The Reason Rich Eisen Doesn’t Believe Tom Brady Forced Bruce Arians To Step Aside

April 3rd, 2022

Making sense of the senseless.

As Joe has mentioned, unless there is an exposé in five or 10 years detailing what transpired behind the scenes as the Bucs went from Tom Brady retiring to unretiring to Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians retiring within a span of 60 days, the Arians-Brady dynamic will be forever known as the Bucs’ version of the Grassy Knoll Theory.

It just defies logic. A driven, healthy coach who has the greatest quarterback of all time drop in his lap for the second time in three years decides he’s going to step away from coaching in a matter of hours? And the announcement comes less than a month before the draft? For a team many consider the odds-on favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl?

This is why so many people are convinced Arians getting bumped up to the front office had to be some kind of backroom deal in order to coax Brady into unretiring.

If Brady told Team Glazer that would be the only way he would return, well, yeah, that adds up. Team Glazer is making a fortune off Brady, not Arians.

A coach getting his dream quarterback (again) walks away from his life-long passion hours after learning Brady returned (and later bragging how he was drinking too much in celebration of said quarterback returning)? That, on face value, is mind-boggling.

This is like trying to make sense out of something that makes no sense.

But Rich Eisen isn’t buying it. The voice of NFL Network hosts a weekday sports talk show on Peacock and says the conspiracy theories are nonsense. In short, Eisen said Brady attending Arians’ farewell press conference is proof that Arians stepping away is above board.

And why does Eisen think that? He said only a sociopath would force a guy into retirement and then sit in the front row at the guy’s goodbye press conference and smile at him the entire time.

You can see Eisen spell out his theory in the Peacock video below.

79 Responses to “The Reason Rich Eisen Doesn’t Believe Tom Brady Forced Bruce Arians To Step Aside”

  1. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Oh, but some on this site will do their best continue the nonsense.

  2. SufferingSince76 Says:

    To continue

  3. Pancake block Says:

    My dads dairy farm cows get milked less than this theory

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘It just defies logic. This is like trying to make sense out of something that makes no sense.’

    Instead of calling it the ‘Grassy Knoll Theory’ folks should be calling it the ‘Junkyard Dog Syndrome’. The media has sunk its teeth into that bone and no matter what they’re not letting go.

    For some reason far too many in the media absolutely refuse to take BA at his word. He told everyone why he’s retiring; MAYBE it really is as simple as that. Beginning to seem more & more like ‘free press’ has now come to mean that our media is free to make up any story they want to & interpret it any way they want to instead of actually REPORTING the facts. There really isn’t a boogeyman under every bed.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So, earlier there was an article titled:

    “Tom Brady Attended Todd Bowles’ Ceremony”

    Were there two events….one for Bruce stepping down or one for Todd Bowles’ installation?

    Eisen thinks it’s the latter. If that’s the case…..Brady is showing great respect for BA…

  6. Proud Bucs Fan Says:

    We all know that Tom Brady did not order the hit, wink, wink. As he said during the deflate hassle, ” I have no knowledge of anything”. And Don Brady certainly did not go to Kraft to make a certain back up QB disappear. You coppers will never catch Tephlon Tom.

    #Tephlon Tom

  7. Casual Observer Says:

    This headline is the best description of a non-story as one could see. Who cares?

  8. HC Grover Says:

    It is easy to understand if u are over 70. Inside every old man is a young guy wondering WTF happened. He may have arthritis along with his leg problem.

  9. Bird Says:

    Funny. Watched that this morning

    Yah. Brady is not type to show up at Bowles pressor to turn the knife in arians back. This is a story that is just getting more legs for no reason
    Time to move on

  10. Allen Lofton Says:

    Shows how desperate the sports world is to have The Story – utter nonsense

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with Rich Eisen. People see things only through the lens of what they would do instead of accepting the obvious that a 70 year old man who has done the same mentality and physically taxing job for over 40 years and excelled at the highest levels might wanna step back and watch a younger protégés he mentored get an opportunity they may otherwise not get.

  12. JGhotier Says:

    👏 Rich 👏

    I love how the one Coach in the League that actually shoots you straight and doesn’t sugarcoat it, is the same Coach having his reasonings and motives questioned

    Joe is a huge Arians fan, but no coach in the NFL is a straight shooter. None. Some are just more candid than others. Lying has become part of the job. Heck, Arians took the Bucs job and was happy to state that Ryan Fitzpatrick had a place on the 2019 roster. –Joe

    It was a d@mn classy move by BA.

    Just because it may be unorthodox or unprecedented, doesn’t mean it’s still not the truth. Yes, for a lot of people these days, doing something unselfishly and for the right reasons and doing good over bad is hard to fathom, but it does still exist and there are good honest people still left in this world.remember there is nothing backing up all these “rumors” and “rifts” and “theories”. There’s not a boogeyman under every bed and we don’t always have to try to manifest something.

