LSU Linebacker Andre Anthony Is The Buccaneers’ Seventh-Round Pick

April 30th, 2022

What would a Bucs draft be without at least one SEC player chosen?

After trading away two seventh-round picks to move up for Minnesota tight end Ko Kieft, the Bucs were left with one seventh-rounder to use, their original 27th pick of the round. That card was turned in for Louisiana State University outside linebacker Andre Anthony.

General manager Jason Licht had success picking linebackers Kwon Alexander (2015), Kendall Beckwith (2017) and Devin White (2019) from LSU, and he won a Super Bowl with legendary LSU linebacker Kevin Minter filling an important role.

Anthony is an edge rusher and had a great start to least season before a knee injury in September ended his final college campaign. Thanks to COVID and redshirting, he spent six full seasons at LSU.

Anthony is a project, but Joe’s always willing to take a flyer on a pass rusher.

36 Responses to “LSU Linebacker Andre Anthony Is The Buccaneers’ Seventh-Round Pick”

  1. AA Says:

    I don’t know what to think of this. Josh Jobe….Justyn Ross…. But, hopefully it works out.

  2. SB~LV Says:

    He is a smart student athlete with a graduate degree in Sports Management, maybe he’ll go straight into the front office if he doesn’t make the team .
    Love it! The kid can always say he was drafted into the NFL

  3. alvinscissorsharper Says:

    LSU has been good to the Bucs.

  4. Jerry R Jones Says:

    The 2nd player chosen from the SEC.

  5. The Throwin' Samoan Says:

    LSU has been bery bery good to me!

  6. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Our punter is from the SEC!

  7. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Also, man, Kendall Beckwith … he would have been a good ‘un.

  8. alvinscissorsharper Says:

    OK, I guess I have been banned. I have no idea why.

  9. Bucs Guy Says:

    UFA WRs to consider
    Kevin Austin Notre Dame
    Reggie Roberson Southern Methodist Univ

    UFA S to consider
    Smoke Monday Auburn

  10. Allbuccedup Says:

    If he ever gets healthy he could be a steal in the draft could not say the same thing about his teammate Stingley.

  11. Coquiro FIR Says: his highlights on YOU tube vs Georgia he gets pushed around all game and makes 0 plays. Horrible pick.
    Why don’t they pick high rated players.

  12. Pickgrin Says:

    If JL converts a 7th rd pick into a legit pass rusher – that would be a sweet feather in his cap.

  13. Coquiro FIR Says:

    LSU defensive end

  14. SB~LV Says:

    Bucs scouts and coaching staff have known this guy for 5 years, it’s a tip of the cap to him and a shot at the NFL, kinda like the USNA guy last year. Just a show of respect. Tip of the cap to the Buc organization for recognizing these type of college players.
    Now come the Dawgz … the UDFR’s
    More great underdog stories.

  15. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Andre Anthony played six year in college and didn’t show much until the first 3 games of 2021. Then he had a knee injury that knocked him out for the rest of the season. He is an older player to come out of college at age 26.

  16. Privilege j Says:

    Bad pick, he struggled in the 34 & didn’t turn it around until lsu switched to a 43, he even stated the 34 limits him

  17. Allbuccedup Says:

    The draft is over its time for JL to get to work and bring us some wide outs UDFA’s

  18. woodenman Says:

    it’s a 7th rounder rounder takin a shot

  19. Seattle Buc is back in TB Says:

    SB LV, agree like that 27yr old
    living in his car Stevie T it’s a good story.

  20. steele Says:

    Another bad pick, another camp body. Terrible tape shows him doing nothing and getting pushed around.

    Sucky draft. No instant impact, except possibly McCollum, when every pick should have been an attempt at that.

    This team as it is today isn’t a SB winner. And the future—Trask/Rachaad/Otton etc.—doesn’t look world-beating either.

  21. Nprbuc Says:

    Jeeze guys. There isn’t ONE guy that was picked in the entire draft that is guaranteed a spot on any team. We all had our wish lists, and most of them were guys that the team didn’t want, for whatever reason. No one knows squat about any of these guys until the pads are on,their hands are in the dirt and they face NFL players. EVERY pick is a shot in the dark until that happens. The highway to the NFL is littered with top picks who are moving furniture now. With few exceptions, these guys all have to perform now. Just support your team and the people who do this for a living instead of bashing guys because they weren’t “ your” guy. I can,t Wait to see camp and preseason. Wasn’t a guy named Brady picked in about the last round a thousand years ago? Give these kids their chance without dumping on them. Who had ever heard of Ali Marpet? GO BUCS

  22. Buccos Says:

    Steele u r a hoemoe

  23. scottie budseeds Says:

    @Steele what team you the gm or head scout for? How many superbowl contending teams you built? No one cares what you think your like trying to be the Mel kiper of joe bucs fan but i guess your halfway there cause no one cares what he thinks either and you 2 have built the same amount of teams. Did I love the Draft no but you cant talk about whose who until they actually play

  24. steele Says:

    Nprbuc, it’s the same argument every year. Of course “nobody knows” what will happen. Of course teams have scouting and access to information outsiders don’t have. Of course, we have no choice but to hope the coaches and scouts made the right moves. All givens.

    Based on what we do have access to, and there is a lot, we have our opinions and they differ.

  25. sasquatch Says:

    He’s overaged, but appears to have upside as an outside LB and pass rusher… Has an 82 inch wingspan, which is a major plus for the position. Solid pick.

  26. Brandon Says:

    In Licht I trust. Except this guy. He won’t even be camp meat. Not sure where this guy fits into the potential or production or core special teamer type 7th rounder. This dude has none of that.

  27. BigMacAttack Says:

    Practice squad is his best hope

  28. GOB Says:

    I like guys that play at big schools and against good competition. Obviously these are players that’ve been passed over by every team at least 5 or 6 times. I like this kid though

  29. David Says:

    I am really starting to like the cornerback, the running back, the D lineman and the Washington tight end… The more I read about all of them

    Word of the month… Optimism


  30. Rod Munch Says:

    A 7th rounder, at the very end of the draft, pretty much its impossible to have a bad pick there.

    They almost certainly didn’t get him to be a pass rusher, they likely got him because they see him as a core special teams player, who could one day maybe be a 3rd backup LB. Stuart last year was a good special teams player but is way to slow to ever play in the game as a LB, so if you got a big bigger and faster, maybe you can mold him into something.

    Or likely you won’t, hardly any 7th rounders ever hit. That’s why it’s never a bad pick there.

  31. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Steele, you have every right to be wrong. Just like last year. Don’t let anyone take it from you!

  32. Wild Bill Says:

    Late round pics are always a crap shoot. But sometimes you get lucky. Long odds tho.

  33. Capt.Tim Says:

    He has the tools.
    Lets see if he can start using them.

  34. Foreveverblue Says:

    He’s training camp fodderat best and could possibly contribute on special teams. I’m guessing that’s Jason Licht thinking with this pick.

  35. Ben Harvey Says:

    What’s the story on this kid? I heard he had a few injuries that may have limited his draft stock. Is he any good? Could this be a good developmental pick (when I say this I mean did he show promise before getting injured).

  36. Tim R. Says:

    To start he will be a special be on special team. If he can stay healthy he has the chance to develop into an outside pass rusher. It is a bit of a long shot but all seventh rounders are. There is a place for him on this team. I wish him well.