Tom Brady Demonstrates His Supreme Value

April 19th, 2022

More bang for the Bucs.

Boy, oh boy, are the Bucs getting a deal. And you can bet Team Glazer is fully aware.

Warren Sharp, the noted handicapper and fantasy football guy who is heavy into stats, posted something over the weekend that really made Joe sit straight up on his leather couch after being prone watching the USFL.

(It was a rare good weekend for April football. Joe watched several spring games Saturday followed by the USFL Saturday night game, which was quite entertaining. Then Sunday there was a pair of close USFL games. Ah, football on a weekend. What’s better? #Merica)

Sharp had a list of the eight highest-paid quarterbacks for the past three seasons. There was no Pat Mahomes or Joe Burrow or Josh Allen because those quarterbacks were on rookie contracts at some point in the past three years. Burrow is still on his rookie pact.

And of the eight, only three had playoff victories during the same time frame. They are Russell Wilson (one), Kirk Cousins (one) and Tom Brady (five).

Given how expensive (and necessary) good quarterbacks are, what a bargain the Bucs are getting with Mr. Seven Rings.

So Seahawks owner Jody Allen and Vikings owner Zygi Wilf have coughed up about $107 million and $89 million, respectively, for one lousy playoff win each from their quarterbacks.

And the Bucs are getting their playoff wins from a 44-year-old.

25 Responses to “Tom Brady Demonstrates His Supreme Value”

  1. John Collins Says:

    You can go 3 years or 20 years Brady is the #1 value

  2. Buczilla Says:

    Comparing Brady to those other qb’s isn’t even fair. Varsity vs pewee and we are damn lucky to have him for this year.

  3. Iistnfrmafar Says:

    Did you read this Oneilbucyall and sasquash? I don’t see Winston on the list. If they did it this year he would fall below Mahomes, Roger’s, Watson and possibly Jackson. Just like TJ Maxx, you get the max for the minimum.

  4. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Team Guy….that’s why players and organizations love him

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I could care less for Brady

    But bottomline is that he’s 100% a winner

  6. Proudbucsfan Says:

    Not being selfish and gready make Brady great, he demanded more money for better players around him.

  7. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Brady has always been a Team guy, but also let’s not forget his wife Gisele is worth 500,000,000 so yes he is a Team guy, but he has just a little bit extra there, like half a billion, when compared to any other player in the NFL, or any other sport.

    Bur whatever, I am very glad the Bucs benefit from this, and thankful Brady will play at least 1 more year with the Bucs

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  8. Riki Says:

    Imagine the value if we kept Jameis like Joe wanted.
    We would have been number one in that list.

  9. Iistnfrmafar Says:

    Who cares what his wife is worth, ya think Ciara doesn’t make bank? And most of the other premier QB’s are single, Mahomes just bit the bullet.

  10. SPARKY Says:

    August 1976 buc, you people that keep bringing up Gisele’ s money forget one thing. A little thing called divorce. There goes all her money and probably A lot of his out the door. Money is how we measure success,whether we like it or not. His owners and teammates know what he has done for them.

  11. Will Says:

    I played along went and looked up Ciara’s net worth and it’s listed at 20mil. That’s a FAR cry from Giselle’s. I’m loving the fact that Brady decided to be a Buc the 1st time and thrilled he returned from his brief retirement but I believe that he takes less because of what he and his wife have. But honestly who cares Bucs are getting a discount and I’m great with that now lets go get him an 8th ring this year.
    GO BUCS!

  12. SPARKY Says:

    There’s not a person on this site that would turn down a third of his salary and give it to his coworkers, even if they were married to a multi millionaire. What he is doing is against human nature and instinct. Rodgers, Mahomes, Wilson, and all the other top paid QBs have more money than they could ever spend, but they keep asking for more. Go ask the president or CEO of your company for some of his money and see how that goes

  13. Mikejp Says:

    I don’t think Tom takes less because of his rich wife. He takes less because he calculates that he will get more in a long term. There is only one pie for 53 players, if he takes more, it means his teammates will take less. That is why all his teammates love him.

  14. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    So Brady is the third-highest paid quarterback over the last three years? So why have we been brainwashed into thinking that he is playing for under market value to help build the team. What witchcraft is this?

  15. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Bush, Watson, Mahomes, Jackson and Allen, Murray all on rookie contracts Brees retired. Just read Mahomes, 1st NFL player billionaire.

  16. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Joe, how is Roger’s not on this list?

  17. Listnfrmafar Says:

    In 2021 Brady was 15th as far as paid QB’s 19 overall. Goff, Jimmy G, Stafford, Wentz, Tannahill, Cousins also made more money not to mention, Myles Garret, Hopkins, Watt and Bosa. Bucs get TREMENDOUS value.

  18. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    $95.8M – Tom Brady: 5 playoff wins

    3rd highest paid quarterback over the last 3 years. This is not about a one-year screen shot of last season, or trying to adjust for rookie contracts. Everyone has to play on one rookie contract no matter who they are.

    We were told that he basically came here on a 2-year, 50 MM contract before it was restructured last season for cap purposes.

    2 years, 50 million.
    96 minus 50 = 46.

    Did Belicheat pay Brady 46 million in 2019? If not, then the Bucs paid him way more than 50 million over the last two seasons. This is all I’m saying.

  19. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Bush, I don’t know where this chart came from but how is it possible Roger’s isn’t on it anywhere? My guess Patriots owed him a lot of money pushing his contract out over and over again. I also wonder if there were incentives built in Bucs contract, making the playoffs, # if td’s, wins and most of all SB.

  20. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    @ Listnfrmafar

    I agree that there could be a lot of stuff in those contracts that I am not privy to. My original point that Brady maybe isn’t as altruistic as we were all led to believe is supported by this, and by the above chart.

    If he was the 3rd highest paid quarterback over the last 3 years, that means he was not paid below market. He was pushing the edge of the envelope, and the team will be affected by that cap hit, either now or later. Not as altruistic as we were sold.

  21. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    As far as Rodgers, didn’t he just sign that sick extension? It probably didn’t affect the last 3-year total.

  22. Brito Says:

    STOP TALKING SO MUCH TRASH, we all know that TOM BRADY has sacrificed himself for his team, for 20 years he did it with THE PATRIOTS.
    If he was ambitious and played for the money like the rest of the NFL QB’S.

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  23. Judy Duckworth Says:

    Totally agree!!!!!!!
    Love Brady!!!!!

  24. Eddie Marz Says:

    What Brady gets that some players don’t, if you win Duper Bowls the (extra) money will be there. Endorsements business opportunities etc. Gisele would have probably never heard of him if he hadn’t already won multiple SB’s. He’s played his cards right so far.