    No evidence (outside of theories, rumors and circumstantial evidence at best) has been put forth to back any of these claims. A lot of people out there involved in all this hoopla have major cases of the “bitter Ex” too, so jeep that in mind as well.

    BA should be lauded for this (for so many reasons including inclusion, succession and minority hiring) and Bowles should be getting the limelight (over all this extra jazz) for a monumental moment in his coaching career as our new Head Coach of our Bucs….instead we like to report on the negatives, the ulterior motives, the rumors, the non-evidenced claims, the high-school manifested drama.

    Can’t believe people are questioning the one straight shooter Coach we have in this League…..and w/ no real evidence stating otherwise. Even if you don’t wanna believe BA, I’d still believe guys reporting on it like Reddick or Jeff Darlington (who’s very tied-in and accurate on Brady reporting) over bitter-ex blowhards up there in the Boston Media and people throwing out claims w/ no evidence. Let common sense prevail people!

    And know that there are still some good, honest, genuine people w/ great morals and ethics, who do things for the right reason left in this world today….and as far as NFL Coaches go, BA is atop that list of those qualities.

    Thanks fir everything BA, you classy m’fer. And can’t wait to take the ride w/ Bowies for the long haul and big time Congrats 🙏

  13. Cchead Says:

    If you realy believe BA was forced out by TB. You are essentially calling him a liar. Joe, has he ever lied to you before? If he has a history of lying then maybe there is something to the conspiracy.

  14. FirstTimePoster Says:

    If Brady forced Arians out, there’s no way Arians remains with the team in ANY capacity.

  15. THOMAS PFALZ Says:

    I think the BA/TB riff is a bunch of crap. I think it has a lot more to do with BA’s health. I also think Bowles wouldn’t have been my first choice for HC but thank God it wasn’t Leftwich. I don’t think he is a very good OC & would be a worse HC. I do wish Bowles the best of luck.

  16. ROBERTO Says:

    I have another theory.
    From Brazil for joebucsfan. My sources are good.
    Tom Brady will not play for Buccaners in 2023. This is a deal with your “boss”.
    Next year, the Miami dream House of Brady and “Gisele” will be finished.
    Bruce Arians knows that.
    So, Arians saved Todd Bowles from the 2023 Storm. He has given a year to Bowles coaching Tom Brady. Or a title shot.
    Does anybody believe the Buccaners will be a strong candidate to Super Bowl without Tom Brady?

  17. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Stop it, BA became a distraction that’s all and Brady wasn’t having it. Brady knew Bowles was getting the job. Who on this site believes Brady signs and Bucs bring in a new head coach? Eric in a previous post hit the nail on the head.

    Brady/Bowles > Arians/Trask/Garapolo/Gabbert etc.

    Stop with the we love Uncle Buc so it can’t be true BS.

  18. Alanbucsfan Says:

    The Grassy Knoll Theory was born from a report that Secret Service Agents said they actually heard shots from that area.
    Has anyone reported that someone actually heard Brady or anyone in Bucs’ organization say he was initially retiring because of Arians?
    Believe it or not, this was a noble decision by Brady’s family , Arians and his family and the Bucs’ organization that a cynical media just can’t fathom.

  19. D-Rome Says:

    And why does Eisen think that? He said only a sociopath would force a guy into retirement and then sit front row at the guy’s goodbye press conference and smile at him the entire time.

    Billions Season 6, Episode 9.

  20. RustyRhinos Says:

    Should be the January 6 tourist trip to the Capitol theory. As so many believe that and so many disbelive that theory as well.

    Glad to hear they both are still a Buccaneer team member, player, coach, front office, all still work for the same goals to WIN!

  21. Listnfrmafar Says:

    The situation didn’t have to be contentious and the so called Don Brady didn’t have a horse head placed in BA’s bed. BA seemed very excited to coach this upcoming season and all of a sudden he’s not now that Brady is back? Glazers met with Brady and asked him what would it take and he told them he could play under such a lackadaisical environment, he’s not built that way. BA understood and for the better of the team he agreed to step down, by doing this he took care of his buddy Bowles in the process. BA was ok with. No one ever claimed Brady and BA disliked each other. I’ve been in business partnerships that didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean we didn’t remain friends. The contentious part is what the media is drooling over.

  22. Aceofaerospace Says:

    At this point, I just don’t care. It’s done. LFG!

  23. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Alan@ a silencer was used. Why hasn’t Brady denied any of this???

  24. Proud Bucs Fan Says:


    From sources, said that Don Brady would have been posting the whole story right here on but, all his phones keep getting destroyed by unfortunate accidents.

