenbauer and Lothar Matthaus are Brady fans. Go Bucs!!

  14. Sean Says:

    Oh, they’ll be in Germany? I hope they know how to speak Turkish.

  15. Joe Says:

    Maybe Franz Beckenbauer

    Old school German soccer games broadcast on PBS.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Looking forward to Fraulein Bundchen mixing it up with her ancestors in Munich….

  17. Razor Ramone Says:

    Soccer Made In Germany with Toby Charles (I actually know him) PBS. Bayern Munich every week.

  18. gofortheface30 Says:

    Naturally I dont mind the Bucs giving a good old fashioned bludgeoning to their opponent in a game whose opening line will surely between 9 and a half and 12. Going in to halftime leading 27-10 is a shi ton of fun and relaxing. HOWEVER, if we take our little fan boy ways out of the equation and think from an objective/league/marketing perspective: why in the f’ing F is Seattle the opponent. That couldnt be a less appealing matchup. If you want to give people little boners at the thought of waking up early to check out a game in germany then a castrated seattle team with Drew Lock at quarterback is the very last thing on earth id want to pimp out. Id REALLY love to understand the logic here

  19. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Lock’s Broncos beat the Patriots 2 years ago in N.E. – he must be good

  20. Goatfarmer Says:

    Lock will tear the Bucs secondary apart and the Bucs will lose this one. It’s what they do. I know, Brady.

    Getting so cocky this early about destroying Lock in front of the Germans because he dumped Gracie Hunt is bad karma.

  21. SPARKY Says:

    I guess you guys didn’t look at the Gracie Hunt pictures, because if you did you shouldn’t be talking football.

  22. Gofortheface30 Says:

    “Lock will tear the Bucs secondary apart.” Drew lock has done nothing in his whole life to make such an asinine assertion. I mean, I suppose you’re entitled to such an incomprehensibly stupid opinion. But cool hot take brah, you’re so edgy. Here’s a fact – the betting line will be double digits. The over u der on the Seahawks season is 5 wins. The game will not be co petit I’ve unless the Bucs completely shi themselves with 5 turnovers and showing up to the ga

  23. steele Says:

    Why are you dumping on Drew Lock, who won’t even be the QB for the Seahawks? Geno Smith has the starting nod, according to Pete Carroll.

    Don’t fall asleep on the Seahawks. They are rebuilding, but have a lot of good talent. They did a great job with the draft.

    Lock is a guy who never got a fair shot with the Donkos. Coaching changes, system changes, bad chemistry. He has the tools, regardless of his opinions and off field BS.