Tom Brady Rights A Wrong: Makes Sure Tristan Wirfs Has His Number

April 13th, 2022

“Tom Brady gave me his cell number. I’m somebody now!”

So yesterday Tristan Wirfs made news all across the NFL.

The All-Pro right tackle who is best known for doing a top-shelf job helping Bucs quarterback Tom Brady keep his uniform clean, and helping the NFL senior citizen stand upright without the need of a cane or walker or wheelchair, confessed to the local pen and mic club that he doesn’t have Tom Brady’s cell number.

This seemed both shocking if not outrageous to Joe. Brady has been known to text teammates, give them breaking news, keep in touch to help them and to offer relevant football tips. Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Ryan Jensen are just a few. But Wirfs, perhaps the best right tackle in the game, was not worthy?

Maybe Brady felt Wirfs is such a damn good player he doesn’t need any help?

Anyway, Brady took care of this yesterday. He got Wirfs’ number and texted him. So it is all good.

Joe is happy to see it.

Golfclap Tom. Golfclap.

37 Responses to “Tom Brady Rights A Wrong: Makes Sure Tristan Wirfs Has His Number”

  1. David Says:

    Awesome! 😂

  2. tampabuscsbro Says:

    Joe aren’t you making a bit of a big deal over nothing. Brady is old enough to be Wirfs dad by a lot. He could have gotten his number at any point he just didn’t Wirfs was just making a joke up there.

  3. Goatfarmer Says:

    This story is way too woke for Joe.

  4. Onetrickpony Says:

    Awww, I feel better now

  5. Cleanhouse Says:

    “Hey Tristan, my number is 867-5309- really appreciate you!” TB12

  6. Bird Says:

    But tom brady is too much a celebrity

    We really have the worst fans. Yah. The dumb dumb said that.
    Have you guys watched or heard tristan wirfs talk. No doubt he is smart but you can tell pretty quiet reserved humble dude. Super introvert. Doubt he has numbers of half his team. Doubt he has evans and others. He prolly has his fellow o-line and a few others. But but brady didnt give his number. Brady bad. Brady a meany. 😂

    Again , just stoked brady gives us a chance at another super bowl in year 3. Let the good times roll

  7. Steven M. Says:

    Much ado about nothing.

  8. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Clean house – Jenny called.

  9. adam from ny Says:

    tommy and tristan sitting in a tree 🙂

  10. PSL Bob Says:

    Believe I called that one yesterday. I knew soon as word got out, TB12 would respond. Brady is a good dude!

  11. JGhotier Says:

    What’s more interesting about this though is that Brady was quick to dispel or correct this tiny issue, but all the other big rumors, he has not come out to the contrary yet. That’s kinda fascinating as of now. Why not rid and take care of them all if they aren’t “big” issues….

    I’ll leave that for thought

  12. Bucsfan4ever Says:

    I knew I’d be reading this this morning.
    Cleanhouse, I was gonna say that number too. Lol.
    For a good time callllllll.

  13. Bucsfan4ever Says:

    It’s a shame ya had to shut down the comments on cup of Joe but I understand.
    Colon Cowturd for president!

  14. Jor Jor Binks Says:

    Yesterday Joe stated it was “ridiculous” for someone on the thread/site to comment on his initial article yesterday about this that it was “a little bit surprising (not shocking)” and wondered if it was slightly bothersome and a light-hearted article at the same time. He said “ridiculous”.

    Then today Joe says it was “shocking and outrageous” amd “you’re happy to see it”….well, which is it? That’s confusing and weird and seemed sensitive and not accurate at the time… Explain that one, I’ll wait 🙏 A lot of people have lost their sense of humor this week. Though you did make a great point about Brady being quick to dispel a phone number dis but not big stuff like wanting a new head coach. –Joe

  15. Dean Giusti Says:

    And the Brady to Miami reports just keep on coming.
    He could stop this ongoing situation with one tweet saying this is garbage. Never happened.
    But he hasn’t done it. Why?
    Maybe because it’s true? He only came back to the Bucs cause he had to? If true then screw him. I don’t care if you’re Tom Brady. If u don’t wanna be on our team then don’t let the door hit ya in the a$$ on the way out. Let’s see if Joe allows this post. I guarantee if it’s true alot of fans would agree w me.