    #Tephlon Tom

  25. Cchead Says:

    Bruce Arians says there’s no better time than now to pass the torch, and that Tom Brady’s return made it an easier decision because he feels the team is in great shape.
    Why is that so hard to believe? BA has ways been a straight shooter no BS guy with an IDGAF what you think attitude.

  26. Alanbucsfan Says:

    For one to accept your argument that Brady couldn’t play anymore under such a lackadaisical environment and that Arians retired because kissing Brady’s ass was all important and that Bowles just got helped out as a side benefit is just too much to be believable.
    If Brady was that much of an asshole, the Bucs would’ve never won a SB and the same is true if Arians’ motives were that pathetic.

  27. Cchead Says:

    Another platform that does not allow free speech. Wow
    Get this a lot. “Free speech” is a phrase taken way out of context most of the time. A moderated/filtered anonymous comment, many believe, somehow is a denial of free speech. It’s not. All of your comments went through. Regardless, this is Joe’s place of business. Why would Joe possibly allow misrepresentations of Joe’s comments and work here? What good would that serve? Also, why would Joe allow comments malicious in nature that either attack others or Joe’s business and partners, or state opinions of others as fact? Why would Joe allow profanity? Why would Joe let all topics run wild on a post, say, about who the Bucs are going to pick in the draft. Correct, there is no free speech here, just like if you call in to on a radio show, they eventually will hang up on you. Or the call screener will ask what you plan to talk about before permitting you on the air. So many other examples. –Joe

  28. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Logic – a proper or reasonable way of thinking about something.

    “It just defies logic.”

    Really Joe? Do you stand by that statement? Hey we all type in a hurry here and formulate opinions quickly but really?

    For clarification..are you saying that the idea of a 68 year old man who has made his bones already, and is just worn out…again as an old dude stuff stops working. BA suffered a horrible attack of plantar fasciatis or something with his achilles most of last season. Nagging crap like that just makes you weary as you grow older. Is that “logical”?

    Some people…apparently not everybody here…actually have class and loyalty.
    They reward those who help them. But let’s take it deeper. Are you guys saying you’ve never cared about someone with whom you’ve been in intense situations.

    Football is a metaphor for war!!! Guys who work together in most offices can bond but not like you do in a Foxhole. Why is it soooo difficult to think that BA wanted to make sure his “wartime” buddy got the very best shot at success.

    We all know how it goes…top college QB’s that go in the top ten in the draft almost always go bad teams and suffer the consequences. See Blaine Gabbert and dozens of others. A coach is usually hired because his predecessor failed.
    They get crappy jobs like Bowles did in NYC. If Brady had NOT come out of retirement and the Bucs scored perhaps their most amazing off season ever does anybody here believe this team was a shoe in for success? If BA had left without Brady how far did the odds drop for Bowles success? DUH!

    I’ve been wondering why we can’t accept somebody doing ‘THE RIGHT THING’.

    Bottom line…there is a significant group here who believe in #1…#1 being themselves. Everything they do is calculated on their own personal benefit.
    They would NEVER take the high road or do something selflessly for somebody else!!! I realize we’ve had a leader who set that tone but not all of us are like that.

    And so let the insults begin. I’m a snowflake..pollyanna..wuss whatever.

    I have done plenty of selfish things in my life! I can be as self centered as anybody. But I have my moments and when I see somebody else do “THE RIGHT THING”

    I guess I’m triggered by all the jaded people here who believe that doing something for another person you care deeply about “just defies logic.”

  29. Proud Bucs Fan Says:

    And for the rubes that believe bruce liars version. It is smart and will be beneficial for media members to back up Bruce Arrogance’s fairytale. He will be a very good source after two shots while wearing the empty 12 pack as a hat.

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Interesting…….Proud Bucs Fan messaging Listnfrmafar……nice trick…..they are the same person……
    How do I know?…..because there can only be one person so obsessed with BA that it consumes their every post.

  31. Bobby M. Says:

    I think if there were true issues….highly doubt Arians hangs around in the front office. He could easily go back to the booth if desired or just collect a check on his guaranteed salary and enjoy retirement. Also….BA is a pretty straight forward shooter, I just dont see him being forced out against his will and not saying what is on his mind. Doesn’t fit his character.

    I really wonder if BA might have some health issues resurfacing, he has a history and he’s 69. There’s a chance he needs to step away from coaching to manage stress on his body. He was obviously already minimizing his responsibilities by his approach to having Bowles and Leftwich.

    I think the team will be fine and I think this will give BA a ton of time to do what he loves which has been scouting and grooming young QBs. Curious to see if he sees any opportunity in Mayfield or Jimmy G…..or maybe another young QB in this draft or the next. Bucs need to keep drafting and grooming young QBs, their value is too great in the league….even if Trask is THE guy.

  32. Proud Bucs Fan Says:


    I do believe that would be against Joebucsfan rules. Please report it to the Joe’s for an ip or Mac address check. And you would be wrong, but at least you are consistent.

  33. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Alan nice twist on my words, your alias must be Belleclown. Again why are some assuming it was against BA’s will? He took the so called office job? So he could stay around the team. Alan, the game is about winning and winning makes owners money. Money is the end all. Brady brings in money and BA doesn’t. To simply believe he is doing this to set up Bowles is insane, BA’s legacy would be so much stronger with another division title and more so with another SB. If Wilson said I will stay if Carroll is gone, guess what Carroll is gone, same for Mahomes/Reid, Roger’s/Lafleur, Allen/Sherman etc. The player brings in the money. Alan, why is a player an asshole if he cannot play under a coaches system if he feels he cannot achieve ultimate success in it? I call that the player doing his job.

  34. Alanbucsfan Says:

    BA himself said he didn’t care about his legacy- his concern was for the coaching staff and their families.
    Every starting QB and Head Coach butt heads at some point – doesn’t mean they can’t work together.
    You’re missing the point because you don’t see Arians’ true motives- his relationships with his assistant coaches was most important to him.

  35. JGhotier Says:

    @stpetebucsfan – well said 👏

    I said something along the same lines (w/ no curse words or offensive language) on this post and it didn’t get posted by Joe for some reason 🤷‍♂️

    I agree w/ a lot of what you stated there!

  36. TheBradyBunch Says:

    Hey dipsh1t Saints fan, deflategate has been proven to be just a big sham by the nfl. Before you spout off get your facts right moron. Neither Tom or anyone else did anything to those footballs. Google it moron and then stfu.

  37. JGhotier Says:

    Bobby M – well said too

    BA and JL have already made it known that his new “Senior Football Consultant” job will be heavily involved in the Draft side of things as the main job focus.

    Can’t help, but think Bruce’s job 1a, 1b and 1c are going to be finding, evaluating and developing/grooming our QB for the future. Whether that be Trask, a FA, the Draft, a trade. I would lay money on BA’s first and main task starting off at his new job will be, being tasked w/ finding the QB of the future for our Franchise and then help developing and grooming them.

    Just my own conjecture of course, but it almost makes way too much sense. And he’s got a year (hopefully 2 w/ Brady) buffer room to get that process started and try to make it happen.

  38. Bucsfanman Says:


    stpete- I couldn’t agree more with our “me-first” mentality. It’s amazing how easily media has cashed in on this mantra. It’s why stories like this rage on despite having nothing concrete or real to say. It’s called ‘speculation’ and whether it’s written or spoken, it means the same thing.

    I know they’re trolls but, it’s unbelievable some of the garbage spewed about BA from alleged “fans”.

  39. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    I agree with you.

    @List is a clueless football person.

    @List says stats don’t mean a thing, yet millions of $$$ are given to the stars with the best stats in the NFL and Vegas uses stats and injury reports to make trillions $$$.

    @List says that opposing offenses figured out that our secondary was our weakness in 2021 it is some kind of revelation, when Edwards, Bunting, Davis, Winfield, and Dean all missed games and were on the injury report. Unlike @List’s gossip, it was a reported stat that our secondary was hurt all year long.

    @List is a clueless football fan who thinks just because someone is great, that he can’t make mistakes and be criticized for them such as TB12 throwing 2 interceptions in the NFC Championship game trying to hit ME13 on the outside fly route as he was bracketed in double coverage as the Packers played Man Cover 2.

    @List I’d a gossiping and clucking little hen in a middle school hen house.

    If “ifs” and “buts” were insane conspiracy and gossipy people who are nuts, everyone would be like @List.

  40. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    BA just might be the rare individual that doe NOT live by the ME ALL END ALL creed that so many losers live by today. Why is it so hard to believe he wants to spend more time with his aged Mom who is not well and set up all the coaches and their families to cement their own legacy right now. BA by all accounts is all about inclusion and diversity , so I believe he just thought this was a great time to step away , but still be involved in passing the torch and making sure it burns bright for a long time. Well done Bruce Arians.

  41. Jmarkbuc Says:

    “This is like trying to make sense out of something that makes no sense.”

    But Dammit, Joe’s gonna keep trying.

    Looks like time to call in Mike Lindell.

  42. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Bring in the Belleclown. When you find something new to write please enlighten us instead of bracket coverage you learned in Pop Warner. Bellclown, your an idiot. Fournette averaged 4.5 yds per carry in 2021, Vaughn averaged 5 yds per carry, who gets paid more? Cousins, Wilson, Roger’s, Ryan ALL had worse stats than Brady last season, who was paid more? Parsons had better stats than Shaq and many other LB’s, who got paid more? Folk had better kicking stats than Succop, who got paid more? Please post when you actually know what your talking about. I guess in your eyes Brady didn’t play up to your standards in the 2020 NFC title game. What did he have like 350 yds 3 or 4 tds? I’m not sure but I’m sure you’ll check with your sad but true BFF Google to rebut me and.come back with NO he threw for 329 yds something stupid like that. Do you have an opinion on anything other than rebuttal me with the same BS narrative EVERY TIME? Boring!!!