  16. Jor Jor Binks Says:

    @Dean Giusti

    I very much agree to an extent. At first, I thought rumor, unsubstantiated, fabricated, only circumstantial evidences, etc., but for the exact reasons you stated (and me to some degree), I’m open to the adverse now. Hope it’s not true, but why dispel a tiny issue like a freaking 2 year RT not having your number, but all these BIG “rumors” you keep quiet for the long haul? Is it true or is it so silly in his mind, why the need to even address it and play until the Media’s hands. It’s really becoming a good question now AND I was on the opposite side of the fence to begin with 🤷‍♂️

  17. Dooley Says:

    I bet Tom had Tristans’ number this whole time too lol

  18. Razor Ramone Says:

    I tried to call you before but I lost my nerve.

  19. Jor Jor Binks Says:

    Thanks Joe 🙏 to say that in the face of people losing their sense of humor this week is so respectable. I will never curse anyone, name call or be malicious, BUT I will never agree w/ everything everyone says and will also State my opinion as respectfully as possible. Saying something is “idiotic” and putting the burden of blame from my perceived antagonist is my extent of being malicious. I always TRY to be respectful and factual while disagreeing though. I don’t want anyone to agree on everything anyways. So thanks Joe.

    As far as Brady, we realize he’s seeing everything that’s going on….a simple phone number dis is corrected in a mere hours, but nothing on all the “big” stuff after weeks. That’s weird, subtlety alarming and curious. I’d rather Brady come out and say the truth (even if I don’t agree w/ it), I’ll respect it and appreciate the clarity. That’s all I’ll say on that for now. I did start this hoopla on the complete opposite side of the fence though….and now I’m not so sure!

  20. Bird Says:

    Dean giusti (new poster – shocker)

    Yah. He only brought us a super bowl and hope. You probably think he is done trying hard …giving 100% here too so he can move on to miami next year?

    His home home is in miami…you know that right . Maybe he does play for miami next year. I think it has more to do with ownership for next stage of life but i could be wrong. He has easier path with bucs although i will hold judgement to see if miami is legit even though tua is soooo average

    We have a good chance to go all the the way this year. If brady didnt come back do any of these free agents ? Nope . You say screw brady. Honestly , i say screw you. We literally have the worst fans. There are literally 2 good runs in buc NFL history and you are mad. Must suck. Dude is 45 and gave us 3 years. I think i am having more fun now then 2002 and that defense was bad ash

  21. Jor Jor Binks Says:

    Bird – Durant seen too me he’s “mad” about the glorious run, he’s just curious, inquisitive and wondering what’s going on w/ the Brady situation and becoming somewhat suspect. That’s not out of the ordinary, nor is it bad inquisition….he’s the most important part to our Football team and there’s a lot swirling around right now. That’s not absurd in the least (even if you don’t agree). Lay off the dude for staying his skepticism. Brady us on a pedestal, but he’s human also. We all are.

    He didn’t state anything malicious or egregious. It’s his opinion and who cares if it lines up a/ your almighty and deciding one 🙏

  22. MJSarasota Says:

    Bird Says:
    April 13th, 2022 at 8:59 am

    I’m 100% with Bird on this one!

  23. Jor Jor Binks Says:

    …no reason to say “screw you” there to Dean Giusti

    Now if he ends up being a troll, that’s my b and on me, but he didn’t say anything out of context there related to his own opinion. It just doesn’t line uo w/ yours is all

    Need more Brett Phillips in the works (like last night’s beautiful moment), not this jargon you provided unjustly

    Telling someone to “screw you” when they never said “screw (yourself)”

  24. Red-sparrow Says:


    Great post bird! You put that ungrateful homer dean giusti in his place.

  25. Bird Says:


    No almighty whatever complex you are claiming. And yes you finally read the screw brady comment. Dude we are lucky to have the winnest qb of all time come to the losingest
    Franchise in history to win a super bowl in 1st year. And yes we deserve what ever he wants to provide this franchise . 3 years for a 45 year old is pretty sweet. Just saying. And pretty good chance since his new poster name – just another troll

  26. Cobraboy Says:

    The silence on the ‘Fin rumors is because there could be a whole lot of serious tampering and collusion going on there, and a big scandal ready to happen…if true…since Peyton and Brady are both under contracts elsewhere.

    And then there is the Flores kerfuffle…

    I suspect all parties just want the rumors to go away.

  27. SPARKY Says:

    You guys do know how all the sport talk people make their money don’t You? Colin, Nick Wright, Shannon Sharpe, Rob Parker, Kellermen,Mike Florio, all got richer by putting crap out there about Brady. Look on YouTube down at the View count, the more they have Brady in the headline, the more clicks they get, the more money they make. True or not us idiots keep making them money by clicking away. They are laughing their way to the bank.

  28. Joe Says:

    Look on YouTube down at the View count, the more they have Brady in the headline, the more clicks they get, the more money they make.