  43. Pewter Power Says:

    Proud Bucs fan should change your name to proud patriot fans. Your last memory of Brady in your inform is that pick 6. Get over it Brady would not be playing the way he does without our weapons and people are using his play with our weapons in our system to make it seem like he is running the entire organization. Next thing you know Brady will be sitting in the draft room calling our first round pick to let them know he’s a buc.

  44. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Come on List- If you are gonna use examples as evidence the Lenny Vaughn comparison is a poor one as Vaughn is still on his rookie deal and cannot control his earnings yet. But I must say you always do have an opinion.

  45. Mike28277 Says:

    I agree with Eisen 100%. Many on this and other sites felt Brady retired for several reasons, but a couple were:

    1) Excruciating loss to the Rams and how could our DC make such a call with the score tied. It was all Bowles fault we lost due to his call. Also, Brady was supposedly p****d Bowles was interviewing the week before and not focused on the Rams.

    2) Brady tired of Arians “red pen”, golf cart, bourbon drinking, cool Uncle straight shooting ways.

    Yet: he shows up at the presser to support Bowles as new HC and Arians move to the front office/semi-retirement. I am sure he has more things to do in the off season than to take the time to attend.

  46. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Bucsfan, for the last two seasons BA wanted to be the center of attention and rarely if on any occasion has he taken any accountability and or shed blame on any of his assistants. All of a sudden he just decides to take a back seat with a minimum NFC South title in his grasps? Not buying, BA is also know for talking out both sides of his mouth. The question has been asked many times on this site. What has the team lost by BA retiring? No one has come up with an answer. And NO Belleclown it’s not there is no one left to teach them bracketing.

  47. Your Mom Says:

    I felt when watching Brady’s Deflategate press conference that there was a good chance the actually IS a sociopath.

    So I may not believe the conspiracy theories, but Rich Eisen’s explanation saying they aren’t true because that would make Brady a sociopath…. invalid argument (to me).

  48. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Bucsfan, if you read Belleclowns original statement he said players are paid on stats, I was merely showing him that is not always the case, rookie contract or not. Parsons maybe on a rookie contract as well. The team doesn’t just give them more money because a player has better stats. Please don’t defend him, Belleclown is a moron.

  49. Your Mom Says:

    @Joe, you are correct, the right of free speech is to protect individuals from the GOVERNMENT, not other people. Just like presumed innocent until proven guilty is only to be presumed when it’s the government on the other side, it’s not that other Americans have to presume everyone innocent all the time.

  50. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Your Mom, whether Brady’s staff did it or not the handling of the evidence by Troy Vincent that would of cleared his seems to be more like a sociopaths move than Brady himself.

  51. sasquatch Says:

    Joe says it’s mind boggling and makes no sense. Well, I think if you listened to Arians’ comments in the press conference, putting it into the context of who we know he is, and remembering that he already retired once, and considering it was only going to be a few year gig for him to begin with, and knowing that Arians’ is known to be authentic if nothing else.. the explanations already given would be sufficient. If you take the explanation at face value without injecting your own interpretations onto it, it makes perfect sense. It still is surprising, a bit jarring, but reasonable. It’s been a head spinning off-season so far.

  52. Richard Dickson Says:

    Nothing I’ve seen of Arians over the years makes me think he’d tuck tail and retire if he felt he was being forced out.

  53. cmurda Says:

    Rich Eisen is up there with John Clayton in my book. A few more solid , honest years out of Adam Schefter and he may get in there too. These are the real deal reporters / talk show hosts that have credibility. They also aren’t necessarily about the drama unless the drama is part of the truth. Those 2 guys belong in the HOF for sports reporting and analysis. Rich makes a lot of sense in unpacking the situation. He acknowledges that it was surprising but that B.A’s explanation is more likely true than the Brady forced B.A. out narrative. We may eventually find out the truth and it may very well be the truth that I’ll be accepting now which is exactly as everyone in the organization including Brady has said it is. I’ll go with them over the drama speculation. I’ll leave that to TV. For you youngans, we used to be taught don’t believe everything you see on TV. I’d say that you would be best served not to forget that. Now, about those vaccines that you saw on TV. I’m jk Joe. Not going there.

  54. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Mike28277 please stop the lies. It was the players fault because #1 THEY allowed Kupp to go out of bounds on the previous play STOPPING the clock when the Rams had NO TIME OUTS!!! EVERY defensive player is coached from high school to the NFL that when the game is on the line KEEP THE BALL IN THE FIELD OF PLAY TO KEEP THE CLOCK RUNNING!!! If those players had done the jobs that they should have already known to do the Rams would have NEVER had the chance to kick the field goal in the 1st place because the clock have ran out! Why do you guys have to get into your feelings so much instead of believing what is on the game tape? Todd Bowles was forced to blitz because of that play and the fact that the dline was getting NO pressure on Stafford. It wasn’t a secret because most coaches call that in that situation. Devin White the qb of our defense didn’t communicate properly to Winfield and others that is why there was confusion at the snap. How do you let the #1 receiver in all of the NFL run straight thru the line and into the secondary when he was the ONLY receiver going out without touching him??? You guys stop your agenda and put the blame on the players where it belongs!!!

  55. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    @List is a joke.

    TB12 takes less money so that he can have better teammates and that they get paid $$$.

    TB12 has said that himself.

    Next, @List compares Vaughn’s 36 Rushing Attempts to Fournette’s 180 rushing attempts.

    Guess what @List, Fournette gets paid more than Vaughn because Vaughn is on a rookie contract.

    Disregarding that fact, Vaughn’s stats of # of carries vs Fournette’s stats for # of Carrie’s is why Fournette is a better back. Stats = $$$.

    Finally, TB12’s NFC Championship Game 2020 vs Green Bay:

    280 yards, 3 TD’s, 3 INT’s = Not the best game, and thank the lord for Todd Bowles and our defense’s goal line stand and stopping one of the greatest QB’s of all time in Aaron Rodgers.

  56. Chris l Says:

    Let’s remember the human factor here. If Brady forced Arians out you wouldn’t see them chummy at the press conference or even arians with the glazers and thanking them. You’d be able to tell he was sour about it. I think it is bs. People can lie but that press conference showed me this was not the case at all.

  57. Listnfrmafar Says:

    DumbBelle, you said players are paid on stats, I proved that isn’t always the case. Early 3rd qtr GB score was 28-3, that Todd Bowles D let up 25 pts in the ladder of the second half and if not for a lousy call to kick a FG by Lefleur all would of been at the edge of their seats praying TB12 stage ANOTHER epic come back. Aaron Roger’s one of the best ever? The guy can’t win. 14-15yrs with one SB? Over paid and under delivers that’s his legacy. Sorry to.the rest of the Joebucsfans with this foolish gibberish. I’m done arguing with DumbBelle Google boy.

  58. Goatfarmer Says:

    If Listophrenic and Proudgirl had a baby…….it would have a working azz for a head in addition to the normal azz. But at least it would have the IQ of an eggplant.

  59. SKBucsFan Says:

    Although the theory has some merit, what difference does it make? TB12 is back and Todd Bowles is the head coach. Time to move on and focus on the season ahead.

  60. BA4President Says:

    Joe, for what it’s worth I appreciate that you moderate the comments on here. Too many people will hijack the threads if you let them with unrelated hater talk or political stuff. Thanks.

  61. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Goatpounder, great post, very informative. How about something relevant? You sure this isn’t Bucs1987? He to is a simpleton.

  62. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Oh and wait for it, Belleclown will now go on Google and give us the stat comparisons of Roger’s vs Brady, Montana, Elway, Manning Bros, Farve, Aikman, Bradshaw and others who have won MULTIPLE SB’s. As great a QB Jim Kelly was, unfortunately you know what he is known for his 4 SB loses.

  63. BelleGladeBuc Says:



    Are you sure that score was 28-3 in the early 3rd Quarter of the 2020 NFC Championship Game.

    OMG, can you get any dumber @List?

    The score at Halftime of the 2020 NFC Championship Game between the Bucs and Packers was 21-10.

    If TB12 doesn’t throw 3 INTs in the second half, giving Green Bay extra possessions, then Rodgers doesn’t have enough opportunities to bring them back.

    Aaron Rodgers is a Future Hall of Famer.

    That alone qualifies my statement about him being one of the best to ever play his position.

    Please, oh genius @List, tell us how Aaron Rodgers isn’t a guaranteed first ballot HOF.

    You’re a two faced lyin cheating fan @List.

    You’ve told everyone how you’re are a Patriots fan, yet you come on this site.

    I’m a Bucs fan. John Lynch was one of my favorite players, but there is no way no how I follow his team’s of the Broncos and the 49ers after he left the Bucs.

    You’re a poser @ List.

    You are lazy.

    I care about being accurate. You get proven wrong all the time by me and give some weak sauce lame response and excuse.

    You can’t even get a something as simple as a box score in a football game correct as you’re embarrassingly wrong, but people are supposed to take your football commentary seriously?

    You’re a joke @List.

  64. Goatfarmer Says:

    List – BelleGlade has more acumen in his fingernail than you do in your entire cerebral foreskin. Your biases are so severe as to moot any true discourse. Your are generally despised by most. Still, you will continue leaving even more ridiculous assertions, which should become insertions . For you. Figure it out.