    You are on to something but you are oversimplifying it. It’s name recognition. Star power. Joe has had long conversations with network producers about this. They have data of who watches what down to the minute.

    People like winning teams. People like star power. People recognize names. Only PBS doesn’t care about viewership (because they are bankrolled by the feds). If a company want to stay afloat or make money, they are not going to focus on players the general public has not heard of or highlight bad teams.

    Maybe four or five other athletes that have the star power of Brady. His celebrity crosses many spotlights, not just sports. He is just as likely to be on the cover of “People” as he is “Sports Illustrated.” Tiger Woods and Lebron James are two. Who else? Maybe Aaron Rodgers because he likes to date celebrities. Maybe no other athlete.

    This is also why Joe has always been about topics, not transactions. Joe doesn’t really care about scrubs. Get on the field and Joe will write about you.

  29. SPARKY Says:

    Yep, it’s not all that great being top dog in any sport. Look at the story in Washington football team. You don’t hear a lot about what is criminal activity. If Jerry Jones or Kraft did that….

  30. Mikejp Says:

    I am surprised that many fans want Tom to address the rumors because he quickly corrected a smaller issue with Trist. For Tom, the relationship with his teammates is more important and easier to improve, while people tends to spread and create more rumors.

  31. Popcorn Says:

    WRT to why he is not addressing the “big rumors,” Celebrities, Toom included, often don’t respond to rumors like this because a response gives the person who started the rumor credibility that they don’t want to acknowledge. Brady really seems to not respect Ben Volin, based on how he has reacted to him when he shows up for Bucs press conferences compared to other reporters than have shown up from NE. I doubt he has a lot of respect for Florio either.

  32. K2 Says:

    Joe are you talking about that old park running guy, breaking into homes,…father time is undefeated, who should have been suspended for picking up a playbook, the guys who hates Arians so much he retired for football.

    Why would he gives his number to a right tackle…(even though he called him right after the draft.) and probably assumed he had his number.

    We understand to a journalist…”it’s a story!”

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I called it yesterday that Tom would fix it with Wirf ASAP. Why? Getting the ENTIRE TEAMS’ contact info was the FIRST thing he asked for over the phone in 2020. Somehow Tristan fell thru the cracks and Brady was likely mortified when he heard this yesterday. Likely Tristan was being hazed a bit as a rookie and it never got fixed. He’ll soon be getting sick of Brady texting him for pre-TC drills. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom pranks him with nonstop texts as payback. That would be a very Tom Brady thing to do. “Call ME out for dissing you, huh?…Well, LFG then!!!” lol…

  34. Bucsfanman Says:

    Funniest non-story ever! And not the story itself, the reactions to it were epic! Does anyone have a sense of humor these days?!

  35. Jor Jor Binks Says:


    For sure not a Troll my dude. You actually make some good points too. I’m not so stubborn or entitled to admit that. I see both sides of the TB dilemma now. Just because I don’t agree w/ all, who gives a bleep. The dude (a Troll or not…as you seem to claim any disagree-ers are) never once said anything to deserve a “screw you”. Are you that sensitive (will you answer that question or just hurl another rebuttal claiming I’m a troll)? Says a lot about one’s character when they have to result to that kind of stuff that quick. If you seriously think I’m a troll, then do you, I ain’t gonna try to change your mind!

    But don’t be mean or call people stuff just to be or because you don’t agree. There’s a very healthy debate to be had there if you don’t take that approach and are respectful and it’s fun. Debates on disagreements can be fun if both parties oblige. Don’t be a ne’er-do-well 🙏 we don’t need more people that suck these days.

    Respect to your opinion, as well as anyone’s on here, as long as it’s respectful, truthful, thoughtful, mature, etc. (last I checked, calling someone a troll as an immediate rebuttal and telling people to go screw themselves, who didn’t say anything close to that to you, is none of those features, qualities or adjectives).

    You tried to come at him (and me) like you pulled rank or something (and clearly your followers agree and I could care less), but you’re the same as all of us on this here internet. Are you sure you’re not the same as what you like to call or say to people you don’t know?

    Heck maybe a good majority of people these days like people who call people trolls who aren’t and who tell people to go screw themselves who didn’t reciprocate that back to you, better than someone who sticks up for someone or calls out the bully 🤷‍♂️ So be it if so and I really wouldn’t be surprised these days.

    Knowing your early character reports and hastily decisions on judging individuals wrongly, I’m excited to see what attack you can form and direct at me after that. Keep it classy Ba-Ba-Ba-Bird-Bird-Bird 🙏

  36. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Brady knows where his bread is butteted


    Butteted. Lmao