  65. cmurda Says:

    @List. I still can’t believe Matty L chose to kick the FG? While it was happening my son and I kind of smirked and felt the relief. We knew that was a bad decision. In recent memory for myself, that is the 2nd most egregious call in a playoff game. I’m placing Bowles call 3rd only because if the entire defense wasn’t dazed and confused, the blitz may have been way more successful. The worst call was the Seahawks thanking Beastmode for his services by NOT having take in a game winning score from just a couple yards out. That was horrific. I still remember Richard Sherman’s face just after the pick like he had just watched a zombie apocalypse. The 2nd though is choosing to kick a FG just a couple yards out on 4th down. That ensure that all we needed to do was get just 1 first down. Godwin accomplished that and all of us Bucs fans sent Matty invisible thank you gifts.

  66. Crickett Baker Says:

    My favorite part of all this is the “talking heads-up their-butts” keep saying that “Someday the truth will come out”. They already heard Glazer speak, and Licht, and Arians, and Bowles, and believe none of their “stories”. 🙂

  67. cmurda Says:

    Insertions. I see what you did there. @Goatfarmer. Well done sir

  68. adam from ny Says:

    adam’s latest theory:

    so BA at some point got pissed at tom because tom thought he was the man…

    so at a moment when the 2 were all alone in the locker room, BA dropped trow to the ankles to show tom his floppy horse cawk and blurted out the words “look tommy you ain’t the man”…with kangol tilted to the side, sporting a semi, and a rock glass in one hand – all delivered with a wink and a smile…

    so then tom eventually got upset, possibly feeling inadequate, and started hating on BA…

    thus the michael jordan/scottie pippen dynamic developed between the two…

    if you don’t know that story, you’ll have to research it…

    so in the end, TB and BA became like Mj and SP

  69. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Belleclown, the score early third qtr was 28-10. What don’t you tell your one man fan club Goatpounder how many of the int’s lead to points? I know the answer I will wait for your bias answer. Marino, Kelly, Fouts and many more great QB’s are in the HOF, ya know what they all have in common? They couldn’t win when it counted. So yes Roger’s will go into the HOF and yes you can blow the dust of his ring because he has one but unless he can win another 1 or more he becomes just another Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Doug Williams and possibly Mahomes one and done SB QB. He is a two year reigning MVP that can’t get by the first round of the playoffs. Clap, clap.

  70. T REX Says:

    Sorry – the two events are way too coincidental.

    I have zero doubts there were issues last year.

    BA was man enough to step aside.

  71. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    You’re a joke

    TB12’s first INT led to Aaron Rodgers driving Green Bay to a TD immediately after the INT.

    The score at the time of TB12’s first interception was 28-17.

    The Bucs defense had just been on the field for 9 plays prior to TB12’s Interception on the 4th play, which is basically a 3 and out and a punt.

    That’s not good football.

    After the interception which TB12 gifted Aaron Rodgers an extra possession, the Packers and Rodgers capitalized against a tired Bucs defense, scoring a TD and bringing the score of the game to 28-23.

    That’s not good.

    I guarantee you that TB12 agrees with me, and not you@List.

    I guarantee you that if TB12 is watching film of that play and his analysis is open to the public, he will state that he shouldn’t have thrown the outside release fly route vs Man Cover 2.

    If he doesn’t, Peyton Manning, another all time great, would make fun of him for saying it was a good decision.

    Another all time great, Troy Aikman criticized TB12 for throwing into Man Cover 2 during the broadcast. Troy Aikman agrees with me, so I guess you will say Aikman doesn’t understand football and is unqualified to criticize TB12.

    TB12’s mistakes hurt his team. TB12 is human. Great players can hurt their team.

    As a Yankees fan (we didn’t have baseball in Florida when I was growing up and their spring training wax close by in Ft. Lauderdale) I love Mariano Rivera.

    Mariano Rivera was the first unanimous player in the history of baseball to ever be elected to the HOF. Not even Babe Ruth got that.

    The pitch Mariano threw against the Diamondbacks that led to a walk off World Series win for the Diamondbacks was not a good pitch. Tie ball game in the 9th, bases were loaded, less than 2 outs, infield in, and Mariano threw a belt high fastball over the middle of the plate and Gonzalez elevated it over the drawn in infields head.

    Mariano is the GOAT, but just like TB12, he’s a human who makes mistakes.

    Giving a great QB extra chances to score does not help your team.

    When that great QB and his talented offense drive and score after you gave them the ball and didn’t give your defense a rest, that’s bad.

    Those are just facts.

  72. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Belleclown you are correct although you phrased it a bit differently. One of the ints led to points. Bucs were up 28-10 when that happened. I never said turnovers don’t hurt teams. The D tired excuse in the second half is just that an excuse. I read it on many posts after the Bill’s game yet the score was 28-3 going I BELIEVE going into the 4th qtr. You can win a SB if your O averages 30.7 pts/gm you can’t if a D continues to let up 3 & 9, 15 & 20’s.

  73. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Yet another reason proving that you don’t understand the modern NFL.

    The days of the 2000 Ravens, 2002 Bucs, 1985 Bears, 70’s Steelers defenses no longer exist in today’s NFL.

    The Bucs Amazing Super Bowl defense in 2002 only gave up approximately 13 PPG. That will never happen again in the modern NFL.

    The rules greatly favor the offense, and the more chances you give an elite offense and an elite QB, the probability of them scoring increases greatly.

    That’s just how football is today.

    Secondly, again, you are incorrect about the box score for the 2020 NFC Championship Game for a second time.

    TB12 threw his first interception to the Packers in the 3rd Quarter with 8:00 to go in the 3rd Quarter. The score during the game at 8:00 in the 3rd Quarter was 28-17.

    Aaron Rodgers drove the Packers to a TD on the drive after TB12 threw the INT, scoring with 0:26 left in the 3rd Quarter. The Packers went for 2 and failed. The score with 0:26 left in the 3rd Quarter was 28-23.

    I’m right, and you are wrong @List, like usual.

  74. Listnfrmafar Says:

    So DumbBelle, my statement was the score was 28-10 early in the 3rd qtr, reading is fundamental. So what you’re saying in today’s game versus 2000 & 2002 the defense had the advantage, yet you also claim the Bucs D and I’m pretty sure the Rams D had a pretty intrical part in achieving a SB victory. Belleclown, you seem to avoid the points I make that stump you and continue to focus on the few subjects you Googles or watched on YouTube, nevertheless I am done debating you. You are like the child that constantly asks WHY??? The best way to shut you up is to avoid you in hopes you vanish into your Google abyss. Enjoy that D3 ring (which I doubt) and maybe you can find someone else on this site you can regurgitate defensive schemes from your Pop Warner handbook to. You are the fraud!

  75. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Talking to you is like taking to an ADHD child.

    You need to stop. You look really bad and like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    You make fun of reading comprehension and initially state:

    “DumbBelle, you said players are paid on stats, I proved that isn’t always the case. Early 3rd qtr GB score was 28-3,”

    Then you said:

    “So DumbBelle, my statement was the score was 28-10 early in the 3rd qtr, reading is fundamental. So what you’re saying in today’s game versus 2000 & 2002 the defense had the advantage, yet you also claim the Bucs D and I’m pretty sure the Rams D had a pretty intrical part in achieving a SB victory.“

    I can’t even understand you first sentence there.

    You make fun of my reading comprehension, and yet your writing is so disjointed that an English teacher would give you an F.

    Are you saying that I said in today’s game the defense has the advantage?

    Or are you saying in 2000 and 2002 the defense had the advantage?

    Grammar and punctuation matter, and clearly you are not a good writer.

    You keep changing what you said that you said. At least get it correct after you change it and be an adult and admit that you were wrong.

    You incorrectly stated that the score of the 2020 NFC Championship game was 28-3 at halftime.

    I corrected you and then you act like you have been saying it all along.

    @List, you continue to act like you’re smarter than me when you’re clearly not.

    You can’t even get the box score right.

    In a debate, when a person like you @List can be proven to be grossly inaccurate, then try that person loses the debate.

  76. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Players are paid on stats.

    Everybody knows this, except for you.

    You live in alternate reality, @List, if you think players aren’t paid because of their stats.

    You live in an alternate reality, @List, if you think players don’t get into the HOF because of their stats.

    Stats matter, or why play the game, because the score of a game, wait for it, is a stat! Mind blowing revelation, right?

    Everybody understands stats matter a whole lot, except for you @List.

    You sound like a fool @List when you claim that stats don’t matter and that players aren’t paid because of them.

  77. Listnfrmafar Says:

    WOW you actually degrade those with ADHD. What type of person are you? Nevermind I already know. This is a blog not an English 101 class. (That’s a college level class if you didn’t know). I don’t care if autofill drops something out or I misspell a word or leave out some punctuation, there are many on this site that do the same. You see many use their phones to post, unlike you who is glued to his or hers keyboard with many windows open so you can enhance your rebuttals. I have no need to debate a person that insults those with special needs. It must take you a while to type pieces of my posts into the body of yours, FYI have you ever of copy and paste? Idiot.

  78. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Thought you were done? HAHAHA!!!!

    Hey @List, how do they determine the winner of a game?


    Hey @List, how do they determine NFL HOF inductees?


  79. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    April 4th, 2022 at 11:35 am

    Thought you were done? HAHAHA!!!!

    Hey @List, what do NFL agents use to negotiate million dollar contracts for their clients?